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  • 1. Food
  • 2. Vocabulary…RamSheepLamb
  • 3. The ‘Fishery’…• Salmon• Trout• Cod• Plaice• Mackerel• Haddock• Shrimp• Swordfish• Turbot• Lobster• Rock• Herring• Snapper• Bass• Bream• Monkfish• Tuna• Mullet• Crab• Cockles• Scallops• Squid• Mussels• Prawns• Kipper• Oysters• Many more…
  • 4. Types of steak• Fillet• Rump• T-bone• Sirloin• Stewing• Rare• Medium• Well done
  • 5. Countable nouns
  • 6. More countable nouns
  • 7. Exotic fruit• Jackfruit• Rambutan• Lychee• Passion fruit• Star fruit
  • 8. More exotic fruit…• Mangosteen• Kumquat• Durian• Dragon Fruit• And many more…
  • 9. Vegetables…
  • 10. English cuisine•is shaped by thecountrys temperateclimate, its geography,and its history.
  • 11. Since the Early Modern Period…• Food has been characterisedby its simplicity and use of highquality natural produce
  • 12. England’s old heritage…• has resulted in a traditionalcuisine which has tended toveer away from strongflavours
  • 13. Multi-cultural society…• Has given birth to:• Indian• Thai• Chinese• Bangladesh• Italian food etc.
  • 14. Fast food…• Is also making a huge impact• Burger King• McDonalds• KFC• Pizza Hut• Subway etc
  • 15. Traditional cuisine• The Sunday RoastThe mostcommonEnglish dish
  • 16. The chip shopProbably themost popular andidentifiableEnglish dish
  • 17. The full English BreakfastA combination of:• Bacon• Grilled tomatoes• Fried bread• Black pudding• Baked beans• Fried mushrooms• Sausages• Eggs• Hash browns
  • 18. The banger (sausage)• Herbal Lincolnshire• Curled Cumberland• Pork and apple• Beef and stilton• Pork and mozzarella• Black Pudding• Many more…
  • 19. Savoury pies• Meat pie• Pork Pie• Steak and Kidney• Cornish pasty• Sheperd’s pie• Cottage pie• Fisherman’s pie• Pie and mash• Chicken pie• Many more…
  • 20. Sweet pies• Blackberry and apple pie• Cheesecake• Lemon meringue pie• Banoffee pie• Pumpkin pie• Many more…
  • 21. The Curry• In Victorian times,we started creatingAnglo-Indiancuisine…
  • 22. The sandwich• Fillings such as pickledrelishes andGentlemans Relish arealso very English.
  • 23. Cheese• Cheddar• Wensleydale• Red Leicester• Double Gloucester• Stilton• Sage Derby• Many more…
  • 24. Pudding• Bread and butter pudding• Rhubarb crumble• Spotted dick• Summer pudding• Trifle• Christmas pudding• Sticky toffee pudding• Jam roly poly• Crème brulee• Many more…
  • 25. Preserved foods• Many European countries have atradition of salting, smoking,pickling and preserving foods.• We make kippers, ham, bacon andpickled vegetables
  • 26. Cereals• Cornflakes• Weetabix• Alpen• Shredded Wheat• Special K• Rice Krispies• Many more…
  • 27. Sweet etc• Wine Gums• Mars bar• Twix• Snickers• Mint Humbugs• Biscuits• Jelly babies• Kendal mint cake• Toffee• Lollipops• Boiled sweets• Maltesers• Strawberry creams• Many more…
  • 28. Scottish classics• Haggis• Neaps• Scotch eggs• Porage Oats• Butterscotch• Salmon and whisky sauce• Many more…
  • 29. Welsh classicsWelsh rarebit Welsh cakes CawlBara Brith Laverbread Steamed LeakPudding
  • 30. Irish classics• Beef in Guinness• Irish stew• Irish coffee• Irish cream• Velvet chocolate martinis
  • 31. Pickles, preserves and condiments• Chutney• Branston pickle• Piccalilli• Pickled onions• Pickled gherkins• Ketchup• Worcestershire sauce• English mustard• Jams• Many more…
  • 32. Other classics• Beef Wellington• Cauliflower cheese• Lancashire hotpot• Ploughmans lunch• Toad-in-the-hole• Game (Pheasant, Duck,Rabbit, Deer, Wild Boar,Grouse etc)• Roast lamb & mint sauce• Many more…
  • 33. •Classic English drinks
  • 34. Pubs and Beer• Bitter• Stout• Cider• Ale• Lager• Shandy• Root beer• Ginger beer
  • 35. Wine and spirits• Whisky• Gin• Liqueur• Sparkling wine• White/Red/Rose wine• Many more…
  • 36. Cooking methods• Barbecue• Microwave• Stir-fry• Braising• Baking• Frying• Slow cooker• Boiling• Smoking• Deep fry• Roasting• Grilling• Steaming• Many others
  • 37. Finding GOOD English food…• Pubs• Restaurant• Hotels (Ritz, Sheraton, Savoy)• Home made food
  • 38. The endwww.dragon-class.com