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  • 1. PowerJuly.09 to the people Social media tracker
  • 2. Power to the people - Social Media Tracker Wave 4
  • 3. 3Welcome to Wave 404 Introduction07 Methodology14 Key highlights15 The rise of video20 Social networks grow even more24 The rationalisation of social media28 Country spotlights
  • 4. IntroductionUM’s latest “Power to the People” survey has revealeddramatic changes in the way that consumers areusing the internet to create and share their thoughts,pictures and videos.Wave 4 of UM’s research into the facts behind thehype of social media reveals that social networks arebecoming the dominant platform for content creationand content sharing. Jeff, Australia Carlos, Brazil Dorota, Poland Funda, TurkeyPower to the People - Social Media Tracker Wave 4
  • 5. 5After four surveys of active internet users—those who Other key statistics include:use the internet every day or every other day—showing • The total estimated global active internet audience isimpressive growth for all types of social media, consumers now 625mare starting to focus their digital life around the likesof Facebook, MySpace and Orkut. • Mobile internet usage has now reached nearly a fifth of all active internet users. Seventeen percent now accessIt’s not that consumers are cutting back on blogging or internet on the move as well as at home, work or collegesharing images it’s just that they are increasingly optingto do it via their social network page rather than the likes • Widgets continue to thrive with 34% of social network usersof Flickr and Blogger. installing them for their own use and 24% installing them to impress visitors to their profile page76% of social network users, for example, upload photophotos, up from 45% in Wave 3, and 33% upload videos “ Social media is a very fast-evolving landscape and one that’scompared to 16.9% last time around. taking an increasingly important role in consumers’ digital lives. Brands that want to engage with consumers in theseThe heavy and varied usage of social networks has proven spaces need to understand how and where and why theythat these sites are no fad. Not only have 96% of social are using the many different platforms that enable contentnetworkers visited a friends’ social network page but creation and sharing.”nearly two-thirds of all active internet users have spent timemanaging their own profile. “ Although the explosive growth of social media has attracted a lot of media coverage and hype only ‘Power to theAnother key change to note has been the expansion of People’—which began in 2006 and now has four waves ofvideo usage, with significant increases both in the number comparable data—has been able to track actual usage andof social networkers and bloggers uploading video but also consumer uptake,” says Glen Parker, Research Director atin terms of the number of the active internet users watching UM EMEA.audio-visual content.In the Philippines, just over 98% of active internet users About Wave 4have watched video and the figure is also more than eight UM questioned 22,729 active internet users in 38out of 10 in markets such as Korea, Spain and USA. countries between November 2008 and March 2009 for Wave 4, making it the largest global analysis of social media usage.
  • 6. IntroductionWelcome to the fourth installment of UM’s ongoing Our first study was published in September 2006 and Waveinvestigation into the rise and rise of social media. 4 gives a snapshot of the situation now—research took place from November 2008 to March 2009.After three waves of growth across all social mediaplatforms, this time the picture is nuanced and much By comparing these four global examinations of the realitymore interesting. behind the hype of social media, we are able to provide a clear picture of how the landscape has changed and cruciallyConsumers continue to flock to digital destinations in work out how it is evolving in future.order to create and share content, but they are nowbecoming more selective in terms of where they are This latest report highlights:doing it. • New platforms for videoIn essence, the tools of social media are starting to coalesceon to a single platform type—the social network. There may • Why social networks continue to growbe some way to go before the phrases “social media” and • How social media platforms are rationalizing.“social networks” are synonymous, but the consolidationhas started. • Changes in key marketsInternet penetration by marketFigures sourced from internetworldstats.com % % i in .3 % % ru 2 % % ay % .9 ai on 3% % N de 80 4% Cz 4 39 .8% Ca 0. .5% .5 Ch ipp 12 9.4 Fi her 80 % Li ga 2% 8.8 Co ey .4%4% Be ma 5.7 % M ia 5 % w 83 82 Pe ico 2.5 1.5 N and nd % Po h % % H tria re % M na es % Sp g K 8. .4 Ko 74. 3.8 % Au ap 67 % al 5 9% 69 et n .6 8 lg ny % tv nia .5 s 6. % e ia . nl la .7 ec 8.8 .8 % r 7 % s o .3 st rk % 6 7 un 5 4 S 7 .3 0 rk 34 . er 6 . s ng m 7 ex 2 2 al a 8 il r a Po om 5% Tu il 33 G ce 62 Br an % La ua 52 6 Ru 2 4.9 Ro sia 2% Sw ra 8 86 Si iu 6 Fr ays 9% U n7 g It ug 3 Ph do ric Au ma .1 Ec th 1% H nd p. U an 72 n 9% D ea % m 27 rt bia 6 la Re 3 az ia an ia 7 0 th ry ua Af y l en 7 Ja ada u . l So ia 7 on or p d K l In 100 % Online (All adults) 0Power to the People - Social Media Tracker Wave 4
  • 7. 7MethodologyThe Social Media Tracker has retained the same All surveys are self-completed and the data collectedmethodology from Wave 1 through Wave 4, enabling is entirely quantitative. Every market is representativecomparison between data sets. All surveys have been of the 16-54 Active Internet Universe. For Wave 4,scripted and hosted on UM’s in-house 22,729 internet users in 38 countries were interviewed.online research system, Intuition. New markets are Belgium, Colombia, Ecuador, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Norway, Peru, Portugal, South Africa, Singapore and Sweden. To be included, consumers needed to use the internet every day or every other day. Marek, Czech Republic Henry, Singapore
  • 8. Methodology: Growing expansion of research universeWave 1: • Australia • China • France • Germany • Italy • Philippines • Russia • Korea • Spain • UK • USWave 2: • Australia • Pakistan • Brazil • Philippines • China • Russia • France • Singapore • Germany • Korea • Greece • Spain • India • Taiwan • Italy • Thailand • Japan • UK • Malaysia • US • MexicoPower to the People - Social Media Tracker Wave 4
  • 9. 9Wave 3: • Australia • Mexico • Austria • Netherlands • Brazil • Pakistan • Canada • Philippines • China • Poland • Czech • Romania • Denmark • Russia • France • Korea • Germany • Spain • Greece • Switzerland • Hong Kong • Taiwan • Hungary • Turkey • India • UK • Italy • US • JapanWave 4: • Australia • Lithuania • Austria • Malaysia • Belgium • Mexico • Brazil • Netherlands • Canada • Norway • China • Peru • Columbia • Philippines • Czech • Poland • Denmark • Portugal • Ecuador • Romania • Finland • Russia • France • Singapore • Germany • South Africa • Hong Kong • Korea • Hungary • Spain • India • Sweden • Italy • Turkey • Japan • UK • Latvia • US
  • 10. Methodology, cont’d. Why do active internet users matter? Social media is driven by active internet users, if you don’t They are the best proxy for the future, over time all internet use the internet regularly you a re unlikely to sign up for users will increase their usage and eventually everyone tools such as blogging or set up a social network profile. will become an active users, just as consumers made the transition from occasional to regular TV watching in the Active internet users drive adoption of platforms and tools; 1950s and 1960s. they will determine which tools and platforms become dominant in the social media space. Reach over time Active internet users: “Thinking about using the internet, which of the following have you ever done?” 90% Read blogs Start my own blog/weblog 80% Leave a comment on a blog site Upload my photos to a photo sharing site 70% Upload a video clip to a video sharing site Watch video clips online 60% Listen to live radio/audio online% Ever done 50% Create a profile on a social network Manage a profile on a social network 40% Visit a friend’s social network page 30% 20% 10% 0% Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 4 Sep 06 June 07 March 08 March 09 Power to the people - Social Media Tracker Wave 4
  • 11. 11
  • 12. Methodology: Universe size—putting it into context calculated using local market population estimates Estimated worldwide 16-54 active internet universe = 625m users 2 1 USA 96.3m 6North America Asia & Oceania 31 USA 96.3m 13 France 19.7m 29 Australia 8.6m 42 Canada 14.1m 14 Germany 23m 30 China 159.6m 5 15 Hungary 2m 31 Hong Kong 2.9mCentral &South America 16 Italy 9.7m 32 India 12.3m3 Brazil 21.9m 17 Latvia 0.8m 33 Japan 21.8m 18 Lithuania 0.9m 34 Malaysia 11.9m 7 34 Colombia 3.8m5 Ecuador 2.5m 19 Netherlands 4.9m 35 Philippines 4.2m6 Mexico 4m 20 Norway 1.8m 36 Singapore 2.1m7 Peru 6.6m 21 Poland 7.9m 37 Korea 19m 22 Portugal 2.9mEurope Africa 23 Romania 4m8 Austria 1.4m 38 South Africa 2m 24 Russia 9.8m9 Belgium 2.8m 25 Spain 8.5m10 Czech Rep. 3.6m 26 Sweden 4m11 Denmark 2.2m 27 Turkey 4.8m12 Finland 1.9m 28 UK 19mPower to the People - Social Media Tracker Wave 4
  • 13. 13 20 12 26 17 24 18 28 11 19 21 9 14 10 8 15 23 13 1622 27 33 25 30 China 37 159.6m 31 32 35 34 36 29 38
  • 14. Key highlights—global stats from Wave 4There are now an estimated Social networks continue to grow. Nearly two-thirds of active internet users have now joined a social network site, up from625 million active internet 57% in Wave 3.users, one in thirteen of • Malaysia leads the way with 47% penetration of all 16-54-year-olds.all humans and one in three Social networks are now a regular part of the online experience with 64.1% of active internet users spending timeinternet users. managing their profile. • Danes have the highest penetration among all 16-54-year-olds, followed by Malaysia, Norway and Sweden. Blogging has nearly reached saturation in terms of total numbers, with 71% reading blogs, a small increase from 70% last time out. Active internet users however, do continue to put finger to keyboard in greater numbers, globally up from 34% to 40%. Social media platforms are becoming more multi-media. The number of bloggers and social network users who have uploaded photos, videos, music and widgets has continued to rise. Social media is going mobile. Seventeen per cent of active internet users globally now access the internet on the move as well as at home, work or college.Power to the People - Social Media Tracker Wave 4
  • 15. 15The proliferation of videoIn Wave 1, social media was, broadly speaking, a text-based Video watching is now at 83% amongst active internet users.occupation for the majority of active internet users. This is consistent with Wave 3 but significantly ahead ofConsumers typed or read; uploading pictures or watching the 32% recorded in Wave 1 and the 63.3% in Wave 2. Thevideo was a minority occupation. reason for this recent levelling off is that, for many markets, there is barely any more room for the penetration of watchingFaster broadband, the rise of YouTube and its ilk and the video amongst active online users to rise.ability to embed video on everything from blogs to socialnetwork profile pages has made the moving image an All of the Latin American markets have a penetration of moreessential part of the social media landscape. than 90% and in 75% of markets surveyed the penetration of video watchers amongst active online users clears 80%.In Wave 4 we have seen a high penetration of activeonline consumers uploading and watching videos on video Thirty-three per cent of social networkerssharing sites such as YouTube. However there has been have uploaded video to their profile,a notable and significant increase in the number up from 16.9% in Wave 3 and 32%of bloggers and social networkers uploading of bloggers have uploaded video,audio-visual material to these platforms. 33% of social an increase of 8%. networkers have uploaded video to their profile, up Glen, London from 16.9% in Matt, USA Wave 3 RTING IMPO6% 3
  • 16. Uploading videos—Wave 3 & 4Thinking about using the internet, have you ever done the following? Wave 3 4Active internet users uploading videos to a video sharing siteAll respondents 35.5% 35% Brazil 68.48% 50.06% Malaysia 38.26%Korea 43.09% 70.98% Peru 50.53% Netherlands 31.16% 35.42%Philippines 60.13% 67.51% Colombia 47.54% Singapore 37.46%China 58.89% 57.97% Hong Kong 53.16% 50.55% Latvia 30.3%India 51% 57.88% Turkey 41.2% 45.51% Portugal 36.32%Mexico 57.09% 50.68% Ecuador 35.98% Norway 37.8%Power to the People - Social Media Tracker Wave 4
  • 17. 17Australia 30.2% 22.56% Sweden 19.51% Denmark 26.2% 20.84%Romania 47.24% 35.01% Italy 29.71% 30.79% Germany 33.46% 28.28%Spain 31.88% 32.01% Lithuania 29.64% Czech Rep. 27% 24.03%Russia 25.98% 32.47% UK 33.3% 27.37% France 21.71% 21.45%Belgium 29.71% Finland 29.82% Japan 20.16% 18.66%Austria 36.85% 32.64% Canada 27.26% 25.71% South Africa 25.74%US 24.93% 29.26% Poland 38.61% 27.3% Hungary 16.52% 18.29%
  • 18. Video watching—Waves 1-4Thinking about using the internet, have you ever done the following?Active internet users watching video clips online Global Germany 32% 63.3% 83.7% 82.8% 20.1% 44.3% 76.9% 74.1% Australia Italy 25.2% 57.5% 78.4% 79.1% 34.6% 63.3% 79.2% 75.1% China France56.2% 78.9% 90.1% 89.1% 23.4% 53.6% 61.3% 63.2%Power to the People - Social Media Tracker Wave 4
  • 19. 19Philippines Spain39.9% 60.7% 98.7% 98.1% 28% 69.4% 87.3% 84.1%Russia UK21.6% 57.5% 67.9% 79.4% 32.3% 61.2% 85.5% 79%Korea USA29.7% 73.5% 86.2% 82.8% 31.8% 51.7% 74.3% 82.9% Wave 1 2 3 4
  • 20. Social networks grow even more(and consumers really use them)It’s very easy to set up a social network profile, but thekey question is whether the excitement starts to pall after 71.1% have visited a friend’sa few weeks. social network pageThe answer is very clearly not. Consumers are signing upfor profiles in larger numbers in Wave 4 and spending timekeeping them up to date. Nearly two-thirds have manageda social network profile.And they also spend time visiting their friends’ profiles aswell: 71.1% have visited a friends social network page, afigure that’s increased in every market surveyed with theexception of Brazil and Mexico. Consumers are signing up for profiles in larger numbers in Wave 4 and spending timeAndrea, Germany keeping them up Jeff, Australia to date. Carlos, BrazilPower to the People - Social Media Tracker Wave 4
  • 21. 21Belong to a Social Network, Waves 1-4 Wave 1 2 3 4Thinking about using the internet, have you ever done the following?Active internet users create a profile on my social networkGlobal Russia27.3% 36.2% 56.6% 62.5% 23.1% 41.7% 74.02% 85.3%France Spain 16% 10.3% 35.6% 50.1% 37.3% 39.5% 45.4% 59%Germany UK 22% 19% 40.55% 46.8% 26.9% 27.4% 60% 64%Italy USA 11.3% 19.1% 40.8% 45.9% 39.2% 40% 42.5% 59%
  • 22. Methodology: Universe size—putting it into context Estimated worldwide 16-54 active internet universe = 625m users 2Thinking about using the internet,have you ever done the following?Active internet users managed a socialnetwork profile 1 USA 57.8m 6North America Asia & Oceania1 USA 57.8m 13 France 10.2m 29 Australia 5.3m 42 Canada 9.4m 14 Germany 11.5m 30 China 111.8m 5 15 Hungary 1.7m 31 Hong Kong 1.9mCentral &South America 16 Italy 4.2m 32 India 9.6m3 Brazil 15.6m 17 Latvia 0.5m 33 Japan 10.2m 18 Lithuania 0.5m 34 Malaysia 9.4m 7 34 Colombia 3.5m5 Ecuador 1.9m 19 Netherlands 3.6m 35 Philippines 3.9m6 Mexico 3.1m 20 Norway 1.5m 36 Singapore 1.6m7 Peru 5.3m 21 Poland 5.6m 37 Korea 11.9m 22 Portugal 2.1mEurope Africa 23 Romania 2.7m8 Austria 0.8m 38 South Africa 1.4m 24 Russia 8.1m9 Belgium 2m 25 Spain 4.9m10 Czech Rep. 1.5m 26 Sweden 2.6m11 Denmark 1.7m 27 Turkey 4.1m12 Finland 1.2m 28 UK 12.1mPower to the People - Social Media Tracker Wave 4
  • 23. 23 20 12 26 17 24 11 1828 19 21 9 14 10 15 13 23 8 1622 27 33 25 30 China 37 111.8m 31 32 35 34 36 29 38
  • 24. The rationalisation of social mediaContent postedBlog writers only: ‘‘When writing your blogwhat topics do you normally post?’’ s te si eb wWave 3 ic us m ds an to br d ne d an s te te lis ts si ts eb uc ge ly nt w od id re /W d pr ic de ur ns us on /c en io m ite m s at on d os ur os om ic oa ni vo de pl ot c pl pi Ap Ph Re Fa Vi U O 50.2% 32.0% 28.8% 27.6% 23.8% 20.0% 14.5% % blog writersIt had to happen. The days of posting written commentary The decline or stasis in the use of separate blogging oron a blog, going to a separate site to upload images or photo-sharing sites suggests that social media is beingvideo and then managing your network of friends via rationalised. The addition of new functionality to platformsa third location were always limited. originally designed to serve each of these areas also highlights their convergence.The days when a consumer would either restrict him or herselfto just one of these activities or go to three different sites to Bloggers, for example, are no longer restricting themselvesupload content are disappearing. to text: they are adding images and video as well as music and widgets to their prose in ever greater numbers.Power to the People - Social Media Tracker Wave 4
  • 25. Wave 4 70.48% Ph ot os 43.3% Re c om m Fa en vo de d ur ite w eb 34.3% 31.9% Vi /c si de ur te os re s nt ly 31.7% O lis pi te ni ne on s d% blog writers 28.8% St on to or pr m ie us s od ic fr uc w U om ts eb pl oa ot an si d he d te m r br s 26.3% 18.4% W us bl an id ic og ds ge ts s Ap th at pl ar ic e at W io us 17.02% 15.5% ns ef id /W ul ge fo ts id r th ge m at ts e I w an t ot he rs to se e Dmitri, Russia 25
  • 26. The rationalisation of social media, cont’dContent posted on a social network eSocial Network Users: se e m‘‘What do you do with your social networking profile?’’ to r rs fo he ul ic ot ef us usWave 3 t m an e to w ar I d at at te th th lis ts ts ly ge t ge en id id rr w /w cu / ns ns e/ s io io s d nd rit s nd at n at nd s os ba u to ie lic lic ie vo g ie de fr o o fr pp pp a fr ph fa bl vi w ge e la d la ne ot ay a d g d ol sa al oa in oa al om e pl nd nd st rit es at st pl pl is In Pr In W Fi D Fi M U D U 64.8% 60.9% 45.0% 41.6% 25.8% 21.1% 18.5% 18.5% 16.9% 13.5% 7.8% % social networkersThe greatest beneficiary of consolidation, however, is the Wave 4 shows active Internet Users are using social networksocial networks that enable users to do everything they profiles as the hub for their social media. There are significantcan on a blogging site and more. These platforms – and increases in the number of users messaging friends, findingthere are different dominant players depending on the new friends or joining a group.market – continue to grow even as other elements ofthe social media universe stagnate or decline. At the same time, traditional social network activities are being accompanied by the uploading of videos and photos, blog postings and even dating. All of these activities are showing significant rises in Wave 4.Power to the People - Social Media Tracker Wave 4
  • 27. 81.5% M Wave 4 es sa ge U fr 76.3% pl ie oa nd d s ph Fi nd o to ol s d fr Fi nd ie nd s % social networkers ne w 74.3% 56.4% 47.9% Jo fr in ie a nd s gr D o 35.3% is up pl ay In fa vo st al u rit la e/ 33.5% 33.1% U pp cu pl lic rr oa at en d io t vi ns ly M 29.9% de /lis ak os wte e id ge d co to ts m W nt ac th rit us e ts at ic a fo ar bl r e In og w usScott, USA st al or k ef la pr ul fo 29.1% 24.4% 23.7% O pp of r rg lic es m an at si on e is io D e ns al 23.5% is ev /w re pl en id as ay ts ge on a s 17% D ts at di th in gi at g ta I lb ad w 14.5% Pr an om ge t (e ot ot he e .g rs a . ba av to nd at se ar , e w al lp 27 ap er )
  • 28. Country spotlights—USAWhen it comes to numbers America is a dominant player Wave 1 2 3 4in the social media space, despite having an internetpenetration at just 70% – well below the Nordics, Korea,Canada, Australia and Japan.More than 96m active internet users translates into 63.7m Blog readers 62% 51% 61% 66%blog readers, 31.9m bloggers, 57.8m active managers ofsocial network profiles and 79.9m video watchers.The most dramatic change for the US in Wave 4 has beenthe rise in the number of active internet users who havemanaged a social network profile in the last six months, Blog writers 20% 21.2% 26% 33%up nearly 50% from 43.2% to 60%.As in many other markets, social networks also attracta number of nosey friends who have yet to put theirown profile online. Create Social 39% 40% 43% 59%Video continues to become as mainstream as TV viewing Network profilefor active internet viewers with 83% now watchingaudiovisual content via the web. Manage Social 43% 60% Network profile Visit a friend’s 51% 67% social network page Video watchers 32% 52% 74% 83%Power to the People - Social Media Tracker Wave 4
  • 29. 29
  • 30. Country spotlights—UKAs it frequently does in so many other areas, the UK is Wave 1 2 3 4defying global convention when it comes to watching videos.Unlike most of the rest of the world, Brits are watching fewervideos than they did in Wave 3.The 79.1% figure is over five percentage points down on the Blog readers 38% 54% 67% 58%same statistic from Wave 3, but remains significantly aheadof Wave 2’s 61%.In other areas, however, the UK has been happy to gowith the rest of the world. Reading blogs is down at58% whilst writing has remained pretty much consistent Blog writers 10% 19% 26% 25%with Wave 3 at 24.8%.Social network usage remains on the rise with 64.1%managing a social network profile, up from 60% last timearound and 71.1% visiting their friends’ pages. Create Social 27% 27.4% 60% 64% Network profile Graham, London Manage Social 60% 64% Network profile Visit a friend’s 68% 71% social network page Video watchers 32% 61% 86% 79%Power to the People - Social Media Tracker Wave 4
  • 31. 31Country spotlights—GermanyGermany has been steady in its adoption of social media and Wave 1 2 3 4there are few drastic changes to report. By global standardsGermany has been a cautious adopter of all the majorplatforms; an increase of five per cent here, two per centthere is the norm. Blog readers 20% 15% 55% 57%One area where it does standout is the dramatic increase inthe number of people visiting friends’ profile pages. Fifty-threeper cent of active internet users popped over digitally,a rise of nearly 25%.There has also been a decline in the number of active Internet Blog writers 6% 8% 28% 28%Users who are watching videos. This has fallen from 77.1%to 74.1%, although to put this in context, back in Wave 1 thefigure was just 20.1%. Hayley, UK Create Social 22% 19% 41% 47% Network profile Manage Social 43% 50% Network profile Visit a friend’s 45% 53% social network page Video watchers 20% 44% 77% 74%
  • 32. Country spotlights—KoreaKorea is always cited as one of the most advanced global Wave 1 2 3 4markets for telecommunications and internet; our figuresshow that the truth among active internet users aged 16-54is more prosaic.For example, when it comes to accessing the internet on the Blog readers 72% 91% 92% 88%move, Korea sits at just 6%.Despite a drop in the percentage of active internet userscreating blogs, Koreans are more likely to put their thoughtsto keypad, image or video than every other nation in theworld, apart from Malaysia. It must also be noted that whilst Blog writers 46% 55% 72% 61%there has been a percentage decline, the real numbers ofactive internet users creating blogs have increased from9.8 million in Wave 3 to 11.6 million in Wave 4.The number of blog readers is also much higher than average Create Social 28% 56% 62%with 88% reading the words of others in Wave 4, a slight drop Network profilefrom 92% in Wave 3.The other area of difference is in the number of consumersuploading video in the last six months. At 34% of the total16-54-year-old population, a greater percentage of Koreans Manage Socialare making films available than any other market. 70% 63% Network profile Visit a friend’s 77% 76% social network page Video watchers 30% 74% 86% 83%Power to the People - Social Media Tracker Wave 4
  • 33. 33
  • 34. Country spotlights—BrazilBrazil has yet to reach the stage of rationalisation. Brazilians Wave 2 3 4still appear to be using a variety of platforms in order tocreate content.Social network activity has remained constant especially whenwe once again consider the enormous increase in the active Blog readers 76% 87% 62%online universe.The penetration of creating content on blogging sites hasremained consistent at 50%, and whilst the percentage ofthose reading blogs has fallen by a seemingly dramatic 28%,it must be noted that the actual numbers of active online Blog writers 35% 50% 51%users reading blogs has risen from 12 to 13.5 million. Create Social 75% 74% 69% Network profile Carlos, Brazil Manage Social 76% 72% Network profile Visit a friend’s 86% 84% social network page Video watchers 77% 94% 93%Power to the People - Social Media Tracker Wave 4
  • 35. 35Country spotlights—IndiaIndia records steady progress across the board with rising Wave 1 2 3 4use of all social media platforms. Total penetration remainslow, but among active Internet Users statistics are going inthe right direction.More Indians are managing social network profiles at 78%, Blog readers 65% 84% 79%visiting friends’ social network pages (82%) and uploadingphotos – (77%).There are slight increases in the number watching videos andreading blogs up from 72.4% to 73.0% and 62.2% to 63.1%in the last six months, respectively. Blog writers 27% 47% 54% Theresa, London Create Social 43% 66% 78% Network profile Manage Social 65% 78% Network profile Visit a friend’s 72% 82% social network page Video watchers 59% 86% 87%
  • 36. Country spotlights—ChinaWave 1 2 3 4 The Chinese market is very much an early adopters market. The penetration of social media in the last six months remains well below 10% of all 16-54s for every single platform.Blog readers 58% 85% 89% 90% Despite having internet penetration of just over 20%, universe sizes remain solid—although below some of the more exaggerated figures that are often quoted—but are still a fraction of what they will be when a greater proportion of the world’s most populous nation has access to the internet.Blog writers 58% 62% 71% 81% As in many Asian markets, blogging remains a major social media platform in China. The number of consumers reading blogs has risen to 90% from 89%, while the number writing blogs is now more than 81%.Create Social 49% 63% 70% Social networks are catching up but still have someNetwork profile way to go with 72.3% managing their social network profiles. Video is unsurprisingly big-nearly 90% are watching video online.Manage Social 64.43% 72% Tala, UAENetwork profileVisit a friend’s 75% 82.25%social network pageVideo watchers 56% 79% 90% 89%Power to the People - Social Media Tracker Wave 4
  • 37. 37The key to success in social mediaEvery element of digital media is becoming socialised, Our 10-step programme for successful social media is:providing marketers with new ways to engage a targetaudience like never before. 1 Listen to/observe what the target audience is doing in social mediaWave 4 shows that social consumption of digital content iseither already highly penetrated among active internet users 2 Create a “social object” that is relevant to theor still growing rapidly. It also sheds new light on consumer brand and of genuine interestmotivations for social media behaviour. We now know that the 3 Segment the target into tribes. Give themdesire to belong to something is as motivating as the desire to something they can join.communicate and express one’s self. 4 Allow them to engage via their preferredUM believes that the engagement opportunities of social platform of choice—create multiple interfacesmedia are deeper than those of traditional mass media and to your communitythat the power of social amplification is also much stronger. 5 Make the experience better when sharedAt the heart of our thinking is the concept of “GravitationalMass Media” where audience engagement provides a dense 6 Optimise your content for sharing—particularlycore that then attracts other consumers. via newsfeeds and Twitter 7 Use paid-for media to get the ball rolling 8 Take advantage of extreme targeting offered by social networks 9 Make sure you have the resources to manage your community management and refresh the content. 10 Track the results and optimise where necessary The data in Wave 4 juxtaposed with the relatively low ad spend in social media shows that consumers are out in front of marketers. The opportunity for success in the relatively uncluttered landscape will never be higher. Michael, Germany
  • 38. Power to the People - Social Media Tracker Wave 4
  • 39. 39What UM can do for you?The figures and analysis in this report are just a smallfraction of the insight available from the “Power to thePeople” Social Media Tracker.Wave 4 and the three preceding tranches of datacontain a much wider range of information: detailedfacts, figures and insight that are crucial tounderstanding how consumers are behaving.If you want to know how your consumers are using socialmedia, if you want to know how social media influences Glen Parker Research Director, EMEAyour consumers’ purchase decisions or if you want to knowhow effectively your communication is cutting through inthe social media landscape, then we can help.We can tell you how the social media revolution is alreadyhitting your business and how you could make the most ofthis communication opportunity.If you’d like to know moreplease contactGlen.Parker@umww.com
  • 40. Power to the People - Social Media Tracker Wave 4 Universal McCann © 2009