006 Royal February March 2008


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006 Royal February March 2008

  1. 1. Priya rai’s steamy interview FEBRUARY / mARch 2008 | Rs.50 Live Like a King Girls of MYSPACE PonDiCheRRy in FoCuS Rebecca Dubai’s TuRnER The World ProjecT PLuS Monte Carlo l Gaming Casino & Resort l Grooming l Gadgets www.royalmag.in
  2. 2. SERENADE Dual Time Zones Automatic, Patented GV- AOASE Movement 18K White Gold. Louisiana Crocodile. Limited Edition: 50 Pieces www.gevril.com
  3. 3. Letter from Editor-in-Chief royal T Live Like a King he first month of 2008 is already behind us, and we trust you’re getting a notch closer to achieving your aspirations for this year. Here at Royal we are all set to introduce a host of new ideas - february /march 2008 | rs.50 places to go, fashions to follow, gizmos to flaunt and discoveries to make of new ways to satisfy your craving for sexy and sultry relationships. Editor-in-Chief After all, without a dash of love, it is impossible for us to create our own Ronak V. Vyas special hedonistic paradise. Media Partner She is naughty, she is glamorous and she makes the camera Prashanth R sizzle. She is Priya Rai, our muse for this issue. In a rather steamy interview she bares her soul and in a Editor matchless spread of gorgeous photographs she bares the physical perfection that she is renowned for. Just as Anoop Verma scintillating is the pictorial of five beauties we showcase in our feature MySpace Hotties. There is the 23 year Head - Advertising & Events old stunner Rebecca Turner, there is Aisha David whose striking features carry a delicious blend of Indian Dhruv Jaywant and American cultures, Chinese model Toni Leigh, Danish star Kira Eggers, and who doesn’t know Taylor Business Manager Wane, whose films and pictures have done so much to stimulate sexual appetite in men and women. Manjunath Amashi Beautiful women are not the only entities that our camera has been busy capturing for you. There is a Design & Layout colorful photo essay of Pondicherry, the city of grand boulevards, quiet promenades and myriad monuments Ranjit Joseph of historical and cultural interest. But not all parts of India are as sublimely beautiful as Pondicherry; in fact, most parts of rural India are in grip of a severe health crisis. When it comes to health care, the nation Advertising Ankur Vyas suffers from a complete mismatch of resources. While 70% of the nation lives in the villages, most of the hospitals are located in the cities. We take an incisive look at the shoddy state of our healthcare system and Consultant find out what can be done to rectify the problem. Jayesh Pandya In the fashion category, H&M is our featured designer for this issue. Providing designer trends at Cartoonist affordable prices is what this global retailer is known for. Yearning to splurge on something other than Dan Thompson mere clothes? You can check out our Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Guide and surprise your girl with a gift Contributors that she can treasure for a long time. In the mood to shop for yourself? No problem, we have your gadget Mayur Channagere, Ashwin and grooming products covered. Satyanarayana, Steve Badger, What’s the New Year without a bit of travel. Head to Japan where you can stay at one of the most unique Mikhail Chuklai hotels in the world - the Capsule Inn Akihabara. Your room is literally a coffin-sized capsule where you Web Design can sleep, watch TV, listen to the radio, but not much else. Truly a minimalist style worth checking out at MAC Technology least once in your life. To Subscribe The Monte Carlo Casino & Resort could not be more of a contrast. Known for it’s plush rooms, variety subscribe@royalmag.net in dining, entertainment, shopping, and activities, this casino is quite the opposite from the Capsule Inn. Advertising Fortunately, we believe to live a Royal life you have to balance opulence with the unique. So dive in and advertising@royalmag.net journey with us as we make 2008 the hottest year ever. Website www.royalmag.in As always I welcome your feedback. Please email me personally at rvyas@royalmag.net Printed at Tholasi Prints India Pvt Ltd. #4, Platform Road, Sheshadripuram, Ronak Vyas Bangalore - 560 020 Editor-in-Chief PHoTo CrEDiTS Cover page - Courtesy of Foxes.com | Cartoons by Dan Thompson | Capsule Inn - Photos copyright Capsule Inn Akihabara | Pondicherry Photo Essay - Photography by Mayur Channagere | Rebecca Turner - Photos courtesy of Rebecca Turner | Aisha David - Photos courtesy of Aisha David | Kira Eggers - Photos courtesy of Kira Eggers | Toni Leigh - Photos courtesy of Toni Leigh | Taylor Wane - Photos courtesy of Taylor Wane | H & M - Copyright by H & M Press | Priya Rai - Photos courtesy of Foxes.com | Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay - Photo copyright by New Line Cinema Publicity | Rush Hour 2 - Photo copyright by New Line Cinema Publicity | Shoot ‘Em Up - Photo copyright by New Line Cinema Publicity | BMW - Copyright by BMW Press | Honda - Copyright by Honda Press | Renovatio - Copyright by Confederate Media Room | Triumph Daytona 675 - Copyright by Triumph Press | Monte Carlo - Photos copyright by MGM Mirage Press | The World - Photos copyright by Nakheel Media Center Buying guiDE Home bedroom set - www.contemporaryfurniture.com | Tantra chair - www.tantrachair.com | Recliner chair - www.contemporaryfurniture.com | Nokia 8800 Sapphire - www.nokia.co.in | Motorola Stealth - www.motorola.com | Sony Cybershot - www.sony.co.in | Sony Stereo - www.sony. co.in | Philips amBX - www.india.philips.com | Sony Walkman - www.sony.co.in | Dell XPS - www.dell.co.in | Motorola Q - www.motorola.com | Dell LCD - www.dell.co.in | Sony Vaio - www.sony.co.in | Gevril - www.gevril.com | Hello Kitty shirt - www.hm.com | Purse - www.hm.com | Philips Swaroski USB pendant - www.india.philips.com | Menscience Daily Face Wash, Menscience Advanced Deodarant - www.menscience.com | Baxter Cleansing Bars - www.baxterofcalifornia.com | Call of Duty 4 - www.callofduty.com | Super Smash Bros. - www.smashbros.com/en_us/ | Fire Emblem - www.fire-emblem.com | Burn Out Paradise - www.burnout.ea.com | Fifa Street 3 - www.easports.com
  4. 4. CoNteNts february / march 2008 10 Bad Health of Hospitals Growing numbers of foreign patients, including uninsured Americans, are flocking to India for medical treatment, but what about India’s rural poor. They are forced to struggle with a public healthcare system that is virtually nonexistent in villages. Royal investigates why hospitals have become as rare in the rural areas as an oasis in a desert. 08 Capsule Inn Akihabara 13 Why Women are Annoyed by Average Guys 16 Pondicherry in Focus 28of MySpace 26 Home Needs Girls MySpace is the 6th most frequented site in the world. Last time we logged on to the site, five gorgeous models caught our attention. Check out their pictorials and get swept off your feet by an alluring display of flawless skin, scintillating 70 style and ripe features. It is a feast for the eyes as our camera captures the most stunning moments of these self described happy go lucky girls. 36 Q & A with Dr.Pyar 37 Featured Designer: H&M 42 Gadgets 52 Wheels The task of seducing your dream girl becomes a lot easier if you are equipped with the right set of wheels. You’re all set to score if you can get your hands on one of these 10 Ways four exclusive vehicles - the jaw-dropping Confederate Renovatio Concept Motorcycle, ultra-luxurious BMW to Get Over Neiman Marcus M6 Edition, super cool Honda Accord Coupe HF-S Concept, and the limited edition Triumph Your Ex Daytona 675.
  5. 5. CoNteNts 46 Jokes 48 9 Ways to Conquer the stock Market 50 Ground Rules for Investing in Mutual Funds 54 Valentine’s Day special 56 Fashion - Grooming 57 Office Politics - Myth Vs. Reality 66 How to be a Porn star in Bed 68 Movies - New Releases 73 Gaming 78 Monte Carlo Resort & Casino Make a tryst with a proverbial gamblers paradise; one that epitomizes a fusion of European refinement and American dazzle! Monte Carlo Resort & Casino, located in Sin City, offers a wide variety of dining, entertainment, gaming, and shopping. 60 Priya Rai What sort of fireworks can you expect when the world’s glamour girl starts turning naughty? That is what Priya Rai is about to tell you in a revealing interview and 82 Poker Animals pictorial. If the interview doesn’t get your hurt pumping 84 top 10 Poker tells then the pictures surely will. 86 The World Nakheel, the developers of The Palm, have outdone themselves with a project that is truly extravagant. A development of epic proportions, The World, will turn a patch of barren sea into the world’s most coveted destination. Once the project is complete, about 300 man-made islands will be skirting Dubai’s famed sun kissed beaches.
  6. 6. Capsule Inn Akihabara T he reason why you to stay in capsule hotels, Indian cities like which maximize space with Delhi and Bombay innovative foldaway features. feel so crowded In addition to looking good, could have much to do with they also conjure a feeling of our atrocious system of simplistic living and neatness. managing infrastructure. All Guest spaces are made out our residential and public of really small cubes carved buildings are plagued by from innovative materials wastage and misdistribution like modular plastic or 08 Feb / march ’08 royal of living space, as well as of fiberglass. utilities like electricity, water, The fad of capsule hotels is etc. It is scandalous that even after spending so much on now expanding beyond the shores of Japan, with many cities in upkeep of basic infrastructure our citizens and tourists can’t Europe and US offering different variants of the concept. Even live with any semblance of comfort and hygiene. Hollywood is not untouched by this nifty idea. In the sci-fi flick, The fact is that even small spaces and minor resources, The Fifth Element, the living and sleeping area of the main if properly utilized, can make you revel in comfort. The character, played by Bruce Willis, is inspired by the capsule Japanese have perfected that art. In Tokyo, it is possible for concept.
  7. 7. Capsule Inn Akihabara The famous Capsule Inn Akihabara, located in the digi-center of Tokyo, provides a comfortable place to stay for many travelers to Japan’s capital city. This hotel has 169 rooms, out of these, 140 rooms are men’s only and 29 rooms are reserved for women. But the surprise factor lies in the fact that each room unit size is only 1m x 1m x 2m. Don’t worry you will be able to fit into the room quite easily, unless you are built like Godzilla, which isn’t likely. At the Capsule Inn Akihabara, each guest is provided with a separate capsule unit. No, male guests can’t share their room with their female friend, one room is meant for one person only. For female guests the Capsule Inn Akihabara has a system of rooms that can be shared. In these rooms up to four capsules open into a larger room where there are tables and chairs provided for lounging or meetings. For complete privacy, each room comes with blinds that can be drawn. Plus there are amenities galore - TV, radio, alarm clock and adjustable lighting. You can tinker with these devices even while you are sleeping, almost as if you were in an aircraft, or a submarine. All the guests Main Attractions of Capsule Inn enjoy access to a common lounge where there is excellent sitting facility and The main attraction has to be the novel experience. if you have never stayed in a capsule hotel before, then you have to experience this unique way of wireless internet connectivity. living in a minimalist environment that promises comfort and convenience. But it is also a fact that you save a lot of money. The tariffs offered by Capsule Capsule Inn Mannerisms inn Akihabara is about half that of conventional hotels. Since the Capsule Inn Akihabara is The hotel is open day and night, so you can walk in and out whenever you feel not quite like a conventional hotel, like. Plus it offers an excellent storage facility to put your luggage while you slightly different sorts of mannerisms are sightseeing Tokyo or attending a business meeting. are expected from its guests. The first point of difference lies in the key to your room and to your locker. After You can also place your small luggage you can also watch TV or listen to the you have finished registering yourself in the locker, but if your luggage is too radio, if you are looking forward to pass at the registration desk you are given a large to fit in there, then you can request some time before you take a nap. wristband to wear. The number of your for a luggage storage service at the front For the women guests, the mannerisms room and the floor on which it is located desk. are about the same as that for men. But is indicated on the wristband. If the When you need to take a bath, you the difference lies in the fact that the number is 615, it means your capsule is can avail of the facilities at the men’s female rooms are located on the 8th, royal Feb / march’08 09 15 on the 6th floor. washing area located on 2nd floor. And 9th and 10th floors. The 10th floor also Before you go to your room, you have what do you do with the time that you has a shower area and a lounge that is to visit your locker, where you will find spend in your capsule home. Well, there exclusively reserved for women. n the items that will make your stay in the is nothing much to do, expect what you hotel comfortable. You locker number is are really here for – to relax and have a For more pictures and information go same as your room number and when good sleep. Each capsule is scientifically to www.capsuleinn.com you open it, you will find 2 towels, a designed to make their guests sleep well Yukata-like robe and 2 toothbrushes. and wake up feeling rejuvenated. But,
  8. 8. The Bad Health of our Hospitals hospital threw up their hands saying working barefoot and a splinter of wood by Anoop VerMA that the case was too complicated for pierced her left foot. She applied some them to handle. Puralia’s husband had herbs to the wound, but by next day her no choice, but to rush her to a private left foot was swollen and she found it O n September 3, 2006, Puralia hospital, where she gave birth to a impossible to walk or even stand on her Devi (name changed), a stillborn child. To meet the expenses at feet. Her husband took her to the local resident of Narkatiaganj the private hospital Rambha, who works village hospital, but the staff there was village in Bihar, was in as a daily wage laborer, had to avail a completely insensitive to her plight. They advanced labor when her husband loan of rupees 7,000, which the family made her wait for hours in the corridor. 10 Feb / march ’08 royal Rambha brought her to the local now finds very difficult to pay back. When she got the chance to see the government hospital. Like most hospitals doctor, he took a perfunctory look at of this area, this hospital was unhygienic l l l her wound and declared that the foot and was plagued by an utter lack of had become poisoned and it had to be modern medical facilities and medicines. Janki Devi is a resident of an idyllic surgically removed. As soon as Janki Two hours after being admitted, Puralia’s village near Indore. She and her husband heard this, she fled from the hospital condition started deteriorating. work as farm laborers. Her troubles with her husband in tow. At home they The doctors and the nurses at the began on a routine day when she was continued with the herb treatment and
  9. 9. According to the National Family Health Survey, 46% of all Indian children are malnourished. The infant mortality rate, though improving, is still high and much worse than that in other developing countries. within a week her foot became normal, allowing her to walk and work properly. She shudders with horror, as she Iqbali traveling to Delhi was fraught with reminisces her tryst with the doctor who many problems. India’s unhealthy was planning to chop off her leg. He had to give up his job as a security landscape guard in Bihar. The treatment at AIIMS l l l is free, but to pay for the tests, he was Puralia Devi, Janki Devi and Iqbali forced to borrow 15,000 rupees at a Singh are just three names, out of millions When Iqbali Singh’s elder brother fell crippling interest of nearly 50 percent a of economically weak Indians, who are ill with a severe nerve ailment in a remote year. Now he and his brother are in a grip forced to struggle with India’s healthcare village in the eastern state of Bihar, of severe financial crisis, as they have no system that remains overburdened in he found that there were hardly any time left to earn their livelihood. Their cities and is virtually nonexistent in hospitals in the state with the expertise days are mostly spent navigating the villages. to even diagnose that ailment. He was long lines of patients at the overcrowded The biggest problem plaguing India’s forced to bring his brother all the way AIIMS. healthcare sector is the misdistribution to New Delhi’s premier All India Institute of hospitals and doctors. While majority of Medical Sciences. For a poor man like l l l of the population resides in villages, most of the hospitals and doctors are based in the cities. It is not just advanced care that poses a problem. Even good basic care is inaccessible to the vast majority of people. Thousands of primary medical centers exist in rural areas, but these establishments are perpetually short of personnel and medicines. Due to the lack of proper facilities poor people are often forced to depend on local quacks. India’s healthcare statistics paint a particularly dismal picture. According to the National Family Health Survey, 46% royal Feb / march’08 11 of all Indian children are malnourished. The infant mortality rate, though improving, is still high and much worse than that in other developing countries. This is complicated by the fact that less than half of all Indian women receive care after childbirth and only 40% give birth in hospitals or medical centers. It
  10. 10. Many rural folks case, as vast majorities of the infected people reside in villages and belong to do not seek timely the low-income level backgrounds, it is medical help because impossible for them to gain access to advanced medical techniques, like the of their disbeliefs, anti-retroviral therapy that has been superstitions and lack found very effective in combating AIDS. In rural areas, healthcare is mostly of health education. provided through government-operated The result of the PHCs (Public Health Clinic), at village and town levels. But like every government complete failure of department in India, these PHCs operate the health machinery in a very inefficient and callous manner. These under-funded clinics are plagued in the rural areas by non-availability of infrastructure, including advanced medical equipment is that the diseases and consumables. The poorly paid neither get diagnosed doctors based at the rural PHCs don’t think too highly of their job and they lack in the early stages, the motivation to do their work well. be enacted in order to rejuvenate the nor are they treated. In absence of proper hygiene and sanitation, the clinics turn into a breeding healthcare sector. While it might not be feasible to turn healthcare into an ground for communicable diseases, entirely private affair, a slow and steady instead of being a process towards privatization has to place of cure. be made. Even a whiff of privatization But it is also a has the potential to usher in a regime fact that many of transparency and efficiency. The rural folks do not hospitals and clinics will become more seek timely medical accountable and the poor people won’t help because of have to run from pillar to post in order their disbeliefs, to get treated. But private healthcare is superstitions and going to cost lots of money, which the lack of health majority of the poor in the country will education. The not be able to afford. result of the To take care of that problem we can complete failure have a system of health insurance, where of the health those who have the capacity to pay can machinery in pay their premiums, while those who the rural areas is are classified as poor, about 60 per cent that the diseases in India, will have their premiums paid is scandalous that in country that touts neither get diagnosed in the early by the government. More importantly, itself as an emerging superpower, an stages, nor are they treated. Only when healthcare will have to be proclaimed easily curable disease like childhood the disease reaches an advanced stage, a fundamental right through an Act of diarrhea remains the major killer of and the patients are completely unable Parliament. For the above to become Indian children. to bear the suffering caused by it, that a reality, people will have to rise and When it comes to transmittable they travel to the urban areas in order organize a campaign to build consensus diseases like Hepatitis B and AIDS the to seek treatment, increasing the load on a right to health care. situation becomes murkier. According on city hospitals. It is such a terrible Only when the majority of Indians are to one survey done by IHR (India Health and unnecessary predicament, when given basic healthcare facilities, can we 12 Feb / march’08 royal Report) in year 2000 about 3.86 million treatable diseases are made to linger till call India a true superpower. n Indians were infected with the HIV virus. they become serious complications. But the actual number of HIV positive might be much higher as many people What can be done? prefer not to visit the doctor. Due to the stigma attached to the disease, they For a country like India that still prefer to die a slow and lingering death faces healthcare crisis of unimaginable in the secrecy of their homes. In any proportions, radical reforms need to
  11. 11. Why Women are ANNOYED by Average Guys I have a question for you… What do you really want when it comes to the area of your life called “Women and Dating?” Could you explain it to me if I called you up on the phone in 5 minutes and asked you? In other words, do you really, really know just what it is that you’re looking for? If you’re like most guys that I talk to, you probably couldn’t tell me. Or if you did tell me, it would be clear that you hadn’t taken any real time to think about it before I asked you. Now, before I tell you why this is a problem, I have to confess something to you… It wasn’t very long ago that I used to be in exactly the same boat. I had no idea what I was looking for. It was only after a lot of trial and error, dating crazy women that made my life impossible, and chasing my tail that I finally figured out what it was that I really wanted. And once I figured it out, I realize that I wasn’t alone. royal Feb / march’08 13 As it turns out, I think that most guys want what I want when it comes to “women and dating“, but they just haven’t thought about it long enough to be able to say it. It is quite obvious that majority of the men in this world crave for a lasting relationship with a great woman. What do I mean when I use the term “Great Woman“? I mean a woman who is naturally beautiful, who takes care of herself physically, who is emotionally and financially stable… who doesn’t “need” you, but “wants” you,
  12. 12. who can take care of herself in every way. But guess what? Women like this are very rare. I mean like one in a thousand or so. And they are never at a loss for a date. I digress…but I’ll come back to this later. Earlier I mentioned that it is a problem that men don’t know what they want. Now I want to talk about why it’s such a big problem. There are two main reasons: 1. Not knowing what you want lowers the chances of getting what you want. 2. In this particular situation, when it comes to this type of woman, not understanding what you want makes your chances of getting her almost zero. Let’s talk about these two issues. Not Knowing What You Want Lowers Your Chances Of Getting It If you’ve read any “self help” books at all, then you know that it’s important to set goals in your life. Why? Because setting goals makes your mind work on getting them. When you are clear about your goals, then it is so much easier for you to find ways to achieve them. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go read Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Not Understanding This Particular Type Of Woman A beautiful, successful, intelligent woman Makes Your Chances Of Getting Her Almost Zero is approached by men an average of 5 or This is the big issue here. This is the 10 times a day. To put it another way, if one that most guys just don’t get… and the one that, by itself, really leads to you meet a really interesting, exceptional failure. The fact is that most guys would really woman, you can bet that she has been like to meet a great girl. The times in my approached between 150 to 300 times in life when I’ve had an amazing woman as my girlfriend have been fantastic. There the past month alone. is nothing quite like having a stunning, 14 Feb / march’08 royal intelligent, well-dressed, interesting woman in your life. Nothing. “The kind of woman that I want to find In fact, I spent so much time thinking this Now, I get a lot of guys who write to me would not respond to the things you way and getting horrible results, that I and say things like: teach… she would see me for the person am probably the world’s leading expert “David, I don’t want to have to learn any that I am…” on it. of the things you teach. I want a woman …and a million other things. I just wanted a woman to “see me for to like me for who I am…” I can identify with this stuff. I spent who I was” and who saw past all of my …and… many years of my life thinking this way. flaws and wanted to be with me for me. I
  13. 13. hated the idea of trying to change myself. If you’re a man who hasn’t made it But here’s the deal: an exceptional a goal to attract one of these women, woman has options. who doesn’t understand this particular The kind of woman that I described fact, and who doesn’t understand how is approached by men all the time. My to get past this initial “test”, then your estimate is that a beautiful, successful, chances of attracting one of these intelligent woman is approached by men women is as close to zero as anything an average of 5 or 10 times a day. To is in the world. put it another way, if you meet a really The reality of this situation is that interesting, exceptional woman, you you are not the only guy in the world can bet that she has been approached who wants a woman like this. Every between 150 and 300 times in the past guy would like to meet her. There are month alone. a lot of guys out there that are willing Think about that. Imagine what it must to call her more, spend more money be like to be a woman who is approached on her, do more things for her, and so often. Even if she wanted to spend time pay her more attention than you… You with many of the men who approach her, can’t get a girl like this one by doing there would be no way to do it. It’s just the “normal” things. not practical. So what’s a girl to do? The And here’s the kicker only thing that an exceptional girl can do The next girl you date probably isn’t is use time management principals. She going to be this girl. In fact, you’re has to decide almost instantly if a guy is probably going to need to go out with “worth” spending more time with. And many women before you’re going to she has to make her decision based on run into one of these rare women. very little information. And she can’t But as they say, “Every cloud has a make the mistake of being “too friendly” silver lining”. And this cloud does too. and giving a guy the “wrong idea“… The fact is that spending time dating because if she does, he’ll probably call other women is exactly what will her 100 times over the next month. teach you how to attract one of these Unusually attractive, exceptional exceptional women. You have to do it. women become very good at eliminating So let’s wrap this up. men based on very little information. First, take some time and figure out what it is that you want. Write it down, Unusually and make a list. What are the physical, attractive, intellectual, and emotional qualities that you’re looking for? Be specific, and get a exceptional clear picture in your mind. Next, become the guy that she’ll feel women become attraction for when you meet her. There very good at are two parts to this one. The first part is preparing yourself to date many eliminating men women to find her…and then getting out based on very little there and doing it. The second and most important part, is to learn what you need information. to do in order to be the guy that she’ll be attracted to. It’s not luck. n To learn more about attracting royal Feb / march’08 15 Feb / march’08 royal women and changing your life check out www.pualife.net
  14. 14. Pondicherry in Focus A photogrAphIC odyssey by MAyur ChAnnAgere P ondicherry - with grand boulevards and quiet promenades, its well-laid, wide streets that still carry quaint sounding French names, its vista of neatly cut fields lush with greenery, historical monuments that narrate marvelous stories from a bygone era - is a photographers delight. The city was the capital of French colonies in India and it came back to the Indian union only in 1954. The drive from Bangalore, where I live, to Pondicherry is about 280 Kilometers, and the road is quite decent but not without the omnipresent potholes India is known for. I found Pondicherry an exceedingly peaceful, easygoing city; it makes you yearn to focus your camera and capture the essence of every passing moment. The food, fashion, and scenery make this city worth visiting for photographers and non-photographers alike. 16 Feb / march’08 royal
  15. 15. royal Feb / march’08 17 Clean, pollution-free streets are a major draw for visitors.
  16. 16. A farmer lost in contemplating the vista of his greenery. Gingi Fort, located about 60 kms from Pondicherry, subsumes a zeitgeist drenched in glory days of Indian kings.
  17. 17. royal Feb / march’08 19 This is a lighthouse rising like a finger against the backdrop of a painted sky.
  18. 18. 20 Feb / march’08 royal
  19. 19. royal Feb / march’08 21 The Kailash Beach Resort appears sublime as it basks under the glow of lights.
  20. 20. 22 Feb / march’08 royal Vysyal Street, one of the oldest surviving streets, is well known for its French architecture influence.
  21. 21. royal Feb / march’08 23
  22. 22. 24 Feb / march’08 royal
  23. 23. royal Feb / march’08 25 With remarkably low smog, sunsets in Pondicherry are a war of colors.
  24. 24. HOME Contemporary Furniture F rom Ferraris to furniture, Italians have a way of adding style to everything. This bedroom set from Contemporary Furniture conjures a feeling of sophistication. You are literally spoilt for choices, as there are 10 leather colors that you can choose from. Even the bedroom cases can be ordered in a choice of flat or high gloss lacquer or even dark wenge oak. The bed comes with a standard recliner mechanism for those times you wish to read or watch TV in bed. With a price range starting from $2,949 26 Feb / march’08 royal (Rs. 1.15 lakhs + import fees) this bedroom set isn’t cheap, nor is it extravagantly expensive. Dresser and nightstands come at an additional cost. www.contemporaryfurniture.com
  25. 25. Thor Leather Recliner A re you looking for a chair with supreme aesthetics that can add charm to any living environment, and such ergonomic values that will keep you comfortable every time you sit or recline in it? Then you have to give the Thor Leather Recliner from Contemporary Furniture a try. These recliners come with an adjustable headrest and a folding ottoman that is concealed under the chair. And if you want to use the recliner as a chair, all you have to do is tighten the knob and you will have full back support. Price - $1,839 www.contemporaryfurniture.com Tantra Chair B eing comfortable is just a minor attribute of the Tantra Chair; the most crucial attribute of this finely crafted chair is to guide and change your pelvic The chair’s distinctive arcs provide perfect angles for comfortable and enhanced oral sex. Sorry, but the woman does not come with the chair. angles during lovemaking and in the process give rise to an array of amazing new sensations leading Price - $999 to an unparalleled sensual fulfillment. The chair’s www.tantrachair.com unique design incorporates the sexual zeitgeist of the love-positions described in the Kama Sutra. royal Feb / march’08 27
  26. 26. Girls of MySpace MySpace is a cultural phenomenon that continues to grow at a feverish pace. It attracts about 230,000 new registrations per day and the number of people that have already signed up stands at a mind boggling 300 million. When we registered we couldn’t help but make friends with beautiful models and actresses from around the world. When we approached five beauties they were more than delighted to pose for us. From online to print, these hotties shine no matter what the medium. 28 Feb / march’08 royal
  27. 27. Rebecca Turner Believe it or not, this 23-year-old stunner from the UK thinks she has a shoe fetish and owns over 100 pairs of shoes. But can there ever be any doubt that her pretty feet deserve to be pampered in royal Feb / march’08 29 every way possible. She has just completed the final year of her Law degree but instead of applying to law firms she is pursuing her lifelong dream of modeling. Bad for justice, but good for us! www.myspace.com/rebeccaturner1 Photos by Ed Fox
  28. 28. 30 Feb / march’08 royal Rebecca Turner a Victoria’s I want to be Secret Model.
  29. 29. Aisha David’s natural beauty and confidence oozes from each of her photographs. You can’t fail to notice in her stunning features, Aisha David a delicious blend of Indian and American heritages. Born in India, she is currently working towards a nursing degree in Maryland, USA. One of her favorite quotes is, “Play like an all star, dance like a superstar, party like a rock star, and make love like a porn star. ” Brilliant! www.myspace.com/ grace_david royal Feb / march’08 31
  30. 30. Danish model, Kira Eggers, has over 7,800 friends on MySpace! A testimony to her popularity are the countless magazines and music videos she’s graced. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles, CA where taking over the entertainment industry is the next logical step for someone who has already done so much. www.myspace.com/ kiraeggers Kira Eggers 32 Feb / march’08 royal
  31. 31. royal Feb / march’08 33
  32. 32. Toni Leigh Chinese model Toni Leigh is one busy girl. When she’s not modeling she works at an investment firm as a realtor/ consultant, and is in the process of getting her MBA. She loves wearing high heels, stockings, and miniskirts. Perfect match because we love girls who only wear that. http://www.myspace.com/ tonileigh 34 Feb / march’08 royal
  33. 33. Taylor Wane As an adult actress and model, Taylor Wane has been contributing her mite to stimulating sexual appetite in both men and women. Three years ago she launched her own adult film company called Taylor Wane Entertainment and many of her films have been nominated for awards. This month she released Deviant Desires, and next month she is planning to release Voluptuous royal Feb / march’08 35 Vixens Trilogy. Looks like we have to schedule a movie night. http://www.myspace. com/taylorwane
  34. 34. Your love questions answered by our very own relationship expert Dr. Pyar Dr. Pyar, I recently started working for a I’m too controlling. She even suggested on her friend or somebody she hates. If Multinational company, where my boss that she won’t mind if I started going she pleads to get back together, say no. is a female who seems to be attracted to out with other women. She should have never cheated on you in me, though I don’t know that for sure. - Nitesh, Chennai the first place. If she was unhappy with On few occasions there has been intense Dear Confused, your performance she should have come eye contact between us and many times Don’t worry, she’s the one that’s more to you first. I have caught her staring at me. Though confused than ever. On one hand she she is few years older than me, I find says she wants commitment but then her good looking and I look forward to she goes on a date with another guy. On my girlfriend’s birthday, I made having a real relationship with her. Now Ignore her words because she’s lying. the mistake of gifting her a dildo. At I have started wondering if I should Her actions clearly show the truth. I first it was fun watching her use it on give her a smile, wink, or flirtatious hate to bring the bad news, but you’re herself, but things went out of hand touch. But as she is my boss, I don’t feel not satisfying her. In this scenario you when she started preferring the stupid comfortable initiating a relationship. only have 2 options. One, drop her like thing to me. Her sex drive with me has - Harish, Hyderabad a bad habit and move on or sit back and gone down and to make matters worse Dear Ogled, let her come to you. Don ‘t let her walk sometimes she pulls out the dildo when I can understand that you and your all over you, because girls don ‘t respect we’re making out. Is it possible that at lady boss have been ogling each other doormats. some future date, women may no longer for quite sometime, but neither of you need men? has the confidence to speak out. That’s - Harpreet S., Delhi just too bad. Maybe she is sensitive to Dr. Pyar, I have been dating a girl for Dear Bad Gift Giver, rejection. But what about you? I have the past 2 years, and I had already Women will always need men and men to tell you that it is primarily a guy’s started considering her to be my wife. will always need women. In this situation job to approach a woman. She might be But suddenly I have found that about you should buy a blow up doll and the sending the signal that she is open to six months ago she had an affair with next time she wants to have sex tell her any move that you make. Now it is time my colleague. When I confronted her you prefer the doll instead. Just kidding. decide what you value more - your job with the evidence, she told me quite Sex toys might be fun for the first few or a relationship. If your priority is work bluntly that, she found me horrible with weeks, but after that the charm begins then sit tight and wait till she makes a sex, romance and foreplay. That is why to wane. In any case, the relationship move. If your job doesn’t matter then be she had to find another man to satisfy between men and women is not about bold and go for the gold. her desires. Her blunt response has sex only; it is also about the bonding of made my confidence level plummet to love and respect that two individuals absolute zero. I feel as if I am doomed. have for each other. It is only a question Dear Doc, I’m so confused. Let me What should I do? of time before your girlfriend realizes elaborate. I recently started hooking - Arjun S., Mumbai that a dildo cannot give her a passionate up with a friend of mine. She loves Dear Doomed, kiss, it cannot speak sweet things into spending time with me, just as I enjoy The worst thing you can do is give up. her ear and it cannot look at her with 36 Feb / march’08 royal spending time with her, the chemistry You need to boost your confidence by warm understanding. Don’t worry, she between us is quite good. She also doing whatever it takes. Go to the gym will come back to you. told me that she is looking forward to and tone your muscles, buy new clothes, settling down and having kids which is change your look, etc. Next, buy a book what I want too. It came as a shock to on the finer ways of pleasing a woman. Indian girls are weird. Any advice. me when I found out she went on a date First start with romance, then foreplay, -R.S., Pune with another guy. When I confronted and eventually sex. Get sweet revenge by Ask your mom. her about it she lashed out at me saying using all your new found Casanova skills
  35. 35. Featured H DESIGNER W hen it comes to turning today’s runaway trends into tomorrow’s fashion chic, H&M (Hennes &Mauritz AB) is the master of the game. The retail chain that now boasts of M more than 1,500 shops in 28 countries, had a small beginning in 1947 when the H&M founder Erling Persson opened a dress shop in Stockholm. The secret behind H&M’s phenomenal success lies in its remarkable ability to dictate trends and offer designer clothes at affordable prices. When it comes to women’s wear H&M answers all sorts of dress dilemmas: from a knock ‘em dead sharp black strapless cocktail number and an easy-cool crisp cotton shirting sundress, to a softly sophisticated voluminous frock where excess fabric cleverly collapses around the body. In menswear, the choice is limitless. A medley of forms, from baggy chinos, over-sized hoodies and generous parkas to suits and trousers done in figure-tracing, knife-sharp tailoring. The designers at H&M love to break the taboos; they will play with opposites, and come up with such signature styles that are in many ways an antidote to reality. It has to be the sheer style of the creations that inspires the queen diva of pop, Madonna to endorse the H&M brand. royal Feb / march’08 37
  36. 36. 38 Feb / march’08 royal Featured DESIGNER
  37. 37. royal Feb / march’08 39 DESIGNER Featured
  38. 38. 40 Feb / march’08 royal Featured DESIGNER
  39. 39. royal Feb / march’08 41 DESIGNER Featured
  40. 40. gadgets If you believe your phone should be a fashion statement then the sleek Nokia Nokia 8800 sapphire Arte is perfect for you. the phone comes with an exclusive 8800 video track and soundtrack composed by Kruder & Dorfmeister with visuals by Sapphire Fritz Fitzke. Anti-fingerprint coating on Arte its glass and metal body ensures that your phone remains shiny and scratch free forever. Amazing! And you don’t have to look for buttons when you want to quiet your phone. With sapphire Arte you just turn it over, and a “turn-to- mute-feature” ensures that your Motorola phone goes silent. other features include a 2-inch QVGA oLeD screen, H710 3.2MP camera, 1GB integrated memory, and a MicroUsB all-in-one connector. Bluetooth Price: Rs. 65,000 Headset the Motorola H710 comes with a state of the art chip set that can cancel out background noise or echo and pour crystal clear sound into your ear. Featured almost entirely in a sexy dark color, this headset is all geared to add to your mysterious appeal. It also has an easy to see indicator light to show calling status. Price: Rs. 3,200 Sony Cybershot DSC-T200 42 Feb / march’08 royal If you yearn for effortless photo mastery then you got to depend on sony’s technological wizardry. the sony Cybershot DsC-t200 boasts of an 8.1-megapixel super HAD CCD powerful enough to capture enough detail for photo-quality 16 x 22-inch print. A Carl Zeiss 5x optical zoom lens, a 3.5-inch widescreen and an innovative face Detection technology allow even an amateur to take professional quality photos. Price: Rs. 15,000
  41. 41. gadgets Sony LBT ZX6 Mini Hi-Fi Here is a perfect party system for space-challenged rooms. the sony LBt-ZX6 is really small in size, it checks in at a mere 14.25 x 17.2 x 18.3 inches. And yet it is capable of splitting 560 watts of power between two channels, letting you have perfect music through its pair of three-way bass-reflex speakers, each of which includes a 6.75-inch woofer, 6.75-inch mid-range, and 1-inch horn tweeter. What makes the deal even better is the fact that the main unit comes with enticing components such as a five disc CD changer, a dual cassette deck, a five band spectrum analyzer, and an AM/FM tuner. Price: Rs. 19,500 Philips amBX The Philips amBX comes as a dream come true for all gaming aficionados. The technology in amBX makes the aspects of light, color, sound, vibration and air, feel so realistic that you start living in the gaming environment instead of playing it from outside. Your senses are on hyper-drive as enemy space ships fire at you, you feel wind against your skin as you steer around a hairpin turn at breakneck speed, and you feel the vibrations as deadly mutants chase you. In fact, the amBX makes it possible for you to choose the effects you wish to experience, according the nature of the game you are playing. Price: Rs. 15,600 royal Feb / march’08 43
  42. 42. gadgets Motorola’s Moto Q 9h Gadget aficionados, your appetite for mobile magic will be fully satiated with the new Moto Q 9h from Motorola. Sony With its sleek trendy design, faultless functionality and impressive power, this mobile phone is an epitome Walkman of power and personality. Behold the power of quick downloads, at speeds ranging up to 3.6MB per second. Video typing those emails, sMs and notes is an absolute breeze with a clear 320x240 display and a full-blown, MP3 optimized QWeRtY keyboard. An added plus is the ample storage space, the superlative music player, and the Player 2-megapixel camera. sony’s slim and stylish Walkman Video MP3 player Price: Rs. 12,500 packs just about everything that you may need to take your favorite entertainment with you. It has a powerful digital music player and a spectacular 1.8” LCD screen that promises hours of nonstop viewing pleasure. Its 8 GB drive can store up to 5000 songs and 8 hours of video. An added plus is the Walkman’s versatile FM tuner that can be preset for up to 30 channels. Price: Rs. 8,000 Dell XPS M1710 Notebook Here is a notebook that won’t merely put you in the game; it makes it possible for you to dominate it. Powered by Intel dual core processor, fast mobile memory, innovative storage solutions and a graphics card that is probably the most 44 Feb / march’08 royal advanced on the face of the earth, the XPs M1710 packs enough horsepower to offer an adrenalin pumping performance. Burning through the latest 3D games and entertainment applications is going to be a breeze with this notebook. An added plus is the XPs M1710’s capability to play Blu-ray Discs. truly a notebook for the hard core gamer. Price: Rs. 1 Lakh +
  43. 43. gadgets Dell 37” HDTV LCD TV the new 37 inch LCD tV from Dell incorporates state of the art technology to deliver crisp, sharp pictures. though it is mainly optimized for use at hotels, restaurants, offices and airports, you can also use it at home to enjoy theatre like quality while viewing films. The installation options are remarkably flexible; you can mount the TV on tabletops or on walls. the tV comes with a high-quality audio system consisting of two 15-watt speakers that are wall or tV mountable. Price: Rs. 90,000 Sony Vaio LT HD PC/ TV The striking new high-definition PC/TV from the ensemble of sony is meant to take care of all your entertainment needs. equipped with a state of the art Blu-ray Disc optical drive, the Vaio makes it possible for you watch and record, premium class high-definition movies. An Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of royal Feb / march’08 45 RAM and a new graphics card, pack enough power to enable the PC to run many programs simultaneously. Its 22-inch widescreen LCD monitor is perfect for showcasing images in razor-sharp detail. Price: Rs. 1,13,100
  44. 44. Jokes Long Conversations Singh searching high and low all around possibly get me another blanket.” Mrs. Banta Singh was in the habit his living room. Jasmeet, “What are you The man leans out and with a glint in his of having long conversations on the searching for?” eye says, “I’ve got a better idea...just for telephone, sometimes talking for as long Santa replies, “Hidden cameras!” tonight, let’s pretend we’re married.” as an hour. One day she hung up after “And what makes you think that there The woman thinks for a moment. “Why 25 minutes. “What’s the matter today?” are hidden cameras here?” not,” she giggles. asked her husband. “Today you had less “That guy on TV knows exactly what I am “Great,” he replies, “Get your own damn than half an hour conversation on the doing. Why every few minutes he keeps blanket!” phone.” saying, You are watching the Star World “I dialed a wrong number,” replied Mrs. channel. How does he know that?” Salesman Singh. Teacher: Is your father working still? Raju: Yes Sir, he is selling furniture. Computers are Female Teacher : Is he selling well? The top six reasons computers must be Raju : Yes sir, we have only a bed left in female: our home. 6. As soon as you have one, a better one is just around the corner. Lost Hikers 5. No one but the creator A group of hikers were being led through understands the internal logic. the wilderness by a guide. On the third 4. Even your smallest mistakes day, the hikers noticed that they had are immediately committed to been traveling in circles. memory for future reference. ‘’We’re lost!’’ One of the hikers 3. The native language used complained. to communicate with other ‘’And you said you were the best computers is incomprehensible to guide in the United States.’’ everyone else. ‘’I am,’’ the guide answered, ‘’ but 2. The message “Bad Command or I think we may have wandered into File Name” is about as informative as Drunk Man Canada.’’ “If you don’t know why I’m mad at you, A man walks out of a bar totally then I’m certainly not going to tell you”. hammered, only to be greeted by a Breakfast And the number 1 reason computers are snobby woman. She takes one look at Santa Singh is arriving late at his home female: him. again and there is alcohol on his breath As soon as you make a commitment “You, sir, are drunk!” and lipstick on his collar. Naturally his to one, you find yourself spending half of He replies, “And you ma’am, are ugly. But wife is furious. your paycheck on accessories for it. when I wake up, I will be sober!” “I assume,” she snarls, “that there is a very good reason for you to come waltzing in Sick Sardarji Married for a Day here at six o’clock in the morning?” Sardarji : Doctor, I have a problem. A man and a woman who have never “There is,” Santa replies. “Breakfast.” Doctor : What’s your problem? met before find themselves in the same 46 Feb / march’08 royal Sardarji : I keep forgetting things. sleeping carriage of a train. Stress Doctor : Since when do you have this After the initial embarrassment they What’s the difference between stress, problem? both go to sleep, the woman on the top tension and panic? Sardarji : What problem? bunk, the man on the lower. Stress is when wife is pregnant. In the middle of the night the woman Tension is when girlfriend is pregnant. Sardar and the Hidden leans over, wakes the man and says, And panic is when both are pregnant. Cameras “I’’m sorry to bother you, but I’m awfully Jasmeet caught her husband Santa cold and I was wondering if you could
  45. 45. 9 ways to Conquer the Stock Market was asked about his favorite investment determine the success, or failure, of your strategy, the legendary investor replied investments. By Asit Amrevy quite laconically, “Buy good stocks and 2. Respect the sensibilities D hold forever.” While most of us may not espite the Sensex and Nifty have the patience or the resources to let of the market making new highs during the our investments remain locked forever, If you want to make money in any last few years, many retail investing for a period of one to three market, you need to mirror what the investors are seeing their years is also a sound strategy. market is doing. If the market is going investment dreams end in a sea of red. Here are 9 tips to improve your trading down and you take a bet on the stocks Losing money in the stock markets can and investing skills: going up in price, the market is right and be as simple an exercise as earning sack you are wrong. If the stock market is 48 feb / march’08 royal loads of it. People who get negative 1. Buy low and sell high going up and you are short, the market returns are generally the ones who As simple as this concept appears to is right and you are wrong. Other things invest in stocks with weak fundamentals be, the vast majority of investors do the being equal, the longer you stay in or enter the markets when the bull run exact opposite. Of course, no one can tandem with the stock market, the more has already reached its crest. time the market exactly, but you should money you will make. The longer you Those who make money are usually always avoid entering the market when stay out of sync with the stock market, the ones who invest for long term in they are at their peak. Your ability to the more money you will lose. top-notch stocks. When Warren Buffet consistently buy low and sell high, will
  46. 46. 3. Volatility in the markets is a norm rather than an exception As long as the markets are open for trade, traders and investors keep making new bids and the price of individual stocks keep moving up and down, based on factors like - political situation, corporate news flow and the amount of liquidity that is available for trade. The more extreme the move up or down, the more extreme the movement in the opposite direction once the trend changes. So if you are holding a stock that has appreciated sharply, then it is likely that at some point in future it might depreciate as sharply. 4. Markets are driven not just by logic and reason but also by emotion and a 6. Markets always follow a 8. Dependence on herd mentality trend armchair analysts So the judgment of the markets cannot For maximum benefit you have to You must avoid giving too much always be trusted. At times stocks get learn to diagnose the influences of the credence to investment experts, market priced much higher than what they are trend that is guiding your market. Since commentators, financial analysts, worth and at times they get hammered the trend is the basis of all profit, every brokers, newsletter publishers, trading much below their true price. If you are investor needs to master the art of authors, etc, who come on TV or in looking for “reasons” that stocks or diagnosing long-term trends to make a newspapers and dispense free investment markets make large directional moves, sizable profit. You have to develop the advice. You should ask yourself, if you will probably never know for certain. ability to get aboard a trend and stick their investment advice is really worth Investors make a big mistake when they with it for a long period of time in order something why are they giving it for start assuming that the stock markets to maximize profits. Contrary to the free? You have to keep in mind that are completely rational. To make a short-term perspective of most investors these so called financial experts and profit, it is only necessary to know about today, all the big money is made by financial firms make money by selling the direction in which the markets are catching large market moves - not by day you something - not instilling wisdom in moving – and not why they are moving. trading or short term stock investing. you. You should make your own trading decisions based on a rational analysis of 5. Do not procrastinate too 7. Trading in an all the facts. long before investing overpriced market Stock markets generally move If you feel that the markets are 9. Keep your portfolio fully in advance of news or supportive peaking then do not think twice before diversified fundamentals - sometimes months in getting rid off those stocks that have run If you run into losses in one sector, advance. If you wait to invest until it up higher than what their fundamentals you can still make money through is totally clear to you why a stock or a permit. There is no point in holding on profits from sectors that are doing well. market is moving, you have to assume to overpriced stocks only to let your The worst thing an investor can do is that others have done the same thing investments get mired in a sea of red. It keep himself fully invested in one sector and you may be too late. You need to get needs a certain trading discipline for you that takes a huge beating, wiping off positioned before the largest directional to keep selling stocks that are getting much of his share capital. For maximum royal feb / march’08 49 trend takes place. The market reaction to overpriced and buying ones that are benefit, you should pick up at least 10 good or bad news in a bull market will available at cheaper rates. If you do not high growth sectors and diversify your be positive more often than not. And the practice highly disciplined trading, you investments into all 10 of them. You can market reaction to good or bad news in a will not make money over the long term. invest more money in sectors that you bear market will be negative more often Each one of us has to come up with his expect will do exceptionally well and than not. own disciplined system of trading based smaller amounts in low growth sectors. on our individual investment needs and n risk taking appetite.
  47. 47. Ground Rules for Investing in Mutual Funds mutual funds have caught the fancy of of mutual funds available in the market, the middle class, with majority of small most of them can be broadly classified By Asit Amrevy investors preferring this route to bite into the following categories: into the stock market pie. It is not too equity Funds/ Growth I difficult to see why. During the period of n the course of a typical 24 hour last five years many equity-based mutual Funds day an Indian professional spends funds in India have given returns of as These are the funds that generally 8 hours sleeping, about the same high as 50% per annum. invest in equities listed in the stock number of hours at work and the But it is not as if every mutual fund has exchanges. Due to the sustained bull rest of the day is spent eating, finishing been a phenomenal success. There are run of the last 5 years the equity funds household chores, exercising, commuting quite a few dud ones, where instead of have given phenomenal return to their or entertaining. So where is the time making a profit, investors have lost their investors. left for you to dabble in mutual funds? money. To keep your investments secure Rushing through the day from one task it is imperative that you have some Debt Funds to another, you hardly have a moment to preliminary knowledge about the nature These funds are best suited for those spare for researching the ups and downs of mutual funds and how they work. In who are extremely risk averse and of the capricious financial markets. Western countries mutual funds have seek capital preservation. The debt 50 feb / march’08 royal But even if you are too busy to do been around since 1880, but in India the funds invest predominantly in highly the research work you can make your first mutual fund came into being only in rated fixed-income-bearing instruments investments grow. That is if you invest 1963, when the UTI was created by an like bonds, debentures, government through mutual funds. Based on the Act of Parliament. Private Mutual Funds securities, commercial paper and other idea of pooling money together for entered the market only after 1993 money market instruments. They investment purposes, mutual funds offer giving the Indian investors a wide choice provide regular income and safety to the ease of use, high liquidity, and unique of fund families. investor. diversification capabilities. In India, While there are many different types