Php Day 2009:Un Salto Nel Buio


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Ultime novità su cosa Microsoft sta facendo per chi sviluppa con PHP e Internet Information Server(IIS) e Windows Azure.

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  • This should give a short introduction to storage. Key points are its durable (meaning once you write something we write it to disk), scalable (you have multiple servers with your data), available (the same as compute, we make sure the storage service is always running – there are 3 instances of your data at all times).Quickly work through the different types of storage:Blobs – similar to the file system, use it to store content that changes, uploads, unstructured data, images, movies etc.Tables – Semi-structured, provides a partitioned entity store (more on partitions etc. in the Building Azure Services Talk) – allows you to have tables containing billions of rows, partitioned across multiple servers.Queues – Simple queue for decoupling Computer Web and Worker Roles.All access is through REST interface. You can actually access the storage from outside of the data center (you don’t need compute) and you can access storage via anything that can make a HTTP request.It also means table storage can be accesses via ADO.NET Data Services.
  • This is the exploding cloud diagram
  • Windows Azure runs on Windows Server 2008 running .NET 3.5 SP1. At MIX09, we opened up support for Full Trust and FastCGI. Full Trust is starred here because while Full Trust gives you access to p/invoke into native code, it is code that still runs in user mode (not administrator). However, for most native code that is just fine. If you wanted to call into some Win32 APIs for instance, it might not work in all instances because we are not running your code under a system administrator account.There are 2 roles in playA web role – which is just a web site,, wcf, images, css etc.A worker role – which is similar to a windows service, it runs in the background and can be used to decouple processing. There is a diagram later that shows the architecture, so don’t worry about how it fits together just yet.Key to point out the inbound protocols are HTTP & HTTPS – outbound are any TCP Socket, (but not UDP).All servers are stateless, and all access if through load balancers.
  • Php Day 2009:Un Salto Nel Buio

    1. 1. Pietro Brambati Microsoft Italia
    2. 2. Developer Evangelist “Web” a 360° Miei hobbies
    3. 3. Tra cui … per PHP
    4. 4. Estensioni del Invoca un processo processo di IIS. per ogni richiesta Estensione di CGI riuso di processi. Vantaggi Vantaggi Migliori performance Facile configurazione Vantaggi Stabilità Facile configurazione Svantaggi + veloce di CGI Svantaggi Lento per I/O + stabile di Molte applicazioni Overhead per la PHP su ISAPI PHP non sono Creazione di processi Thread-Safe
    5. 5. Nella prossima sessione … • Zend Server è un Web Application Server completo e di livello enterprise per applicazioni PHP • Supporto sistemi Microsoft: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 e Windows Server 2008 (32/64 bit) • Supporto nativo IIS (IIS 5.1, IIS 6, IIS7) • Supporto nativo MSI (gestione degli hot fixes) • Miglioramento del runtime PHP • Driver SQL Server per PHP • Bundles MS FastCGI per Server 2003 e XP
    6. 6.  Estensione nativa per PHP 5  Supportato da Microsoft  Interfaccia procedurale per accedere via PHP a tutte le versioni di SQL 2005 e …  Anche le versioni Express (Gratuite) di SQL Server
    7. 7. Compute Storage Developer SDK
    8. 8. Compute .NET 3.5 SP1 on IIS7 Server 2008 – 64bit Storage Full Trust* Web Role Web Sites (ASP.NET, FastCGI:PHP) Web Services (WCF) Worker Role Developer Stateless Servers Tools Http(s)
    9. 9. Storage Compute Durable, scalable, available Blobs Tables Queues REST interfaces Developer Tools
    10. 10. „Make Web not War“