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Website tips and tweaks v2
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Website tips and tweaks v2


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Website Tips and Tweaks Joe Seanor
  • 2. Notice• This information is presented for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!• The information provided is not guaranteed in any way, shape or for, implied or said to provide you additional income.• All information is for your use only, and for you to work on to increase the income for your business.• There is no certification for this FREE course. Copyright 2009, 2010 PI Mall LLC 2
  • 3. Housekeeping• All phones are muted during the call• There is a chat function where you can ask me questions that I will be answering during the call.• Everyone will get a copy of the slides.• If you would like a copy of the recording, the cost is $10 for shipping and handling of a DVD with the recording and slides. Copyright 2009, 2010 PI Mall LLC 3
  • 4. To order a copy• Just go to•• And choose the video/audio recording that you would like.• Each will be burned to a DVD and mailed to you.• Recordings are playable on your PC.
  • 5. Free Copy of Slides• You can download a free copy of just the slides from:•
  • 6. Copyright• All material in this presentation is Copyright 2010 by Joseph Seanor and PI Mall LLC.• Any reproduction in physical or electronic format is not allowed without the written permission of Joseph Seanor.• If you wish to use this information in a presentation of your own, or in other materials, please contact me at: Copyright 2009, 2010 PI Mall LLC 6
  • 7. Joe Seanor• I currently hold the following certifications: • CISSP—Certified Information Systems Security Professional • NSA IAM—National Security Agency Information Assessment Methodology • CEH—Certified Ethical Hacker • CCNA—Cisco Certified Network Associate • CCDA—Cisco Certified Design Associate • MET—Master Email Tracer • Author of 17 books • 10 years Central Intelligence Agency • 14 years Private Investigator • 7 Years AOL Senior Investigator for Computer Crime Copyright 2009, 2010 PI Mall LLC 7
  • 8. Special bonus!• Here is your SUPER SPECIAL bonus• This is something I just thought about today to help you bring in more money• This is a ONE TIME OFFER• Anyone who is NOT attending this seminar live will NOT get this.• Because you are loyal PI Classroom students, I wanted to give you something special
  • 9. Special Bonus• You will have to wait until the VERY end of the seminar to find out!!!
  • 10. Website Tips and Tweaks• What we will cover: 10) Blogs 1) Google Analytics 11) Social Media 2) Webpages 12) Facebook Badge 3) Visitors vs. Clients 13) MySpace 4) Keywords 14) Twitter 5) HTML vs PHP 15) TwitterFeed 6) Webpage design tips 16) Tumblr 7) Dreamweaver 17) Mailing list 8) Joomla 18) Aweber 9) Site Map 19) Wrap up
  • 11. Google Analytics• What is this?• This is the GREATEST invention from Google yet!• And it is FREE!!!• You must have a Gmail account to use this, since it is much easier that way.• This is a way to track ALL the activity on your website.
  • 12. Google Analytics• Once you are signed up, you will be provided a code that you must put on every page of your website.• Once you do this you will be able to see everything that happens.• You can find out about: 1) Visitors 2) Pageviews 3) Time on a page 4) Where they clicked 5) And More!
  • 13. Google Analytics
  • 14. Google Analytics• Now that you have that installed, you will know everything that goes on.• You can also do Split-Testing• This is where you create another version of a page, or section of your website, and Google will rotate those two or more versions and track what happens, so you can see what your visitors like better!
  • 15. Webpages• What should you do about your webpages?• Is HTML better than PHP?• What about Dreamweaver?• What about FLASH?
  • 16. Goal??• What is the goal for your website?• Do you want more visitors?• Do you want to be ranked high in the Search Engines?• Do you want more clients?• NOTE: there is a difference between visitors and clients• You must DECIDE on your Goal first before you redesign your website.
  • 17. Visitors vs. Clients• With Visitors, your focus should be on 3 things: 1) Get them to sign up for your mailing list 2) Buy something from you (see Mondays presentation) 3) Become your client• With Clients, you need to provide them a source of contact, SECURE, and additional services.
  • 18. Keywords• Keywords are the way search engines work.• Keywords are: PI, Private Investigator, GPS, etc• FORGET GETTING THE TOP RANKINGS FOR THOSE!!• Besides those are worthless keywords, people using those are browsing. You want BUYERS.3/9/2010 Copyright 2009, 2010 PI Mall LLC and Joseph Seanor
  • 19. Keywords/Tags• So, as I have said before, think like someone searching for your business• What would they type in to find your exact business?• Not PI, or Private Investigator, think more words• These are your keywords or Tags3/9/2010 Copyright 2009, 2010 PI Mall LLC and Joseph Seanor
  • 20. Keywords/tags• Remember what I’ve said before, you should look at:• Private investigator + your state• Private investigator + your major city• Private investigator + your county• Major service + your state• Major service + your major city• Major service + your county
  • 21. Keywords/Tags• Also, note this:• Private Investigator• Private Investigators• Are seen as TWO DIFFERENT things!• (wow this stuff is crazy!!)
  • 22. Long Tail Keywords• Long tail keywords is where everything is at now, and what you need.• Consider the following list: 1) PI 2) Private Investigator 3) Private Investigator in GA 4) Divorce & Private Investigator in GA• Which do you think is someone looking to hire right now?3/9/2010 Copyright 2009, 2010 PI Mall LLC and Joseph Seanor
  • 23. Keyword Research• Here is a GREAT FREE resource for keywords• oolExternal• Lets see what we can find!
  • 24. Webpage Design• Your webpage should not be full of graphics and images that you can not “Tag”• Tag, is the process of adding Alternate Text so that when the mouse goes over the image the user sees something.• Remember, if you must uses images, you need to put these Tags on it.• Your tags should be Keyword rich as well.
  • 25. HTML vs. PHP• Which is better?• Either is fine, PHP allows for a more dynamic page design, that can change on the “fly” for the user.• PHP would come in handy when you are having clients log in to your system.• HTML is what every website has running right now, and it works great.• Do you want to stand out from the others?
  • 26. Dreamweaver• This is one of the best systems to build your webpages in.• It is expensive, but worth the money if you are going to be doing a lot of the work yourself.• HINT: Check Craigslist for a copy• Pages can be HTML, ASP, or PHP• You do not need to have a Dreamweaver server to host your pages on.• You can do almost anything with this software
  • 27. Flash?• Flash sites are very fancy!• Great graphics, Movie like look to it• But, does it really help your business?• What are your visitors or clients coming to your site for?• Do they want a movie? Entertainment? Or information?• I say, if you must have some sort of Flash movie graphic, put it inside your site.
  • 28. Webpages• Yes, that is correct webpages.• You must have more than 1 webpage on your site.• You should break down each service onto its own page.• Each page should have a navigation link on it to the other pages.• You should have a Social media bar on your pages that links to your Facebook page, MySpace, Squidoo, etc.
  • 29. Webpages• One of the overlooked areas of webpages is the design of each webpage• You need to make each page, EACH PAGE unique.• You do this by modifying the following on each page: 1) Title 2) Description 3) Keywords
  • 30. Webpages• How do you modify these areas?• You can use any type of webpage editor program• Or you can even use notepad!• You just need to make sure that you make all the changes and save the files with a htm or html extension (not doc!)
  • 31. Webpage Tips: Title• Your webpage should have a UNIQUE title for each and every page.• Do NOT use punctuations• Remember the TITLE of the Page will be listed in the Search results!• So, when a search result comes back, what do you want people to see?
  • 32. Webpage Tips: Title• So, a title that is “About Us” doesn’t work?• Would you hire someone based a listing found in a search result with this?• Or what about this: About PI Bob and how I can help you now• So, how long should the title be?• 66 characters MAX• But EACH page needs to have a different title.
  • 33. Webpage Tips: Title• What does the code look like?• <html> <head> <title>Title of the page</title> </head>• That’s it!• Remember 66 characters MAX
  • 34. Webpage Tips: Description• The description of a page is what the page is all about.• This information will show up in the Google search results under your title.• So, what will a person read?• PI, Private Investigator, Maryland Investigator• Would you hire them???
  • 35. Webpage Tips: Description• Or, would you hire someone that had this listing• Here at ABC investigations, we can provide the services to help you in the most confidential situations, and we have free consultation.• WOW!• AND each page must have a unique description!• AND each description should be RELEVANT to that page!
  • 36. Webpage Tips: Description• What does the code look like?• <head> <title>Title of page</title> <meta name="description" content=“make it relevant stuff" /> </head> <body>
  • 37. Webpage Tips: Keywords• Okay, so we had our keyword talk• You MUST have the right keywords• And you need to focus on what type of customers you are looking for.• Once you have those keywords together, you will use them when submitting them to search engines, web2.0 sites, etc• You will also use them on each of your website pages
  • 38. Webpage Tips: Keywords• And as always, you want the keywords to be RELEVANT to your page.• How?• Make sure the keywords that you have in this tag, appear ON the page.• You don’t have to make everyone show up, but the more the better.• Yep, it is a complex process!!
  • 39. Webpage Tips: Keywords• How long should the keywords be?• Max 250 characters, with spaces• So, make sure you check your count!• You don’t have to go to the maximum number, but get as close as you can.• Where do you find this keyword tag at?
  • 40. Webpage Tips: Keywords• <head> <title>Title of page</title> <meta name="description" content=“make it relevant stuff" />• <meta name="keywords" content=“keyword1, keyword2, keyword3, keyword4, keyword5, keyword6" />• </head> <body>
  • 41. Social Media Buttons• Here is the easiest way to do this.•• Free and easy to use
  • 42. Joomla• Joomla…oh YES!• This is what is called a CMS• Content Mangement System• Most hosted webproviders will provide a way for you to install this with one click.• It is VERY powerful!!• If you really want to stand out and offer a better experience to your visitors/clients this is it!
  • 43. Joomla• What can you do?• You can get any of the thousands of FREE templates for your website from the web.• The basis of a CMS is that you connect to your interface and make whatever changes you want to a SINGLE document, and when you are done, it pushes out to all of your pages!• So, you need to change a phone number?• Instead of changes 37 pages, you change 1 file and all the other pages are changed!
  • 44. Joomla• You can even set up a Registration section on it.• Where visitors or clients can register.• When a registered user logins into your site, they can see additional menu choices that no one else can see.• You can even have different levels for them, say visitor or client.• With Joomla, you can allow visitors to see only part of a page, a client more of the page and an employee the whole page!• And you can “Future-date” the pages, where you create all the pages today, and registered users will see some pages today, others next week, others next month!
  • 45. Joomla• Once installed, it is pretty easy to modify all the pages on your site from you main control panel.• It does a bit to get used to, but once you do, it is a wonderful system to use.• And if you have a log of information to show, this is what you need.
  • 46. Site Map• YES!!• You must have a site map for your website.• This is easy to create, just get this program• Xtreme Site Expert• It is pretty much a click and create program to generate a site map for google or other seach engines for your website.• This Site Map should be updated anytime a page is changed.
  • 47. Blogs?• Do you need a Blog?• YES!!• Even if you don’t want to write every day in it, you need a blog.• Better yet, have a blog for each of your employee’s• You can use the software called Wordpress for your blog.• You can sign up for free at:•
  • 48. Blogs• You can also create your blog at:•• You should update them on a regular basis• At least once or twice a week• Make sure you download my FREE seminar on Wordpress for the PI• If you can’t handle that, you can add RSS feeds to it, which will add stories meeting your keywords to it for you.
  • 49. Blogs• Content for the blog??• No time to write?• NO PROBLEM!!!• Use Yahoo Pipes!!• Just go to:•• And you can do some amazing things!!!
  • 50. Facebook?• You better have a Facebook profile!• A Facebook profile is about YOU• You can then create a Facebook Page or Facebook Group about your business.• But if you don’t have Facebook at all, wow, your missing out!
  • 51. Facebook Badge• If you do not have a Facebook profile now, you need to set one up.• A Profile is about YOU• Once you have a Profile setup, you will create a Facebook Page about your Company, or product you want to sell.• Once you have your Facebook Profile setup, you need to get a Facebook Badge.
  • 52. Facebook Badge• Scroll down your page and look for a note that says “Create a Profile Badge”• This is GREAT!• This allows you to add a nice little “badge” that can be put on your other internet websites.• Note, it says Facebook at the top…a known, reputable name• You can even ask people to send it out or put it on their sites.• Best of all it updates with information about you and notes that you put on your Status!• You can even Email it! Copyright 2009, 2010 Joseph 52 Seanor and PI Mall LLC
  • 53. Facebook Badge Copyright 2009, 2010 Joseph 53 Seanor and PI Mall LLC
  • 54. MySpace• Even though MySpace is dropping in numbers of professionals and businesses, you still need your MySpace profile.• This should be a combination of You and your Business.• You need to make sure that you update your MySpace page with your company services, products and more.• Make sure you add to your MySpace blog as well.• Your MySpace information should be added to your website as well.
  • 55. Twitter• Are you on Twitter?• If not, you should be.• Make sure that you are using an Auto-Twitter system like the one at:•• This way you can load up all the things you want to talk about at one time.• You will then want to put your Twitter link on every page in your website.• This will help to keep your pages “fresh”.
  • 56. Twitter links everywhere!• Make sure you put your “Follow me on Twitter” link on every email• Every webpage• Everywhere• As people see that you are using Twitter, they will start to follow you to see what you are doing.• People are very interested in PI’s and this is a way for them to peek into our lives.3/9/2010 Copyright 2009 PI Mall LLC and Joseph Seanor
  • 57. How to do this very easy• You want to be able to look very hi-tech and yet very Social?• Here is a quick way to do that:•• Just go there and you can get the button for your site setup in moments.• And then put the button EVERYWHERE3/9/2010 Copyright 2009 PI Mall LLC and Joseph Seanor
  • 58. Automate Twitter?• OH YEAH!!• How?• Well, I’ve got some very SPECIAL tools to do that.• http:/• Or here is another site as well
  • 59.• is a website that allows you to automate content to your Twitter account.• What would you use?• Use Yahoo Pipes I’ve been talking about!• Use your Facebook account• You can also use your Tumblr account, more on that next!
  • 60.• Yep, another KEY site to have a free site on for your business.• Why?• Well, it is HIGHLY rated by Google and other search engines• But, best of all, you can setup some automation from Yahoo pipes, that will feed content to Tumblr.• Tumblr can then feed the content to your Facebook page!• Tumblr can feed to other sites as well!• So, you MUST have a site there.
  • 61.• So, make sure you go and download my FREE seminar on Tumblr for the PI• This seminar will show you how to create and configure your Tumblr site.•
  • 62. Mailing list!!• Do you have a mailing list?• Do you have a way for visitors to sign up to a mailing list?• You MUST have a mailing list!!!!• Use the following• Aweber at• $1 trial of the product for 30 days and it is great!
  • 63. Aweber• It is very, very easy to create your mailing list sign-up• Aweber will walk you through the whole process.• And you can even create emails in advance of sending them out!• So, you can write a month, two months or more of automatic emails that will be sent out on a daily or every couple of days basis!!
  • 64. Aweber• Here is a great way to set this up.• Email 1: Thanks and overview of list• Email 2: Hot topic• Email 3: Link to a private area of your site• Email 4: Hot topic• Email 5: FREE info on a subject• Email 6: Question• Email 7: Investigative Tip• Email 8: Website you found• Email 9: Something you are an expert in• Email 10: Did you see this scam people are falling for?
  • 65. Aweber• Email 11: Email/Phone contact for you personally• Email 12: Another expert statement from you• Email 13: Email scam alert• Email 14: Reminder to update their windows software• Email 15: Hot topic• Email 16: Reminder to update their virus scanner and to scan their computer
  • 66. Aweber• That’s a great outline to work with.• You now have 2 months of email contact with your visitor, if you send out 2 emails per week!• You just need to fill in the subject of each of those emails.• Always remember to include your website link• Always remember to include your email address• Always remember to include your phone number
  • 67. Checklist• Research good LONG TAIL Keywords!• Update your pages on a regular basis• Make sure to create a new site map each time a page is changed• Check out Joomla as a possible tool• Create your Facebook Profile (and add Joe as a friend!)• Create MySpace page• Create a Twitter account• Add the Twitter HTML code to each page• Add the Facebook Badge to your website• Add the Social Websites button to your site
  • 68. Upcoming classes• March and April schedule will be uploaded tomorrow!• Friendster investigations!• IPOD forensics!• THE LOOP!!!• YouTube Investigations!
  • 69. Its here!!!• The PI Mall Affiliate program!!!•
  • 70. Contact• If you need to contact me• Joe Seanor••• Phone: 404-202-1799 (9am to 6pm only please!)
  • 71. Thank You