Sky Arts' Young Rock Guitarist of the Year - Somethin' Else
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Sky Arts' Young Rock Guitarist of the Year - Somethin' Else






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Sky Arts' Young Rock Guitarist of the Year - Somethin' Else Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Sky Arts’ Young Guitarist of the Year 1Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Good afternoon. Thank you for inviting us to put forward a pitch for this. Weʼre genuinely excited about the opportunity - its an area weʼre incredibly passionate about. Weʼre also excited about potentially working with you all again on a Sky Arts programme So weʼre here to discuss our proposal for Sky Arts Guitarist of the year … except …… We think it should actually be called …. Sky Artsʼ Young ROCK Guitarist of the Year.
  • 2. New pic 2Tuesday, March 18, 2014 So why rock guitarist? We felt that the proposition needed narrowing and focus. Clearly Rock is the most loved music of the Sky Arts audience. Also “ who doesnʼt want to be a rock guitarist?” Itʼs something so many have aspired to in the youth, or even in their 50s! Your audience love rock - itʼs part of the lifeblood of the channel - and we think they will really care about the stories we will tell in this series.
  • 3. 3Tuesday, March 18, 2014 We have great rock creds ….. Before we get into it, we thought it worth mentioning the shows you know us for - Ronnie, Latitude Festival coverage and very nearly..Brian Johnson. As youʼll see, there are actually elements of all those shows in what weʼre proposing to you today We are experts at talking to music audiences - we do it for millions of people week in week out - itʼs what we are best at and highly regarded for.
  • 4. The Idea Talent The Shows Digital 4Tuesday, March 18, 2014 So, today weʼre going to talk to you about: - The Idea and format and how weʼve arrived at it - Our approach to talent - The detail around the shows we are proposing - An exciting and ambitious digital proposition for the show Weʼll finish by quickly going through a few other issues that we think are worth considering
  • 5. 5Tuesday, March 18, 2014 But first - hereʼs something we shot last weekend ...
  • 6. The Idea 6Tuesday, March 18, 2014 So, Harryʼs film starts to get us to the essence of the idea...
  • 7. Our contestants get to live out their dreams playing at festivals, recording their music at world famous studios and performing in front of thousands with a big-name band. Along the way they are mentored by legends of rock guitar who pass on the lessons they learnt on the path to greatness. A competition to find the best young rock guitarist in Britain. 7Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Hereʼs the big idea
  • 8. Harry Esson, Guitarist Slash, Guitar Legend 8Tuesday, March 18, 2014 So, this is an exciting, fun and gripping competition that features unbelievably talented children - with amazing performances from them as well as their stories - their influences, passions, ambitions AND An insight in to the skills, background, stories and emotions of some big name rock talent - and performances from them Weʼll see some touching and fascinating relationships develop in the process.
  • 9. 9Tuesday, March 18, 2014 This is not BBC Young Musician of the Year with its scoring systems and studious judges. This is not a competition that will scrutinise technical ability in microscopic detail. Of course there will be analysis to a certain extent but the focus is on learning, creativity, improvisation, versatility and performance. Each stage of the competition is framed by one simple challenge. At each stage contestants will be asked to rehearse and record or perform a brand new piece or interpretation of an existing track. Its about progression and learning - how do the kids respond to being schooled by Slash, for example. How well do they integrate into a band setting with unfamiliar bandmates? How creative can they be during a jam session? Can they develop their own style? How do they go about constructing a new solo? Its about improvisation, versatility and progression. These are the things that we will be rewarding. And this has an impact on the overall tone of the show. Its not a high-pressured talent contest - its about seeing amazing young musicians in some fantastic jaw-dropping wow moments of performance and seeing them get even better. Its about giving them an opportunity to learn from a real legend. Its a fun atmosphere of collaboration and participation.
  • 10. 10Tuesday, March 18, 2014 This is a competition open to under-14s. And thereʼs some incredibly talented under-14s out there - This is Zoe - she was 7 when she recorded this clip - sheʼs now 10. This clip has 4 million views on YouTube This is 9 year-old Ryan Watson covering Ozzy Osbourneʼs Crazy Train at the Rock the Farm festival in the states. 6 million views on YouTube. This is a clip from a Steel Panther concert from December last year. During the gig, 11-year-old Aidan Fisher held up a placard challenging Steel Pantherʼs guitarist to a guitar duel. They invited him up on stage and he shocked everyone in the building with an awesome display of talent. The video now has over 3 million views on YouTube.
  • 11. 11Tuesday, March 18, 2014 The first clip we showed you of Zoe - Slash saw that and tweeted about it. You can see that these kids arenʼt just getting noticed and appreciated by the public - theyʼre also getting noticed by rock legends. Thereʼs a connection there - theyʼre both kind of in awe of one another - and its this connection that we want to explore in the show. This is a show about seeing guitar legends imparting their wisdom and experience on a talented younger generation.
  • 12. Talent 12Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Before we get in to the detail of the format - we just want to help you see it by letting you know about our thoughts on talent.
  • 13. Presenters 13Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Our co-hosts are Zoe Ball and Huey Morgan Huey is… the lead guitarist with the Fun Lovinʼ Criminals - A professional guitarist but also a great presenter and character. Heʼll be able to encourage and help the kids and also engage with the star talent they meet along the way. Zoe ball is a consummate entertainment presenter - she also loves music but is no nerd. Sheʼs used to competition formats, is warm and is of course brilliant with children. Weʼve talked to both of them, they love the idea and have confirmed their interest Together they form a great pairing to host the series.
  • 14. Legends 14Tuesday, March 18, 2014 These are examples of our guitar heroes … for each heat a big guitar star who helps all the contestants find their chops …. They will work with all the children and bring out the best in them. They will also be involved, with the judges, in choosing the winner of the heat. But weʼll get more from them - they will play a solo performance on the stage. Theyʼll talk to the presenters about their love of guitar - how they got their break. They will give masterclasses to the public. They will also be joined by other musicians and others who are at the festival. In terms of booking talent. Of course our ambition is high but we are realistic. Weʼre well-connected in the scene, we have a top-class booker, and we will make a virtue of the fact the heats are staged at festivals Different legend each heat - keeps you watching.
  • 15. Judges 15Tuesday, March 18, 2014 These are the judges - they will be at every heat and of course at the semis and final. Alex Milas - heʼs the editor of Metalhammer, hosts a show on digital radio station Team Rock and is a good, strong personlaity Martin Goulding is one of the foremost modern rock educators in the U.K., working at the Institute for Contemporary Music Performance. Suzi Q provides a female voice for the panel and a true rock career. Sheʼs got a new rock series starting on Radio 2 very shortly Judges appear at every single episode and are there to deliver the final verdict. Theyʼll be assessing ability, performance
  • 16. Format 16Tuesday, March 18, 2014 So, weʼve told you that this is a competition to find the best young rock guitarist in Britain. Our contestants get to live out their dreams playing at festivals, recording their music at world famous studios and performing in front of thousands with a big name band. Along the way they are mentored by some of the legends of rock guitar who pass on the lessons they learnt on the path to greatness. Now lets look at the format
  • 17. 4 x Regional Heats 1 x Semi-Final 1 x Final 1 x Winner’s Story 17Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Ok - so how does the series work ? We are proposing 7 episodes … The first 4 heats happen at festivals across the UK. The semi final is set in and around a world famous recording studio. The final happens back at a festival - this time on the main stage. The seventh programme is a follow up on the winner - mention prize here.
  • 18. 4 x Guitar Legends20 x Contestants Judges 18Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Heats have 5 contestants that weʼve selected from an online entry process. In each heat the presenters are joined by a guitar legend who works with all the contestants to get their chops together. In each heat the 5 contestants are given the challenge to rehearse and then perform a song with the guitar legend over the course of the day. They tutor each of our 5 contestants over the day,dropping into their rehearsal spaces - talking to the contestants and imparting their advice. The contestants and guitar legend perform at the end and are judged by our panel. 1 x legend per heat episode
  • 19. 1 x Semi-Final 4 x Contestants Judges 4 x Guitar Legends 4 x Guitar Legends 19Tuesday, March 18, 2014 4 contestants make it to the semi-final where they remain paired with the guitar legend from their regional heat. The challenge here is to record a new track. The tracks are debuted at a special recording with an invited audience at a legendary studio like SARM. 2 contestants make it to the final.
  • 20. 2 x Contestants Judges2 x Guitar Legends 20Tuesday, March 18, 2014 2 contestants go through to the final where still paired with their guitar legend they must rehearse the guitar part from a track from a ʻbig bandʼ - who they must work towards performing with on stage in the grand finale.
  • 21. 1 x Winner 21Tuesday, March 18, 2014 The final show is a ʻwinnerʼs catch upʼ - where we see them receive their prize and how they do it...
  • 22. Heats 22Tuesday, March 18, 2014 So - some detail on the Heats Well where to young rock kids want to hang out ? and where does all the rock action happen - festivals! The four heats take place at festivals in England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales, which we choose carefully based on alignment with channel and the confirmed line-up of artists appearing, making a virtue of the fact we're at a festival - bring in guest performances from other musicians appearing
  • 23. 23Tuesday, March 18, 2014 We will create a sky arts young rock guitarist area …a branded area at each festival that hosts the activities and recording for the day. This will be totally open to the public - as well as filming the shows there - there will be activities happening all day - masterclasses, performances, q&aʼs, open mic sessions, even screenings of sky arts classic rock docs.
  • 24. 24Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Quite literally - the main performance area will be a ʻstage truckʼ that we take from festival to festival This is where all the main action will happen and we believe will offers an appropriate way of staging the event cost effectively. Here, live performances will take place over the course of the day for the contestants, local bands, guitar legends, the house band, guest musicians from - or a combination of all of those. Thereʼll even be a chance for members of the public to perform.
  • 25. 25Tuesday, March 18, 2014 The challenge in the heats is for each of the 5 contestants to rehearse and prepare their own interpretation of a classic rock track over the course of the day and then perform it. All with the aid of the guitar legend featuring At the beginning of the day we see showcases from each contestant on the central truck stage Then they get to work...
  • 26. 26Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Weʼll see each contestant begin their rehearsal process in their studio space and we'll see the guitar hero help and advise them throughout the day The judges can also see how each contestant is progressing via cameras located within each studio space
  • 27. 27Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Weʼll see the pick of whatʼs been going in the Rock Guitarist area throughout the day - whoʼs dropped in, which budding guitarist member of the public has impressed, before we set up the final challenge performance, gauging nerves and final rehearsals from each contestant. Each contestant then performs their track with the help of their guitar legend and a house band made up of some fantastic UK session musicians The judges consult with the guitar legend and deliver their verdict on which contestant makes it through to the semi-final.
  • 28. Semi-Final 28Tuesday, March 18, 2014 For the semi-final, we change tone a little and take our contestants away from performance and into the studio. There are now 4 contestants, each paired with the guitar legend from their regional heat. Their challenge is to work with their guitar hero on a brand new track. Theyʼve been given a week to come up with some musical ideas and in one day they hook up with their guitar legend, exchange musical ideas and direction, before cutting a new track at SARM studios - where led zep, black sabbath, queen, metallica, iron maiden, muse, rolling stones have all recorded.
  • 29. 29Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Here we go a little deeper, with each contestant and their guitar legend getting to know one another a little better. Each contestant departs with their guitar legend and weʼll see them visiting their private studio, checking out their record collection, going shopping for a new guitar or going to a gig. The relationship develops further and there are great stories and sharing of musical sensibilities. But thereʼs work to be done...
  • 30. 30Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Together each contestant and guest judge must compose and record new track together, incorporating a range of studio techniques Weʼll see each guitar legend and their contestant trying out musical ideas in the studio, or working from existing seeds of ideas that the contestant may have. Maybe they can try out some new equipment or technology..its about improvisation, creativity and collaboration. We hear from each contestant and guitar legend about the progress being made...and we hear from the judges along the way too as they check in on the action.
  • 31. 31Tuesday, March 18, 2014 The track is recorded in front of the judges, our presenters and the contestants parents The judges deliberate and deliver their verdict on which contestant makes it through to the final.
  • 32. Final 32Tuesday, March 18, 2014 In the final, 2 contestants, still paired with their guitar heroes are set the challenge of performing on stage with a big rock band. They must conquer their nerves and perform a guitar solo in front of thousands of people. Weʼll piggyback on an existing big gig or main stage festival performance. Some of the acts playing this summer include - Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire , Paul Weller, The Eagles, Bob Dylan, Kasabian, Eric Clapton, Aerosmith, Arcade Fire, Kaiser Chiefs , Kings of Leon, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, Status Quo
  • 33. 33Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Weʼll recap on the two remaining contestants journey through the competition so far. Theyʼll meet our big rock band who lay down the challenge - they are told the track they must play and the parameters for the guitar solo they need to perform.
  • 34. 34Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Weʼll track the progress of the two finalists as they set to work with their guitar legend Again, judges are tracking progress throughout the episode, seeing who is making best progress towards their goal. Weʼll see the finalist and their guitar legend check out the stage and anticipate the performance thats about to take place. The final two legends and contestants work tirelessly to prepare for the performance and some final words of advice are imparted before its show time..
  • 35. 35Tuesday, March 18, 2014 We hear from the finalists just before they go on stage, and their guitar legends separately about final preparations (and nerves!) Final checks are made - strings tuned, guitar straps tightened and a final look at the hair... Our big band invite both of our contestants up on stage and the grand finale sees both contestants perform a guitar solo during one song in front of thousands of people. Rock legends look on proudly from the side of the stage We see the judges deliberate, consult with the legends and the final verdict is delivered
  • 36. The Prize 36Tuesday, March 18, 2014 The winner will receive a week's worth of studio time in which to record an EP - we'll team up with a label like Roadrunner to set this up and it'll be up to the winner to involve some of the the guitar heroes and previous contestants in this process if they wish.
  • 37. Digital 37Tuesday, March 18, 2014 We think the digital possibilities for this series are huge. The kind of content we are proposing is very big on-line - Thereʼs massive potential here … chance for SKY ARTS to punch above itʼs digital weight.
  • 38. with content video social 38Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Some of our digital/online video clients
  • 39. 39Tuesday, March 18, 2014 This is a graphic showing that during the BRIT awards this year, there were 4 million tweets about it sent. Thanks to our carefully planned executed YouTube video and social media strategy, we made the 2014 the most social TV show ever in the UK.
  • 40. 40Tuesday, March 18, 2014 The BRITs is obviously a very specific event but why not have the ambition to make this the most social Sky Arts show ever? Believe it or not Ronnieʼs YouTube channel that we set up has just passed 1 million total view since being set up last October Remember Zoe - this has now been watched 4 Million times And then thereʼs the masterclasses and performances from the festivals themselves from the rock heroes ….this type of content is incredibly popular online. But weʼd also leverage our rock legendʼs social channels to create digital conversation around the show and generate promotion for the TX, Weʼd make best use of all the fantastic music content we can capture during this series. And it can generate revenue.
  • 41. Legal 41Tuesday, March 18, 2014 We take child licensing laws very very seriously. Weʼre aware that the laws are changing and weʼve consulted with PACT in designing this show. We know what weʼre doing and we know you had some issues on Got To Dance with this Weʼve also started as we mean to go on - when we shot the taster tape we did the following things - * Filming on a Sunday so that the child doesn't miss school * As well as the presence of childʼs parents, we have engaged a qualified chaperone to be present at all times. * Crew have been briefed to ensure that they adhere to appropriate performance hours whilst filming child, with breaks factored in We hope this shows you that our approach here is as robust as it should be.
  • 42. 42Tuesday, March 18, 2014 So that is Sky Artsʼ Young Rock Guitarist of the Year Its a competition to find the best young rock guitarist in Britain. Our contestants get to live out their dreams playing at festivals, recording their music at world famous studios and performing in front of thousands with a big name band. Along the way they are mentored by some of the legends of rock guitar who pass on the lessons they learnt on the path to greatness. Its a great format and one that we think can be really successful for the channel. Its a show that takes in performance, practice, progression And from the kids we get an insight into their own stories - their influences, passions, ambitions, hopes and dreams for the future From the guitar legends we get great anecdotes (think Ronnie-style) and special performances - collaborations with the young contestants but also wider talent at the specific festival
  • 43. 43Tuesday, March 18, 2014