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Overview of the RTB landscape and impact this has on the current display markt. The possibilities there are to target your audience realtime, with the right message ad the right moment. Price, Message, user are needed to target realtime. Event of IAB may 2012

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realtimebidding Event Switzerland - Pieter Slingerland

  1. 1. Introduction The future of Online Marketing
  2. 2. Display is a huge and rapidly growing opportunity Source: Google Market Metrics data. Data for NACE 2011. Traditional offline media including Print & Classified spend % growth rates are YoY for 2011-2012
  3. 3. USA: Increase of RTB by Forrester in 2011
  4. 4. RTB in the Netherlands12% increase 46% of advertisersin Display 2011 looking to increase25% = RTB their budget forbudget 2012 RTB
  5. 5. The landscape is changing2007: Advertiser Network Publisher Media Agent2012: RTB Advertiser Publisher DSP SSP DMP
  6. 6. Current landscape USA - Europe - Deal with many, many parties…. - Integration and reliability Advertiser versus Publisher - Are you really reaching your audience? - Can you re-use your data (re- market)? - Real time optimization?
  7. 7. The eco system has changed: Everyone wants to take a cut
  8. 8. Display will become real-time:Price User MessageReal-Time Data Dynamic AdsBidding Targeting
  9. 9. Real Time Bidding Price PublisherseCPM • Extend your non-premium inventory • Network independent • Increased relevance so decreased irritation Bank • Higher eCPMs Advertisers • The real online buying model Travel • Less media waste • Increased relevancy Telco • Higher ROI • Extend your non-premium inventory • Network independent • Increased relevance so decreased irritation Target General • Higher eCPMs Audience Audience
  10. 10. RTB price and effectivenessBenefits:• Dynamic pricing for both advertiser and publisher• Identify buy/sell audience groups based on visitor• Optimization based on actual performance of a campaign• Determining value based on impression Visitor 2 & 3 are Visitor 17 is part not part of the of audience part Visitor 17 is of the group of Advertisers Advertisers audience group Advertiser audience group Red impressies are served by RTB
  11. 11. User:Data = RelevanceOwn Data / Data buyingExample• Telfort with Networks• Re use of users with other brands in a organization
  12. 12. MessageDirect MarketingcommunicationGet the most out of your Datawith Real time biddingUse what you know. Location,Time, ‘Purchase’ Intent,Sequences / Story telling
  13. 13. Yield optimization: Control and insights for publisher Premium Increase the CPM value with DATA SSP solution Dynamic Allocation, maximum yield for every impression! Adexchange Every impression is Adsense turnover and will be filled
  14. 14. Bringing it together• Advertiser: buy what/who you like• Publisher: open up & earn!• Agents: Buy audiences, no ‘flat’ reach• Consumer gets more: increased relevance, decreased irritation
  15. 15. Watch out:• RTB doesn’t equal instant success• Advertisers: get your data buy back!• Publishers’ look out for data leakage!• General “brand protection”• Cookie regulation