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008 Royal June July 2008

  1. 1. A to Z with KAreenA KApoor royal Live Like a King JUNE / JULY 2008 | rs.50 Live Like a King Steamy Pictorial with supermodel giselle the art of uyuni sculpting beauty Fernanda the menace Ferrari of stray JUNE / JULY ‘08 rs.50 dogs on Fire PLUS GaminG the world’s GroominG richest GadGets indians www.royalmag.in
  2. 2. SERENADE Dual Time Zones Automatic, Patented GV- AOASE Movement 18K White Gold. Louisiana Crocodile. Limited Edition: 50 Pieces www.gevril.com
  3. 3. royal Live Like a King Letter from editor-in-Chief JUNE /JULY 2008 | rs.50 Dear Readers, Editor-in-Chief It is time for us to celebrate the fabulous women in the Hindi ronak V. Vyas film industry and what better way of doing that than by carrying a mesmerizing pictorial and interview of Bollywood’s reigning queen Media Partner diva, Kareena Kapoor. To her fans she has come to epitomize the Prashanth r oomph factor. In the year 2000 she made a sizzling debut with the film Refugee and since then Editor she has never looked back. In her latest film Tashan she turns on the heat with her flirtatious lime Anoop Verma green bikini and tiny boy shorts. Her interview gives fascinating insights into the career and life of one of India’s most famous personalities. Advertising & Events Pictures of beautiful women do inspire feelings of intense desire. Our cover model is Brazilian Atul Prabhu / Italian bombshell, Fernanda Ferrari, who has perfected the art of executing spunky poses in Business Manager revealing lingerie. She has a thing for adrenalin pumping rides in fast cars, but a girl with Ferrari Manjunath Amashi in her name is expected to live her life in the fast lane. Then there is the statuesque beauty Arsha Tahir, whose performances on the catwalk have started creating ripples in the modeling Design & Layout world. Curvaceous and long-limbed, Giselle Uyuni’s spellbinding appeal makes her omnipresent ranjit Joseph in everyone’s fantasies. Advertising Indeed, it is intrinsic to human nature to pursue good looks, whether it is in our clothes, cars, Ankur Vyas homes, environment, or within ourselves. In an article titled, The Art of Sculpting Beauty, we take you on a ride through the world of plastic surgery. While plastic surgery primarily remains the Consultant domain of women, the number of men going under the scalpel is steadily on the rise. There are so Jayesh Pandya many obvious benefits, but what about the pitfalls! We bring you both sides of the story. Cartoonist From beautiful bodies to beautiful destinations! When you find yourself yearning for a truly Dan Thompson majestic holiday, then it is time to pack your bags, grab your girlfriend and go for an extended trip to the St. James’s Club! Antigua’s prime holiday destination is a hot spot for celebrities, socialites, Contributors party goers, and anyone else with a high standard of living. Another great destination for this Chand Kishore Patro, summer is China’s legendary hot-spot Macau. Billed as the Las Vegas of the Orient, Macau offers Debjani Choudhuri, Vijay Sai, Ashwin myriad opportunities for high-octane gambling. We take you on a whirlwind tour of Macau’s most Satyanarayana, Steve Badger, luxurious hotel & casino, the fabled Mandarin Oriental. Mikhail Chuklai The World’s Richest Indians article throws light on how it is “raining wealth” on the biggest Web Design Indian tycoons. What an average person makes within a year these honchos make in a minute. MAC Technology With rising bank balances comes expectations of better living, but there are a host of societal problems such as the stray dog population. It is disconcerting that as pets, the dogs can bring us To Subscribe so much happiness, but as strays they end up being a menace to society. We explore this emotive subscribe@royalmag.net issue in our article titled, The Menace of Stray Dogs. On a lighter note, the power of invention Advertising never ceases to amaze us. Check out our feature on a car that can drive on water and then advertising@royalmag.net submerse itself and move around like a submarine. If that is not impressive enough how about a boat that can fly and then touch down either on water or land! Website Plus there are the usual articles on gadgets, games, movies, cars and motorcycles! www.royalmag.in Do email me with your opinions and suggestions at rvyas@royalmag.net Printed at Tholasi Prints India Pvt Ltd. Ronak Vyas #4, Platform road, Sheshadripuram, Editor-in-Chief Bangalore - 560 020 PhoTo CrEDiTS Cover page - Fernanda Ferrari | Cartoons by Dan Thompson | Arsha Tahir - Photos courtesy of Porter Photography and O.S. Photography | Mandarin Oriental Macau - Photos courtesy of Mandarin Oriental | Ibn Battuta Mall - Photos copyright by Nakheel Media Center | Rinspeed sQuba - Photos copyright by Rinspeed | Giselle Uyuni - Photos courtesy of Juan Zambrano | Kenneth Cole - Photos copyright by House of Fraser Press | Usher Fragrance - Copyright by Clifford/Bratskeir Public Relations | Fernanda Ferrari - Photos courtesy of Fernanda Ferrari | Lamborghini - Photos copyright by Lamborghini Press | Suzuki - Photos copyright by Suzuki Press | Yamaha - Photos copyright by Yamaha Press | Over Her Dead Body - Copyright by New Line Cinema Movie Publicity | Flight of the Living Dead - Copyright by New Line Cinema Movie Publicity | Krazzy 4 - Copyright by Eros Entertainment | St. James’s Club - Photos copyright by Elite Island Resorts Buying guiDE Panasonic Massage Chair - www.panasonic.com | Crepax Kadhorna Cabinet - www.mossonline.com | BODIE and FOU Cognac Glasses - www.bodieandfou.com | Norm 69 Pendant Light - www.bodieandfou.com | Sky Boats - www.opulentitems.com | Globe Workstation - www.opulentitems.com | Logitech Z Cinema - www.logitech.com | Strada Navigation System - www.panasonic.com | Sony Vaio - www.sony.com | Diamond TV - www.opulentitems.com | Gateway FX Series - www.gateway.com | Logitech Zebra Mouse - www.logitech.com | LG Prada - www.lge.com | Sony Camcorder - www.sony.com | LG LU20 - www.lge. com | Hugo Boss Bag - www.hugoboss.com | Belkin Bag - www.belkin.com | Diesel Bag - www.houseoffraser.co.uk | Linea Bag - www.houseoffraser.co.uk | Ted Baker Bag - www.houseoffraser.co.uk | Pangea - www.pangeaorganics.com | Lucky Tiger - www.getluckytiger.com | Redken - www.redken.com | TNA Impact - www.tnagame.com | Nintendo Kart Wii - www.nintendo.com/wii | Mass Effect - http://masseffect.bioware.com | Spore - www.spore.com | Boom Blox - www. ea.com/boomblox | Pirates of the Revolution - http://piratesonline.station.sony.com | Legend of Norrath - http://legendsofnorrath.station.sony.com | Sim City Societies - http://simcitysocieties.ea.com | Guitar Hero III - www.guitarherogame.com
  4. 4. COnTEnTS JUNE / JULY 2008 26 Rinspeed sQuba With the Rinspeed sQuba emulating James Bond becomes a notch easier. Drive it on land as a normal vehicle and when you reach a water body don’t be afraid to just drive in. The sQuba is capable of achieving a top speed of 75mph on land, 4mph on water and 2mph below the surface. Just the right speed to make for a great escape. 13 Mandarin Oriental Macau 16 The Essence of Being Cool 18 Ibn Battuta Mall 22 Indian Cricket Team: 28 Uyuni Staying at the Top 24 Home Improvement Giselle Originally from Bolivia and now based in San Francisco, Giselle is determined to set the world afire with her high-octane sexuality. In a striking pictorial you’ll see why her curvaceous body and mesmerizing eyes make men go weak in the knees. 47 36 Q & A with Dr.Pyar 37 Featured Designer: Kenneth Cole 42 Gadgets The World’s Richest Indians They could make the legendary Midas feel jealous. The combined worth of the top 10 richest Indians is worth more than the GDP of entire nations. They are the uber-rich Indian entrepreneurs, hungry for new ways to demonstrate their wealth. Their eclectic shopping list is peppered with items like billion dollar global companies, fancy cars, corporate jets, plush mansions and everything else that money can buy.
  5. 5. COnTEnTS 46 Jokes 51 The Art of Sculpting Beauty 55 Fashion: Grooming, Bags 68 Cars 71 Bikes 72 Gaming 77 Movies 57 60 A to Z with Kareena Kapoor Kareena Kapoor has perfected the art of making the silver screen sizzle through an enticing blend of sexuality and histrionics. Her fans consider her to be the sexiest heroine in Bollywood. Coupled with her bold statements, and clever answers, the actress is definitely at the top of her game. 82 All about Poker Tournaments 85 Calculating Pot Odds Fernanda Ferrari Fernanda Ferrari is a ravishing mix of Italian and 86 The Menace of Stray Dogs Brazilian. A supermodel who loves the thrill of speed, is every man’s fantasy woman. But what kind of man does Fernanda like? Without hesitation she responds stating she likes the quiet, rugged type like Akshay Kumar. St. James’s Club 78 Located in Antigua’s lush tropical playground, St. James’s Club spans across a 100-acre estate boasting of breathtaking ocean views, two white sand beaches, a regally appointed casino, excellent set of bars, restaurants and accommodations fit for a king.
  6. 6. Facts & statsnOWing!!! OW OFF K THAT YOU CAN sH >>>1 The great Roman Emperor Julius Caeser suffered from epilepsy. >>>2 Bangalore has the highest number of pubs in India. >>>3 every hour the Universe expands by a billion miles in all directions. >>>4 the call of the humpback whale is louder than a Concorde and can be heard from 500 miles away. e it sHaK !! Y! BaB >>>5 Humans and dolphins are the only species that have sex for pleasure. >>>8 india has never invaded any country in her last 100,000 years of history. >>>6 >>>9 despite its omnipresence in movies The four religions born in India - Hinduism, and in popular culture the modern Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, are followed bikini is only about 62 years old. by 25% of the world’s population. ROyAL >>>7 >>>10 there are men in Guam whose job is the Vishnu temple in the city of tirupathi built in 08 JUnE / JULy ’08 to travel the countryside and deflower the 10th century, is the world’s largest religious young virgins, who pay them for the pilgrimage destination. Larger than either Vatican privilege of having sex for the first City or Mecca, an average of 30,000 visitors donate time. $6 million (US) to the temple everyday.
  7. 7. ROyAL JUnE / JULy ’08 09 of the month babe TAHIR ARSHA
  8. 8. A rsha Tahir is hot; hotter than most models that you will come across. She has what it takes to make men turn their heads and do a double take - flawless skin, chiseled features, flowing dark locks, an hourglass figure. Her personality seems to subsume the best attributes of two divergent worlds. While her beauty is evocative of the sun-kissed Fijian landscape, where she was born, her style is wholly western, with Canada being the country where she was raised. She has always been passionate about modeling, because she loves the challenges that are intrinsic to this profession. And what could those challenges be! What else, but the exciting routine of traveling around the world on photo shoots and meeting interesting people. But it is also a fact that she takes immense joy in executing sultry poses for the camera. Even though she is only 23 years old, she is already on her way to becoming Canada’s most in demand model. Now it is only a question of time before Hollywood beckons. But if she has her way, then it is quite likely that Bollywood will be her first move to acting. She confesses that she harbors an incredible crush on Dino Morea and Shahid Kapoor. If she were called upon to do a steamy love scene in any movie, then she would prefer it to be with either of these two guys.
  9. 9. babe of the month I just love Dino Morea and Shahid Kapoor. ROyAL JUnE / JULy ’08 11
  10. 10. babe of the month Aside from the Bollywood hunks, who else is capable of turning her on? This is how she describes the Casanova who might win her heart, “He has to be the confident type, but he cannot afford to be cocky. He has to be open-minded, adventurous, versed in the art of cracking funny jokes and he should be game enough for being challenged by a girl.” So now you know what sort of avatar to pick up if you are planning to make inroads into Arsha’s heart and mind. But there is another ethereal side to her personality, one that makes her appreciate the beauty and vibrancy of nature’s every creature. She is clearly in love with the natural environment. She talks about missing the pet horse that her grandfather kept back in Fiji. She says that if God had decided to make her an animal then she would like to be a horse. Is it possible that her energetic lifestyle gets inspired from her favorite creature. I like a guy who isn’t afraid ROyAL to be challenged. 12 JUnE / JULy ’08
  11. 11. Mandarin Oriental Macau by v deepti A ttached to the bottom of Mainland China, on the banks of the picturesque Pearl River, there lies a famous peninsula called Macau. Billed as a paradise seeped in history, culture and en- tertainment, this place presents the unique facet of being traditional and yet so modern. For many centuries Macau had been the prized jewel in the crown of Portuguese empire and to this day its landscape continues to be dotted with buildings and churches built in inimitable Portuguese style of architecture. Of these, the seventeenth-century Jesuit Church of Madre de Deus, better known as Sao Paolo, is probably the finest Christian monument in the Far East. It was only in 1999 that Mainland China regained control of Macau under previous treaty agreements with ROyAL JUnE / JULy ’08 the Portuguese establishment. Under Chinese tutelage there came growth at a scorching pace. In a matter of few years, Macau transmogrified itself into orient’s answer to the fabled Las Vegas. Its casinos and resorts attract thrill seekers in droves. The nights turn out to be brighter than the day, as animated billboards and marquees advertising myriad gambling hotspots light up the streets. Limousines carry the rich for their tryst with casinos of their choice. Beautiful women who can balance themselves precariously on their high-heels offer tantalizing prospects for romance and seduction. 13
  12. 12. There are 388 rooms and 28 suites waiting for you to take your pick from and have the time of your life. Whether you choose to stay in a room or a suite, you are bound to discover that luxury comes standard at mandarin Oriental. with its carved teak staircase and an ecclesiastical window looking down upon it, creates an impression of a Portuguese Palacio. Wherever you look, your eyes are greeted by incredible opulence - the sitting arrangements, the elevators, the bars, restaurants, landscaped swimming pools and the casino. Chandeliers, tapestries, and artwork embellish every inch of the lobby. Even the guest rooms are decorated in Portuguese fabrics and natural teak. Whether you choose to stay in a room or a suite, you are bound to discover that luxury comes standard at Mandarin A Gambling Paradise types of slot machines. Roulette and Oriental. If you yearn to indulge in some Amongst all the casinos of Macau, it is blackjack are hot favorites, and so are sightseeing without going through the the Mandarin Oriental that turns out to games of local origin going by fanciful rigmarole of stepping out of your plush be the most prestigious. If anything, the names like Mahjong Baccarat, Mahjong room, then you can go in for the Superior hotel is built with a casino in mind and Paikao and Taiwan Paikao. As the casino City View Rooms and Deluxe City View that is just one of the reasons why it can is part of a sprawling hotel, that makes it Rooms that offer magnificent views of boast of such a fine playing environment a perfect place where you can fuel your South China Sea or the historic Guia within its premises. Out here Baccarat gambling fire, while still enjoying quality Fortress. Even greater delight lies in the enjoys the distinction of being the most time with your loved ones. In fact, the Club Floor City View Rooms that offer popular table game. Even on the most Mandarin Oriental Casino & Hotel is views of the city and the famous Macau tranquil day it will be easy for you to included in Forbes’ list of the best casinos Grand Prix Race Track. find baccarat tables surrounded with in the world. There are 388 rooms and 28 suites gamblers cheering for a win. Everyone is waiting for you to take your pick from trying to get a touch of the sacred green The Aesthetics of and have the time of your life. The felt and strike it rich. It is a popular Mandarin truth is that the vibrant environment of saying in Macau that gamblers come to The magnificent structure of the hotel Mandarin Hotel is especially conducive Las Vegas solely to be entertained, but exudes an aura that is a unique blend for romantic interludes. After all, where over here, gamblers, especially those of Portuguese heritage, the traditional else can love blossom if not in a setting ROyAL of Chinese origin, step into casinos to cultures of the Orient and the futuristic such as this. Just imagine the feeling challenge their destiny. The casino is spirit of Las Vegas. Once you walk into of you and your girlfriend enjoying a open 24 hours a day, thus enabling its its air-conditioned portal, you can’t champagne breakfast in your room even 14 JUnE / JULy ’08 patrons to challenge their destiny round escape the feeling of being in a mythical as the city around you is still awakening the clock. land, so luxurious and artistic that it from the mists of the night. Other than Baccarat, the sumptuous seems far removed from anything that spread of Mandarin Oriental’s casino you have ever seen or experienced. Restaurants and Bars offers 11 types of table games and 59 The immaculately proportioned lobby, From the broad range of fashionable
  13. 13. restaurants located within you can get them from the Tennis the Mandarin, it is easy to Pro Shop. If you need to polish choose one that suits your your playing style, an instructor needs and your tastes. The is also available. A squash court is most romantic restaurant is available on the third floor of the Mezzaluna, located on the 2nd hotel for those who really want to floor; this elegant restaurant sweat it out. You don’t even have offers Italian cuisine in stylish to go out looking for a mountain surroundings. Inspired by a in order to indulge in rock renovated Tuscan villa, the climbing. The Mandarin has a 10- restaurant features a wine metre high, 360-degree modular room with a global collection rock tower, which is capable of vintage wine. The open of offering a truly adventurous kitchen with wood-burning holiday experience. oven only adds to the charm. For shopping addicts the For aficionados of Mandarin Oriental Shopping Cantonese cuisine, there is Arcade represents a vista of no alternative to Tunk Yee Heen which choice of cakes and pastries, all baked unparalleled opportunities. Situated on offers Cantonese a-la-carte menus, as freshly on the premises. the lobby floor, the shopping arcade is well as stylish Chinese banquets. Then The memory and the spirit of the home to almost every major brand in there is the Naam Thai restaurant, legendary Portuguese maritime explorer the world - Cartier, Emporio Armani, famous for its top class Thai menu in Vasco Da Gama lives on in the restaurant Burberry, Ermenegildo Zegna, Louis Macau. Strategically located at a spot called Vasco. Out here irresistible local Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Salvatore Ferragamo, where it overlooks a vibrant swimming tapa-style treats, exquisite high tea and Dunhill, Hermes, Omega and Dior. One pool and luxuriant tropical gardens, this a vast repertoire of creative cocktails thing is for sure, if you are staying at intimate 60-seat restaurant is bright, await you. But the main attraction of Mandarin, you won’t have to travel far casual and contemporary. Out here you the Vasco lies in the live band that is in order to buy an appropriate gift for can try some of the most delicious Thai often billed as Macau’s best nightly your girlfriend or wife. But the world dishes cooked from the freshest produce entertainment. Looking for a more laid of Mandarin is as enchanting outside and the finest herbs and spices. back type restaurant? Try The Veranda, the building as it is inside it. Stepping Then there is the Café Bela Vista that a poolside spot to enjoy al fresco dining, out of the hotel and taking peek at the carries all the splendor and charm of the where you can savor grilled seafood and local culture can be an unforgettable historic Hotel Bela Vista and remains exotic cocktails. experience by itself. open 24 hours a day. Breakfast, lunch You only need to take a five-minute and dinner buffets - you can depend on Leisure Facilities walk to reach the famous Macau this charming restaurant to keep you Other than the sprawling casino, the Fisherman’s Wharf that covers an area of supplied with the tastiest morsels at Mandarin Hotel boasts of a host of other over 93,000 square metres and is home all times of the day. If cakes are your facilities to let you have the time of your to all kinds of entertainment and retail weakness then The Cake Shop is the life. If it is peace and relaxation you are facilities. The Nam Van Lake Cybernautic place to hang out. Located on the 2nd seeking, then check out the in-house spa. Fountain is a man-made lake that gushes floor, this shop is famous for its extensive Designed like a tropical garden, the spa with 86 waterspouts, some of which boasts of an outdoor swimming pool are up to 80 meters high. At night the and a picturesque waterfall. Teams of waterspouts are a sight to behold when For aficionados highly trained professional therapists 288 colorful spotlights illuminate them. pamper and rejuvenate every inch of The Taipa Houses and the Macau Tower of Cantonese your body through their massages, body are important landmarks that showcase cuisine, there is no treatments, facials, manicures, pedicures the best aspects of local culture. Then alternative to tunk and much else. An added plus are the new therapies for relaxation like the there is the Wine Museum where wine aficionados can discover over 1,115 Yee Heen which offers ROyAL JUnE / JULy ’08 Comfort Zone treatments, which use the labels. Cantonese a-la- marriage of science and nature to leave Mandarin Oriental Macau is a your body and spirit in a state of bliss. microcosm of an unique paradise on carte menus, as well Mandarin Hotel makes it easy for you earth that every human being needs to as stylish Chinese to have a knockabout on a round of experience at least once. n energetic sports. There are three tennis banquets. courts available for guests. No problem if www.mandarinoriental.com/macau/ you don’t have your own racket and balls, 15
  14. 14. The Essence of Being Cool T here once was a man named Adam. up — in general, he became a much more attractive He was a nice enough fellow — he man. He became the forbidden fruit. Only it’s much didn’t really know any better — and more complex than that. Most of the women didn’t he had a woman, food, plenty of sex know he was dating someone else. Part of it was and nudity, more pets than a zoo, and because he was happy and confident, but he’d been lived an idyllic life. Only one thing — he couldn’t eat happy and confident alone before, without this one particular fruit. Other than that, he could do change coming. What was going on? whatever he wanted. So what did he do? Obviously, The forbidden fruit is the obvious and easy little he ate the fruit. Thus began a long tradition in all trick we can watch humanity fall for. But there is an humanity; we want what we can’t have. opposite corollary; we don’t want what we can have. Psychologists have a name for this, given to us Theories for this abound. Some people think it’s by that early Adam. It’s the forbidden fruit complex, because our unconscious mind is triggered to think ROyAL and almost everyone has it to one degree or another. ourselves better than those who are desperate to be Women have a name for this too. It is called playing with us. Some people just find it boring — where’s hard-to-get. Now, some significant time later, there the thrill? The chase? The get-to-know-you game? 16 JUnE / JULy ’08 was another Adam. The poor guy didn’t really know Maybe it smacks of self-consciousness and a lack of what he was doing with women, and he rarely had confidence — why do you need me so much? What’s successful dates. Finally, through blind luck, he wrong with you? Maybe it’s the insult of skin-deep found himself in a relationship. Overnight the world lust. Hey, some women enjoy one-night-stands as changed — ladies smiled at him, some chatted him much as the next guy, but outside of the porn industry,
  15. 15. You don’t need to tell her few women want to be viewed as how much you want her. you try and pet her, just a body. And if you want it so And more importantly, don’t you’ll never catch up to bad in such a short amount of time, well, you don’t truly know her so we show her. Really, this is the her. But act chill around cats — even ignore know what you really want. Maybe definition of cool. You may them — and you’ll have it makes no logical sense at all, and think you’re playing it cool them crawling all over it’s useless to analyze. you. What we can do, though, is and not telegraphing your This is the way of life. recognize it for the pattern it is, intentions, but guess what It is one of the most and learn from it. Just as you were important concepts turned off by that nerdy girl in high — if the intentions are there, you’ll ever learn when it school who had the crush on you, you probably are. comes to attraction and attractive women are turned off dating. Act with ulterior by drooling dorks. But now we’ve motives and she’ll got a problem. If women don’t like know, guaranteed, and men who obviously like them, and we too close, you fidget with buttons, you’ve lost all hope with her. only want to be with women we like, you laugh about things that aren’t Act with no expectations and it’s a then this easily turns into a nightmare funny, you awkwardly get in position fair bet she’ll see a bit of the forbidden scenario of hopelessness. for a handhold. And about 2000 more. fruit in you. This is what people mean This paradox is probably the cause If you were a yogini you might be when they say to just be yourself. If of something like 95% of the world’s able to approach a woman with her you can simply enjoy being you and loneliness. It’s a pity our emotional attractiveness front and center in your living your life around women without brain — the part of the mind that is brain and control all the little tics that chasing them, it works. It says you are responsible for attraction — is such a give you away as a bundle of nervous an interesting, confident guy who might mess. But that’s the way it is. sexual energy. Of course, if you were enjoy being with a particular woman, I guess we should all get used to it a yogini, you probably wouldn’t be but you don’t need that woman. Unlike and prepare for a life of marriage to interested in this, but that’s another modifying your behavior around someone we settle for, not someone story. No, there is a much easier way to her, which smacks of insecurity and we want. Right? Understand this is the deal with this, to eliminate all the signs weakness. So what do you need to do to way it usually happens. It’s not the way that say ‘I want you’. The simple answer eliminate yearning in your interactions it has to happen. We’ve said before that is - relax. The longer answer is don’t with attractive women? attractive women assume as a matter of try. Pretend she’s your sister. Pretend Convince yourself you’re too busy for course that all men want them. It might she’s a character in a video game. her anyway. Or, better yet, too good for not always be true — maybe not every Pretend she’s a practice conversation her. Or only talk to women within areas bum sitting outside the library with an for some imaginary future. that have easy access to cold showers. upside down hat in front of them wants Whatever you do, don’t think about Whatever you need to do to get your quarter — but it’s true enough that going back to your place with her. yourself in the right frame of mind, do it’s a useful rule in her daily life. She Really, you don’t need to pretend, you it. Remember, she’s just practice. This knows how to deal with men when she can simply make the conversation is a simple concept, really, but hard to knows what they want. So what do you practice. With every woman. From put into, ahem, practice. You’ll probably need to do? now till forever. You just can’t show a hold your head well for a bit before a girl your cards early on. It’s death to situation turns promising and you think Nothing. attraction. It transmits all the wrong you’re in, and the magic ends. You lose things. Sure, you might get away with it — just for a second — and you may You don’t need to tell her how much it now and again, but not usually, and never recover. you want her. And more importantly, never with extremely attractive women Of course, just standing around not ROyAL JUnE / JULy ’08 don’t show her. Really, this is the in high demand. And until you realize wanting women isn’t enough. You need definition of cool. You may think you’re that, you should treat all women as to know how to go up to them, talk to playing it cool and not telegraphing practice with that bit of knowledge. them, trigger attraction in them, and your intentions, but guess what — if Because it’s never going anywhere eventually seal the deal. Happy dating! the intentions are there, you probably otherwise. Once you do realize it, you’ll n are. There are literally thousands of see that you just need to do what you’ve physical clues that set off a woman’s been doing, treating a lady as a practice For more great articles on this topic radar. You lean in too far or approach conversation with no aim. Like a cat, if check out www.pualife.net 17
  16. 16. by pinki ShrivaStava T raveling to far-off lands like any concept of a shopping mall. intrepid globetrotter is what many of us It is possible for you to retrace Ibn Battuta’s famous constantly fantasize about, but only few journey without undergoing the hardships that the amongst us possess the determination legendary traveler faced during his lifetime. You or the resources to give full vent to our navigate in the cool and plush environs of a shopping fanciful flights of wanderlust. Ibn Battuta, was one such mall and still manage to catch a glimpse of myriad ROyAL intrepid traveler, who set off on his legendary journey cultures from all over the world. The place where you more than 700 years ago, when the fastest means of can experience such a sense of adventure happens to transportation were the human feet, and only those be the eponymous Ibn Battuta Mall, located in Dubai, 18 JUnE / JULy ’08 that were blessed by fortune could hope for the luxury where the possibilities tend to get limitless. Billed as of traveling on a camel, horse or a ship. The account of world’s largest themed mall, this place is embellished his journey across many continents continues to be the by six elaborately designed courts that throw fanciful inspiration for many books, movies, TV serials and now visions of places that Ibn Battuta visited and wrote about for the first time it is being glorified in the design and - Tunisia, China, Egypt, India, Persia and Andalusia.
  17. 17. guess its importance from the fact that this place boasts of the only IMAX theatre in the United Arab Emirates and it also offers a 21- screen Cinema Megaplex, which is located in the China Court area of the mall. So the next time you are here don’t be surprised to find your favorite Bollywood movie running on any one of the screens at the Megaplex. In fact, Bollywood movies are a huge draw at the mall and so are flicks from Hollywood. Spread across an area of 5.4 million square feet, the place is larger than most malls in the world. It includes 10 car parks that can jointly accommodate the ibn Battuta more than 5000 cars. The retail area alone mall is like a bridge is spread across an between the present astonishing 67,500 and the past, a place square meters and it has 275 retail where the most outlets, while modern appliances, the well-planned artifacts and Food Courts span across 3,800 square entertainments get meters. Some of juxtaposed with an the best brands environment that is in the world are represented here decidedly from the - Betsey Johnson, 14th century world. H&M, TopShop, Forever 21, Ginger & Lace, Lacoste, Next, Pierrie Cardin, Gucci, Omega, Versace, Banana Republic and many others. Then there is the children’s play zone packed with all sorts of amusements and thrills. It is quite natural that walking up and down this mega mall is going to stimulate your appetite. But there is ample scope out here to take care of that need. On both ends of the mall two large food courts are located and that is in addition to the several coffee shops, an enchanted world scattered throughout its entire length. If you are an aficionado Don’t be amazed if a visit to the Ibn Battuta mall evokes the for cuisine from all over the world then you are not going to be surreal feeling that you have been transported to the enchanted disappointed. Along with the best concoctions from the world world of 14th century. You will be wooed by the splendor of the of western food, here you will also find enough opportunities Arabic wind towers, and swept off your feet by the magnificence to titillate your palate with relishing dishes of Chinese origin, ROyAL of Indian domes. The lavish architecture of medieval China sumptuous Indian fare, Tunisian food, and lip smacking treats will awe you and the picturesque beauty of Tunisia will from Egypt. have a soothing effect. The Ibn Battuta mall is like a bridge 20 JUnE / JULy ’08 between the present and the past, a place where most modern the Place for edutainment appliances, artifacts and entertainments get juxtaposed with The most outstanding appeal of the mall lies in its an environment that is decidedly from the 14th century world. edutainment features, which combine features of education Located on Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road, the mall was and entertainment. There are numerous storytelling tours that developed by Nakheel Properties Group in early 2005. You can provide an exciting opportunity for visitors to better understand
  18. 18. the historical perspectives that can be gleaned from the life of Ibn Battuta. Then there are the numerous exhibits of ancient technological inventions, especially from the Middle East. The modern full-size working reproduction of an elephant clock is particularly interesting. It is basically an invention of Islamic origin that consists of a water-powered clock developed in the form of an elephant. Another piece of everlasting appeal is the re- creation of a 25-metre Chinese sea faring junk that happens to be a replica of an ancient boat on which Ibn Battuta is said to have sailed through the Indian Ocean. The mirror maze located in the Chinese court is great fun and many visitors Landmarks of Dubai can’t have enough of it. Another interesting item Year-round sunshine and a culture that is eminently lavish is the virtual aquarium that enables visitors to pose enough reasons to make Dubai an enormously popular observe many different types of marine life, including great holiday and shopping destination. white sharks. There is also a sand sculpture, created by world- renowned artist Jenny Rossen, based on different mosques of Burj Al Arab the Middle East. If there is any structure that succinctly epitomizes the For book lovers a tryst with the famous Magrudy’s bookstore bustling, bright and cosmopolitan character of the city is a must. Located right next to it is a toy store. Even Géant, which of Dubai, it is the Burj Al Arab. The name translates holds the distinction of being the largest French supermarket into english as “Tower of Arabs”. Since it’s opening chain, has a store here. When you tire of sightseeing and date in 1999, the Burj Al Arab quickly gained the shopping, then it is time for rest & relaxation. What can be a status of being Dubai’s iconic symbol. It is the better place for that than a luxurious spa or a state of the art world’s most luxurious seven-star hotel, and its gym! Try it and chances are that you will be able to recharge opulence is unparalleled anywhere else on the you batteries for another round of adventures at this mall. planet. If anything, the Ibn Battuta mall is certainly worth a visit, not Even those who are not staying here, flock just for the shopping and entertainment experience, but also to this hotel because a trip to Dubai is never for the fantastic design and concept. But before you venture complete unless your eyes have basked the beauty of Burj Al inside this place make sure you have a full wallet and a pair of Arab’s sail like shape soaring into the sky. At 321 meters, comfortable walking shoes on. It is really big, so big that you this hotel is one of the tallest in the world. It even has its own have to become an explorer to fully appreciate its grandeur. n helipad. It is furnished throughout in opulent Arabic style, and an astounding 8,600 pieces of 22-carat gold have been used in its construction. Sheikh Zayed Road The Sheikh Zayed Road is a landmark by itself. This road happens to be the home to some of the tallest buildings in the world, including the magnificent 355m-high Emirates Towers, which is the tallest building in all of Middle East and Europe. Many tourists board the glass elevators that take you to a viewing deck on the top which offers unforgettable views of Jumeria coast. Creekside Park Even though Dubai enjoys the reputation of being the city of high-rises and beaches, it does have a fair number of parks where you can chill out. the One such oasis is the Creekside Park that lies in Umm Hurair area of Dubai. The park contains over 280 botanical species, as well as a mass of green areas, leafy paths for roller-skating and jogging, three jetties for fishing, a mini-golf course and a 30m high cable car.
  19. 19. by chand kiShore patro Staying What the Indian Cricket Team at the top W Should Do hen the young guns of the Indian team roistered after the historic win in the first Twenty20 World Cup, the writing was clear on the wall – a youthful Team India is emerging as a new force to reckon with. The amalgamation of valuable experience and spirited youth is proving to be a sure recipe for success. Now it is only a question of time before we make it to the top in other versions of the game– ODI, and test cricket. There is a glut of talent knocking the doors of the selection committee. Promising bowlers like Balaji sit out because of injury and we don’t even miss him, as an Ishant Sharma or a Praveen Kumar are there to chip in with memorable performances. These are great days for Indian cricket, when we can keep a player of Virendra Sehwag’s or V V S Laxman’s caliber out of the team for not being in form and yet win matches in trot. The saying of a famous tennis champion comes to mind – it’s easier reaching the top than remaining there. So now that India has reached a pivotal position what should it do to remain there? Here are a few tips that can be employed: Right Attitude: There is no doubt that an aggressive attitude from team members is a precondition for winning games. But the dosage of aggression has been increasing dangerously during the last few months. In South Africa and Australia players like Bhajji and Sreesanth demonstrated in no uncertain terms that they will not take any nonsense from anybody. That’s a beautiful attitude, despite a penalty here and a reprimand there by cricketing governing bodies. But it becomes a problem if these players
  20. 20. lose self-control. The recent slapgate incident, where Bhajji slapped Sreesanth, tarnished the images of both the players. Additionally, it has now put pressure on the whole team to prove that it’s aggression is well within reasonable sportive limits. Players need to be counseled so that they don’t break into fits of anger. Two Teams and Two Captains: The talented youngster, Dhoni, has ample cricketing acumen. He is capable of leading the test team, as well as a one-day or a T20 team. But he shouldn’t be overburdened with test Calendar Allowing for Rest Cricket, despite being a captaincy. With the amount of cricket he is playing he will be lucky if he can last for 5 years. Being a wicket keeper- and Relaxation: glorious game captain, he has to be busy, mentally and physically all through Its time for us the game. Adding the burden of test captaincy will be a sure to admit – India is recipe for shortening Dhoni’s career. So let’s stick to the two teams, two captains policy. It’s working fine. witnessing a virtual deluge of cricket. of uncertainty Guard against the Ganguly Syndrome: Players have been follows certain patterns. complaining of stress Ganguly came in as the captain when Sachin buckled resulting from packed under the pressure of leading the team. Ganguly exuded schedules. Now with rare confidence and mental toughness. He led the Indian the T20 version of team to many memorable victories and there was a time the game having made its debut, there is bound to be extra when everybody was singing paeans on his name. But with pressure on highly rated players who are expected to take part Jagmohan Dalmiya at the helm of the affairs he took his in all the versions of the game: Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Virendra position for granted and developed a group of sycophants Sehwag etc. The calendar should be designed so that it allows around him. In future, no player or captain should be allowed enough time for rest and rejuvenation of players. to become bigger than the team. Cricket, despite being a glorious game of uncertainty follows certain patterns. Maintain a Healthy Balance: And great teams like Bowlers like Ishant Sharma, Sreesanth, Praveen Kumar, Australia that stayed at and Balaji have off-set the imbalance in the Indian team the acme of international composition that comprised of mostly batsmen. In addition to cricket for considerable Zaheer Khan, Irfan Pathan, and R P Singh, these bowlers form period have established a robust group that offers selectors a plethora of choice. The the unwritten formula ratio of bowlers to batsmen availability is healthy now and this of retaining the prime balance should be retained. position. Luckily we have the privilege of imbibing Kick Favoritism Out of the Window: some of their methods This means players like Ajit Agarkar shouldn’t be in the and mix them with some of contracted player’s list. Given the current pool of talent our own proven methods. can we imagine Ajit Agarkar in the list of probable players? If followed scrupulously, Clearly he has been allowed to play a year or two extra on the these methods can ensure basis of sheer favoritism stalling the entry of other promising that we rule the roost in bowlers. This should stop. It may sound clichéd but, “only the international cricket for top talents should be picked”. the next decade. n
  21. 21. home improvement BODIE and FOU Cognac Glasses These Cognac glasses designed by Normann Copenhagen and Rikke Hagen tend to foster a new intimacy between you and the fine spirit you are sipping. Made out of clear glass, and distinctively designed to enhance bouquet, temperature and volume of the Cognac, these glasses will add a touch of class to any party that you are throwing for family and friends. Price - Rs. 2,500 BODIE and FOU Norm 69 Pendant Light It is so much easier to dazzle your guests when you have the Norm 69 Pendant Light brightening up the environs of your room. Designed in 1969, by Simon Karkov, the pendant light carries in its shape the hallmark of classic Danish artistry. Available in cream or white, this is the perfect addition to any modern home. Price - Starting at Rs. 5,000 Crepax Kadhorna Cabinet Panasonic Massage Chair When your bedroom suffers from boring furniture then When you are feeling dead tired, there is nothing like getting you truly can’t do without a Crepax Kadhorna cabinet. massaged by the soft hands of a beautiful woman. Sometimes This immaculately carved piece features the artwork of that option is not available and that’s when the Panasonic celebrated graphic artist Guido Crepax who is often credited Massage Chair becomes a necessity. Endorsed by the American with the development of European comic art in the later Chiropractic Association, this chair is meant to provide deep- half of the 20th century. The erotic, psychedelic and almost tissue relief and alleviate stiffness in the lower back, hips ephemeral story lines that are portrayed in the drawings is and thighs. So how does this marvelous device work? The air enough to brighten even the dullest of rooms. system in the ottoman squeezes the legs while it lowers and raises in 20° increments. The back of the chair uses a similar Price - Rs. 3 lakhs mechanism to cover a total of 135 square inches of your body - including neck, shoulder and back - with eight different massage modes. Fashionably designed with high-quality leather upholstery, the chair offers relief to your sore body, and a touch of style. Price - Rs. 1 lakh ROyAL 24 JUnE / JULy ’08
  22. 22. Taking off from the Ramphos is about as easy as taking a kite into the air. You do it by racing on the water to speeds of 30-40 knots and at the same time working the control bar forward and back to break free from the surface of the water. amPhiBious skyBoat I f you can have cars that act like boats then why not boats that act like planes. Enter the Ramphos Amphibious Sky Boat which has the ability to drive, sail, and even fly. When you’re on water it’s easy to take off into the air and reach a maximum height of 7,500 feet at cruising speeds of 45-50 mph. Truly a unique free from the surface of the water. Voila! About 8 way to enjoy the seconds is all it takes to take you up. Once you are once you are airborne, you best of both worlds. airborne, you can cruise at speeds up to 50 mph and can cruise at speeds up to 50 Affordability and enjoy a birds-eye view of the landscape below. But mph and enjoy a birds-eye mobility are the two when you do decide to come down, you will find that view of the landscape below. main advantages with the process of descending is about as simple as the the Ramphos. It folds process of ascending. And if you are landing on the for easy storage when water then the process is even simpler and you can not in use, and can even execute some deft maneuvers to impress the be easily towed. Since you don’t need an airstrip to folks who might be watching you from the sidelines. ROyAL JUnE / JULy ’08 take off and land, you can save on exorbitant runway The Ramphos is a two-seater so go ahead and costs. Such practical, multi-purpose vehicles offer invite the hottie you’ve been seeing. You’ll easily win a very exhilarating way to explore local lakes and points in the adventurous department. n coastlines with a minimum amount of fuss. Taking off from the Ramphos is about as easy as Price - On Request taking a kite into the air. You do it by racing on the water to speeds of 30-40 knots and at the same time www.opulentitems.com working the control bar forward and back to break 25
  23. 23. James Bond was about 30 years ahead of his time when he drove his sleek vehicle T by melody brooke he from sQuba, the underwater in the cult ensemble of classic, the spy Who Rinspeed, has now won the distinction Loved Me. of being the world’s first car that can perform as well on ground, as it can on the surface of water and even underwater. The avant-garde vehicle is the stuff that dreams are made of. Rinspeed’s Founder & CEO Frank M. Rinderknecht is a self-confessed James Bond enthusiast and for many years had been planning to build a car that would capture the hearts of car and technology zealots everywhere. There have been military class vehicles in the past that can go underwater and can be driven slowly over But now you don’t even need to the ground, but what sets be a superstar spy in order to go sQuba apart is that it can glide like a fish. It is watertight and underwater... pressure resistant enough to be maneuverable underwater. The sQuba does not carry a conventional combustion engine; instead several electric motors power it. Three motors are located in the rear, one of which provides propulsion when the vehicle is being used on land, while the other two drive the screws for underwater motoring. The front of the car features ROyAL two Seabob jet drives, which are made out of high- tech nano materials, and are extremely light and twist resistant. 26 JUnE / JULy ’08 Once you drive into any beach in an sQuba, there is no doubt that many beach babe beauties will be attracted to it like bees to honey. Ask one of them to hop in, make her wear the scuba mask and then just drive into the water; the vehicle will float on the
  24. 24. enjoy the underwater scenery, as the car glides with a swarm of fish, and floats over a vista of underwater plants. Top speed is 75mph on land, 4mph on water and 2mph below the surface. surface, and to get it underwater you have to open the door slightly so that water can get in. The breathing air comes from a compressed air tank connected to the scuba mask that occupants wear. Enjoy the underwater scenery, as the car glides with a swarm of fish, and floats over a vista of underwater plants. Top speed is 75mph on land, 4mph on water and 2mph below the surface. That should be about enough to help you achieve the adrenaline high you are seeking. Best thing about the sQuba is that it is powered by lithium-ion batteries which makes it emission free thus allowing the precious environment to be unharmed. For safety reasons the car is designed without a roof, so that in case of an emergency the occupants can make a quick exit. n www.rinspeed.com Best thing about the sQuba is that it is powered by lithium-ion batteries which makes it emission free thus allowing the precious environment to be unharmed. ROyAL JUnE / JULy ’08 27
  25. 25. interview with giselle uyuni In a bikini and high-heeled shoes, Giselle Uyuni is fetchingly beautiful. Sexy Giselle has been using her light eyes and and sculpted features, not to mention her fabulous 32-24-32 curves, to woo fans worldwide. The camera is always eager to get passionately intimate with her. Bolivia had been her residence ROyAL for 13 years, but these days she calls San Francisco, 28 JUnE / JULy ’08 California home. Working constantly with the world’s leading fashion photographers, Giselle is turning out to be a quintessential pinup girl.
  26. 26. ROyAL JUnE / JULy ’08 29
  27. 27. I would absolutely love to share a sex scene with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt or Christian Bale. ROyAL 30 JUnE / JULy ’08
  28. 28. What made you decide to pursue modeling? At first it was just for fun but then I realized that it was something I truly love doing. Being in front of the camera is exciting and it is also a good way for me to express my individuality. I love immersing myself in the character and concept. I find the creative process inspiring. There is also a sense of accomplishment that’s very valuable to me. Tell us about the projects you are currently working on. I am currently involved in several coffee book projects. One of them is an outdoor glamour photography coffee book that will be sold worldwide. As summer approaches I will be busy traveling and shooting in various parts of the country. How do you maintain your flawless figure? Any fitness tips for our readers. I get lots of exercise, fresh air and I follow a healthy diet. Eating out is a whole lot of fun and a favorite pastime with me, but when I eat out I am always mindful of what I order and how much I eat. I usually try to order seafood. Do Hollywood dreams come on your radar screen? Of course, who wouldn’t want to be part of a cool project in Hollywood? Favorite Hollywood star you want to share a steamy love scene with? Oh my...I would absolutely love to share a sex scene with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt or Christian Bale. They are gorgeous in every possible way. Best body in Hollywood? Worst? In my opinion I always thought Pamela Anderson has one of the hottest figures in Hollywood. As for the worst - that honor falls upon Jabba the Hut from Star Wars.
  29. 29. If you were an animal what would you want to be? I would love to be a dolphin because of their wonderful and playful nature. Many models say they feel very sexy, even turned on, while posing for the camera. Do you feel that way while posing? For me the whole process is exciting. Getting my hair and make up done, choosing a fun wardrobe and then working with the photographer to produce sexy and creative images. All this can have an intoxicating effect. And it does. What kind of man turns you on the most? Even though looks play a role, I find a man’s personality to be most important. Any kind-hearted man who knows how to be sexy without trying too hard will turn me on. He must know how to handle himself with elegance and style; he should have a good sense of humor and self-confidence. Cheer up guys, there is not much that I am demanding from you. The worst pick-up line I’ve ever heard is, “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” ROyAL 32 JUnE / JULy ’08
  30. 30. Describe your ideal date? Going out to a nice restaurant and having delicious food and wine. Worst pick up line ever used on you? I personally feel that any pick up line is in bad taste. The worst one I’ve heard is - Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? What is the best piece of advise that you would give to a man who wants to approach you? You only have one chance to make a first impression. So try to act like a perfect gentleman and demonstrate proper etiquette. They say phenomenal sex for a regular person is just average sex for a model. Care to give us your opinion. I would say, there is probably some truth to it. Yes physical attraction definitely plays a major role but I also believe that mental and emotional connections are imperative. Everyone has the ability to have phenomenal sex. What helps the most though is having the knowledge of how to sexually please a partner. To me that is most essential. n ROyAL JUnE / JULy ’08 33
  31. 31. Everyone has the ability to have phenomenal sex.
  32. 32. QA & Dr. Pyar, I have recently learned that with Dr.Pyar some practice, but once you get the gist of my best friend has betrayed me with my it you’ll easily be able to last twice as long. girlfriend. I suspected something wasn’t right, and when I pretended to my girlfriend that he’d told me that they were seeing Dr. Pyar, I have a crush on a female each other behind my back, she broke down colleague. As both of us work in the same and confessed. Now I feel awful and I hate department, it is virtually impossible for both of them from the core of my heart. I us to avoid each other. On my part, I have don’t think they should get away with their always treated her like a colleague, but I moral transgression. The question is – how have never failed to do some special things am I going to punish them? Any ideas? for her. Two weeks ago she surprised me -Ramesh Agarwal, Indore by dropping the information that she had separated from her boyfriend and asking me Dear Betrayed, if I had a girlfriend. I told her that I didn’t, There is no doubt that you must be very but I could not muster the courage to ask hurt and you can only think of revenge. her for a date. Do you think that I should Doctor, I have had a steady relationship But violence and vendetta is not the wait for a few more signals or should I with my girlfriend for the past two years. answer. What will you gain by beating make a move now? Before we met, she had been involved with him up, apart from the momentary -Shahid S., Delhi another guy, who left for Spain after he satisfaction? Matter of fact things can broke up with her. But now this guy has only go from bad to worse. They might Dear Slowpoke, suddenly turned up in town and he seems report you to the cops if you try to do What kind of a signal are you waiting for? eager to revive the relationship with his anything. Getting your life on the right Do you expect her to carry a sign that old girlfriend. Last week when I went to track should be your priority. Success is says, “I love you!” That is not the way it her house, I found him sitting in her room. the ultimate revenge and them seeing you works. She has already given you a hint Both of them seemed somewhat shocked happy, partying, and wealthy, will make of what she wants. Now it is up to you to to see me, but I was even more shocked them realize their mistake one day. make a move and sweep her off her feet. If to see him there. I don’t want to lose my you keep lingering, then someone else will. girlfriend at any cost, and this guy from Nice girls never remain out of relationships her past is making me feel insecure. What Dear Doc, I only last about 5-10 minutes long; they tend to get picked up very should I do? during sex. Now my wife has started quickly because they are hard to find in -S N Sinha, Mumbai commenting on my short stamina. On one the first place. occasion she said what’s the point it’ll be Dear Insecure, over in 5 minutes. My ego was immensely You have a right to be a little worried. He hurt by her words. What can I do to last Dr. Pyar, My girlfriend wants me to is capable of enticing your girlfriend by longer? perform oral sex on her. But I am not sure evoking feelings of nostalgia for the good -Bhushan P., Bombay how to do it, or even if I want to do it. times that they experienced when you were -Mahesh S., Mysore not around. Since your girlfriend allowed Dear Fast and Furious, him to come to her house, it is likely that Most married men don’t use a condom. I The art of pleasuring your girlfriend by she still harbors a degree of affection assume you’re in this category. It is time oral means is not that difficult to master. for him. The only way you can hold on you started using one. Condoms create a Once you pinpoint her pleasure spots, to this girl is by being extra creative. Do loss of sensation and that’s exactly what focus on that area. Having said that, if everything you can to make her believe you need to last longer. You want to have you don’t want to go oral, you can simply that you are much better and more reliable enough sensation to stay hard, but not so say no to her. But won’t your refusal to partner than her ex-boyfriend who had much sensation that you come quickly. play out her fantasies make her lukewarm left her once and may do so again in the Second, only engage in positions where to fantasies you have? It might be in your future. you control the rhythm and flow. That way best interest to go for it. After all, you if you feel like you’re going to come soon don’t know whether you like something or then you can slow down, and take deep not, until you have tried it. breaths during the activity. This will take
  33. 33. designerprofile Kenneth Cole Ü ber chic and ultramodern, Kenneth Cole is known for its impeccable collections of functional fashion, accessories and shoes. It should come as no surprise that outfits carrying the label of this fashion house are a favorite amongst young, urban consumers who aren’t afraid to shake up the status quo. At the boardroom or at a party, a man attired in Kenneth Cole’s immaculate creations easily gets noticed. In 1982, when Kenneth Cole started his company, he was only in the business of dressing up people’s feet. Within two and half days of the company’s launch, he managed to sell an impressive 40,000 pair of shoes. From such an exciting debut, this fashion house has gone on to make a name for itself in not just men’s and women’s footwear, but also in clothing, and a whole assortment of accessories. ROyAL JUnE / JULy ’08 37