Combi Cooler - Energy efficient cooling unit for air handling units

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Marketing brochure for Combi Cooler - compact liquid cooler built-in AHUs - unique solution for chilled beams.

Marketing brochure for Combi Cooler - compact liquid cooler built-in AHUs - unique solution for chilled beams.

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  • 1. Combi Cooler Energy efficient cooling unit for air handling units
  • 2. The unique, straightforward and energy efficient method of generating cooling capacity for a chilled beam system Fläkt Woods’ patent pending Combi Cooler provides completely new opportunities when planning and specifying cooling systems. The Combi Cooler module can be integrated and mounted directly into the air handling unit. It is particularly suitable for use together with chilled beam systems. C ooling can be provided using chilled beams, fancoils or ceiling-mounted cassette chilled beams. Because the Combi Cooler replaces other components, such as liquid coolers and external condensers, the unit takes up little space. The Combi Cooler is integrated into the air handling unit so all components are located in the plant room, avoiding outdoor or roof installation. Because the appear- ance of a building is not changed, renovation work is easier, and noisy condenser fans are not neces- sary.
  • 3. The Combi Cooler saves up to 40% energy Systems using the Combi Cooler reduce energy consumption so that a cooling capacity of 100 kW is obtained with 21.5 kW instead of 35 kW. C limate change and energy consumption are our shared responsibility. For many years, product development at Fläkt Woods has aimed at constantly WHAT MAKES THE COMBI COOLER SO ENERGY EFFICIENT? 1) The supply air to the air handling unit is only cooled to 18°C instead of the 15°C in traditional systems. This improving energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Our avoids energy-intensive condensation. Because the supply e³ products and systems are a good example of our air temperature is slightly higher, areas such as empty success. meeting rooms with no heat load, maintain a comfort- Because location and design have a major impact on a able temperature, and unnecessary cooling is avoided. building’s energy consumption we have given architects Electricity consumption is reduced by 14% (including the and consultants a key to energy-efficient buildings. supplementary power used by the circuit for the chilled Overheating problems can be reduced considerably beams). by ensuring that the building’s windows are protected from the sun. In business and office spaces, lighting, 2) Vigorous subcooling of the refrigerant and a higher apparatus and people all represent a heat load. So for evaporation temperature reduce the energy required by an even and comfortable room temperature of 21– 29%. 24°C, the need for energy for cooling is greater than that for energy for heating. Supplementary cooling is The total energy saving is 100 - (0,71 x 0,86) x 100 = 39 % necessary; and cooling can be achieved very economic- ally using the Combi Cooler.
  • 4. THE RESULT OF NEW APPROACHES IN THE PLAN- EQUAL COOLING CAPACITY WITH LESS NING AND SPECIFYING OF COOLING SYSTEMS ENERGY CONSUMPTION The supply air temperature is slightly higher than In practice, the annual energy required for cooling is usual in the Combi Cooler, and most of the cooling halved when the supply air is cooled to 18°C instead capacity enters the room through chilled beams. In of 15°C. While this does not reduce energy con- traditional solutions the supply air temperature is sumption, because the chilled beams must generate normally 15–16°C, while in solutions using the Com- more cooling capacity, the higher supply air temper- bi Cooler it is 18°C. Using hotter supply air prevents ature prevents energy-intensive condensation. air at too cold a temperature being carried into areas where there is no heat load, such as empty meeting rooms. At the same time, avoiding exces- sive cooling of the supply air prevents unwelcome and very energy-intensive condensation. The Combi Cooler cools the supply air and produces cold water for room-based cooling Chilled Beam Combi Cooler Air handling unit Cassette Chilled Beam
  • 5. AVOID OVERSIZING YOUR COOLING SYSTEM BY USING THE ACON AIR HANDLING SELECTION TOOL Taking the size of the room into account, it is easy to dimension the cooling capacity of a system using a Combi Cooler. Thanks to this the problem of oversiz- ing the cooling capacity can be avoided. Using the air handling selection tool ACON, a cooling system can be designed to provide excellent efficiency. Because maximum cooling capacity is only needed for 3–5% of the time the system is operating, it is important that the unit operates efficiently even when little cool- ing capacity is required. The Combi Cooler has three power stages, and the lower the power output, the greater the efficiency of the cooling unit. THE MODERN SOLUTION FOR VENTILATION COOLING Fitted liquid cooler Heating and cooling coil integrated into the supply air One module, integrated into the air handling unit Optimised for use with chilled beam systems Less installation work indoors and no installation work outdoors Greater operating reliability because all components are designed and sized to work together Easy commissioning as the unit is factory tested Reduces the need for space in the plant room because the combi cooler only has one cooling coil No liquid cooler to install in the plant room Fancoil The air conditioning unit is only marginally longer despite all the cooling equip- ment being built-in to it No condensers on the roof to detract from the appearance of the building – The perfect solution when refurbishing old buildings Energy efficient solution
  • 6. If you have a small or medium cooling requirement, choose a Combi Cooler Combi Cooler is suitable for buildings where the cooling need is max. 50 W/m2. This is often enough for offices and business premises. Offices Small industrial units Shopping centres Refurbishment projects Business premises Flow chart Combi Cooler unit sizes 1 EU-33 2 3 1 EU-32 2 3 1 EU-31 2 3 1 EU-22 2 3 1 EU-21 2 3 0,5 1 2 4 3 m/s
  • 7. Technical data 154 C 174 A B 04 14 Unit size A B C Weight, kg 21 1104 1554 1548 648 22 1404 1854 1548 741 31 1404 1854 2148 1015 32 1704 2154 2148 1117 33 2004 2454 2148 1258 Unit size Air flow Cooling power kW Unit Output Refrigerant* range Output variant 1 2 3 size variant Circ. 1 Circ. 2 21 0.8–1.4 23 30 36 21 1 5.5 8.5 21 2 5.5 9.5 22 1.2–1.8 33 39 46 21 3 6.5 11 31 1.6–2.8 46 57 69 22 1 7 12 32 2.4–3.6 63 74 85 22 2 9 13.5 22 3 9 15.5 33 2.8–4.2 79 90 102 31 1 9.5 16 31 2 10 17 31 3 10 17.5 32 1 11 19.5 32 2 11.5 19.5 32 3 11.5 21 33 1 12 22 33 2 13 22.5 33 3 14 23 *) Refrigerator R134a
  • 8. We Bring Air to Life FläktWoods is a global Solutions for all your air climate and air movement needs leader in air management. FläktWoods is providing solutions for ventilation and air climate for buildings as well as We specialise in the design fan solutions for Industry and Infrastructure. and manufacture of a wide Air Handling Units (AHUs) Fans range of air climate and air Modular, compact and small Advanced axial, centrifugal and movement solutions. And AHU units. Designed to ensure boxed fans for general and specialist our collective experience optimisation of indoor air quality, applications. Comprehensive range is unrivalled. operational performance and including high temperature and ATEX service life. compliant options. Engineered for energy efficiency andminimised life Our constant aim is to Air Terminal Devices and Ducts cycle cost. provide systems that Supply and exhaust diffusers and precisely deliver required valves for installation on walls, ceiling Chillers function and performance, or floor are all included in our large Air-cooled and water-cooled chillers range and fit all types of applications. with cooling capacity up to 1800kW. as well as maximise Designed tominimise annual energy energy efficiency. Chilled Beams consumption in all types of buildings. Active induction beams for ventilation, cooling and heating, Controls and drives and passive convection beams Variable speed drives and control for cooling. For suspended or systems, all tested to ensure total flush-mounted ceiling installation – compatibility with our products. andmulti-service configuration. Specialist teamcan advise on energy With unique Comfort Control and saving and overall systemintegration. Flow Pattern Control features. © Copyright 2008 Fläkt Woods Group Residential ventilation A complete range of products for residential ventilation. Consists of ventilation units, exhaust air fans and cooker hoods designed to optimise indoor comfort and save energy. FWG-Combi Cooler-EN-2009.05-8752 Fläkt Woods Group SA 18, avenue Louis Casaï, CH-1209 Geneva, Switzerland Tel. +41 22 309 3800 email See global web site for international sales offices