Protecting Your Electronic Image


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Virginia Forum 2010

Perception is reality! What you say and how you say it electronically can have unintended consequences that can remain long after you have forgotten the reason for the communication. Your electronic devices can make you productive, but they can also tarnish your professional image. Learn how to manage the demands of e-mail, cell phones and hand held devices to your advantage without ruining your professional image…or your life!

Presenter: Mary Ruth Burton – President, Burton-Fuller Management

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Protecting Your Electronic Image

  1. 1. Electronic Etiquette Presented by Mary Ruth Burton November 15, 2010
  2. 2. Electronic Etiquette  It’s About Behavior  From Emily Post to Miss Manners  What your mother taught you about courtesy and respect  But it Affects Your:  Career  Credibility  Professional image
  3. 3. We Will Talk About: • Voicemail • Speaker phone • Cell Phones / Blackberries / Texting • E-mail
  4. 4. Voicemail Greeting: • Keep it short • Tailor to your organization’s system • Update it regularly • Include your name, whereabouts, alternatives • Put the smile in your voice
  5. 5. Voicemail Leaving Messages • Give your full name, organization and phone number first • Keep them short and relevant • Speak clearly and slowly • Repeat your name and number at the end • Articulate your words
  6. 6. Speaker Phone • Be considerate of those around you • Ask caller for permission, describe who is there • Sit still and speak into the phone
  7. 7. Cell Phones and Blackberries / PDAs Be aware of those around you! • Avoid talking loudly • Do not use them while driving • Keep cell phone conversations private • Who else can over-hear? • Give them a rest
  8. 8. Cell Phones and Blackberries / PDAs In a meeting, it will affect your image and your relationships • Turn it off (both audible and vibrate) • Put it out of sight, in your pocket/purse or face down • In case of an emergency or expected critical message: - Inform others at the beginning of the meeting - Leave the room to take necessary calls only
  9. 9. Cell Phones and Blackberries / PDAs A word about texting: • Work-wise, avoid abbreviations • Use correct spelling • Stick to e-mail for longer messages
  10. 10. Cell Phones and Blackberries / PDAs What message does it send to others when you don’t take these steps?
  11. 11. E-mail - Important Reminders • Do not “Reply to All” unless all recipients need to see the response • Check the recipient list before forwarding – they may have already received the original e-mail
  12. 12. E-mail - Important Reminders • Include a descriptive subject line • Indicate the action expected • Keep to your subject –send separate messages when there are multiple subjects
  13. 13. E-mail - Important Reminders • Provide the most important information in the first few lines • Proofread and spell check every e-mail • Remember that e-mail is not private • Do not let e-mail replace personal contact!
  14. 14. E-mail - Important Reminders • Keep e-mails to one printed page (font 12) or the length of your computer screen before scrolling • Eliminate e-mail wallpaper and “emoticons”
  15. 15. E-mail - Important Reminders • Avoid blind copying and copying people’s bosses without a conversation • Don’t resolve a conflict via e-mail • Watch out for humor and “forwards” • Keep your professional e-mail professional
  16. 16. Social Media Facebook, Twitter, My Space • Never write anything mean • Do not include personal information (address, phone number) when you are out of town • Avoid posting photos you would not share at work • Check privacy setting regularly • When do you use it? Personal time only
  17. 17. Video Conferencing • Behave as if everyone is in the same room; be inclusive • Speak clearly; a half-second delay in transmission can be confusing • Their view of you is limited, so be still • Listen carefully
  18. 18. Questions and Answers