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Active Passive Voice



ative passive voice

ative passive voice



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Active Passive Voice Active Passive Voice Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome to my presentation Z. P. H.S. Gambheerpur
  • GURRAM MALLAREDDY M. SUMITHRA DATE:09-03-2007 Active -Passive Voice
  • Voice Definition
    • Voice is a form of verb
    • It shows whether the subject does something or has something done to it
  • Types of Voices
    • Active Voice
    • Passive Voice
    • Doer takes an active part
    • Doer is given importance
    • Doer is given prominent place
    • The subject is the doer of the action
    • Object is given importance
    • Receiver is given a prominent place
    • Doer is in passive state
    • Subject represents the person or thing that has some thing done to him or it
    • Nalini saw a beautiful film. A-V
    • Nalini---subject-doer
    • Saw—verb2(past)
    • A beautiful film—object-receiver
    • A beautiful film was seen by Nalini. P-V
    • Sumithra presented the power point. A-V
    • The power point was presented by Sumithra. P-V
    • Object becomes subject
    • Verb becomes verb3-past participle
    • Add Be form
    • Subject becomes object
    • Add preposition “by” before object
  • The Pronoun changes
    • A.V P.V
    • I Me
    • We Us
    • You You
    • He Him
    • She Her
    • It It
    • They Them
    • Rani eats a banana. A-V
    • A banana is eaten by Rani. P-V
    • She takes coffee every morning. A-V
    • Coffee is taken by her every morning. P_v
    • I like flowers. A-V
    • Flowers are liked by me. P-v
    • She cuts Vegetables
    • Vegetbles are cut by her
    • They play cricket
    • Cricket is played by them
    Simple present Tense
    • Mahesh is teaching English
    • English is being taught by Mahesh
    • Iam presenting Voice
    • Voice is being presented by me
    • Laxmi is eating bananas
    • Bananas are eaten by Laxmi
    • He is giving her a flower
    • A flower is given her by me
    • She is given a flower by me
    Present continuous
  • Present Perfect
    • Raju has learnt power point
    • Power point has been learnt by Raju
    • She has watered the plants
    • The plants have been watered by her
    • I have seen her just now
    • She has been seen by me just now
    • Jyothi painted a picture
    • A picture was painted by Jyothi
    • She saw a beautiful film last night
    • A beautiful film was seen by her last year
    • I ate two apples yesterday
    • Two apples were eaten by me yesterday
    • You drove a car last night
    • A car was driven by you last night
    Simple Past
    • Uma was playing tennis
    • Tennis was being played by Uma
    • He was buying vegetables
    • Vegetables were being bought by her
    • They were making kites
    • Kites were being made by them
    • I was taking breakfast
    • Breakfast was taken by me
    Past Continuous
  • Thank you