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Other report str

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Other report structures

  1. 1. Other Report Structures
  2. 2. Other Report StructuresIf you want to report an order, a request, or apiece of advice, you use a ‘to’-infinitive clauseafter a reporting verb such as ‘tell’, ‘ask’, or‘advise’. You mention the hearer as the objectof the verb, before the ‘to’-infinitive clause.advise command inviteremind ask forbidorder tell beginstruct persuade warn
  3. 3. Other Report StructuresJohnson told her to wake him up.He ordered me to fetch the books.He asked her to marry him.He advised me to buy it.
  4. 4. Other Report StructuresIf the order, request, or advice is negative,you put ‘not’ before the ‘to’-infinitive.He had ordered his officers not to useweapons.She asked her staff not to discuss it publicly.Doctors advised him not to play for threeweeks.
  5. 5. Other Report StructuresIf the subject of the ‘to’-infinitive clause is thesame as the subject of the main verb, you canuse ‘ask’ or ‘beg’ to report a request withoutmentioning the hearer.I asked to see the manager.Both men begged not to be named.
  6. 6. Other Report StructuresIf you want to report a question, you use averb such as ‘ask’ followed by an ‘if’-clause ora ’wh’-word clause.I asked if I could stay with him.They wondered whether the time was right.He asked me where I was going.She inquired how Steve was getting on.
  7. 7. Other Report StructuresNote: In reported questions, the subject of thequestion comes before the verb, just as itdoes in affirmative sentences.
  8. 8. Other Report StructuresMany reporting verbs refer to people’sthoughts and feelings but are often used toreport what people say. For example, ifsomeone says ‘I must go’, you might reportthis as ‘She wanted to go’ or ‘She thought sheshould go’.
  9. 9. Other Report Structures Some of these verbs are followed by:• a ‘that’-clause accept fear imagine think believe feel know understand consider guess suppose worry
  10. 10. Other Report StructuresWe both knew that the town was cut off.I had always believed that I would see himagain.
  11. 11. Other Report Structures• a ‘to’-infinitive clause intend plan want He doesn’t want to get up.
  12. 12. Other Report Structures• a ‘that’-clause or a ‘to’-infinitive clause agree expect hope regret wish decide forget prefer remember She hoped she wasn’t going to cry. They are in love and wish to marry.
  13. 13. Other Report Structures‘Expect’ and ‘prefer’ can also be followed byand object and a ‘to’-infinitive.I’m sure she doesn’t expect you to take theplane.The headmaster prefers them to act playsthey have written themselves.
  14. 14. Other Report StructuresA speaker’s exact words are more often usedin stories than in ordinary conversation.‘I knew I’d seen you,’ I said.‘Only one,’ replied the Englishman.In ordinary conversation, it is normal to use areport structure rather than to repeatsomeone’s exact words.
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