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Pollenizer Year Book 2009
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Pollenizer Year Book 2009



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  • 1. 2009 The year that was
  • 2. How to read this e-book? For your reading experience to be optimum, we recommend that you set your PDF viewer on “Two Pages Continuous”. Please consider the environment before printing this document (save the baby dolphins!).
  • 3. The Pollenizer Book Two years ago Pollenizer emerged Then it grew And grew And keeps growing today We are celebrating with a book And hope you enjoy our journey
  • 4. Overheard on Pollenizer’s IM “ ” Wow - I blinked and 20 yammer messages happened Phil Morle “ ” Just polished off some #homerhudson icecream Jon Tyson “ Just be glad you’re still writing sentences ” procedurally, and not object-oriented or functionally Simon Wright “ ” Bad dad joke of the day...Hedgehogs? Why can’t they just share the hedge? Fleur Fletcher Notes:
  • 5. the business 5 5 is also the number of Jira issues that the Pollenizer team creates or resolves per hour.
  • 6. What Is Pollenizer? A global team of technology leaders and innovators We gather talent and focus ideas to We work in Australia, South Africa, US, Spain, create energy and value. Switzerland, UK, Germany and India. Our team is composed of globally experienced Our HQ is in Sydney, Australia where we began. technology web veterans covering all aspects of a We have engineering teams in Australia, India and web business including director level leadership, Europe. product management, engineering, UX design, Our European HQ is in Zurich, Switzerland. marketing, business development, HR and finance. Our relationship with businesses is operational. We We love to make our experience and passion won’t build a website and then leave the founders available to other businesses with a view to building to manage it. We understand that web businesses value. Our clients have access to our knowledge, are like living creatures that need to change, acquired from the very real and often challenging evolving with the business as it grows. experiences at companies such as Kazaa, Yahoo, BBC, Naspers, Skype, Amazon and Xing. Pollenizer is a talent pool of people with all the skill- sets required to run a successful web business. Since we were formed we have: Our team will expand and contract to match the business needs. We call it an “Elastic Team”. • worked with 70+ web businesses • grown from two to a global team of 50+ • created a stock portfolio of eight companies • started two businesses from scratch • worked on content, subscription, mobile, SaaS, B2B, affiliate, media, social, and retail web businesses. 6
  • 7. We work with agile processes in business and technology to release early and release often. This brings businesses quickly to life and allows us to act quickly on issues and opportunities. Release, measure, learn, change, release. We are size agnostic and love working with big companies as well as single entrepreneurs in a garage setting. In common for all is the “start- up way”, it’s in our blood... agile, disciplined, bootstrapped... We tightly integrate web strategy and marketing with product development to build products where the technology creates great value and aligns with the business model. By following our principle of brutal focus, we can achieve success faster, avoid common mistakes and concentrate resources. Focus or fail. It’s that simple. 7
  • 8. What We Do Pollenizer helps build successful web businesses Idea StartIng early growth FaSt growth Research Building Technology Establish Dedicated technology Prototypes Operational Team Tech Team Strategy Focus Customer Marketing Management MarketIng Development Incubation Seed Capital Business Development Angel / Venture BuSIneSS Raising Capital Raising 8
  • 9. Pollenizer Growth Over the past 24 months we have... grown from 4 employees to 55 worked with more than 70 companies in 8 countries around the world and sent and received over 1 million emails :) In November, Pollenizer was a Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Australia 2009 Rising Star finalist. Technology Fast 50 Australia 2009 Rising Star 10
  • 10. 4 194155 EMPLOYEES 1x employee 2x employees 10x employees 80 80 Countries we’ve worked in CLIENTS 70 70 60 60 50 50 40 40 30 30 20 20 10 10 0 0 COUNTRIES SEMESTER 01 SEMESTER 02 SEMESTER 03 SEMESTER 04 Jan 08 - Jun 08 Jul 08 - Dec 08 Jan 09 - Jun 09 Jul 09 - Dec 09 11
  • 11. Global Engineering Team They take the risk out of offshoring In addition to our engineers in Europe and Australia, “Like the rest of the Pollenizer team they have a we have an operational team in Trivandrum, India healthy obsession with trends and technologies in that works with Pollenizer clients on everything from the Web 2.0 sphere. We say they take the risk out Quality Assurance (QA) testing and programming to of offshoring.” project management. They have grown over the past few years from a business of two to a company employing around 40 staff. This phenomenal growth has been powered by many strengths including personalised, high-quality service and ongoing staff development and training. ENGINEERING SERVICES CTO Jagadeesh VN says three core values inform Web 2.0 Testing Solutions their work; reliability, quality, and commitment. “We produce deliverables that users can rely on, we Web 2.0 Solutions offer quality workmanship and we are committed to impeccable service,” he says. Open Source Consulting The team uses Pollenizer tools and methodologies Remote Infrastructure Management and has a Silicon Valley view of the world. Enterprise Application Development Meaning? “They know what our clients want and are really interested in what our clients need,” Pollenizer founder and CTO Phil Morle explains. 12
  • 12. Overheard on Pollenizer’s IM “ Its better I change my nickname to ” something else. My mails are treated as spam ;) Jugs “ ” I knew we could seduce @bruno out of his leave if we mentioned kaizen :-) Phil Morle “ ” #posse locked off - release tomorrow first thing India time Jon Tyson “ ” it’s pouring with lightning and thunder in Zurich Amir Suissa Notes:
  • 13. the fit 15 is also the number of yammer messages sent by the Pollenizer team every hour. 15
  • 14. SportsPassion Pollenizer gets a guernsey Description: Social media enterprise 3eep experienced new product design are the ones we should SportsPassion’s suite of free online the depth and breadth of Pollenizer’s develop and which ones we should drop.” community tools allow team managers expertise in getting its online community Pollenizer has also helped define and then and teammates to better communicate SportsPassion off the ground. target SportsPassion market campaigns. and collaborate, while sharing the fun and spirit of their sport. From technology strategy and “Before you work with Pollenizer, you implementation to product and market might think you know what you need to development, the Pollenizer team played do,” Antulov says. “After you work with an integral part. Pollenizer – if you really listen – you’ll know what you need to do, and why. Then, SportsPassion’s suite of free online comes the hard part. Doing it. Lucky they community tools allow team managers help with that too!” and teammates to better communicate and collaborate, while sharing the fun and spirit of their sport. So how does Pollenizer help? 3eep CEO Rob Antulov says the Pollenizer team has the ability to take an entrepreneur or business from the early concept phase into development and then beyond, once a product becomes live. URL: “ www.sportspassion.com “In any company, let alone in a start- up, the real risk is that you try to do too much,” Antulov says. “In a start-up that After you work with Pollenizer can be particularly dangerous since – if you really listen – you’ll there are so many things that are not yet know what you need to do, and proven – so, you can easily expend scarce why. Then, comes the hard part. ” resources doing the wrong thing. Doing it. Lucky they help with “The cases where Pollenizer has helped that too! us focus are numerous, ranging from understanding which clients are the right ones Rob Antulov to listen to, through to which features in a 3eep CEO 16
  • 15. Getprice Managing rapid growth Description: Pollenizer’s ability to access in-house projects,” Hitchen explains. IT infrastructure Getprice is a comparison shopping expertise to service a broad range of client assessments flowed from there, asking engine which aggregates pricing demands was evident in its work with the question: Do we have the vehicle that information from more than 600 consumer comparison website Getprice. It can carry us to where we want to get to, in retailers in Australia and also provides also made it the prime and only contender terms of hardware, software and bandwidth information about service levels for vying for the work. and is our development process optimal? different retailers, covering warranties, The second focused on the marketing and delivery time and charges, and product Getprice CEO Chris Hitchen explains why the consumer proposition. and service reviews. This service is it is important having specific skill areas available via an iPhone application, as available for hire within one company. Hitchen says Pollenizer also brings an well as online. international perspective and part of that is “You don’t want to have too many an international network, which would be consultants or suppliers to whom you have important for many businesses. to explain your business model,” he says. “You are also opening up your business Getprice is all about helping someone to and sharing very confidential information make the last few decisions about where they so limiting that to one supplier where you want to buy a product. Shopping anyone? can get a range of expertise was pretty important for us.” He says there aren’t that many businesses around who can consult at the level URL: Pollenizer does. “There are plenty of “ www.getprice.com.au people who have good processes and good analytical skills that can take you through various problems and get you to ... there aren’t that many an outcome, but there aren’t that many consultancies that live and ” consultancies that live and breathe online breathe online as Pollenizer as Pollenizer does.” does. Pollenizer’s brief was to find a better Chris Hitchen framework for Getprice’s development processes. “We were growing very quickly, Getprice CEO with a lot of projects and we needed a really tight framework around managing those 18
  • 16. Perkler Loyalty rewarded Description: Perkler co-founder Dan Bisa has a mantra Searches can be tailored according to Perkler.com is co-owned by Dan he sounds when asked about the work location and interest. Bisa and partner Justin Barrie and is Pollenizer has done for his company, the world’s largest loyalty program Perkler.com. Barrie says the aim is to create a nation of community, with more than 1,800 Perklers – savvy shoppers that love saving programs and 280,000 individual perks “Focus, focus, focus, baby!” money through the thousands of perks listed on the site. The site provides offered by different companies and brands. information about a range of programs, He explains further. “Mick [Liubinskas] has from airline frequent flyer programs and helped us a lot initially in our strategy and in Perkler also has a mantra for itself: restaurant discounts to free coffees at our sequencing of rolling out the product, local cafes. and what the product should be focusing “Simplify the loyalty and rewards on, the strands about how users go into the experience for consumers in order to product, what avenues they are coming on create value for retailers!” from and how to deal with that.” An advantage for next steps is the sound base of expertise on offer at Pollenizer. Whether its extra developers, a QA team, server-based guys or project coordinators, they are available to scale the Perkler team when required. URL: “Pollenizer is very hands-on,” Bisa adds. “ www.perkler.com “They don’t just write you a high level strategy document and walk away. Pollenizer is very hands-on, “Mick gets his hands dirty with how we do the they don’t just write you a high ” business and the actual running of the site, level strategy document and the nuts and the bolts, with his very crucial walk away. experience backing the whole process.” Dan Bisa Consumers can find out everything they need to know about a particular loyalty or Perkler Co-Founder reward program through ratings, reviews and a run-down on the available perks. 20
  • 17. local.ch It’s all about the people Description: local.ch CEO Alfonso von Wunschheim local.ch is owned by Swisscom Directories local.ch is the official online presence says Pollenizer’s work with the company and is the official online presence of the of the Swiss yellow and white pages, has been threefold. The first mandate Swiss yellow and white pages, offering offering search results in the country’s for Pollenizer was an initial technology search results in the country’s three three language groups, French, assessment of the classified section of the language groups, French, German and German and Italian. The preferred site. “That was the first introduction and Italian. The preferred online source for online source for finding phone it went very well,” he says. “Phil [Morle] finding phone numbers, local.ch has more numbers, local.ch has more than 6 and Bruno [Mattarollo] caught up with our than 6 million private and business listings. million private and business listings. engineers rapidly, got to the key points and helped us understand what was going on.” The second tier of work involved Amir Suissa who provided business development advice. The third tranche of Pollenizer work involves a four-month mandate for Bruno as interim manager, as director of engineering, to help local.ch implement development methodology Scrum. Asked about the strengths of Pollenizer, von Wunschheim says: “The People. Period. URL: “They are outstanding engineers and “ www.local.ch business people but they are also great people to work with,” he says. “That is the reason we work with Pollenizer today.” He They are outstanding cites Bruno’s brilliance as an engineer and engineers and business people ” his capacity to integrate into the Swiss/ but they are also great people to German environment by way of example, work with. given Bruno’s French, Argentinian and Australian background. Alfonso von Wunschheim local.ch CEO 22
  • 18. Homer Hudson Sharing the love Description: It’s no secret that lovers of Homer Hudson Hills office. Other new icecream flavours Homer Hudson firmly pitches itself at icecream become devoted followers. include Double Fudge Brownie Obsession the top-end of the ice cream market That loyalty is something owner Lawrence and Choc Chunk Cookie Dough, as well with flavours such as Chocolate Rock, Vincent wants to tap into and use to as Mango Madness, a premium sorbet. Hoboken Crunch, Cookies and Cream, expand the premium icecream’s reach and Vanilla Nirvana and The Digger. availability via the web. Over to Pollenizer. Indulge if you can. Fresh ingredients, no artificial additives and its locally made and owned status Vincent says the Pollenizer team has further add to the appeal. begun work on an exciting social media strategy for the product and he wants the result to be a surprise. What he can say is that the new strategy will allow a two-way and measurable dialogue with consumers, as opposed to a one-way and non- measurable dialogue with mass media. The aim is to encourage interactive communications between the people who love and consume Homer Hudson icecream and the company that makes and distributes it. Advocacy on the street and mobile icecream sellers perhaps? URL: “ www.homerhudson.com And why did Vincent choose Pollenizer? “They have had experience on really big projects, access to the best technology ... [Pollenizer has] had and experience in building communities,” experience on really big projects, he says. “The Pollenizer setup also access to the best technology ” combines to produce a good strategy with and experience in building cost efficiency.” communities. You can find Homer Hudson at selected Woolworths, 7Eleven and Metcash/IGA Lawrence Vincent outlets, or if you are lucky, in the resident Homer Hudson Owner Homer Hudson fridge at Pollenizer’s Surrey 24
  • 19. Tangler Adding value Description: Pollenizer has been a persistent thread in Working with Pollenizer had a host of Tangler allows real-time, persistent the evolution of discussion forum website advantages. “The people they put together discussion into which contributors can Tangler and then with its latest incarnation, are a bright, motivated dynamic group deploy rich media such as images, TanglerLive. of people who live and breathe web 2.0 videos and flash widgets easily. Topics social media and that is pretty important,” can also be embedded on third-party Tangler itself allows real-time, persistent Kotze says. “Secondly, they are innovative web sites. discussion into which contributors can and creative thinkers. deploy rich media such as images, videos and flash widgets easily. Topics can also “Establishing any startup is a bit of be embedded on third-party web sites. rollercoaster with great highs and more challenging moments and it’s good to The explosion of social networking know that a team such as Pollenizer is applications such as Twitter and Facebook there in the challenging times as well as illuminated a need for an app that the good times.” added to their features, one that allowed breakaway, more in-depth conversations to occur. TanglerLive was born. CEO Alexander von Kotze elaborates. TanglerLive incorporates many of the same features that make our forums great, along with a dead simple process for starting a URL: breakaway conversation; the ability to post “ www.tanglerlive.com in an ongoing conversation without having to register first and built in systems to share an interesting conversation with the The people they put together myriad of social networks out there.” are a bright, motivated dynamic ” group of people who live and Pollenizer heavyweights Mick breathe web 2.0 social media... Liubinskas and Phil Morle had a hand in conceptualising and then devising Alexander von Kotze TanglerLive. The technical team in India then took over and engineered the product. Tangler CEO 26
  • 20. Linqia How it connects Description: Based in Barcelona, Linqia used Pollenizer Key decision makers at social networks Linqia is a Social Network Marketplace for a technology assessment, product register to Linqia for free and specify what that puts commercial partners in touch focus and QA. Linqia defines itself as “The type of opportunities they are interested with social networks looking to raise Social Network Marketplace” and puts in receiving. Linqia approves commercial capital. commercial partners in touch with social partners to present their opportunities networks looking to raise capital. to selected social networks which Linqia sends to the key decision maker via the “As a start-up with limited funding and marketplace. access to top talent, we were fortunate to cross paths with the Pollenizer team who could offer their services to our company, maximising our chances of getting things right,” Linqia CEO and Founder Maria Sipka says. “Phil Morle conducted a technology assessment and confirmed the challenges we ‘sensed’ were there and highlighted opportunities to take our product offering and engineering team to a new level. “Over six months we launched two URL: products much quicker than we were “ www.linqia.com able to in the previous 18 months and our team developed a strong foundation of accountability and alignment.” Over six months we launched two products much quicker than Linqia works by presenting relevant we were able to in the previous and interesting commercial partners to 18 months and our team ” social networks who bring affiliate deals, advertising, sponsorships, content, developed a strong foundation new members, products and innovative of accountability and alignment. technologies. Maria Sipka Linqia CEO and Founder 28
  • 21. Overheard on Pollenizer’s IM “ ” Good day with #homerhudson brainstorming and product dev. Peter Fellows “ Pollenizer has been submitted to Deloittes Rising Star competition. Big thanks to @ ” fleur for putting together a very good one pager Mick Liubinskas “ ” So are you running the new Wii Sports Resort this afternoon? Andy Coffey “ ” Seeing a Test invoice in#saasu @phil is this a good sign? Clare Hallam Notes:
  • 22. the team 31 is also the number of kilometres walked by Pollenizer employees each day. 31
  • 23. Mick Liubinskas Founding Partner and Head of Marketing Contact: As a web strategist, Mick brings email: mick@pollenizer.com together customers, technology and twitter: liubinskas business models to create profitable businesses. Mick’s portfolio includes: Known as ‘Mr Focus’, he helps Lingopal, Posse, Mixin, Homer companies concentrate resources on Hudson, Perkler, OzWeather, building simple, real value and providing SportsPassion... excellent foundations for growth. Mick led the marketing and business Random facts about Mick: development teams for Kazaa and has Born in Blacktown, west Sydney. run his own businesses. Speaks English and Swahili. Has a cat named Polly. Mick has worked with a number of Likes to believe he’s a surfer. outstanding management teams from Uses the F. word way too often... around the globe including Getprice, F. for focus of course. Xumii, Photo Art Gallery, Blurb and Believes that the Internet can be helped start mogeneration. broken. Likes people to guess where his last name comes from. “ I spent four months in Tanzania which felt like four wonderful years. Despite a scary ” robbery and two bouts of malaria, it’s a time I’ll always remember for so many tiny moments with wonderful people. Travel is the spice of life’s wonderful sandwich. 32
  • 24. Phil Morle Founding Partner and Head of Technology Contact: Phil heads the technology division email: phil@pollenizer.com and provides engineering and product twitter: philmorle design leadership. For five years he was CTO of the Phil’s portfolio includes: massive and controversial Kazaa BBC, Tangler, Linqia, Getprice, local. file-sharing application that was ch, InteractiveTV, Naspers, Posse... downloaded over 300 million times and had up to 5 million users online at any one time. Random facts about Phil: He is a specialist in managing Born in Liverpool, England. technology teams in chaotic Can surprise more than one graphic environments and bridging the gulf designer with his Photoshop skills. between the goals of business and the Thinks coffee is healthy and should technology to power it. be drunk all day long. Phil has recently advised a number of web businesses including 3eep, Tangler, Naspers, BBC, local.ch, Lingopal, Linqia, Getprice, Posse and mogeneration. “ My first career was as a theatre director where I learned to make something magical out of not very much and to survive at all costs. My final production was a large scale physical theatre piece called ‘The Fantastical Adventures of Leonardo da Vinci’ for Perth ” International Arts Festival. I haven’t changed. I still love big ideas and finding a way of making them real. 34
  • 25. Jagadeesh VN Chief Technology Officer Contact: Jagadeesh, aka Jugs, heads email: jugs@pollenizer.com Pollenizer’s engineering team in twitter: jugs Trivandrum in India. Jugs has more than 10 years of Jugs’s portfolio includes: experience in the telecoms, finance and Lingopal, Posse, Spicks and Specks, transaction billing sectors. Perkler, Mixin, Tangler... His core expertises lies in designing and architecting highly scalable and high availability solutions. Random facts about Jugs: Born in Trivandrum, India. He is an evangelist of agile Speaks English and Java fluently. methodologies and considers SCRUM Recently found out that his nickname an inevitable process in software was the main reason for some of his development. emails to be treated as spam. Jugs leads an operational team of more than 40 technical engineers and has worked with companies from the Top 100 Australian Web 2.0 Applications 2008 honours list. “ I’ve been supporting the Indian cricket team for over 15 years. My relationship with ” Pollenizer and Australia made things a little difficult but I’m still a proud supporter of my national team :) 36
  • 26. Amir Suissa Partner, Head Pollenizer Europe Contact: For more than 13 years Amir has email: amir@pollenizer.com been a business builder, innovator twitter: batmir and networker in the internet space, co-founding Switzerland’s first financial portal swissinvest.com in 1996, then Amir’s portfolio includes: co-founding First Tuesday Zurich up to Linqia, Posse, Mixin, local.ch... its sale to Xing in 2006. He is a business developer at heart, specialising in bridging technology and business challenges, creating Random facts about Amir: innovative companies, closing Born in Jerusalem, Israel. partnership deals and providing fund Speaks lots of exotic languages, raising advice. unfortunately none of them are computer languages. Amir has advised several web businesses Likes long skype calls, preferrably late including Linqia, mixin, Posse, cellity (sold at night. to Nokia) and local.ch. Thinks Twitter is a virus. “ My grandfather spoke and read 16 languages! I’m down to 4 and learning my 5th. I don’t think I’ll be able to catch up though. If I tell you what I did in the Israeli Army ” I’ll have to kill you, so better not. These days I prefer to spend my free time with yoga, snowboarding, shamanism and very soon with our baby! 38
  • 27. Jon Tyson Chief Technology Officer Contact: Jon is a CTO passionate about taking email: jon@pollenizer.com ideas and translating them into focused twitter: jtyson products that people love to use. He has worked in GPS and GIS Jon’s portfolio includes: development, smart card technology, Lingopal, Posse, PaperFree, 3eep, banking and finance, and for the past Mixin, BookingAngel, InteractiveTV... seven years on internet and mobile technologies. Jon has lived and worked in many cities Random facts about Jon: around the world including Amsterdam, Born in Bellshill, Scotland. Edinburgh, Phoenix, Melbourne and Thinks French people are evil. Sydney. Always has crazy haircuts. Has a puppy, an under-renovation In Sydney, Jon headed engineering house and a stamp collection. at Kazaa and was also based at NICTA, Australia’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Centre of Excellence. “ Originally from Scotland before moving to Australia in the summer of 2000 with one ” case and no idea what to do next. Things could have been so different after deciding to move back to the UK before taking a position at Kazaa two days before my visa ran out. 40
  • 28. Bruno Mattarollo Chief Technology Officer Contact: Bruno has a passion for technology. email: bruno@pollenizer.com He has a diverse background, both twitter: bmatt culturally as well as professionally. Before joining Pollenizer, Bruno Bruno’s portfolio includes: worked for nearly four years as the Hunome, local.ch, LocalBilling... CTO of Rising Sun Pictures, a leading Australian visual effects studio. There he transformed the software and systems groups from support centres to active participants in the success of Random facts about Bruno: the company. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Speaks French, English and Spanish. Prior to that, Bruno worked for Thinks Ruby is truly a gem. Greenpeace International where he led Can be found in Switzerland, the development of an organisation- probably climbing a rockface. wide, truly global content management system, with a team of developers across three continents. “ I’ve been lucky to spend time in Haiti, Ethiopia, El Salvador amongst other fantastic and remote countries, visiting my family. I’ve lived many years in Amsterdam, The Netherlands ” working for Greenpeace and the last few years in Australia between Bondi Beach and a farm in rural New South Wales. I am not yet tired of travelling. 42
  • 29. Pierre Sauvignon Product Director Contact: With a background as a system email: pierre@pollenizer.com designer and product manager, Pierre twitter: pierre_s builds products that are simple to use, combining commonsense usability with an elegant look and feel. Pierre’s portfolio includes: Lingopal, Posse, Homer Hudson, Pierre liaises with clients to determine Perkler, OzWeather, Tangler... product goals and then with the development team and designers builds or renovates products. Random facts about Pierre: He is a strong proponent of agile and Born in Grenoble, France. iterative development. Speaks French, English and a handful of Spanish (dos cervezas por favor). Pierre has worked on a number of Got his first computer at the age of web projects such as Homer Hudson 14. Icecream, Tangler and Lingopal and also Likes to carry 20 kilos worth of been part of the development team for lenses and cameras when travelling various mogeneration iPhone apps. abroad. “ I grew up in Cameroon, Africa. During our time there, my parents and I went through ” 2 coup d’etats. Therefore I spent a few days living in the safest place of the house: the bathtub. It might be why I don’t like bath that much... ;) 44
  • 30. Oliver Maruda Clare Hallam Jo Sabin Web Engineer Accountant Online Marketing Manager Oliver Maruda is a web engineer and I first heard about Pollenizer over dinner Jo is a hands on strategic marketer, with communication designer, with a particular with neighbours where I was introduced for solid experience implementing operational focus on user experience, usability and the first time to Phil. By the end of the main plans for web based businesses. She has interface design. course I had offered to look at his MYOB file contributed to digital strategies and then to check that it was set up correctly! played a key role in delivering results. Taking a pragmatic approach to his designs, whilst drawing upon his background in Some 18 months later I am the Office Building on her background in market print and communication design, he helps Manager. At Pollenizer we have moved into research and PR, Jo has launched and clients develop useful experiences for their the Cloud for bookkeeping and CRM using grown successful new brands and customer products and services. Oliver volunteers as a Sassu and Salesforce, both excellent online acquisition programs across health care and firefighter for his local community. solutions. professional services industries. email: oliver@pollenizer.com email: clare@pollenizer.com email: jo@pollenizer.com twitter: marcooda twitter: clarehallam twitter: roneo 46
  • 31. David Soul Fleur Fletcher Product Marketing Manager Online Marketing Manager David has spent seven years working Passionate about media, Fleur started her in technology businesses in software career in magazine publishing, but quickly development, sales and marketing roles. realised digital was a whole lot more fun. Prior to Atlassian, David developed software She’s fascinated with branding, consumer for everything from mobile startups to the psychology and marketing strategies. Department of Defense. Recently Fleur participated in BootUp He is also a regular contributor and avid Camp, where she learnt the trials and member of the Internet and technology tribulations of setting up an online business industry in Australia, including BarCamps in just two weeks. She also established her and Silicon Beach. own web business at womensnook.com earlier this year. email: dave@pollenizer.com email: fleur@pollenizer.com twitter: davidsoul twitter: fleurfletcher 47
  • 32. mogeneration We put big ideas into small devices SERVICES mogeneration is a leading Australian iPhone and Mobile 2.0 development company. Founded in 2008 by industry veterans Keith Research & Development Ahern and Tom Adams with the assistance of Mobile and cross platform strategy Pollenizer, mogeneration has rapidly established a reputation for quality and professionalism Technology roadmap in all things mobile. Whatever your idea, mogeneration can help turn it into a real mobile Design and development (mobile sites product. For cross platform products, services and smart phone applications) or strategy, mogeneration collaborates with Pollenizer to deliver industry leading solutions. Publish to iTunes, Android, app stores and the mobile web mogeneration helps many local and international companies with research, Mobile marketing business models, design, development and Analytics and reporting product roadmaps. From games to social networks, from physics simulations to photos viewers, from business search to business news, from finding cheap coffee to finding a date – mogeneration consistently delivers top quality, highly rated mobile applications. URL: mogeneration provides consulting and www.mogeneration.com development services for next generation devices including the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Palm Pre. 48 48
  • 33. 49
  • 34. Overheard on Pollenizer’s IM “ Just met with the Yammer guys and told them we love them. Ask for a few ” features. e.g. how everyone must read and like my posts. Mick Liubinskas “ We’re making a Web Week book with Web ” Directions and Beyond Blue!! Yay!! Nice work @tim #blurb Jo Sabin “ ” Logging out for OS X Security Update 2009-004. see you on the other side... Alan Jones “ ” Putting my financial knowledge to the test - doing #marketpunter survey for @jo Fleur Fletcher Notes:
  • 35. the insights 51 is also the number of Skype chats underway every two hours. 51
  • 36. Phil Morle Mick Liubinskas Founding Partner and Head of Engineering Founding Partner and Head of Marketing Sydney, Australia Sydney, Australia A year ago we were seeing many businesses without a business We now live on a flat planet with a flat playing field for business. You model that was understood. Those days have gone. The new can start a business with a niche focus, and stay there. You just take economic climate combined with a wave of new-breed entrepreneurs your niche global. Digital marketing and distribution means you can has created a new focus and a desire to build businesses around a find customers anyway, deliver cost-effectively and get paid instantly. clearly articulated economic model. It’s not just that the game has changed, the whole way we live has changed. For the customer, it means the best product for you. In this world, ‘Build and deliver’ is old school and doesn’t work. Entrepreneurs and companies are realising that running a web The other big change is the attitude to participating. Previously, the business is more like raising a child. The job of building a web risk of making mistakes was greater than the potential benefit. Now, business actually begins on delivery day and is not a single project the risk of not participating is lost markets (not just market share). It but a million tiny decisions around a savagely focused idea. Daily love, also massively devalues billion dollar brands because they don’t have relentless process, hard facts instead of assumptions and agility raise a meaningful relationship with their customers. a healthy business. “ The new economic climate with a wave of new- “ We now live on a flat planet with a flat playing field ” breed entrepreneurs has created a new focus and a for business. You can start a business with a niche ” desire to build businesses around a clearly articulated focus, and stay there. economic model. 52
  • 37. Amir Suissa Jagadeesh VN (aka Jugs) Partner, Head Pollenizer Europe Chief Technology Officer Zurich, Switzerland Trivandrum, India The decisions have been made. Break the bank, drop your day job, Present-day technology trends are changing rapidly and new recruit co-founders and hammer out an Alpha. The only constant in developments focus on constantly improving web applications and your life from now on is change. This month’s predictions are next data management. Awareness about these new developments and quarter’s distant ideas. If you don’t like that - eject now. If you’re still in, using the right ones in applications can mean the difference between prepare for a roller coaster and go for it. product success and failure. The best entrepreneurs are tenacious, relentless, have an iron will and Latest technology trends include cloud computing, server cut to the chase. The key is the absolute ability to deliver. An idea virtualization, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and SAAS (Software or a vision won’t take you far. At any given time 10 other people are As A Service). Each technology presents distinct opportunities as well working on the exact same idea. You have to be obsessed with the as challenges. When used in the right configuration these new tools iterative cycle of execution: Focus - Design - Build. Add to that some help save time and money. Pollenizer understands how. insight, real customer needs, a portion of luck, being there at the right time and you have a chance to succeed. May the force be with you! “ From the outside, the life cycle of a web business “ When used in the right configuration cloud ” ” is fascinating to observe. Working from the inside to computing, server virtualization, SOA and SAAS help create one will absolutely engulf you. save time and money. 53
  • 38. Do you want to talk web? www.pollenizer.com/contact The first coffee is on us :) 54
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