Swarnjayanti gram swarozgar yojana2


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Swarnjayanti gram swarozgar yojana

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Swarnjayanti gram swarozgar yojana2

  1. 1. SWARNJAYANTI GRAM SWAROZGAR YOJANA OBJECTIVES: To enable poor selected families (Swarozgaris) in the rural areas to cross the poverty line. STRATEGY: To provide income generating assets and inputs to the target groups through a package of assistance consisting of subsidy and bank loan. TARGET GROUPS: Small farmers, marginal farmers, agricultural labourers, non-agricultural labourers and rural artisans whose annual family income is less than Rs. 13000/- from 1999-2000. Small farmers are those having land holding from 2.5 to 5.0 acres dry land in non DPAP areas or 3.75 to 7.5 acres dry land in DPAP areas or half the limits in case of wet land. Marginal farmers are those having land holding upto 2.5 acres in non DPAP areas or 3.75 acres in DPAP areas in terms of dry land or half the limits in case of wet lands. SAFE GUARDS: for SCs & STs: Assistance both in physical and financial terms to the extent of. a) Government of India norm - 50% for SCs & STs put together b) State norm - 50% for SCs,10% for STs (16% for STs in ITDA areas). For Women - 40% For Physically Handicapped - 3% Minorities - 3% FORUM FOR IDENTIFICATION OF BENEFICIARIES: Grama sabha attended by prospective beneficiaries, representatives of bank, DRDA, Mandal officials, non-officials and village elders. SIZE OF INVESTMENT (PERCAPITA) DURING Subsidy - Rs.7500 Credit - Rs.17500 Minimum Investment - Rs.25,000 RATES OF SUBSIDY: Small farmer 30% of Project Cost subject to Max of Rs.7500/- Others 50% Project Cost subject to Maximum of Rs.10,000 SCs,STs and Physically Handicapped - 50% Community minor irrigation works - There is no monitory limit
  2. 2. and subsidy for irrigation projects INDIVIDUAL MAXIMUM SUBSIDY: Non DPAP areas - Rs.7500 DPAP areas - Rs.7500 SCs,STs and Physically Handicapped - Rs.10000 Minor Irrigation Sector - No monitory limit on subsidy SWARNJAYANTI GRAM SWAROZGAR YOJANA [SGSY] [TRAINING] ( 10% of SGSY allocation) OBJECTIVES: To upgrade the capacity of Swarozgaris both individual as well as group oriented activities. TARGET GROUPS: Those between 18-35 years from the families below the poverty line. The age limit is relaxed to 16 years in case of the in-mates of orphanages and to 45 years in case of freed bonded labourers, ex-convicts, leprosy cured patients, liberated scavengers etc. QUALIFICATIONS: No educational qualifications are prescribed. SAFEGUARDS for SCs & STs: Assistance both in physical and financial terms to the extent of. a) Government of India norm - 50% for SCs & STs put together b) State norm - 50% for SCs,10% for STs (16% for STs in ITDA areas). For Women - 40% For Physically Handicapped - 3% STRATEGY: Training in any institution or with master crafts man and provide subsidy by DRDA and credit from banks under SGSY for acquisition of income generating assets after completion of training. DURATION: Two types of training are contemplated under SGSY
  3. 3. 1. BASIC ORIENTATION PROGRAMME Swarozgaris may put through a basic orientation programme to acquire the skills after the loan is sanctioned and before distribution training should not be more than two days. Training expenses like training material, honorarium to resource persons, travel and food expenses of Swarozgaris can be met from SGSY training fund. No stipend is admissible. 2. SKILL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING Swarozgaris who need additional skill development /upgradation of skill appropriate training may be identified and organised. Under this Swarozgaris will be entitled for financial assistance if they require to undergo training for more than a week. The bank will give this money to the Swarozgaris as a soft loan. DRDAs are entitled to meet the expenses incurred by the training institutions . The expenses should not exceed Rs.15/- per trainee per day.
  4. 4. GROUP LOANING UNDER SGSY GUIDELINES TARGET GROUP: The target group for group loans would be below poverty line (B.P.L) families (Group of Swarozgaris). The group loans are entitled to 50% subsidy subject to a limit of Rs.1.25 lakhs FINANCIAL CEILING ON TOTAL OUTLAY FOR GROUP VENTURES A maximum limit of 70% of the total allocation of funds to each District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) is permitted to be utilised as subsidy under group ventures with no such ceiling on the quantum of credit. NUMBER OF PERSONS IN A GROUP The number of borrowers in a group may vary from 10 to 20. In case of minor irrigation and disabled the number may be minimum of 5. IDENTIFICATION OF BENEFICIARIES: The list of BPL households identified through BPL census, duly approved by the Grama Sabha will form the basis for identification of families for assistance under SGSY. The Self Help Groups should also be drawn from the BPL list approved by Gram Sabha. NG0s may also be allowed to help in the formation of groups. Here the signature of members in their individual capacity only should be obtained, signature for and on behalf of the group/firm should not be obtained. NATIONAL OLD AGE PENSION SCHEME (NOAP ) * Rs 75- per month per beneficiary of 65 years and above * Applicant must be a destitute * 4,66,000 covered under Central Scheme and 8,28,000 covered under State Scheme. * operative in all urban and rural areas. * RDO/Sub- Collector is sanctioning authority NATIONAL FAMILY BENEFIT SCIHEME (NFBS) * Rs.10,000/- in case of death of the primary bread earner in the bereaved family below poverty line * Primary bread earner is the male or female whose earning contribute the largest proportion to the total household income. * Death of the primary bread earner in age group of 18 to 64 years * MRO competent to sanction the amount