Retail trends Sept12


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Most of the slides from a deck about retail trends in the UK Sept 2012

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Retail trends Sept12

  1. 1. // September 2012 / Vision for retail in the future / Philip Slade //Retail Trends NowImages used as illustration only no rights claimed or given
  2. 2. Post mobile retailThe majority of shoppers with influence have asmartphone.Mobile has quickly become embedded in shoppers lives.Photography, location and social sharing are standardbehaviors while real world shopping.Online shopping is distracted, often multi-platform,impulsive on M-commerce sites but with extendingconsideration time on E-commerce sites42% of US shoppers use social media at some point during a real world shopping trip: Location based messages drive 25% increase in sales. 50% footfall: 7 out of 10shoppers would share there location for a discount: O2/Comscore. UK January 2012 + Google/Sterling Brands/Ipos Q2 2012 + Mintel/Cisco New mobile shopper +ebay consideration in has moved from 61 mins in 2001 to 86 mins in 201277% of Smartphoneowners1 said they usedtheir phones in store.42% login to socialmedia while instore2 51%keep3 theirs with them24/7 ‘in case they need tolook something up’
  3. 3. TRENDS IN RETAIL NOW1. Connecting and charging2. Consistent multi-channel3. Constant collaboration4. Talking in pictures5. Meeting in the real world
  4. 4. CONNECTING AND CHARGINGImages used as illustration only no rights claimed or given
  5. 5. CONNECTING AND CHARGINGRetailers can address real shopper concerns; Battery life,Wi Fi access, broadband speed and limits on data use“..if there’s a signal, they will go online..”Mintel. 2012. Smartphone owners & online behaviours“ internet is the greatestdemand…almost like having wateror air conditioning…”Hubert Joly CEO Carlson. Feb 2012“..charging options arethe Holy Grail for anyoneaddicted to an onlinelifestyle..” Sept 2012
  6. 6. CONSISTENT MULTI CHANNELImages used as illustration only no rights claimed or given
  7. 7. SHOPPERS VALUE A CONSISTENTMULTI CHANNEL APPROACH51% said most retailers werenot consistent acrosschannels.Capgemni/Internet August 201256%** said they would spend moremoney in real world retail if thosestores allowed online browsingCapgemni/Internet August 201260% said they expected retailers tobe across multiple platforms aswell as physical storesCapgemni/Internet August 201267% Start shopping on onedevice but finish onanotherGoogle/Sterling Brands/Ipos. Q2 2012
  8. 8. CONSTANT COLLABORATIONImages used as illustration only no rights claimed or given
  9. 9. CONSTANT COLLABORATIONOpen source, collaboration andshare-a-like. Respect given tobrands prepared to open : Generation G.Retailers can extend reach intoadjacent categorys and shoppertasks via sharing assetsDraftfcb. Sept 2012
  11. 11. TALKING IN PICTURESThe challenge for retailers is to aidshoppers in their desire to takephotos while providing animperative to purchase in store‘Showrooming’ a potential seachange in American life. Itsimplications are vast .Bob Greene. CNN June 2012See a product in person only togo online with another retailer tobuy; ‘Showrooming’.Amy Zimmerman. WSJ. 2012
  12. 12. MEETING IN THE REAL WORLDImages used as illustration only no rights claimed or given
  13. 13. MEETING IN THE REAL WORLDRetailers can play an excitingrole with their physical location,amenities and digitalconnections in the existingevolution of online communitiesmeeting in the real worldPride in being seenwith friends in the realworld replaces pride in5 figure ‘friend’ totals
  14. 14. RETAIL TREND TAKE AWAYS //Everyone has a smartphone.Retailer and shopper can exchange benefitsConsistency and appropriateness across allplatforms and channelsCollaborate out of categoryReward photography in storeFacilitate online communities seeking real world contact