Public relation assignment spnsorship on Special Event


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hear my Public relation assignment

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Public relation assignment spnsorship on Special Event

  1. 1. 1 សសសសសសសសសសសសសស សសសសសសសសសសសសស សសស សសស PUBLIC RELATION AssignmentCreat The Sponsorship Program on Lecturer Event : Eng Leapheaសសសសសសសសសសស : សសស សសសសសសសសសសស សស Marketing សសសស សសស _
  2. 2. 2សសសស : សសស. សស សស ស សសស . សស សស​ សស សស. សស សសស ស សសសស . ស សសសស ស សសស. សស សសស សស សសស . សស សស ស សស . សស ស សសសស ​. ស សសសសស ស សសសស. សស ស សស ស .សស សស. សស សសសសស ស សសសសស . សស សសស ស សសស
  3. 3. 3Outline • I. Sponsorship concept • II. What should you sponsor? • IV . Sponsorship levels • V . Value of Sponsorship • Activation • Affinity Transfer • VI. Example of Sponsorship
  4. 4. 4I. Sponsorship concept• Sponsorship សសសសសសសសសសសសសស សសសសសសសសសសសសស សសសសសសសសសសស សសស​សសសសស សស សសសសសសសសសស ស​សសស​សសស ស សសសសសសសសAdvertisingស សសសសសសស• សសសសសសសសសសស សសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសស​សសសស​ សសស​ស​សសសស​សស សសសស​សសសសសសសស​សសសស សសសស) សស​សសសស​សសសសសសសសស(សសសសស សសសស(សសសសស សស ស​សសស សសសស)សសស សសសសសសស​ សសសស​សសស សសសសស​សសសសស​សសស សសស​សសសសស​សសស​សស
  5. 5. 5I. Sponsorship concept (cont’)• សសសសស​ស​សស​សសសសសសសសសសសស សសស​សសសសសសសសសសសសស​សស​ស សសសសសសសសសសសសសសស ស​សសសសស​ សសសសសសសសសស សសសសសសសស​សសស សសសស​សសសសសសសស ស​សសសស​សសស​សសស• សសសសសសសសសសសសសសសស​សស​សសស​ សសសសសសសស​សសសសស​ស​សសសសស​សស សសសស​សសស​សសសសសសសសសសសស សស សសសសស​សសស​សសសស​សស​សសស​សស ស សសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសស សសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសស​សស​ សសសសសសសសស​សសស សស​សសស​សសសសសសស
  6. 6. 6II. What should you sponsor?សសសសសសសសសសសសស Sponsorship សសសសសសស សសសសសសស• សសសសសសសសសសសសសស សសសសសស សសសសសសសសសសសសសស សស​សសសស សសសសសស​​ សសសសសសសសសសសសសសស សសសសស សសសសសសសសសសសសសស សសសសសស សសសសសស• សសសសសស​សសសស (សសសសសស) សសសស សសស​ស​សសសសស សសសសសស សសសស សស (សសសសស សសសសសសសសស​សសសស សស សសសស) សសសសសសសសសស​ស​ស​ សសសសសសសសសសសសសស សសសសសសសសសសសសស
  7. 7. 7II. What should you sponsor? (Cont’)• សសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសស សសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសស​ស​សស សស​សសសសសសសសសសសសសសសស​សស សសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសស សសសសសសសសសសសសស​ស​សស​សសសសសស សសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសសស​សសសស សស ស
  8. 8. 8III. How to Create the Sponsorship• Asked/Contact Director of Member Events /Sale Advertising of Event• Sent Logo & Company Profile listed to the event• Was Charge by the event•
  9. 9. 9IV . Sponsorship levelsSponsorship programs like Principal, Diamond, ...• Platinum sponsor• Gold sponsor• Silver sponsor• bronze sponsor• Individual sponsor
  10. 10. 10V. Cost of Create the SponsorshipProgram• Not specific According to the level of Sponsorship that you apply and …• kind and size of the Event
  11. 11. 11V. Value of Sponsorship•Building awareness & recallAwarenessInterestPreference LikingTrialAdoption•Activation•Affinity Transfer
  12. 12. 12 Activation• Is Prominently displayed at the event.• Communicates ways fans can do business with them• Enlightens and informs fans about their products/services.• Stands out among other sponsors of the property
  13. 13. 13Affinity Transfer• Brand commitment (as well as other brand attributes) can be compared between those in the market who are exposed to the sponsorship & those who are not.• Assuming otherwise equal exposure to the brand’s communications, …• provides the value of the sponsorship.
  14. 14. 14VI. Example of SponsorshipCambodia IT & Telecommunications World Expo 2011.
  15. 15. 15Example of SponsorshipCambodia IT & Telecommunications World Expo 2011.
  16. 16. 16I. STANDARD SPONSORSHIP BENEFITSOnce becoming our sponsor, you shall automatically enjoy these following benefits:• Have your Logo & Company Profile listed on the Event’s Show Directory• Have your Logo placed on all printed marketing materials such as leaflets, posters, tickets.• Have your Logo placed on Event’s attendee e- newsletter (available upon receipt of signed contract)• Have your Logo placed on the Website’s Sponsorship sub page• Have your Logo placed on event’s backdrop• Your Logo will appear in the advertising content of this event on some popular newspapers & magazines.• Have two conference invitations & one Gala Dinner invitation
  17. 17. 17Prasac Sponsor compaign buyCambodian Product
  18. 18. 18សសសស: សសសស• rshipCriteria.html••
  19. 19. 19សសសស សសសសសស ស ស ស សស ស ស ស ស ស ស ស ស ស ស ស ស ស!!! សសសសសស