Sas Customer Intelligence Overview


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Whitepaper about SAS Customer Relationship Management Optimization

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Sas Customer Intelligence Overview

  1. 1. SOLUTION OVERVIEW SAS Customer Intelligence ® Solve more marketing challenges with a comprehensive enterprise solution“SAS Analytics lead to deeper Marketing organizations today face an increasingly competitive marketplace. ■ Our Solution understanding and insight Customers have high expectations that SAS Customer Intelligence into our customers’ behavior, must be met in order to maintain their provides the most comprehensive loyalty and satisfaction. suite of enterprise marketing solu- yielding strong increases tions available to help you: in customer retention.” That makes it essential for your organi- • Drive profitable revenueChris McCann zation to maximize its use of customer growth through increasedPresident, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM intelligence. You’ve got to have the right retention, cross-sell/up-sell customer information to know which and acquisition of valuable customers are profitable so you can customers. make smart decisions about which cus- tomers to focus on, and what you need • Enhance the customer’s to do to keep and grow their business. experience by leveraging customer insight to improve the To successfully meet the needs of cus- quality and content of customer tomers, marketing organizations today interactions. are recognizing the value in employing • Increase accountability a customer-focused process – one across marketing by having that allows them to craft and execute complete visibility of your optimized communication plans that marketing process and the provide quantifiable results and support resulting performance. the organization’s goals. SAS Customer Intelligence solutions enable you to deepen your customer in- sights, choreograph your customer inter- actions and continuously improve your organization’s marketing performance.
  2. 2. “We simply would not be able to base our marketing on customer insight if we did not have SAS. We built our first customer insight mod- els in 2001, and it is making our marketing more effective every year.” Marcel Stettler Head of CRM Operations, Winterthur (Switzerland) • Manage quality customer data by • Engage effectively with customersA Data-Driven, accessing virtually any database to by implementing effective, consistentCustomer-Focused create a customer-centric data reposi- and timely communications across tory, moving data between operational channels.Marketing Process and marketing systems, and cleansingSAS provides a data-driven, customer- the data to ensure that decisions are Continuously Improvefocused marketing process delivered made using the right data. Marketing Performancethrough an integrated marketing plat- • Predict customer behavior using a To make your marketing organiza-form. This best-practice process ad- range of analyses, including customer tion work like a well-oiled machine, itdresses the needs of all stages of your value analysis, market basket analy- is critical to implement a closed-loopmarketing organization’s development. sis, customer profitability, response marketing process that makes adjust- modeling, churn analysis, credit scor- ments over time. SAS provides theDeepen Customer Insight ing and more. scorecards, reporting and underlying • Profile and segment customers analytical capabilities needed to instillTo gain insight into what your custom- based on historical behavior, profit- accountability and have complete vis-ers will do in the future, you have to first ability and lifetime value. ibility of your marketing process and theunderstand what they have done in thepast. SAS enables you to manage cus- resulting performance, so you can maketomer data and understand the behavior Choreograph Customer Interaction midcourse corrections when you hit apatterns of your best and worst custom- bump in the road. Steps in this segment Customers want to feel as thoughers. By having insight into your custom- include: companies understand them – and theyers’ attitudes, behavior, profitability and expect to be treated consistently. A • Measure and report on all aspectsrisk, you can make smarter decisions well-orchestrated marketing campaign of the operation by aligning activitiesfor your marketing organization. Steps in requires coordination and synchroni- to strategies and goals to improve thethis segment include: zation across multiple channels. SAS performance and accountability of provides the ability to choreograph a marketing sales and service. comprehensive, multichannel marketing • Optimize investment across direct communication strategy that optimizes and indirect marketing by continu- every resource to achieve your goals ously monitoring, predicting and opti- and maximize your ROI. Steps in this mizing your mass marketing, pricing, segment include: and promotion and other activities. • Develop and optimize seg- • Continuously learn and improve ment strategies, using customer through an integrated marketing insights to determine how much platform and closed-loop marketing time, effort and resources are process. needed for selling or marketing to each customer segment and evolve customers through their life cycle. Optimize ROI for every customer communication. Customer-focused marketing process.
  3. 3. Capabilities that Enable Online insight helps you get the most out of your e-business chan-a Best-Practice Approach nels and glean customer insightWhether your need is to bolster cus- from online interactions.tomer insight by calculating customerlifetime value, to execute more efficient Credit risk analysis and as-and effective customer interactions sessment capabilities help youusing a campaign management solu- more accurately develop andtion, or to instill accountability across track credit risk, SAS Customer Intelligenceprovides the widest range of functional Choreograph Customer Interactioncapabilities available. Campaign management results in Enabling capabilities. more relevant, intelligent and predictiveDeepen Customer Insight lists, so you send the right offers to theData management capabilities pull right customers across your from nearly any source and applyproper data quality techniques to en- E-mail/mobile marketing provides Continuously Improvesure that customer information is in the large-scale multimedia messaging Marketing Performancebest possible state. capabilities – including e-mail, SMS, Marketing performance reporting MMS and WAP – within single-channel surfaces specific metrics based onSocial marketing analysis integrates or multichannel marketing campaigns. individual user needs and allowsand analyzes social data, enabling you to drill down for a deeper under-organizations to act on intelligence Event triggers send alerts to let you standing of performance and any othergleaned from online conversations and know when it’s most appropriate to potential issues.relationships. reach out to your customers. Marketing mix optimization helpsCustomer analytics provide descrip- Real-time decision making you track and improve the effectivenesstive and predictive insight through improves revenue, growth and retention of your marketing investments – andresponse models, churn analysis, by optimizing every customer interaction quantify the ROI of marketing activities.customer value analysis and more. through real-time delivery of decisions and recommendations. Marketing metrics and scorecardsCustomer profitability can be calcu- use prebuilt marketing KPIs incorporat-lated by drilling down to the customer Optimization enables you to maximize ing marketing best practices in areasor individual transaction level. overall value by determining which offer such as business/finance, marketing to send to each customer while program, customer and marketingForecasting allows you to identify considering factors such as contact processes.previously unseen trends in customer strategy, budget and channel con-data – helping you to make marketing straints, and others.decisions accordingly.
  4. 4. The SAS® Difference Solve More Marketing Challenges Ensure Success withSAS Customer Intelligence solutions As illustrated by the customer-focused SAS’ Proven History andprovide the most comprehensive marketing process described earlier, Leadershipenterprise marketing solution for your only SAS provides a complete set • SAS has been in business since data-driven marketing process. While of capabilities to solve more of your 1976 and has more than 45,000other vendors provide components marketing challenges. As you develop customer sites satisfy some of your needs, SAS strategies and activities to fulfill the needs of your customers and market- • SAS is listed in the Leaders delivers the only complete set of capa- ing organization, you can count on SAS quadrant of Gartner’s 2010 Magicbilities available on the market. For your to deliver the solutions and technology Quadrant for CRM Multichannelorganization, the SAS difference means you need for success. Campaign Management1 and theyou can: 2010 Forrester Wave for cross- channel campaign management.2Continually Make Smarter Decisions Evolve Your Marketing Organization’s Capabilities • For eight consecutive years, Using SAS Analytics, you’ll gain the CRM magazine has recognizedknowledge and insight needed to make SAS Customer Intelligence is struc- SAS as the leading provider ofsmarter decisions and have a complete tured to provide a growth path that CRM analytics.understanding of your customers. addresses all stages of your marketingWhether it’s building predictive models organization’s development. Whether • SAS Marketing Automation has for campaign response rates, using you need to develop an accurate view been named Product of the Yearoptimization to maximize channel ROI, of your customer or focus on executing for two consecutive years byforecasting to predict sales, or man- and optimizing your customer commu- Customer Inter@ction Solutionsaging and maintaining your existing nications, SAS has a solution that fits magazine.models, SAS is the proven leader in your organization’s needs. • SAS customers or their affiliates providing analytics to help you make represent 92 of the top 100smarter decisions. Learn more at companies on the 2009 FORTUNE Global 500® list. 1 Gartner Inc., Magic Quadrant for CRM Multichannel Campaign Management, Adam Sarner, May 13, 2010. 2 The Forrester Wave: Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Q4 2009, Suresh Vittal, December 14, 2009. SAS Institute Inc. World Headquarters +1 919 677 8000 To contact your local SAS office, please visit: SAS and all other SAS Institute Inc. product or service names are registered trademarks or trademarks of SAS Institute Inc. in the USA and other countries. ® indicates USA registration. Other brand and product names are trademarks of their respective companies. Copyright © 2010, SAS Institute Inc. All rights reserved. 103116_S58467.0710