Learning Org Disciplines


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A mind map of the disciplines of learning organizations, as described in Peter Senge's book The Fifth Discipline

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Learning Org Disciplines

  1. 1. System archetypes Practices Simulation Structure influences behavior Principles Policy resistance Systems thinking Leverage Holism Essences Interconnectedness Clarifying personal vision Thinking New understandings Focusing on the result Learning "Holding" creative tension Practices Seeing current reality Doing New behaviors Making choices Vision What you do Practices Creative tension vs. emotional tension Principles Guiding ideas and insights Principles Personal mastery Subconscious State of being of those Being Essences with high levels of mastery Discipline, 3 levels Essences Generativeness a body of theory and technique Connectedness that must be studied and mastered Definition to be put into practice ... a developmental path for acquiring Distinguishing "data" from abstractions based on data certain skills or competencies (p.10) Disciplines of learning Practices Testing assumptions organizations "Left-hand" column Do you continuously test your experiences? Espoused theory vs. theory-in-use Are you producing knowledge? Ladder of inference (capacity for effective action) Mental models Principles Is the knowledge shared? Checklist* Balance inquiry and advocacy Love of truth Is the learning relevant? Essences Openness Sharing personal visions Visioning process Listening to others Fifth Discipline pp.373-7 Allowing freedom of choice Sources Practices *Fifth Discipline Fieldbook p.49 Acknowledging current reality Shared vision as "hologram" Principles Building shared vision Commitment vs. compliance Commonality of purpose Essences Partnership Suspending assumptions Acting as colleagues Practices Surfacing own defensiveness "Practicing" Dia logos Karen O. Storer 2006 www.pictureitsolved.com Team learning Principles Integrate dialogue and discussion Defensive routines Collective intelligence Essences Alignment