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Resume Ii

  1. 1. Piera Kllanxhja Artist 839 Chipeta Avenue & (970) 241-7482 Cell (970) 234-0214 Potter Web: Email: EDUCATION 1991, B.A. in Fine Arts, Mesa State College, Grand Junction, CO. 1983, A.A. Colorado Institute of Art, Denver, CO. 1975, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY: graphic design, figure drawing, ceramic sculpture 1973-74, College of Sante Fe and Sante Fe School of Arts & Crafts: anthropology, pottery, life drawing and sculpture. 1962, 1970, 1972, Travel in France, Spain, Scotland, England and Italy. HONORS and AWARDS 1958-68, Scholarship at 'Dalton', a Manhattan progressive school, with fine arts, dance and theater interwoven into the curriculum. 1998, 1999, 2001, Scholarships at Ghost Ranch, in Abiquie, New Mexico. Studied crystalline glazed porcelain pottery with Jim Kempes.
  2. 2. BIBLIOGRAPHY *Arts in Unison: 'Boom Town, Burbs, and Boonies' 1997 Colorado Arts Consortium Convention. Created illustration of historic Avalon Theater and the National Monument, for poster and brochure of event. *Economic Impact of the Arts in the Grand Valley, 1997. Illustrated Grand Junction Commission on Arts and Cultures' four page brochure for event. *POTTERS PAGES www.POTTERSCOUNCIL.ORG. Published in April, 07 issue, one eight of a page ,displaying Piera's Jade crystalline pot, and brief biography. *SouthwestArt magazine, September, 2006. 'Annual Emerging Artists Issue'. A quarter page displaying Piera's crystalline pot and brief biography. *Grand Junction FREE PRESS, Free Time, 'Creative Spaces' , October, 2004. Front page feature, photo of Piera at her potters' wheel with painting studio in background, telling about JABOA's(Just A Bunch Of Artists)annual Studio Tour, that she created for JABOA in 1995. Grand Junction FREE PRESS, Free Time, front page feature. 'ARTISTIC Enlightenment', January 21st, 2005. Three month art show of JABOA at the First Presbyterian Church, Grand Junction, CO.
  3. 3. *Featured on PBS's 'Western Bounty' month of April, 2006. Piera and her pots at her potters' wheel, by Greg Mikolai, production Coordinator, Rocky Mountain PBS, discussing the art in her pottery, monoprints and photographs. Sponsored by the Grand Junction Commission on Arts and Culture. EXHIBITIONS Main Street Bagels Bakery & Cafe, 6th & 2008 Main St., Grand Junction, CO. Crystalline glazed porcelain pottery. Ryan/Whitney&CO, Marketing, Advertising, 2008 Communications, 652 White Ave. Grand Junction, CO. Crystalline Porcelain Pottery. Art Ability at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital 2008 Foundation, 414 Paoli pike, Malvern, PA. Crystalline glazed porcelain pottery & Monotypes. 2008 The Red Brick Center For The Arts,110 East Hallam St. Aspen, CO . Title:  Wild Wonder Women. A six women Art Show to bring in the new year. Fine Paintings, Photography, Monotypes and Crystalline Glazed Porcelain Pottery are to be displayed for January, 2008. Open Monday- Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sky Gallery, Mixed Media Show, Open Daily 2007 Thursday thru Monday during
  4. 4. December. Recent Works by Area Artists: Andre Delgalvis, Piera Kllanxhja, Linda Perrin, and Susan Delgalvis. 2138 Buffalo Drive, Grand Junction, C 2007-08 The Blue Pig Gallery, 119 W 3rd Street, Palisade Colorado, P.O. box 94, (970) 464-4891: . 2007-08 Premier Pasta & More,109 W. 3rd Street, Palisade, Colorado, Phone:(970) 208-3501, displaying Monoprints, Photography and Crystalline Porcelain Pottery. Joyce & Tom Wingerter proprietors. 2007-08 Willow Pond Bed & Breakfast, 662 26 Road, Grand Junction, CO. David & Laurie Lester, phone (970) 243-4948. Displaying Crystalline Glazed Porcelain Pottery & monoprints. Web: www.willow 2007-08 COLDWATER GALLERY of Fine art, 153 S Elizabeth, box 511 Ridgeway, Colorado. Displaying Crystalline Glazed Porcelain Pottery. Web: . 2007-08 Great Frame Up, 2518 Broadway, # B, Grand Junction, Colorado. Displaying Crystalline Glazed Porcelain Pottery. Paradox Grill, Gateway Canyons Resort, fine 2007 dinning, cocktails and activity
  5. 5. room. Displayed monoprints and photography along 2006-7 13 PHOTOGRAPHY with other artists. Gallery & Shop, 354 Main Street, Grand Junction, Colorado. Showed Crystalline Glazed Porcelain Pottery. 1994-08 Frameworks Gallery, Main Street, Grand Junction, Colorado. Showing Crystalline Glazed Porcelain Pottery. 2006-07 Robers Roost, Books and Beverages. Crystalline Porcelain Pottery, Torrey , Utah. 2006 Gateway Canyons Classic Auto Fest, May 13th, displayed Paintings and Crystalline Glazed Porcelain Pottery. Published in 'Potters Pages' 'Pots, Prints & Paintings by Piera'. A one 2006 Woman show of Prints , Paintings, and Crystalline Glazed Porcelain Pottery, at Cooley Designs, 111 North 6th Street. Grand Junction, Colorado. 2001-08 Western Colorado Center for the Arts, Gift shop, Grand Junction, Colorado. 2005-08 Primary Care partners, Grand Junction, Colorado. Paintings on various floors for display and sell. 2002 Five Rivers Exhibit, jureid by Dianne Vanderlip of the Denver Art Museum, held at Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts.
  6. 6. ARTWORKS, 102 North Fourth Street, Grand 2002 Junction, Colorado. Showed paintings and monoprints along with Ron Kempton and David Jackson. JABOA EXHIBITIONS- Piera established JABOA -Just A Bunch Of Artists-in 1991. 1995-07 JABOA- Annual Artists Studio Tour. A self guided tour to 8-11 artists studios. 2003-07 JABOA- Alpine Bank, 225 North 5th street, Grand Junction, Colorado. 2007 JABOA-Paradox Grill- A fine restaurant at the Gateway Resort, Gateway, Colorado, for December & January. 2007-08 JABOA- TWO RIVERS CONVENTION CENTER, 159 main Street, Grand Junction, Colorado. Displaying paintings, photography and 5 stands with Crystalline Glazed Porcelain Pottery 2003 JABOA- First Art Exhibit at City Hall, 5th and Road Avenue, Grand Junction, Colorado. 1997-03 JABOA- Jazz Festival on Main Street, Grand Junction,Colorado. 1996 A Focus on the Arts-JABOA's Premier Art Center Show, 1803 North 7th Street, Grand Junction, Colorado.
  7. 7. ART DIRECTOR 1983-86, Davis Brothers Drug Co., Inc., Denver, CO. Complete responsibility for all aspects of retail Art Department, including design and production of four color catologue and weekly newspaper ads; trained three assistants in typesetting and retail sign layout: maintained and introduced several successful promotional programs including product drawing , retail layout, camera work to final print. GRAPHIC DESIGNER 1984-6, Dale Hampton Lock CO., Denver, CO : Designed advertising for trade magazine, including product line drawing and Ads. 1982, Color Graphics, Denver, CO: Logo design. 1979, Westwood Distributors, Grand Junction, CO: Logodesign. POTTER 1974-81, Production potter, Sante Fe, New Mexico & Grand Junction, Colorado. 1991-present work in porcelain clay, based on classic Annasazi and Asian lines: unique crystalline glazes emphasizing their timeless grace. TEACHING 2006, Wingate Elementary school. 'Expressive Painting', painting class for self expression. 1992- present, HILLTOP COMMUNITY RESOURSES, INC., Life Adjustment Program: Art therapy classes for resident clients.
  8. 8. 1992, Day House, Mesa County Social Services: Art Therapy classes for adolescents clients. 1991, Horizon House, Mesa County Social Services: Drawing class for residents.