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  1. 1. TENNIS Tennis is a popular racket sport at a worldwide level. It can be played between two people in singles and between two couples in doubles. Tennis is played in a court that can be grass, clay or concrete. The court is divided by a 1.07 meter-long net on the sides and 0. 9 meters long in the center. The tennis game is mainly about hitting the ball with the racket over the net, so that it bounces on the opponent side in a way that keeps the opponent from hitting it. It is played in five sets for men and 3 for women. Every set is composed by several games. Every game has points that are represented with 15, 30 and 40 each one; the player who achieves 40 (that means, 3 points) with a difference of two points, wins the game; if they are even, they have to wait until they get a difference of two points. The set is won when a player achieves 6 games with a difference of 2. The player who has 3 out of 5 sets wins the match. In our town tennis is very important as there is a club with proper facilities for the practice of this sport. In fact, in our school, we have students who participate in this sport in a national and international level.
  2. 2. TAEKWONDO Taekwondo is a martial art which has been turned into an Olympic sport. Taekwondo is remarkable for its variety and spectacular kicking techniques, and today it is one of the best known systems. Each fight brings together two adversaries, who try to get points by hitting their opponent’s head and body with kicks. The fight consists of three rounds of three minutes each. The victory can be obtained by KO, by having more points, for three penalties or for disqualification of the opponent. In our town there are several clubs, such as Club Koryo, which gets greats results in national and international championships. Several students from our school belong to this club and take part in these competitions.
  3. 3. CARTAGENEROS BOWLS. The playing field is called 'Boliche'. It must be hard and without anything that may disrupt the running of the balls. Its dimensions are: 100 steps long and six steps wide. In a match there are always two teams of 4 or 6 players each, plus a captain. To score a game you need to shoot down a ball more than the opponent team, and to win a game you need to score six games. A legal match consists of two games. It is a sport deeply rooted in our town, where there is a club taking part at regional level.