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Newsletter from Miyamoto International. Earthquake + Structural Engineers.

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Miyamoto International 2011 newsletter

  1. 1. 2011global news
  2. 2. Let me give you more details. Cardno, an international 6,000-person civil engineering company. Michael King “Make the World a Better Place” is not a is currently leading the reconstruction cliché. This is what we do. It is something effort there. In Copenhagen, where the we strongly believe in and we walk the United Nations Office of Project Services walk EVERYDAY. (UNOPS) headquarters is located, All of us are passionate about what we we are discussing a possible global do. We use our strengths and work as strategic alliance. Through an alliance part of a team to complement each with UNOPS, we have faster access other’s uniqueness. We value character, to the central governments worldwide. communication and teamwork skills in In Bangkok, where people are really individuals even more than technical concerned about their seismic risk, the skills. If we work as a team, we can do so GE Capital Bank is engaging us with their much more than we can as individuals. business partners to protect their assets and to look after their schools. We have formed strong strategic relationships with key organizations Because of all these strategic actions I such as the Pan American Development may not be able to be with you often. But Foundation, Burbank Airport, Haitian here is what I ask you to do: manage andKit Miyamoto and Guilaine Victor with Haitian government, Cardno in New Zealand, lead yourself. Build strong relationships Bangkok GE Bank, United Nations, with the people you work with. Challenge1 USAID and many more. They all value your peers and managers if commitments 2 LETTER FROM KIT our technical robustness and unique are not followed. Grow as a team player, expertise, but more than that, they value a communicator and a leader. Study this I am on a United flight to meet Jay Reiser I believe our great success so far is our understanding of their organizations subject continuously by reading books and Chris Smith in Cleveland. Why founded on five elements: and strategies. As a result of knowing and listening to CDs. We need effective Cleveland? Because the three of us are them deeper, our solutions are right on leaders to grow and succeed as a firm, • Being a purpose-driven company meeting one of the largest developers in the money. and to have a greater impact worldwide. the U.S., and they happen to be located • Having passionate and teamwork- there. They are interested in engaging oriented people Over the next six weeks, I will be in Haiti, Thank you, Miyamoto as a possible strategic partner. New Zealand, Copenhagen, Romania Kit Miyamoto Since they develop whole communities • Possessing a unique focused niche and Bangkok. We are committed to and cities, if this partnership is successful, of high-performance earthquake expanding our business globally, because we will not only provide engineering but engineering that is where the majority of economical we may influence the strategic direction of • Creating strategic partnerships growth will occur in the next 20 years. development worldwide. with key organizations Our expertise is unique, and these global regions need our help the most. Related Links In these uncertain economic times the • Executing international In Haiti, the country and people I • Structural Engineer: competition is fierce. Just being a good growth strategy love, we are engaged deeply in the Kit Miyamoto, one of a kind old structural engineering firm is not enough. It is a sure formula for eventual reconstruction effort. I feel our effort • Kit Miyamoto appointed to the failure. We need to be strategic partners will significantly impact how people Alfred E. Alquist Seismic Safety with client organizations, public agencies, live in the future. In New Zealand, we Commission and even countries if we want to succeed. have formed a business alliance with
  3. 3. developed and managed for ceiling and design consultants. I want to give assembly manufacturers that were a special thanks to our design team performed at the University of Buffalo, NY, including Mike, Natalie, and Amir for all of and UC Berkeley. Bob and Amir hope to their hard work on the project. I’m really build upon this experience by expanding looking forward to the site visits! our services to include similar testing Finally, I’d like to once again, welcome for other equipment and non-structural Jay and Lorretta to our humble components. In Iasi County, Romania, a Sacramento team, and congratulate Dave construction license was just issued for and Sonia as our newest Professional the seismic retrofit of the Iasi City Hall. Engineers! The City Hall is a three-story stone and brick masonry bearing wall structure “Cheers” to a strong finish to 2011! built in the 1820s. Our retrofit consists of implementation of a lead-rubber bearing base isolation system below the ground floor level. This unique project required a very demanding three-month design schedule, an understanding of Romanian design codes, and close collaborationSacramento team putting their all into Halloween with Romanian government officials3 4 SACRAMENTO It’s been a year since our last publication, A big thanks to Rachael and the finance Sacramento activities in the past year so we have a lot of ground to cover. I’ll team for the scary decorations and lunch start with August of 2010, when Bob led treats! the Miyamoto team in our third Ride For In December, we had our annual a Reason fundraising bicycle ride on the Christmas potluck and white elephant beautiful American River bike trail. Once gift exchange. As always, the exchange again, we raised funds by engaging was a lot of fun with people stealing gifts business partners in our community ranging from a bottle of Crown Royal to a to sponsor the Miyamoto team and megaphone! This year, we had our 2011 raised about $3,000 to support cancer kick-off party at Spataro Restaurant in survivorship programs and Parkinson’s downtown Sacramento. The dinner and research. the company were fantastic, with nearly In October, we had our annual Halloween everyone from our finance, HR, and costume potluck. As always, competition Sacramento teams in attendance. was stiff, with costumes ranging from Some of the more unique or notable celebrity to the macabre. Most convincing projects over the past year that I’d like costume was Steve’s Lady Gaga, which to share include shake table testing could only have been more convincing if programs that Bob and Amir have he had broken out in song!
  4. 4. the destruction and trying to finalize their Congratulations to Allen and Kim plan for reconstruction. The work we can Manalansan on their first baby boy. Arun help with there consists of demolition Sem Manalansan was born on August 10 engineering, building assessments, at 9.2 lbs, 21½ inches. seismic retrofitting, preservation of historic buildings and new construction. New Zealand parallels many west coast cities in that their building stock is of similar vintage, with buildings from the late 19th century (mostly URMs) as well as highly engineered systems such as base isolated hospitals. While Christchurch is primarily Related Links in recovery mode, Wellington, a city on the North Island, long thought to be at a • The Press (New Zealand): higher seismic risk, is now in full mitigation ‘Too many’ demolitions mode in preparation for the seismic • New Zealand Channel 3 event that they know is in their future. MI, News feature along with Cardno’s structural team, are providing great assistance in their effortsJoniene Swick (L), Michael King (R) and company enjoying one of the Yosemite hikes to create a safe environment.5 6 OC/SAN DIEGO Greetings from OC/SD! Those of us who owner/developer contacts that she is attended the Miyamoto Yosemite camping bringing to MI from her past experience trip last month are settling back in to the focused in the San Diego market. Sheri daily task of making the world a better Abedin has been helping us out in OC place. I’ll go out on a limb and state that as our administrative assistant. Sheri I thought that was far and away the best recently moved to OC from Seattle where company event I have ever attended. The she worked at Microsoft. I have come variety of hikes, bike rides, card games, to think that Sheri knows more about social get togethers, perfect weather and Microsoft’s products than Bill Gates time well spent with both new and “old” himself! friends was beyond compare. If you didn’t Mike King who spent 7 months in Haiti last attend this year’s event, consider putting year has just headed off to Christchurch, it on your calendar for next year; it’s a New Zealand, to develop business and can’t miss great adventure. establish Miyamoto International there In people news, Joniene (John-neen) in a strategic alliance with Cardno, a Swick has joined us as a new Regional mostly civil worldwide firm that has an Business Development Associate in San established presence in Christchurch. Diego. Joniene has a rather extensive With the earthquakes there over the past network of architects, contractors and 11 months, the city is still reeling from Arun Sem Manalansan Cardno vehicle on site in New Zealand
  5. 5. The Los Angeles office team (BCAM) exhibit. We are developing a By now, you have seen the emails great relationship with this client and hope announcing the LA office’s new hires. to continue to work with them on future But we’d like to extend another warm projects. welcome to Glenda Tavera, Gretchen Haussler, Philip Yu, Wilson Nunez, Rachel With the 30/10 Initiative in the works, Wong, and Chris Haight. *Round of our LA team is currently working on the applause!!* We welcome them and look Westside Subway Extension. This “Subway forward to another great year at Miyamoto to the Sea” will extend the Purple Line, International! which now runs from Union Station to Koreatown, all the way into Santa Monica. The project will reduce a typical car ride from the Westwood/UCLA to downtown Los Angeles from one hour to only 24 minutes! Eventually, the other phases of the project Related Links will take the line all the way to the end of Santa Monica and allow travelers to get • LAX Theme Building right to the sea for some fun, sand, tan and feature video surf!7 8 LOS ANGELES The Los Angeles office has been growing under the RITC and making the new and has expanded 40 percent! Almost parking structure larger to accommodate all of our cubicles in the office have been this relocated parking to a one-for-one filled and during our lunch staff meetings, space basis. We have been working closely LETTER between Miyamoto and other overly- conservative structural engineering firms we actually have to bring in extra chairs! with the design team and the Airport FROM MARK We have been so lucky to find talented Authority to ensure that all the client’s will continue to grow. engineers to join the Miyamoto team that needs and requests are met. Wow–as I as travel Sure, the building market is not great. But share our vision to make the world a better around the U.S., it We continue to provide design services Miyamoto’s focus on high-performance place. becomes more and for the fine arts and museum market earthquake engineering plus better more apparent that Miyamoto is rapidly The LA office is still working with the sector. In particular, we have worked on overall business practices will allow the distinguishing itself from the pack of other Burbank Airport Authority on a redesign exhibitions featured in the Los Angeles firm to grow in flat or declining markets. firms who cannot seem to break free of of the Regional Intermodal Transportation County Museum of Art’s Resnik Pavilion. their self-imposed constraints. I’m glad to be a small part of this Center. The project is a 300,000-square- We worked on the current Tim Burton company and proud of the firm’s success. foot structure with a consolidated rental Exhibit and Gifts of the Sultan: The Arts of With a strong sense of purpose (saving Being successful is fun–especially when care facility, terminals for airport shuttle, Giving at the Islamic Courts. We have also lives), incredibly aggressive PR, most companies that do what you do transit bus services, and visitor parking. We designed the new exhibition partition walls consistent brand-building activities, laser- aren’t! are now changing the design from a 4-story for the upcoming “Living in a Modern Way” focussed recruiting, and last but not least, parking structure to a three-story parking California Design exhibit and Metropolis II our fearless leader, Kit, I predict the gap Mark Zweig structure, while eliminating public parking at the Broad Contemporary Art Museum
  6. 6. Portland team in Yosemite, 2011 Earthquake Symposium suddenly restrained brace (BRB) building in Haiti. became reality. After much planning This four-story building was engineered and many meetings, we had our by John Rupp and is starting construction Earthquake Symposium at the end of very soon. We are currently working on June. Kit presented his findings from the the Carribean market, which will be the earthquake and tsunami in Japan along second steel-framed BRB building in Haiti. This three-story building will be supported with Dr. Chris Goldfinger from OSU on on a single story cast-in-place concrete a Thursday evening at the AIA Portland structure; which will provide parking for office. On Friday, over 100 people the adjacent market after the phase one attended a full day of presentations of construction is complete. Cory has also and panel discussions at Lincoln Hall, started discussions on a ten-story mixed- Portland State University. We also gave use building in Haiti. We will work with a presentation about the analysis phase a Portland architect and a local Haitian for rehabilitation in the afternoon session, architect on the design. This is an exciting and presented and moderated a session project that will provide an opportunity in the morning regarding the regulatory to bring “Portland–centric“ architectural landscape in Portland and Oregon. design and mentoring to Haiti. In addition to bringing the A/E/C and We welcome Rob Aman to the Portland government leaders together on the issue Office. Rob has been a structural of Oregon’s earthquake vulnerability, engineer in Portland for over 15 years. He the other significant outcome from the graduated from Portland State University9 symposium were the discussions about and came to us from Nishkian Dean where 10 PORTLAND earthquake safety for the unreinforced he successfully engineered and managed We have had a very busy year up here in We also recently completed an ASCE- masonry schools. To this end, the a wide variety of local projects, including the great Northwest. We have rekindled 31 Tier 3, using ASCE-41, for an existing symposium committee is moving forward new construction and renovations of a few relationships with architects ten-story reinforced concrete apartment on addressing these issues with the public schools, seismic retrofits of fire and contractors that we worked with building for HUD loan requirements. This Portland Public Schools and a fundraising stations, and projects at Oregon State previously when our company did a project came to us from a friend of John event to retrofit these dangerous school University. Rob will provide the day-to- handful of seismic retrofits in the mid-to- Rupp. We found that the shear walls on buildings is planned for the near future. day leadership for our Portland Office. late 90s. We successfully completed the the lower floors are overstressed and that A big thank you to Jessica Stanton for all He is reconnecting with his clients and investigation phase for 300 NW 14th Street the building is torsionally sensitive, which has already brought in opportunities to the effort and hours she put forth in order (Dynagraphics) and we were recently can result in major damage or collapse Miyamoto Portland! Rob is also leading to make this Symposium happen. awarded the construction documentation in an earthquake. We have proposed a the effort in finding our new office space phase due to our high performance high-performance engineering option to Portland is very glad to have Cory in the city of Portland. We are looking engineering differentiator. Another local retrofit the building with visco-elastic and Kilcullen back in our office part time from forward to moving closer to our clients and engineer wanted to use braced frames, viscous dampers, in order to eliminate the Haiti office. Cory is managing the action in the near future, and will host an but we were able to show that, by the torsional sensitivity and reduce commercial and residential projects from open house after we have moved to our using ASCE-41 and high-performance the demand to the shear walls. After Haiti and provides a very important link new space. engineering, the existing wall piers on the presenting our investigation phase results to these projects for client management, We look forward to an exciting and action- 2nd floor work without the braced frames. to our client, we look forward to starting information gathering, and coordination packed third and fourth quarter and to The contractor/development partner, our the next phase soon. with production in the U.S. We have reporting from our new office space in the client, preferred our solution and was successfully completed the design for After the earthquake and Tsunami next newsletter. also reassured of this decision after our many projects, including the Fonkoze meeting with the lead structural engineer in Japan this past March, previous Building, the first steel-framed buckling with the City of Portland. discussions with the AIA for a Portland
  7. 7. retrofit phases of the project, the family The project took approximately three lived in a temporary shelter located next weeks to complete from start to finish. to the house. The shelter was modest at CTS, the construction team responsible best, measuring a whopping 11ft x 7ft and for the retrofit, performed above and included a cooking area close to the door, beyond expectations and was a key one bed and blankets on the dirt floor for component to the success of the project. those unable to sleep in the bed. Lessons learned along the way will help facilitate future retrofits by potentially The retrofit consisted of the following: shaving one full day off each shear wall 1) replacing the slab on the 1-story constructed (six total in this house). section, including adding two columns Overall, the project was a resounding and a beam; 2) adding 11.5 meters of success, and the homeowners couldn’t 3-inch shear walls throughout the bottom be happier. story; 3) chainage beams to tie the second story walls together; and 4) new Follow our Yellow House Repair roof corrugation, 2 x 4s with hurricane progress and watch our Hope Comes to ties, and lattes to replace worn and Haiti video! deteriorated roofing.Demolition of existing slab New slab rebar cage and formwork11 12 HAITI Greetings from Haiti! houses and have an additional five houses in Delmas 32. The initial retrofit Tremendous progress has been made example in the paragraphs below is from with the Yellow House Repair program in Delmas 48. that we recently passed the 4,000 houses repaired milestone! This has been a The house was not selected by our team, wonderful success and a critical step rather it selected us. Part of the slab roof in providing safe houses for hundreds collapsed (~25%) while repairs were of thousands of displaced Haitians. being performed. Fortunately, no one was However, this effort is nowhere near injured. However, this unfortunate mishap enough when compared to the overall did allow for the opportunity to verify the needs and requirements of the damaged guidelines empirically and learn what houses in Haiti. While house reparation does and does not work in partnership increases ductility and performance, with the CM, quality engineers, contractor, strengthening is still required for long and masons. term solutions. The house was occupied by a family of Miyamoto Haiti is currently a partner 5—mom, grandma, and three kids ages in the Retrofit Guideline Development 12, 17 and 19—and was a one-story, program. We have completed four pilot two-story mix. During the demolition and Completed retrofit including new slab and roof MI engineer Andy Wilson with the happy family
  8. 8. This event is a series of national and with viscous dampers had been accepted international conferences and panels by the scientific committee before the designed to develop standards that will conference. Because Kit could not join set up healthy communication platforms the event, the paper related to the viscous and to organize coordination between dampers (related to his PHD thesis) different actors involved in urbanization. pushed me to read it three times so I People and foundations who contribute to would be able to answer any question achieving better built environments were raised as a result of the presentation. honored with ArkiPARC awards. Creating Finally, my three speeches were new opportunities for more effective successful by attracting the attention of communication among participants is one the audience. (By the way, I recommend of the main objectives. That is why we every structural engineer in MI to read wanted to create a presence for ourselves the doctoral thesis carefully as it is an as a private company, as shown in the efficient resource to understanding high- picture to the left. performance engineering well). In May, we participated in the 7th National It was a very nice opportunity to see Earthquake Engineering Conference many of you at the Yosemite event and held biannually in Turkey. Our three the following leadership meeting. Hope toFuji-Miyamoto at the ArchiPARC event in March, 2011 papers related to the LAX Building, Haiti see you again next time. reconstruction and high-rise buildings13 14 ISTANBUL The first two quarters of 2011 have D.C. principal of Leo A Daly, to lead the shown the symptoms of economical discussion of “sustainability”. Needless to upheaval in Turkey. We have been say, my emphasis was more related to the busy with the new project of Phase-1 impact of high-performance earthquake study for the earthquake performance engineering on sustainability. assessment of ING Bank’s more than In March, we were busy with various 160 branch buildings nationwide. So far, business development activities. Visiting we have completed 75 percent and are MIPIM 2011 event in Cannes, France, progressing successively according to an international real estate exhibition our schedule. organization visited by 20.000 people in 3 Participating in the Turkey GRI 2011 days, was a good opportunity to see the event in January was a good start for the national and international market players new year. Global Real Estate Institute altogether. I would recommend that MI (GRI) events held in most countries take a booth at this event. provide good opportunities to meet with In March, we participated in a conference international investors and market leaders called ArkiPARC that is a series of altogether in a single day. This year we meetings to bring property, architecture participated jointly as a co-chair speaker and construction industries together. with architect Allan Feltoon, Washington Students at one of the many schools assessed by FMI in Turkey
  9. 9. In the past months Miyamoto Italia has in L’Aquila. These buildings were completed the following work: damaged by the M6.3 earthquake that occurred on April 9, 2009. The solution • Structural design of the new Terminal involves the use of friction pendulum Building at Bucharest International isolators with double curvature, Airport. The project involved the which made it possible to achieve the structural design of the new Finger complete retrofit of the buildings at the Building at Bucharest Otopeni code level requirements. Advanced International Airport. The steel non-linear time history analyses were structure for gravity loads was added developed to assess the behavior of to a shear wall structure for seismic the isolated structure. This is one of the action. The challenge of the project first buildings in Italy to be retrofitted was the particular architecture of the with friction pendulum isolators. roof, with long spanned curve steel beams and tree-style tubular columns. • Seismic vulnerability assessment of The structure is in a moderate-to- the hangar at the Milan International high seismic area and was developed Airport. Hangar “Breda” is a large according to capacity design criteria. steel structure built in 1936 and is considered one of the best steelNew Terminal Building in Bucarest International Airport • Seismic retrofit project with isolation buildings in Italy. The footage is system of two six-story buildings approximately 120 x 60 meters and15 16 MILAN Miyamoto Italia started its activities in as tender for public works Despite this October 2010 with our first office in Milan. hard time, Miyamoto Italia is working to Our team is currently composed of three consolidate relationships with previous senior engineers: Pietro Boerio, Devis clients of its Principals. Contracts were Sonda, Marco Cossu, and two junior signed with Jacobs Italia, Conteco (the engineers: Matteo Gemelli and Silvia. top firm in Italy for project reviewing), Additional collaborators are utilized part- and the municipality of Carpi. We time when necessary. started to create a project team with TFO (architectural services) and STI At present he Italian economy is not Engineering (electrical/mechanical good. The engineering market decreased engineering); and a first offer in a tender about 50 percent in the last year. Public was done. projects are currently assigned with tenders based mainly on the maximum New relationships have been established decrease from the starting price and with SEA Aeroporti Milanesi, Techint, not on qualification. Due to European Capelli Architettura and others. We expect regulations, Miyamoto Italia can’t use to sign contracts with these companies in the expertise of Miyamoto International the next months. Opening of “S.Pellico” primary school at Rosà –Italy
  10. 10. the roof is supported by only two truss Army Corp. Furthermore, before the end beams spanning 120 meters, which are of the year, we are waiting for results of a supported by four RC columns. This tender for the design of a new bridge in building is sensitive to civil protection Florence. in case of an earthquake, and a In this first 10 months of activity, Miyamoto seismic assessment was performed, Italia started to promote the Miyamoto after an extensive series of tests on brand in the European contest by materials. Preliminary indications participating in several conferences in Italy on how to retrofit the structure were and abroad, and working in the academic developed. context (Padua and Trento Universities). The Ongoing work for Milan includes: main presentations have been held in Milan and L’Aquila. • Seismic vulnerability assessment of S. Nicolo Church in Carpi (Modena, We wrote several papers: Italy). This beautiful fourteenth-century • Seismic Retrofit of “S. Pellico” Primary church belongs to the historical and school at Rosà - D. Sonda, M. Cossu, monumental heritage of Italy. In the C.T.E. Conference, Brescia, November first phase, an extensive series of 2010 tests on materials was performed and then a mathematical model of the • Seismic Retrofit of Buildings with structure was created. The collapsed Isolators, M. Cossu, D. Sonda, XIV17 mechanisms were individuated and 18 Italian Earthquake Engineering indications about retrofit strategies Conference (A.N.I.D.I.S.), Bari 2011 were developed. • Haiti 2010: Earthquake Damage • Peer Review of the new metro line Assessment, D. Sonda, M. Cossu, Cityringen in Copenhagen, Denmark. XIV Italian Earthquake Engineering The work, which started in June 2011, Conference (A.N.I.D.I.S.), Bari 2011 consists of the validation of structural design for 21 new metro stations. We serve in Work Group 7, Earthquake Resistant Structures, of IABSE and we • Structural design of New Bacterial were invited to make a presentation on Facility and Utility Building for Novartis our rapid damage assessment of 400,000 in Siena (Italy). This is a four-story Haitian structures, in Venice in 2010, steel structure, with a footage of and the following meeting in London, in approximately 3,000 square meters. A September, on vulnerability and simple system of braces has been developed strengthening techniques for non- to improve seismic performance and engineered buildings in development. reduce structural damage after an earthquake. Due to the bad situation of the Italian engineering market, we are looking at a In the next months Miyamoto Italia new opportunity in Algeria (North Africa), will develop the preliminary structural a fast-growing market, close to Italy. We project of five new residential buildings met potential partners and we are working in Cecchignola (Roma) for the National to develop this new market opportunity. S.Nicolo Church in Carpi in Modena, Italy
  11. 11. Tom and his family in Yosemite GRM project at the Beringer winery New GRM principal Steve Shekellan19 20 GLOBAL RISK MIYAMOTO GRM is having a great 2011 with many We are about to begin another fantastic projects for major corporations. large Phase II project for a large In addition U.S. projects, we did flood pharmaceutical company. risk projects in Thailand and Spain for To get all the work out, we needed the Kimberly Clark and UBE Chemical; help of many MI engineers. Thanks to earthquake risk projects in Italy, Mexico, Marco, Pete and Allen in Orange County, Chile and Japan for Flowserve, Kraft, and Amir, Mike and Dave in Sacramento, Anglo-American and Sanofi-Aventis; and for all their help. Going forward, we will a hurricane risk project in Puerto Rico for continue to look to MI to staff many of our AES Power. projects. The facility types we worked on We are excited to introduce a new GRM broadened from our typical industrial, principal, Steve Shekelian, who joined us manufacturing and retail base. This past in September. After working with me and year, we added wind farms, solar plants, Rob at EQE for many years, Steve was at wineries and a couple of steel mills. We Exponent for the past 10 years. He brings are also starting to do more Phase II a wealth of experience in structural and work and just completed a large Phase risk engineering and failure analysis. He II project for half a dozen wineries in is located in the OC office and will help California. grow GRM. Rob Philbrick in Kyoto, Japan for 3M Phase I
  12. 12. allow the families to safely return home. techniques, the safety of buildings and Miyamoto Relief will hire and train Haitian other structures, and thus, the Haitian contractors to repair the damaged people. Miyamoto Relief hopes to expand houses, bringing them up to international this program to other earthquake-prone safety standards. countries that lack qualified engineering programs and educators. Given its ability to raise money from donations and grants, Miyamoto Relief HOW IS MIYAMOTO RELIEF’S WORK also plans to help repair earthquake IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES DIFFERENT damaged schools in Haiti that have THAN THE WORK MIYAMOTO been neglected by international funding INTERNATIONAL UNDERTAKES? agencies and that do not have the funds The activities and purposes of Miyamoto needed to undertake necessary repairs. Relief and Miyamoto International As its first project of this type, Miyamoto are drastically different. Miyamoto Relief has identified and plans to repair International is a privately-owned a dangerously constructed high school corporation that provides earthquake building in Port au Prince, Haiti. Although and structural engineering services, for the school did not collapse in the 2010 a fee, to government agencies, private- earthquake given its location far from thePhyllis Newton Christine Herridge sector organizations, building owners, epicenter, it is certain to fail in the event developers, architects and general of a nearby earthquake. Miyamoto Relief contractors. Miyamoto International21 will hire and train Haitian contractors to 22 also provides disaster response and MIYAMOTO RELIEF strengthen this school building, making it mitigation services to its clients. As a a safe place for children to learn. SAVING LIVES AROUND THE WORLD for-profit corporation responsible to its Miyamoto Relief is also able to provide shareholders and employees, Miyamoto We are excited to announce that our non- building practices and substandard essential structural safety education International, Inc. is only able to work profit, Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief (to materials. Miyamoto Relief is the lacking in many parts of the world. For on projects for paying clients, and is be known as Miyamoto Relief), is up and realization of Kit’s dream of helping those example, we are currently teaching therefore, unable to serve the poorest running. We have received our tax-exempt affected by disasters and preventing the a college-level class on earthquake communities lacking financial resources. status from both the State of California loss of additional lives. structural engineering to Haitian In contrast, Miyamoto Relief, as a non- and the Internal Revenue Service and engineers at the Haitian Public Works profit corporation, will undertake critically More than one year after the earthquake have begun receiving donations that will Ministry. The class is the equivalent of important educational and charitable in Haiti, there are still large numbers enable us to undertake our mission of an upper division undergraduate course, projects. It can immediately send qualified of families forced to live in temporary saving lives. similar to those offered at universities representatives to the site of a natural campsites because their homes were destroyed. Miyamoto Relief is initiating a throughout the United States. The disaster to assess the safety of remaining WHAT IS MIYAMOTO RELIEF’S inaugural class of 30 Haitian engineers structures, not just structures belonging program to relocate these families from PURPOSE? is being taught how to engineer safe to paying clients. It can focus on the the campsites where they are exposed While responding to natural disasters structures for earthquake loading and is hardest hit areas globally and the most to severe weather, diseases, and violent throughout the world, Kit has witnessed being introduced to structural dynamics, vulnerable populations without the need crime. Led by Miyamoto Relief, teams of the tragic loss of human life—including concrete and masonry structure to earn professional fees or a profit. international and recently-trained Haitian countless children—when structures detaining, and the International Building engineers will assess the earthquake Visit our website here! failed needlessly due to a lack of Code. These Haitian engineers will damaged houses, evaluate repairs, engineering knowledge, improper undoubtedly improve future construction and help with reconstruction efforts to
  13. 13. WHO MAKES DECISIONS ON BEHALF Christine Herridge, in addition to her OF MIYAMOTO RELIEF? work for Miyamoto International, Christine Miyamoto Relief is governed by an has joined Miyamoto Relief part-time as independent Board of Directors composed its Disaster Risk Management Consultant. primarily of community and business Christine has more than 15 years of leaders. In addition to Kit, who serves as the experience serving in international President, the Board currently consists of disaster management roles, creating the following individuals: Steve Ayers, CEO alliances for disaster preparedness, of Armour Steel Company, Inc.; Terry Risse, and risk mitigation, in the Dominican President of Iron Mechanical; Jeffrey Dorso, Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Managing Partner of the Pioneer Law Group, Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, LLC; and Phyllis A. Newton, Principal, Law Jamaica, Nicaragua, Trinidad and Offices of Phyllis A. Newton. Miyamoto Relief Tobago, and Venezuela. From 2004–10, will be expanding the size of its Board in the she worked with several international coming months to obtain wider geographic donors, including USAID and OFDA, to representation. design and implement the Pan American Development Foundation’s Disaster WHO RUNS MIYAMOTO RELIEF Management Alliance—an initiative that DAY-TO-DAY? helped 154 communities in nine countries MEET THE STAFF develop emergency and risk reduction plans. She also served as a Founding Phyllis Newton, has joined Miyamoto Relief23 Coordinator of the NGO, the Dominican 24 where she serves, on a volunteer basis, as its Executive Director. Phyllis has been an Disaster Mitigation Association, attorney for over 22 years specializing in to implement training programs in the representation of design professionals prevention and preparedness. Christine and has many years experience running holds a BS in both Psychology and a non-profit. Phyllis previously served as Spanish from Ohio State University. the Executive Director of the American Christine speaks English and Spanish Institute of Architects Central Valley chapter, and currently studies French, Italian, a professional association of architects in Portuguese and Haitian Creole. seventeen California counties. She serves on a number of boards and commissions WHAT DO I SAY WHEN ASKED ABOUT for both the City of Sacramento and the MIYAMOTO RELIEF? State of California and, until her arrival at We know that all of you will all serve as Miyamoto Relief, worked as an adjunct enthusiastic ambassadors for Miyamoto Professor at McGeorge School of Law Relief when speaking with clients and where she taught legal writing and research others. For more specific information or to first year students. Phyllis received her assistance, please contact Executive degree in Political Science from Sonoma Director, Phyllis Newton at (916) 373-1995 State University and her law degree from the x 824 or pnewton@miyamotorelief.org University of California, Hastings College of the Law. Phyllis resides in Sacramento with her husband, their two daughters, and two four-legged friends. Miyamoto Relief launch event in May, 2011
  14. 14. During this forum we had the opportunity everything. Our current Finance Team to progress the formation of Miyamoto members are well positioned in the Algeria to help people in need in Algeria different areas within Finance/Accounting. and other African countries. This should We have Sandy Ung taking charge of be completed in the next 30 days and accounts payable, vendors and company is another indication of MI’s expanding credit card management. Rachael global reach. We are implementing this Paulson overseeing payroll, billings and with our new Algerian partners and Marco projects setup in Vision. Rachael will also and Devis from MI Italia. be taking on cash management tasks and all matters related to Global Risk With the protracted recession in the Miyamoto (GRM). Ramona Bryant, our US and our somewhat leaderless state newest team member, is working closely government in California, it is even more with our principals, project managers and obvious that Miyamoto is becoming a clients to increase timely A/R collections. global leader. Mike King’s work in New Ramona is also learning billings and Zealand is a great example of how we project setup in Vision. Shauna Picasso, can help people in other countries while our Deltek guru, handles all Deltek creating more opportunities for MI in the application issues. Shauna also handles U.S.The Miyamoto finance team insurance-related matters and new office It is critical that MI continues its progress setup administration matters. Shauna will with the global practice and our nonprofit be taking some of my responsibilities with25 (Miyamoto Relief) plays an important role the firm financials. As the Finance Team 26 FINANCE TEAM in this endeavor to provide humanitarian leader, I oversee the team members to The recent global leadership forum all believe strongly. This meeting was assistance while providing career ensure efficiency, accuracy and quality. in Sacramento focused on the global comprised of principals and leaders opportunities for MI staff worldwide. On the finance side, I continue to keep expansion of Miyamoto with an emphasis firmwide, including Finance, Marketing, a close eye on the firm’s financials to To support the evolution of the global ensure that all MI offices are continuously on marketing and leadership. It was a Human Resources and Information practice, our Finance Team members great opportunity to meet our partners Technology. improving and maintaining a growing have to be keeping up to speed on profit throughout the firm. from Italy and Turkey and to discuss how we can continue to expand the MI The forum also reinforced the Finance brand around the world to help with Team priorities for the evolution of the humanitarian challenges created by global practice to include the following: earthquakes and other acts of nature. • Multi-company/currency Vision For some, this was the first meeting with software so we are all speaking the principals from Italy and Turkey, as well as same language financially. This will new key leaders from MI U.S. who have ensure that we work in a collaborative joined the firm with the continued growth way on all projects, and provide the of our practice. best people on the MI team regardless It was obvious that we share a common of where a project is located in the vision and core values. We talked a lot world. about how to build a ‘seamless’ practice, • Standardized financial reporting and respecting cultures of various countries sharing of information. while pursuing a vision in which we
  15. 15. LETTER FROM ED 3. Follow up immediately on each This is also great practice for how you commitment made in the meeting, want to sound to your clients—turned on, I really enjoyed my Haiti, New Zealand, Milan and Istanbul, particularly items that involve people passionate, excited, knowledgeable, and time with those of you not to mention LA, Orange County, from other offices or project teams. well prepared. that I met in Yosemite. Orinda, Portland and Sacramento. It was great to get to Imagine the wasted time (and damage to 4. Increase your energy level! This helps Attitude is one of the great client know one another in a “different” way. I morale) if we were still waiting for people meetings seem like they go faster relationship differentiators. never stayed at Camp Curry before and to join the call at 8:10. and that the subjects you’re talking Ed Friedrichs really enjoyed the experience. about have greater importance. 1. Have an agenda and stick to it. Relate Frankly, if you can’t be enthusiastic or Following the Retreat and subsequent every item to the project at hand, energetically curious about the subject Board Meeting in Sacramento, I’ve sat in making it relevant to: you’re discussing or asking about, on a couple of your leadership calls to it probably doesn’t belong in this • Moving the project ahead help facilitate the sharing of information meeting anyway. expeditiously about the firm and its clients. After all, Miyamoto is not a “franchise;” it’s a • Understanding and working to the single enterprise in multiple geographic client’s value proposition; in other locations around the world, structured to words, what’s valuable to them use the best of its resources, wherever • Innovating for the client they are, to serve its clients at an • Sharing learning from previous extremely high level. The dominant projects purpose is to figure out how to use27 • Helping the team to be more 28 the talent in the firm by encouraging effective collaboration and support from all offices. I’ve applied some of the thoughts we • Reaching out for help from others shared in our discussion to the way in the firm in order to deliver the in which each of you participates in a very best solutions to your clients meeting. 2. Give each item discussed an action orientation: The first rule of any meeting is to be punctual: start on time! How often have • Name names—who, specifically you wandered into a meeting at 8:15 that (not a company name or “the was scheduled to start at 8 AM. Oh well, team”), is responsible to move the what’s the big deal; everyone else is just item forward? fooling around, getting coffee, chatting. • What, specifically, is to be done— This is all about respect for each other’s describe the work effort and the time. If a meeting is scheduled to start at expected result? 8, that means being in your seat, coffee • By when, a specific date and time, poured, and ready to go to work. Our call is the work to be accomplished? starts at 8 AM, everyone is expected to • What are the consequences if have dialed in a few minutes before that, the work is not accomplished as ready to begin at precisely 8 AM. After all, described? we have Miyamoto folks on the line from Jessica Stanton networking with Councilmember Darrell Fong at the Miyamoto Relief launch