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In the current business environment, successful strategic sourcing requires a blend of category, process, supply base and technology expertise . . .

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Zycus Sourcing Brochure Web

  1. 1. some things life easy make so does Zycus Strategic Sourcing SAVE WITH EASE “In the current business environment, successful strategic “In order to be more broadly adopted, sourcing tools sourcing requires a blend of category, process, supply base need easier to use functionality for constructing and technology expertise. Zycus’ latest offering provides a requests, evaluating bids, and archiving the results of platform for sourcing teams to bring these pieces together events in a searchable fashion. The inclusion of and achieve sustainable results.” strategic sourcing plan development within a sourcing Andrew Bartolini, Vice President - Global Supply application has the potential to enable purchasing Management Research Aberdeen Group organizations to more cleanly execute to plan.” Deborah Wilson, Research Director, Gartner Inc. maximum adoption maximum savings minimum sourcing cycle
  2. 2. eSourcing Are You Missing Out? Are you still undecided about automating your sourcing process? Move fast or else you may be left behind. E-Sourcing technologies deliver information visibility and global Automation is NO MORE an option, it is a necessity. With eSourcing infrastructure to enhance and software, sourcing professionals are better positioned for success. accelerate strategic sourcing Traditionally viewed as a cost-center, smart sourcing organizations are using eSourcing as a robust platform to transform the loosely Source - Aberdeen Group 2007 structured, time consuming, manual and cumbersome sourcing activities into an efficient money-saving engine contributing significantly to the organization’s bottomline. As per a recent Aberdeen Group report organizations which have implemented electronic sourcing solutions have reduced the sourcing cycle time by nearly 50%, material costs by 14.3% and shrunk time-to-market cycles by 10-15%. So what are you waiting for? Challenges Cumbersome manual process Manual activities such as consolidation of multiple diverse supplier responses, scoring Facing and ranking, complex Excel sheet analysis result in prolonged sourcing cycle. the Sourcing Limited abilities Inability to go beyond chosen few suppliers Organization for bid invitation, restrictions on scenario creation and complex analysis requiring high expertise in Excel and macros severely impacts the savings from sourcing. Complex sourcing software solutions Even when the business case for eSourcing is well established, large number of companies shy away from adopting eSourcing software solutions, as they are perceived to be complex and cumbersome to use. The Right Choice total strategic sourcing with ease Zycus Strategic Sourcing Solution automates the entire sourcing lifecycle. It facilitates high end-user adoption through ease of use, enhanced collaboration and comprehensive product support. Based on Web 2.0 technologies such as “Drag and Drop” and interactive graphs Zycus Strategic Sourcing tool is a full- featured software. It is user-friendly and even a beginner can get started with ZERO or minimal training. Project Management Framework Support Framework Collaboration Framework ZYCUS iSource Create eRFx Score/Rank/ Auction/Bid Optimize RFx Engine Auction Engine
  3. 3. Business Benefits Drag-and-drop features, interactive analysis Comprehensive 24/7 Support including phone, email, chat and follow-me browsing Enhanced supplier communication and collaboration through eForums High user adoption Zycus Strategic Reduced sourcing Sourcing Sustainable lifecycle savings Fully automated, Comprehensive RFx process proven software with along with eAuction over 30,000 events Thorough analysis of Fully automated supplier responses sourcing planning process Multiple award Scenarios A globally diversified technology company KEY METRICS Sourcing objective No. of years since use : 6 yrs Transition from a non-centralized, region focused and transactional sourcing organization to a centralized global, focused strategic sourcing organization No. of eSourcing users Buyers : 82 | Suppliers : 116 Identified sourcing programs > Deliver increased value in global strategic sourcing No. of RFx issued : 361 > Deliver a more cost effective transactional process No. of RFQs : 2447 > Deliver better compliance Projects : 1406 Business challenges > Resistance to change - Traditional manual sourcing model was preferred Language coverage : 13 > Scale of implementation - Challenge of implementation across geographies Solution: The company implemented the super easy Zycus iSource to mitigate the adoption challenges and ensure eSourcing success across the organization.
  4. 4. About Zycus Zycus is the world’s leading provider of Spend Management solutions to Global 1000 companies. Zycus' solutions suite, comprising of eSourcing and Actionable Spend Analysis tools, combine cutting-edge technology and domain expertise to enable greater user adoption and sustainable savings. Zycus’ solutions facilitate greater process planning, control and increased corporate alignment of Spend Management initiatives. Innovation & Ease of use is at the core of every Zycus offering. Zycus’ Spend Management solutions help procurement departments of Global 1000 companies Analyze, Plan and Source through an intuitive and objective driven process. With proven Spend Management deployments across the globe with over 100 implementations, Zycus’ solutions have emerged as global favorites. Zycus has over 250 employees spread across its offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. London +44 750 667 6769 Chicago +1 847 686 3990 Frankfurt Princeton +49 69 27 4015 251 Los Angeles +1 609 799 5664 +1 714 274 9691 Paris Washington DC Dallas +33 1 393 58023 +1 540 341 7676 +1 972 618 1234 Atlanta Mumbai +1 706 870 1480 +91 22 66407676 NORTH AMERICA EUROPE ASIA PACIFIC 103, Carnegie Center EPJ Business Center, Suite # 418 Building No. 75, Nirlon Complex Suite 117 Mainzer Landstrasse, 27-31 Goregaon (East), Princeton, NJ 08540 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Mumbai India 400 063 Tel : +1 609 799 5664 Tel : +49 (0) 69 27 4015 251 Tel : + 91 22 66407676 Fax : +1 609 799 6047 Fax : +49 (0) 69 27 4015 111 Fax : + 91 22 26850580