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Bats and Technology
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Bats and Technology


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This is a talk I gave at the Australasian Bat Society Conference in April, 2012, in Melbourne. The focus is on the Biological Data Recording System, and how it is in use in two projects, the …

This is a talk I gave at the Australasian Bat Society Conference in April, 2012, in Melbourne. The focus is on the Biological Data Recording System, and how it is in use in two projects, the Australasian Bat Echolocation Database and our own research in Perth into bats.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. GAIA RESOURCES Technology and Bats Two Case Studies of On-line and Mobile Systems Piers Higgs*, Grit Schuster Gaia Resources Kyle Armstrong CSIROPresented at Australian Bat Society Conference, Melboune, 11-13th April, 2012
  • 2. OVERVIEW Topics covered • Biological Data Recording System • Australian Bat Echolocation Database • Gaia Resources Urban Bat Survey • What next?
  • 3. BIOLOGICAL DATA RECORDING SYSTEM What is it? • Open source, freely available, web based application • Designed to help organisations manage their biological and environmental data • Developed under funding from the Atlas of Living Australia, and now from funding from a range of other sources
  • 4. BIOLOGICAL DATA RECORDING SYSTEM What can it do? • Customise to your existing brand and site, • Create a range of data entry forms, • Faceted searches and map products, • A bulk upload and export functionality, • Use different taxonomies in the system, • Species pages, including identification tools • Mobile tools
  • 6. ABED Australasian Bat Echolocation Database • Developed to house reference, representative and anonymous call recordings from bats in Australasia
  • 7. ABED Goals 3. Contribute to increased robustness of identifications made on acoustic surveys; 5. Add to the knowledge of the distribution and diversity of Australasian bat species; and 7. Become a primary resource archive for the disparate and ephemeral sound recordings that are made as part of multitudes of field surveys, with links to other such projects worldwide.
  • 8. ABED Progress • Currently finalising the species page information and reference call sets (80 species pages to work through) • Working on the permanent web hosting with CSIRO and the ALA • Preparing for the release of the site for general use
  • 9. URBAN BAT RESEARCH Gaia Resources’ own Research • Deployed to store results of an Anabat based survey undertaken in the Perth Metropolitan region by Gaia Resources staff
  • 10. URBAN BAT RESEARCH Goals 3. To test an instance of our own software in a real world situation, 5. To undertake an inventory survey of the bats within the Perth Metropolitan area, 7. To publish the results and make the data freely available, 9. To further expand the BDRS software as a result of the research.
  • 11. URBAN BAT RESEARCH Progress • Developed a protocol for staff to take the unit home, including instructions • Deployed to a mobile device to accompany the Anabat • Since January 2012, have had 427 records • Not yet id’d to species
  • 12. WHAT NEXT? ABED? • Finalisation of the species pages • Opening of the site for general use Urban Bat Research? • Arduino-based systems for gathering sound files • Adding automated identification to the server • Publishing results!
  • 13. WHAT NEXT? BDRS? • Available now to take and use – but requires some setup knowledge of web server style software • Funding from the ALA is complete at the end of April, but further funding coming in from other groups, including commercial organisations • Please contact us if you want to know more
  • 14. CITIZEN SCIENCE & THE ENVIRONMENT Questions? • If you want to know more, please contact us Kyle Armstrong 0404 423 264 Piers Higgs 0411 754 006