People-OnTheGo Lunch & Learn Webinar - An 'Agile' State of Mind: How Agile software development powers productivity (in business & beyond)

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Watch the full session at And join our free webinars, the first Thursday of every month at noon PT: …

Watch the full session at And join our free webinars, the first Thursday of every month at noon PT:

Agile software development is moving from a fringe phenomenon to a mainstream idea that corporate America is taking seriously. With more companies willing to change the way they work, the stories and case studies vary from productivity miracles to complete disasters.

What is Agile? Why should you care even if you are not developing software? How is it relevant to your personal life? Join us for a complimentary presentation by Volker Frank, an executive coach, trainer, and "Agilist". He will provide us with a high-level overview about new ways of organizing work and collaboration that is designed to deal with the ambiguities and complexities of our time. Beyond specific software engineering practices, Agile is a state of mind, a different way of thinking about planning, and an approach that deliberately focuses learning in situations where we can't know and can't control future outcomes.

Key takeaways:
1. Agile at a high level
2. Agile values and principles with lessons beyond software and work
3. The difference between wishful thinking and planning for the unknown
4. Accountability that supports continuous learning
5. And how the scientific method can inform our everyday lives

About the presenter:
Volker Frank supports technology driven businesses improve their ability to deliver high quality products, quickly respond to changing customer demands and market conditions, and drive innovation. The center of effort is the ability to make business and product decisions based on generating customer value and build high-performance teams through cultural change and great leadership.

Volker brings a unique blend of experiences in technology, leadership development and coaching to his work with clients. He has 12 years of experience in software consulting, UX design, business analysis and product strategy. His involvement in technology driven change initiatives gives him a deep sense for organizational change and organizational development. He provides leadership and agile transformation trainings in combination with team and executive coaching for corporations, medium sized companies and start-ups.

Volker is a Fulbright Scholar and holds a Master of Design from the University of Cincinnati. He has 10 years of experience in organizational systems work (Systemic Constellations) and is a certified NLP Master Practitioner.

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  • 9. An ‘Agile’ State of Mind How Agile software development & values power productivity
  • 10. What is ‘Agile’? •  •  •  •  A software development process A necessity for management A state of mind A spiritual practice •  It’s an approach to problem solving
  • 11. Complicated Problems •  Classic engineering problems •  There is a right answer –  With the necessary expertise •  Analyze -> Design -> Plan -> Do 2+2=?
  • 12. Complex Problems •  The solution is ‘unknowable’ •  Not clear enough cause/effect relationships •  Systems of contributing factors •  Social Systems… –  Reform policies (eg. economic, healthcare) –  Software development –  Organize a children’s party
  • 13. Complex Problems (2) •  Experimentation –  ‘Safe-fail’ probes instead of fail-safe solutions –  Amplification Strategy –  Recovery Strategy •  See -> Do -> Inspect -> Adapt •  Plan for change
  • 14. Agile Software Development •  Two week iterations –  Working software to show –  Focus on high value, high priority work •  Conversation over documentation •  Results over activities –  Working software –  NOT: milestones, artifacts, tasks •  Retrospectives every 2 weeks
  • 15. High Performance Teams •  Committed to continuous improvement •  Optimize for learning
  • 16. What works for teams •  Stable teams –  People over process •  Cross-functional teams –  Shared accountabilities ©Dannyman'
  • 17. Trusting Informality •  Co-location – shared physical space –  Big visible information radiators –  Conversations –  Informal learning ©Desarrollando'América'La3na'
  • 18. Planning for Uncertainty •  Keep it simple •  Create shared understanding conversations ©'2009'Jeff'Pa:on,'all'rights'reserved,''
  • 19. Agile as Spiritual Practice •  Comfortable with not knowing –  …and behaving accordingly ©David'Dolphin'
  • 20. Agile as Spiritual Practice •  Willing to be wrong ©Carl'Baron'
  • 21. Agile as Spiritual Practice •  Transparent and vulnerable ©Oli'Young'
  • 22. Agile as Spiritual Practice •  Questioning reality ?
  • 23. Take-Away (1) •  Collaborate radically –  Resource optimization backfires –  Creativity –  Diversity ©Desarrollando'América'La3na'
  • 24. Take-Away (2) •  Plan for the end result –  What •  Lightly strategize on approach –  The How will change –  Optimize for learning ©David'Dolphin'
  • 25. Take-Away (3) •  Optimize for Momentum –  Good enough …for now –  Avoid Perfection –  Small Steps –  Prioritize ©Carl'Baron'
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