The Apostles


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Information on the Twelve Apostles of Jesus

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The Apostles

  1. 1. The Twelve ApostlesofJesus Christ
  2. 2. The Apostles• The word Apostle means “one who is sentforth, dispatched--in other words, who isentrusted with a mission”• After Jesus’s death, the apostles stoppedbeing students and became teachers.• The Apostles went to different places topreach…
  3. 3. St.AndrewAndrew was a brother of theapostle Peter and a follower ofJohn the Baptist. Like his brotherhe was a fisherman. Andrewimmediately recognized Jesusas the Messiah and later waschosen by Him to be one of HisTwelve Apostles. Andrew waspresent at the Last Supper, hewitnessed the Ascension and hebeheld the risen Jesus. Andrewshared in the graces and gifts ofthe first Pentecost and hehelped establish the Faith.Since he was crucified onan X-shaped cross (whichis called "Saint Andrewscross) it is one of hissymbols.
  4. 4. • He is said to have travelled to Asia Minor, the Black Sea, Hungary,Russia and to the banks of the Oder in Poland.• In Greece, he was given the choice of how to die. By his ownrequest he was crucified and the cross was diagonal. He, like hisbrother Peter, felt himself unworthy to be crucified on the uprightcross of Christ.• He hung for three days on the cross, fixed not by nails but by roperound his hands and feet.• Saint Andrews Day is November 30.• Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, Greece and Russia.
  5. 5. St.BartholomewNot much is known about his lifeand the manner of his death, saidto have occurred at Albanopolis inArmenia.He was beheaded, according toothers, flayed alive and crucified,head downward.Because he was flayedalive with knives hisapostolic symbol is threeparallel knives.
  6. 6. St. James theGreater• He was chosen by Jesus to be oneof the twelve apostles, given themission to proclaim the good news,and authority to heal and cast outdemons. To be named one of thetwelve James must have had faithand commitment.His symbol is threeshells, the sign of hispilgrimage by thesea.
  7. 7. • Greater in biblical terms means he was the eldest of thetwo James.• James was a fisherman like his father Zebedee and hisbrother John. He was on his fathers boat mending hisnets when the Lord passed by. Jesus called each ofthem, James and John, to become fishers of men• With St. Peter and St. John, James was a specialcompanion of Jesus. With them James was permitted tosee what the other apostles did not see. With them hewatched as Jesus raised the daughter of Jairus to life.With them he was taken up the mountain to see Jesusshining like the sun, with his robes white as snow. Thisevent is called Jesus Transfiguration.
  8. 8. • On Holy Thursday, the night before he died, Jesus ledthe apostles into the garden of Gethsemanie.• Matthews Gospel tells us he invited Peter, James andJohn to accompany him. They watched as the Mastersface became saddened with grief.• St. James began his ministry as an impulsive, outspokenman. He asked Jesus bluntly for a seat of honour in hiskingdom. He demanded that Jesus send fire down onthe villages that did not receive the Lord. But he hadgreat faith in Jesus. Eventually, James learned tobecome humble and gentle.• King Herod had St. James put to death by the sword.• July 25this the day for St. James the Greater.
  9. 9. St. James the LesserNot much is knownabout St. James theLesser. St. Paul tells ushe was a witness of theResurrection of Christ;he is also a "pillar" ofthe Church, whom St.Paul consulted aboutthe Gospel.Because James bodywas sawed in pieces, thesaw became hisapostolic symbol.
  10. 10. St. JohnAfter the Resurrection John withPeter was the first of the disciples tohasten to the grave and he was thefirst to believe that Christ had trulyrisen. When later Christ appeared atthe Lake of Genesareth, John wasalso the first of the seven disciplespresent who recognized his Masterstanding on the shore. The FourthEvangelist has shown us most clearlyhow close the relationship was inwhich he always stood to his Lordand Master by the title with which heis accustomed to indicate himselfwithout giving his name: "the disciplewhom Jesus loved". He wrote theGospel of John.It is said that an attemptwas made on John’s lifeby giving him a chaliceof poison from whichGod spared him. Achalice with a snake in itis his symbol.
  11. 11. St. JudeHe wrote a New Testamentletter that stresses that thefaithful should persevere inthe environment of harsh,difficult circumstances, justas their forefathers haddone before them.Therefore, he is the patronsaint of desperate cases.The chosen symbol forJude is the ship becausehe was a missionarythought to be a fisherman.
  12. 12. • He is also often portrayed in icons with a flamearound his head. This represents his presenceat Pentecost, when he received the Holy Spiritwith the other apostles. Another commonattribute is Jude holding an image of JesusChrist, in the image of Edessa. In someinstances he may be shown with a scroll or abook (the Epistle of Jude) or holding acarpenters rule.
  13. 13. St. MatthewWhen summoned by Jesus,Matthew arose and followedHim and tendered Him a feast inhis house, where tax-gatherersand sinners sat at table withChrist and His disciples. This drewforth a protest from the Phariseeswhom Jesus rebuked in theseconsoling words: "I came not tocall the just, but sinners".The apostolic symbolof Matthew is threemoney bags whichremind us that he wasa tax collector beforeJesus called him.
  14. 14. St. MatthiasMatthias was one of the seventydisciples of Jesus, and had beenwith Him from His baptism by Johnto the Ascension (Acts i, 21, 22). It isrelated (Acts, i, 15-26) that in thedays following the Ascension, Peterproposed to the assembledbrethren, who numbered onehundred and twenty, that theychoose one to fill the place of thetraitor Judas in the Apostolate. Twodisciples, Joseph, called Barsabas,and Matthias were selected, andlots were drawn, with the result infavour of Matthias, who thusbecame associated with theeleven Apostles.Matthias was chosen totake the place ofJudas among theApostles. His symbol isthe lance. It is an oldtradition that SaintMatthias was martyredin southern Asia withsuch a weapon.
  15. 15. St. PeterWhile journeying along with His Apostles,Jesus asks them: "Whom do men say thatthe Son of man is? Simon said: "Thou artChrist, the Son of the living God". And Jesusanswering said to him: "Blessed art thou,Simon Bar-Jona: because flesh and bloodhath not revealed it to thee, but my Fatherwho is in heaven. And I say to thee: Thatthou art Peter, and upon this rock, I willbuild my church, and the gates of hell shallnot prevail against it. And I will give to theethe keys of the kingdom of heaven. Andwhatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, itshall be bound also in heaven: andwhatsoever thou shalt loose on earth, itshall be loosed also in heaven". Then hecommanded his disciples, that they shouldtell no one that he was Jesus the Christ.The keys represent Peter asholder of the keys to theKingdom of Heaven.
  16. 16. • Peter was the first pope, and was co-founder, with St. Paul, of the Catholic Church.• Peter was a fisherman. Andrew introduced Peter to Jesus, and Christ called Peter tobecome a disciple. He original name was Simon. It was Jesus who renamed him.• Peter was always listed as the first of the Apostles in all of the New Testament andwas a member of the inner circle of Jesus, with James and John.• He helped organize the Last Supper and played a major role in the events of thePassion. When the Master was arrested, he denied Christ three times as the Lordpredicted. After the Resurrection, Peter went to the tomb. The first appearance of theRisen Christ was before Peter, and Jesus gave to Peter the famous command to“Feed my lambs.... Tend my sheep.... Feed my sheep”.• After the Ascension, Peter stood as the unquestionable head of the Apostles, hisposition made evident in the Acts. He was the first Apostle to perform miracles in thename of the Lord.• He was imprisoned by King Herod and eventually escaped. He then resumed hispreaching in Antioch, Corinth, and eventually Rome.• Peter was crucified on the Vatican Hill upside down because he declared himselfunworthy to die in the same manner as the Lord. He was then buried on Vatican Hill,and excavations under St. Peter’s Basilica have unearthed his tomb, and his relics arenow enshrined under the high altar.• St. Peter’s day is June 29.
  17. 17. St. PhilipHe may have been a disciple of Johnthe Baptist. Philip was present at themiracle of the loaves and fishes, whenhe engaged in a brief dialogue with theLord, and was the Apostle approachedby the Hellenistic Jews from Bethsaidato introduce them to Jesus. Just beforethe Passion, Jesus answered Philipsquery to show them the Father.The symbol of Philipis a basket, becauseof his part in thefeeding of the fivethousand. It is hethat stressed thecross as a sign ofChristianity andvictory.
  18. 18. St. Simon the ApostleIn the New Testamenthe is sometimes calledSimon the Zealotbecause of the zeal heshowed for the Mosaiclaw which he practicedbefore his call.His apostolic symbol is afish lying on a Bible,which indicates he wasa former fisherman whobecame a fisher ofmen throughpreaching.
  19. 19. St. ThomasSt. Thomas is remembered for hisunwillingness when the otherApostles announced ChristsResurrection to him, but eightdays later he made his act offaith, and Jesus said "Becausethou hast seen me, Thomas, thouhast believed; blessed are theythat have not seen, and havebelieved”.He was killed with aspear as a martyrfor his Lord. Hissymbol is a groupof spears, stonesand arrows.
  20. 20. The