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3b saints powerpoints
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3b saints powerpoints


Mrs. G's saint PowerPoints 2012

Mrs. G's saint PowerPoints 2012

Published in Spiritual
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  • 1. By Kaiden
  • 2. Saint Joseph  Patron saint of: universal church and happy death. Feast day March Born: can’t be found
  • 3. St Joseph  Father of Jesus Joseph taught Jesus how to make things out of wood. An angel came to Joseph in his dreams and said that it was all right to marry Mary. Joseph was a carpenter In 63Bc the Roman Empire invaded Judah.
  • 4. St. Joseph 
  • 5. Saint Joseph  Lived in : Israel Capital: Jerusalem Three chief products: beef, dairy, cattle, tomatoes Bordering countries: Jordan, West bank, Syria Bordering water: Mediterranean Sea Name of Continent country is on: Asia
  • 6. St. Joseph  Sources: WWW. Catholic online. com St. sheet
  • 7. St .Joseph  I picked St. Joseph because it is my middle name. I learned that Joseph taught Jesus how to make things out of wood. I thought finding research was the hardest part. I liked working with the 8th grade helped me a lot.
  • 8. Saint Joan of Arc Patron saint of: Soldiers and France Feast Day: May 30 Born: 1412 Died: 1431
  • 9. Saint Joan of Arc St. Joan was born in the village of Domremy in France. She fought in the French army. St. Joan led the French army to victory against the English. Also, she was captured by her enemies and brought to the English. St. Joan died at the stake. After that, her ashes were scattered in the Seine River.
  • 10. Saint Joan of Arc
  • 11. Saint Joan of Arc Lived in France Capital: Paris Three Chief Products: Wheat, grapes, and beef cattle Bordering Countries: Spain, Switzerland, and Belgium Bordering Water: North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea Name of Continent Country is on: Europe
  • 12. Saint Joan of Arc Sources: WWW. American WWW. World Book of Saints Part 2
  • 13. Saint Joan of Arc I loved the help from the 8th graders I also got to work with my brother which I loved doing The most challenging part was typing I picked this saint because I went to the school named after her
  • 14. Saint Luke By: Kavon M
  • 15. Saint Monica BY: Gabbie S S
  • 16. Saint MonicaS Patron Saint of: Wives and MothersS Feast Day: May 4S Born: 322S Died: 38710
  • 17. Saint MonicaS This Saint died of feverS She had a son that was bad then goodS Had a disappointing lifeS Saint Monica was unhappy about her marriageS Her parents picked her marriageS Husband does not believe in God
  • 18. Saint MonicaS Lived in: Algeria
  • 19. Saint MonicaS Lived in: AlgeriaS Capital: AlgiersS Three chief: milk, meat, wheatS Bordering countries: Morocco WesternS Bordering water: MediterraneanS Name of continent country is on: AfricaS Neat Fact: It is the biggest part of Africa
  • 20. Saint MonicaS www.catholiconline.comS www.Amaricancatholic.comS Saint paperS
  • 21. Saint MonicaS There was a lot of disappointing things in her lifeS 8th graders helpedS This important person helped mothers and wivesS Her parents pick the man to marriageS Saint Monica`s son was disrespectful
  • 22. St. Peter, The Rock By; Makayla W
  • 23. St. Peter, The Rock• Patron Saint of: The Church• Feast Day: June 29• Born: unknown• Died:64
  • 24. St. Peter Facts About His Life• Peter was crucified upside down in Rome• Jesus gave Peter the keys of Heaven• Peter was poor and uneducated• Jesus built his Church upon Peter• Peter’s fear is stronger than faith• Jesus made Peter a fisher of people• Peter considered himself unworthy to die as Jesus did on the cross• St. Peter was buried on Vacation Hill
  • 25. St. PeterLived in: Israel
  • 26. St. Peter Lived in: Israel Capital: Jerusalem Three chief products: poultry, cattle, tomatoes Bordering countries: Egypt, West Bank, Turkey Bordering water: Red Sea Name of continent country is on: Asia Neat Fact: King David lived in Israel
  • 27. St. Peter• Sources• www. catholic saints .com• Saint paper• The Childrens Book of Saints• www. World
  • 28. St. Peter• My Reflection• A 8th grader helped me with this project .• I picked this saint because he was our 1st Pope.• It was hard because I had to get pictures from other sites.
  • 30. SAINT THOMAS AQUINAS• Patron saint of: Catholic schools and students• Born: 1226• Died: 1276• Feast Day: January 28
  • 31. SAINT THOMAS AQUINAS• Priest and doctor• One of the greatest teachers of the church• He wanted to become in the order of St. Dominic• Thomas was 17 when joined Dominic
  • 33. ST. THOMAS AQUINAS• Capital of Italy is Rome• Chief products are apples, clothing and clay• Bordering countries are Albania, Crania, and Slovenia• Bordering water is Mediterranean Sea• The name of continent country is on is Europe• A neat fact is that most people live in apartments
  • 34. SAINT THOMAS AQUINAS• www.Cathlic Online• www.american catholic• Saints and Angels• Saint Paper• www.Worldbook .com
  • 35. SAINT THOMAS AQUINAS• 8th grade helps• It was fun• I chose him he is strong in faith• He is very nice• Just a little hard
  • 36. By: Logan M SAINT MICHAEL
  • 37. SAINT MICHAEL• Patron saint of: Grocers, Paratroopers, Police, sickness • Feast Day: September 29 th • Born: unknown • Died: unknown •
  • 38. SAINT MICHAELSaint Michael is usually represented with a sword Saint Michael leads Gods army Michael means “who is like God”
  • 39. SAINT MICHAELLived in: Israel
  • 40. ISRAEL• Capital: Jerusalem• Three Chief Products: beef, dairy, and cattle• Bordering Countries: Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt• Bordering water: Mediterranean Sea• Name of Continent Country is on: Asia Neat Fact! East Jerusalem includes the old city which dates back to the times of the Bible.
  • 41. SAINT MICHAELwww. American Catholic .comwww.American Catholic .com Saints And Angles www. World book .com
  • 42. SAINT MICHAELIt was exiting with eighth graders helping us This was a hard challenge with typing I learned how to do a PowerPoint
  • 43. By: Ava NewcomeSaint Veronica
  • 44. Saint Veronica• Patron saint of: healing and helping• Feast day: July 12• Born: unknown• Died: 1st century
  • 45. Saint Veronica• The veil was seen in Rome in the 8th century• She’s in the stations of the cross• She wiped Christ’s face• Her symbol is the veil• Her name/veil means Vera icon• Cloth had Christ’s face on it• Her Vail is in St. Peters church
  • 46. Saint Veronica
  • 47. Saint Veronica• Lived in: Israel• Capital: Jerusalem• Three chief products: poultry, tomatoes , beef and dairy cattle• Bordering countries: Jordan , West Bank and Syria• Bordering water: Mediterranean sea• Name of continent country is on: Southwest Asia• Neat fact: most of Israels people are Jews
  • 48. Saint Veronica• www.catholiconline. Com• www. St Veronica medal .com• St paper• www. World book. com
  • 49. Saint Veronica• Picked her: shes a girl & pretty• Learned: power point• Challenging: finding the information• Liked: the 8th grade helped• Exiting: doing a power point
  • 50. SAINT PATRICKBy Kyle S
  • 51. SAINT PATRICK Patron Saint of: Ireland Feast Day : March 17 Born:385 Died:461
  • 52. SAINT PATRICK Fact about their life Never chased the snake out of Ireland. Worlds most popular Saint. He was captured about 14 or so. At 20 escaped after having a dream about God. Captured by pirates and sold to chief of Ireland. Did not accept gifts from admirers. Patrick became a bishop.
  • 53. SAINT PATRICK Lived in : Ireland
  • 54. SAINT PATRICKLIVED IN : IRELAND Capital: Dublin Three chief products: crab, salmon ,potatoes Bordering countries: United Kingdom Bordering water: North Atlantic Ocean Name of continent county is on: Europe Neat fact: Famous dish called Irish stew
  • 55. SAINT PATRICK sources www. Book of Saint part 1 Saint sheetwww.
  • 56. SAINT PATRICK 8 grade help Fun in I mac lab It was hard Learn how to do PowerPoint
  • 57. + Saint Juliana Falconieri By: Peyton S
  • 58. + Saint Juliana Falconieri  Patron Saint of: sickness  Feast Day: June 19  Born:1270  Died:1340
  • 59. + Saint Juliana Falconieri  She had a big disease on the stomach with joy and patience.  She refused a offer of marriage.  Her 17 year , sunk of death.  Her dad built a church in Florence.  She was born wealthy.  Started the nuns  When she was very young her father died.
  • 60. + Saint Juliana Falconieri  Lived in: Italy
  • 61. + Saint Juliana Falconieri  Capital: Rome is the capital and the largest city of Italy  Three chief products: apples, grapes, milk  Bordering countries: Croatia, Albania, Sicily, Sardinia  Bordering water: Mediterranean Sea  Name of continent county is on: Europe
  • 62. + Saint Juliana Falconieri    Part 9 
  • 63. + Saint Juliana Falconieri  I picked this saint she has interesting facts  Rome has Trevi fountain if drop coin in you come back  It was difficult finding continent  8th grade helped make cover
  • 64. Saint Francis of Assisi By: Nicolea D
  • 65. Saint Francis of AssisiPatron Saint of: Ecologists and MerchantsFeast Day: October 4thBorn:1182Died:1226
  • 66. Saint Francis of AssisiOn his hands and feet he had the wounds of JesusFounder of the Franciscan OrderHad a vision of Jesus hanging on the crossGoing on a crusadeGod told him to repair the church; repair faithFrancis preached about humility, poverty, simplicityand prayer even to the birds
  • 67. St. Francis of AssisiLived in: Assisi, Italy
  • 68. St. Francis of AssisiCapital: RomeThree chief products: apples, olives, and peachesBordering countries: France, Switzerland, Slovenia,Austria, and CroatiaBordering water: Mediterranean SeaName of the continent country is on: EuropeNeat fact: Over 700 million people live in Europe
  • 69. St. Francis of Assisi sourceswww. catholic- saintswww. catholic . orgsaint paperChildren`s Book of Saintswww. world book .com
  • 70. St. Francis of Assisi My ReflectionI love animals [Francis does too]!He preached to even the birdsHad a vision of Jesus hanging on the crossIt was exiting to just to learn about himHard to find research about Francis of Assisi
  • 72. SAINT EDWARD THE CONFESSOR Patron Saint of: England Feast Day: October 13 Born: between 1003/1005 Died: January 5, 1065
  • 73. SAINT EDWARD THE CONFESSORNEAT FACTS He was the son of King Ethelred 111. Saint Edward let a man steel his money because he said he needed the money more. Edward fed the poor. This holy person built Saint Peter’s Westminister Abbey. King Edward cured sick people of their deseases.
  • 75. SAINT EDWARD THE CONFESSORLIVED IN: ENGLAND Capital: London Three chief products: cattle,fruits,milk Bordering countries: Wales,United Bordering water: North Sea Name of continent country is on: Europe English children attend school from 5 to 16.
  • 76. SAINT EDWARD THE CONFESSOR sourceswww.Catholic.orgwww.AmericanCatholic.comBook of saints part
  • 77. SAINT EDWARD THE CONFESSOR Help eighth graders Writing the quick facts Work was hard Fun in imac lab
  • 79. SAINT ELIZABETH ANN SETON Patron Saint of: Teaching and Sharing Feast Day: January 4 Born: unknown Died:1821
  • 80. SAINT ELIZABETH ANN SETON She was the first American saint She was a prolific reader and read everything from the Bible Opend first American school Got married and had five children When she was praying God answered her prayers.
  • 81. SAINT ELIZABETH ANN SETON Lived in: United States
  • 82. SAINT ELIZABETH ANN SETON Lived in: United States Capital: Washington D.C Three chief products: apples, beefcattle, corn Bordering Countries: Canada,Mexico Bordering water: Pacific Ocean,Atlantic Ocean Name of continent country is on:North America
  • 83. SAINT ELIZABETH ANN SETON The Children’s book of saints Book of saints
  • 84. SAINT ELIZABETH ANN SETON I liked the 8th graders help It was fun learning about our country. One exiting thing was doing Religion in the computer lab. A hard thing was finding pictures on the internet.
  • 85. + Saint Rose of Lima By: Carys G
  • 86. + Saint Rose of Lima  Patron Saint of: Latin America and Philippines  Feast Day: August 23  Born: 1586  Died: 1617
  • 87. + St Rose of Lima  St Rose worked hard to support her poor parents.  Rose helped the sick and the hungry.  She set up a room in her house were she cared for homeless children.  Was a martyr.  This nice girl brought food to the hungry.  As an adult she did penance for other peoples sins.  When Saint Rose was an adult she was a Dominican nun.
  • 88. + St Rose of Lima Lived in: Lima , Peru
  • 89. + Saint Rose of Lima Lived in: Lima, Peru Capital: Lima Three chief products: rice, beef, gold Bordering Country: Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia Bordering Water: Pacific Ocean Name of continent country is on: South America Neat fact: The population is about 3o,156,000
  • 90. + St Rose of Lima    www.CatholicOnline  Book of Saint  Saint paper  The Children’s book of Saints 
  • 91. + St Rose of Lima  I learned that you can do religion on the computer.  When I heard we were doing a saint project I was exited.  I think it would be challenging to be a martyr.  The thing I liked the most was the 8th graders help.
  • 93. SAINT TERESA OF AVILAPatron Saint of: Headache SufferersFeast day: Oct.15Born:1515Died:1582
  • 94. ST TERESA She founded over half-dozen new monasteries In 1970 the Church gave her the title “Doctor of the Church” She wrote: let nothing trouble you let nothing make you afraid Mother died when 12 Became a nun She was canonized by Pope Gregory XV Neat fact: call money euro
  • 95. ST TERESA Lived in: Spain
  • 96. ST TERESA Lived in: Spain Capital: Madrid Three chief products: oranges , tomatoes, and milk Bordering countries: Portugal and Andorra Bordering water: North Atlantic Continent Country is on: Europe
  • 97. ST TERESA Book of Saints 1
  • 98. ST TERESA I picked this saint because I like the name I’ve leaned that they call money Euro Eight graders help I was challenging to type
  • 99. St. Vincent De Paul By: Ilam M Bermudez
  • 100. St. Vincent De PaulPatron St. of: charitable societies.Feast Day: Sep.27Born: 1580Died: 1664
  • 101. St. VincentCaptured by piratesWas a slave for 2 yearsBuilt a club
  • 102. St. Vincent
  • 103. St. VincentLived in: FranceCapital: ParisChief Product: beefBordering countries: Spain, Europe, United KingdomBordering water: North Atlantic Ocean andMediterranean SeaName : Europe
  • 104. St. Vincent Sourceswww. catholic onlineBook Of Saints Part 1www.american
  • 105. St. Vincent MyI picked this St. because he helped the poor.We liked when the 8th graders helped us.It was fun learning about this Saint.
  • 106. Saint. Anthony of Padua By Amelie C
  • 107. Saint Anthony Patron Saint of: the Church Feast day- June 13 Born- 1195 Died- 1231
  • 108. Saint Anthony He was a doctor of the church He was born in Portugal At age 15 he entered the Order of the Saints Baby Jesus came to visit him
  • 109. St. Anthony Portugal
  • 110. St. Anthony Portugal Capital- Lisbon Chief Products- apple, beef, and hogs Bordering Countries- Spain Bordering Water- North Atlantic Ocean Continent- Europe Neat Fact- Portugal is close to Spain.
  • 111. St. Anthony Sourceswww.catholiconline.comSaint Articlewww.worldbook.comThe Children’s Book of Saints
  • 112. St. AnthonyI chose this saint because he is the patron saint of poorpeople.He is the patron of lost things.The hard part was when we were trying to find the picture.The best part was when me and my buddy were workingtogether.