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Presentation PHP Testfest 2009 Utrecht.

Presentation PHP Testfest 2009 Utrecht.



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Test Fest 2009 Test Fest 2009 Presentation Transcript

  • TestFest 2009 PHP Netherland, Utrecht Pierre Joye
  •  Thanks you for joining us!  First tests fest? First test (I won’t tell your boss)? Welcome to the TestFest 2009!
  •  PHP needs YOU  You need PHP too a broken PHP is useless A new Phpet is waiting for you! What should I bother?
  •  Improve code coverage  Fantastic opportunity to be part of PHP  Network to learn and work together What is this about?
  •  Single test in a single .phpt file  Small set of similar tests in a .phpt file  Each test are run by calling a new php instance  Test isolation  Custom configuration  Support of segfaults and other fatal errors PHPT
  •  (n)make test  make test TESTS=/home/joe/php/ext/reflection/tests  make test TESTS=/home/joe/php/ext/a/tests/b.phpt Testing PHP, everything (or less)
  •  A bug  bug12345.phpt (bug.php.net/12345)  Features  <functionname>_basic.phpt  Errors  <functionname>_error.phpt  General  extname<test nr>.phpt Naming convention
  • --TEST— Not testing PHP --FILE— Goede morgen --EXPECT— Goede morgen Simplest test ever
  • --TEST— Let try to test echo! --FILE— <?php echo “Hoe doet u?”; ?> --EXPECT— Ik heb nodig koffie 2nd most simplest test ever (failing)
  • --TEST— rand --FILE— <?php echo “rand: ”. rand(); ?> --EXPECT— rand: %d Expect using printf syntax
  • --TEST— rand --FILE— <?php echo “rand: ”. rand(); ?> --EXPECTREGEX— M_E: 2.718281[0-9]* Expect using regex syntax (avoid it)
  • http://qa.php.net/expectf_details.php Where to find the EXPECTF placeholders list
  • --TEST— Timezone --INI— date.timezone=Europe/Berlin --FILE— <?php echo date_timezone_get(); ?> --EXPECT— Europe/Berlin Custom ini settings
  • --TEST— Timezone --SKIPIF— <?php if (! extension_loaded („myext‟) die(„myext not available‟); ?> --FILE— … --EXPECT— .. Conditional test
  • --TEST— Timezone --CREDITS— John TheWriter #testfest Utrecht 2009 --FILE— … --EXPECT— .. Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s
  • http://qa.php.net/phpt_details.php Complete doc about phpt (with samples!)
  • Keep it smalll and beautiful Test one feature per phpt Avoid large output What is a good test?
  • If a large output is necessary Numerate or name each line Easier to analyze Easier to debug What is a good test?
  • PHP GCOV - Test and Code Coverage Analysis  http://gcov.php.net/ PHP WIKI - How to look at the test coverage for an extension  http://wiki.php.net/qa/testcoverage PHP QA - Writing Tests  http://qa.php.net/write-test.php Lessons Learned from PHPT  Writinghttp://wiki.php.net/qa/phptlessonslearned PHP CVS - README.TESTING  http://cvs.php.net/viewvc.cgi/php-src/README.TESTING Resources