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Styles in business letter

  1. 1. Styles in Business LetterBUSINESS LETTER STYLESSix letter styles have been established for use in business offices. The two most commonlyused of these are the block and semi block styles.1. Full blockAll lines of typing begin on the left hand margin. There are no paragraph indentions. Lettersthat are typed in the full block style are always single spacedFULL BLOCK STYLEModern Office Equipment Co. Ltd.98 – 100 Anna SalaiCennai – 600002IndiaTelephone : 044 26152766Fax : 044 261527676th June 2001The ManagerABC Computer Stores23 North Usman RoadT. NagerChennai – 600018Telephone : 044 26156782Fax : 044 26156780Dear Sir,This style is widely used across the globe. This style does not use any indent at all. Everysingle line is typed from the left-hand side. Since this style demands less number ofkeystrokes, this style increases the speed of the typist.Even for computer typing, this style is more convenient. Note that this style does not use
  2. 2. comma after every line in the address. This is also reducing the number keystrokes required.But the proper punctuations are added properly.Yours faithfully,M.N. Ashok NathanAssistant ManagerProduction2. BlockAll lines of typing begin on the left hand margin except the date, the complementary close,and the signature line.BLOCK STYLEJustrust Insurance Co. Ltd.WISWA COMPLEX456, North Usman RoadT.NagerChennai 600008Telephone : 044 67894520Fax : 044 6789452110th November 2009Miss Linda Nancy3010 Jalal Street90, TamaraChennai 600012Telephone : 044 67894871Fax : 044 67894873Dear Miss Nancy,This style is similar to the fully-blocked style. It differs in the positioning of few items. The
  3. 3. date is typed on the right-hand side of the page rather than the left-hand side of the page asfollowed in the fully-blocked style. The subject of the letter and the signature and the nameand the designation of the sender are centered.These modifications give the letter a balanced appearance. However this is not the only wayto modify the fully-blocked style. You may want to place other items in different places.Yours Sincerely,John McDonaldMarketing Executive3. Semi blockThe first line of each paragraph is indented. Otherwise, the semi block style is exactly like theblock style.SEMI BLOCK STYLENational Limited191 / N - Patricia AvenueLiverpool – 600 020Phone : 0011 - XXXXXXXXFax : 0011 - XXXXXXXXAugust, 7th2012Mr. Gan Kim Hua,Manager,Gan Electrical Appliances Co,356 Lorong 23/12,Taman Maju Jaya,70500 Seremban, N.S.
  4. 4. Dear Mr. Gan,RE : Order for CD PlayerWe received your order for 6 sets of the HIVOLTAGE Portable CD Player Model 231GX. We regret to inform you that the model is at present out of stock as demand has faroutstripped supply. Our supplier in Japan has informed us that it will take another 6 monthsbefore they can send a new shipment.However, may we offer an alternative item that seems to have the potential of being abest-seller as well. This is the TRUSOUND Portable CD Machine Model ZXS 10. This retailfor Rs. 349.99 and is the latest on the portable CD range. Terms are as usual.Thank you.Yours sincerely,Mary LimSales Manager4. AMS Simplified letterAll typing in the Administrative Management Society Simplified Letter begins on the leftmargin, as in the full block style. This form omits the salutation and the complimentary close.AMS SIMPLIFIED LETTERModern Office Equipment Co. Ltd.98 – 100 Anna SalaiCennai – 600002IndiaTelephone : 044 26152766Fax : 044 261527676th June 2001
  5. 5. The ManagerABC Computer Stores23 North Usman RoadT. NagerChennai – 600018Telephone : 044 26156782Fax : 044 26156780SIMPLIFIED STYLEThis is another modification of the fully-blocked style. This style is used when you write aletter and you do not know the name and title of the person to whom you are writing the letter.The salutation and the complimentary closing are not used in this style. The subject ismentioned in capital fonts and that subject need not be underlined.Today around all the business houses, this style is widely used when the writer of the lettersdoes not want to give importance to formality. Since the formality is not adopted here, thisstyle goes to the heart of the addressee. This style gives more importance only to the corematter of the letter.M.N. Ashok NathanAssistant ManagerProduction5. Hanging Indented (Inverted)The hanging indented style is identical the semi block format except that the first line of eachparagraph is typed flush with the left margin and all lines following are indented five spaces.This style is usually seen only in advertising letter, where it’s unique paragraphing catchesthe eye.HANGING INDENTED STYLE
  6. 6. 6. Official (Formal or Personal)The official letter style is usually prepared in either the block or the semi block format. Theinside address, however, is located two to five lines below the typed signature line, not at thetop of the page. The official letter is used only when writing to highly placed official or toextend congratulation, appreciation, or sympathy.OFFICIALNational Limited191 / N - Patricia AvenueLiverpool – 600 020Phone : 0011 - XXXXXXXXFax : 0011 - XXXXXXXXMr. Dennis Lee,Regional Manager,kiddleWorld (M) Sdn Bhd,8493 Jalan 14/320,46100 Petaling Jaya,Selangor Darul Ehsan.Dear Mr. Lee,
  7. 7. My staff and I would like to congratulate you on your recent promotion toRegional Manager. This is indeed a coveted position and we are sure you will do a good Job.The Last five years when you were Area Sales Manager, we enjoyed a goodturnover of business because of your innovative methods of increasing sales. We believe youcan be even more effective in your new position. We look forward to even better years.Once again, congratulations and best wishes from all of us here.Yours sincerely,T. MohanManagerKINDS OF BUSINESS LETTERThis is a sample Recommendation Letter given by a University Professorin support of his student.19th June 2007FROM :Wong Teck Seng, Dr,Department of Geology,Universiti Malaya 5,9200 Kuala Lumpur.TO :The Recruiting Officer,Petrotech SDN BHD,3020 Japan Raja Darat,
  8. 8. 59900 Kuala Lumpur.Abdul Ahab was one of my honors students last year. He graduated with a First Class UpperHonors Degree early this year.As a student he was diligent and always showed keen interest in his studies. He helped mefinish a very detailed study of a number of limestone formations in the Kinta Valley, Perak. Ican say when it comes to doing meticulous work for long hours under less than comfortableconditions, Abdul Ahab rates as one of the best I have known. He is not one to give up whenthings get rough. He can be relied upon to complete difficult tasks that a normal personwould shun.I recommend him high enough if your company requires a genuinely capable man to do fieldresearch and related work. He would be an asset to any company. Give him a challenge andhe literally thrives in it. thats Abdul Ahab. Furthermore his easygoing nature would alwaysenable him to work with anyone anywhere. I have confidence that he would be able toperform the most arduous of tasks that he is entrusted with.With thanks.(Signature of Wong Teck Seng)Wong Teck Seng B.Sc., Ph.D.This is a sample Resume.Jain Kumar,12 Birla Street,Thillai Nager,Trichy 620012,India.Personal Details :
  9. 9. Date of Birth : 12th April 1987Age : 23 years (as on 20th August 2010)Marital Status : SingleSex : MaleNationality : IndianEducational Qualifications :1. 2004 - +2 - St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School – Trichy – Tamil Nadu – India2. 2008 - B.Tech. – Indian Institute of Technology - Mumbai – Maharashtra – India3. 2010 – MBA – Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad – Gujarat – IndiExtra-Curricular Activities :1. 2002 – 2003 – Represented school and the state at the national level Hockey2. 2003 – 2004 – The Team Captain of State Level Hockey Team3. 2003 – 2004 – Member of School ChoirWork Experience :1. As part of my B.Tech, I have done a project for Infosys Computer Company Ltd. onthe topic of “Software for Educational Institutions’.2. As pert of my MBA program, I completed a project for State Bank of Trichy on“Financial Statement Preparation”.3. After I completed my MBA in June 2010, I have been working as a Area SalesManager in Hindustan Company Ltd. at Mumbai.
  10. 10. References :1. Dr. Mahalingam,Head of the Department of Computer Science,Indian Institute of Technology,Mumbai,Maharashtra,India – 2099091.2. Dr. Rajendran,Head of the Department of System Administration,Indian Institute of Management,Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India 345621.This is a sample Letter Asking for Increase in Salary.12th July 2009FROM :James Wong,34 Jalan Dersatu,Taman Marg,Jaya 70400,Seremban.N.S.TO :Mr. Lee Voon Leong,Manager,Harmony Music Centre,4S Jalan Bandar,72000 Seremban.
  11. 11. Dear Mr. Lee,Request for increase in salaryI have been with your company for three years now working as a Sales Assistant. My salaryhas been stagnant at Rs. 830.00 per month for two years. These days, the salary is barelyenough to make ends meet and with the cost of living spiralling upwards everyday, soon itwill not be sufficient.So may I request for an increase in salary of Rs. 200.00 per month?This increase will ease things a bit for the immediate future at least.Thank YOU.Yours Sincerely,James WongNational Limited191 / N - Patricia AvenueLiverpool – 600 020Phone : 0011 - XXXXXXXXFax : 0011 - XXXXXXXXYour ref : VGT / 0091Our Ref : SAL / 6 / 14256 March - 19XXTo :Mr. K.T. Shan,
  12. 12. Manager,Syabas Trading Co,476 Jalan Tamby,58400 Kuala Lumpur.Dear Mr. Shan,RE : WRONG GOODSWe received the goods you sent us via lorry transport (d/o 43290) yesterday. When wechecked the goods, we found that you have sent us some wrong goods.If you would check our order (No. 5987), we had asked for 3 dozen cans of A1 TOMATOPASTE. Instead you sent us 3 dozen bottles of A1 TOMATO SAUCE.We have ample stock of Tomato Sauce but urgently need the Tomato Paste. So we arereturning the Tomato Sauce to you. Could you send us the TOMATO PASTE as soon aspossible? Please give us a c/n for the wrong goods.Thank you.Hj Jamaludin Md IsaManagerEncl. (1)JMI : fmResignation Letter is written when the worker is going out of the company permanently.Faridah Mohd. Nor,450 Batu 23,Jalan Seremban,72000 Kuala Pilah,New York 89182,
  13. 13. USA.10th June 2010Mr. Gurcharan Singh Manager,GS Manufacturing Company Ltd.,775 Kawasan Perindustrian Barn,70100 Seremban,New York 89182,USA.Phone : 044 25167822Fax : 044 25167823Dear Mr. Clinton,I wish to inform you that I shall be resigning from my job as of 1st July 2010. I have beenoffered a place in University of New York to study Accountancy. This is an opportunity that Ihave been waiting for and I am happy to take it.I must say that I have learned many things working for you.Thank you for everything.Yours SincerelyFaridah Mohd. NorThis is a sample Letter Warning An Employee.ETI lLECTRONICS SDN Ltd.356 Jalan Kemajuan,41200 Kelang,Selangor.Tel : 03 - 657 5674Fax : 03 - 657 5677
  14. 14. Your Ref : _____________ Our Ref : ____________ Date : 12 June 1998Mr. N Kuba,Production Supervisor,45, Jatan Bawah,40100 Kelang.Dear Mr. KubaMy records show that you have been absent without leave for 4 days this month and 5 dayslast month. This goes against the rules of the company and it is unacceptable to themanagement. I must warn you not to do this in future.Yours Sincerely,Gary NgGeneral ManagerGN : hwkNational Limited191 / N - Patricia AvenueLiverpool – 600 020Phone : 0011 - XXXXXXXXFax : 0011 - XXXXXXXXYour ref : VGT / 0091Our Ref : SAL / 6 / 1425Mr. Wong Tong Meng,Sales Manager,Haw Teng Trading Co. Sdn Bhd,988 Jalan Ahmad,30100 Ipoh,Perak.
  15. 15. Dear Mr. Wong,We would like to place the following order :1. Phoenix brand Meehon 1 kg pack - 4 dozen2. Dragon brand Fragrant Rice 5 kg pack - 3 dozen3. Horlicks 1 kg bottle - 5 dozen4. FAb Soap Powder 750 g pack - 4 dozenThese items are urgently needed. Could you send them to us as soon as possible? We are alsoordering other goods. Please refer to the enclosed order form. They may be sent later.Thank you.Yours sincerely,Toh Ah KongManagerEncl. (1)TAK : wklThis is a sample Letter for Cancellation of Order Because Of Price Increase.National Limited191 / N - Patricia AvenueLiverpool – 600 020Phone : 0011 - XXXXXXXXFax : 0011 - XXXXXXXXYour ref : VGT / 0091Our Ref : SAL / 6 / 1425
  16. 16. 6 March - 19XXTo :M/S Quikmove Products Sdn Bhd,8999 Jalan Pantas,Taman Cepat Maju,72220 Seremban. N. S.Attention : Ms Bellinda YeoDear Ms. Yeo,RE : Cancellation of orderThank you for your letter informing us of the hefty price increase of the items.1. KKK Makanan Snek2. Minyak Masak Cap Burung NuriAs the price increase is not acceptable to our customers, please cancel our order for these twoitems. Please send the other items to us as soon as possible.Thank you.Yours sincerelyNoridah BaharomManagerThis is a sample Letter Requesting for Samples.CAMAYA BOOK CENTRE465 Jalan Peraduan,21600 Marang,Terengganu.
  17. 17. Tel : 09 8765 4366Fax : 09 8765 4366Your Ref :Our Ref: :Date : 6 July 19xxThe Manager,Polygon Publications,456 Jalan 211,46200 Petaling,Jaya Selangor.Dear Sir / Madam,Request for specimen copiesMany of my customers are school teachers and they often ask me to give them specimencopies of your publications (and other publications) to show to their pupils. I notice that thespecimen copies greatly help to increase sale of the particular titles.As I do not have extra copies to give as specimen, could you send me some specimen copiesof some of your titles in print? I am sure they will prove beneficial in time to come.Thank you.Your FaithfullyIsmail Md Nor,Proprietor