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I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
I pods in education
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I pods in education


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. iPods in Education<br />21st Century Learning<br />
  • 2. Patricia Hutton<br />CMSCE<br /><br /><br />
  • 3. <ul><li>Any learning experience using a hand-held or mobile electronic device i.e. listening to audio books or podcasts
  • 4. Mobile devices used to collect information and take notes outside the classroom
  • 5. Students interact from different locations-make connections
  • 6. Real life context for learning-learners use their surroundings and other people as learning resources
  • 7. Collaborative groups of students solve problems or complete projects
  • 8. Students conduct research at a location such as the Washington Monument </li></ul>What is Mobile Learning?<br />What Tools are Needed for Mobile Learning?<br />tools to create digital content <br />tools to get that content to students<br />tools to give students on demand access to content<br />
  • 9. Download Apps<br />Update Apps<br />iTunes- find and share content with students such as podcasts, vodcasts, videos, audio recordings<br />Sync with iTunesconnect iPod touch to your computer, or transfer audiobooks, and podcasts you downloaded to iTunes library on your Mac or PC <br />Photos - organize<br />Share Photos<br />Sync Photos<br />Home Screencustomized Home screens.<br />What Can I Do With an iPod?<br />
  • 10. iPod Touch Additional Features<br /><ul><li>Browse Anywherebuilt-in wireless access
  • 11. Search the Websyncs bookmarks from your PC or Mac, Google and Yahoo! search built in
  • 12. Web Clipscreate a Home screen icon, or web clip
  • 13. ZoomGet a closer look. View websites in portrait or landscape- rotate iPod touch and the web page rotates
  • 14. Mailworks with existing email accounts, MobileMe, Google Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo! Mail, and AOL--and most IMAP and POP mail systems-supports rich HTML email, so images and photos appear -email attachments in original formats, including PDF; Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; and iWork.
  • 15. Compose Instantlyrecognizes email addresses in different applications to open a new message and address it
  • 16. Type Smart-built-in dictionary predicts and suggests words, rotate iPod touch on its side to switch keyboard</li></ul> to landscape for larger keys <br /><ul><li>Mapsget directions, find locations
  • 17. Find Yourselffinds your location using known Wi-Fi hotspots</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Calendarworks with Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft Outlook, iCal, MobileMe, and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Add events-Set reminders
  • 18. Noteswrite a reminder and use built-in email to send notes to yourself or others.
  • 19. CalculatorIn portrait mode-simple calculations- in landscape as a scientific calculator
  • 20. Read Kindle Books </li></ul>Access Kindle books<br />Automatically synchronizes last page read between devices<br /> with Amazon Whispersync<br />Adjust the text size, add bookmarks,<br /> and view the annotations <br />Included with iPod Touch…<br />
  • 21. YouTube-learn science, social studies, math, English using videos<br /><ul><li>Share from AnywhereEmail videos
  • 22. Search YouTubeuse keyword search</li></ul>Voice Memos<br /><ul><li>Record Memos -record any audio using Apple Earphones with </li></ul> remote and Mic or external mic<br /><ul><li>Edit Memos
  • 23. Manage Memosorganize memos using labels
  • 24. Share MemosSend memos via email- sync back to your Mac or PC via iTunes to share later</li></li></ul><li>Watch this video to see what you can do with iPods at school<br />
  • 25. <ul><li>Engage students in learning
  • 26. Make students more tech savvy
  • 27. Teachers, parents or students listen to student created podcasts
  • 28. Collaboration-example -in Grand Prairie, the music, art and physical education teachers created a lesson about planets using hula hoops.
  • 29. Assistive Technology or to Differentiate Instruction
  • 30. listen to an audiobook
  • 31. access the web
  • 32. access their productivity
  • 33. Prepares students for the real world-professionals use mobile devices in their work
  • 34. journalists access resources and audience
  • 35. doctors reference information handy or print out prescriptions</li></ul>Benefits of iPods in Education<br />
  • 36. Why Use iPods for Mobile Learning?<br /><ul><li>Connection to the Internet supports two-way communication
  • 37. 3rd party applications both free and paid
  • 38. Learning potential
  • 39. Educators choose learning apps based on individual needs -no two students have the same set of apps -learning customized
  • 40. Students learn in personalized ways –empowered
  • 41. Global communication
  • 42. Leverages student strengths while supporting developing skills
  • 43. Engages technologically advanced students
  • 44. Introduces students to new technology
  • 45. Provides on demand learning
  • 46. Access to content anywhere
  • 47. Facilitates communication between teachers and students
  • 48. Encourages collaboration among students
  • 49. Gives greater accessibility to learning materials (Corbeil &amp; Valdes-Corbeil, 2007)</li></ul>At Louisa-Muscatine Elementary School, special education students use iPods to take tests by listening to the test questions while viewing them on both the iPod screen and on their paper to work more independently with greater self-esteem.<br />
  • 50. Listen to students’ podcasts at Wells Elementary School. Educators in many countries download and listen to the podcasts. Then they ask questions for the students answer in the future podcasts.<br />
  • 51. Using the iPod Touch with Educational Apps<br />
  • 52. Differentiated Instruction<br /> For students that struggle with reading- record passages and let them listen to the audio while they read <br /> Have instructions available in an audio file<br /> For students who excel, have them create audio content <br /> Use Audacity, a free program Sourceforge, to create audio files. <br />Podcasting <br /> both audio and video on any topic <br /> ALWAYS FREE <br /> You subscribe to a podcast.<br /> Using the iPod differentiates your instruction and allows on demand learning.<br />Some Sources of podcasts for education <br />Discovery Channel: Animal Planet*<br />National Geographic: Dangerous Encounters* <br />NASACast* <br />PBS - Nature* <br />TEDTalks* <br />Stories for Kids* <br />Hooked on Phonics*<br />Get podcasts from iTunes.<br />Using iPods in the Classroom<br />Podcasts created by kids<br />
  • 53. Increase Reading FluencyIncrease vocabulary skills and reading fluency -Have the students read aloud into iPod -share with parents –use vocabulary builder apps -create your own recordings of vocabulary words modified for your students<br />Use Your iPod as A PresenterWith an AV cable show videos or photo slideshows<br />Use Existing Content<br />Add to iTunes and distribute to iPods<br />Teacher, School and YouTube -resources for video. <br />Use Kick YouTube or Kiss YouTube to download videos from YouTube <br />free YouTube to ipod converter<br />Download VoiceThread projects ($2.99 per video or $10 for 10)<br />Use iSquint to convert CDs and DVDs<br />Explore iTunes U<br />Create a slideshow from photos using:<br />Flickr<br />Picasa<br />In iTunes: <br />Tutorials <br />Podcasts <br />Audiobooks<br />Study Guides <br />Applications (compass, calculator, weight/exercise management)<br />News Sources <br />Research Tools<br />
  • 54. What Can I Do with an iPod in the Classroom?<br />
  • 55. Study Guides<br />Upload study materials from:<br /><ul><li>Spark Notes: iPod-friendly version of summaries and analyses of books
  • 56. iPREPpress: study guides, travel guides and foreign language for iPods
  • 57. Raybook: popular study guides and flash cards like Cliff&apos;s Notes and Netter&apos;s for iPods using video, audio and interactive media
  • 58. VangoNotes: audio downloads in subjects like Sociology, Nursing, Business, Computer Science and textbook study guides for college students
  • 59. NotePods: iPod-compatible study guides on literary works
  • 60. WorldNomads Language Guides: learn a new language
  • 61. SparkCharts: study charts prep for tests in a number of subjects such as biology, anatomy, chemistry, algebra, calculus, and Spanish
  • 62. SAT Vocabulary Builder: test taking strategies , access to a flocabulary hip hop audio session</li></ul>Existing Content You Can Use<br />
  • 63. Podcasts Etc.<br /><ul><li>GoogleGet: syncs Google News and iPod to keep up with current events
  • 64. Soundwalk: use an MP3-iPod converter to hear self-guided audio tours like &quot;The Bronx Graffiti Walk&quot; or &quot;The Paris St. Germain Walk.&quot;
  • 65. ESL Podcasts: Learn English
  • 66. Pod CityGuides: to help history students learn about different locations
  • 67. iPod Spanish to Go: teaches pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar along with culture
  • 68. Mogopop: add notes, video and illustrations to audiobooks and study guides
  • 69. Brain Quest: educational game for grades 1-7
  • 70. Free Sesame Street iPod Videos: six free Sesame Street videos on iTunes introduce children to technology
  • 71. The Education Podcast Network: access information, tutorials and materials related to teaching, available through iTunes
  • 72. NPR Science Friday: National Public Radio&apos;s popular program</li></li></ul><li>Tutorials - learn new skills and create your own podcasts<br /><ul><li>iTunes Store - Audiobooks: audiobooks on any subject
  • 73. Kaplan SAT Prep: Supplement from Kaplan
  • 74. iPod Manuals, User Guides and Tutorials: Troubleshoot problems , get new educational downloads
  • 75. Video iPod Tutorial: how to add podcasts, videos to your iPod
  • 76. Learn to Podcast: introduction to creating your own podcast
  • 77. iPod Lesson Plans: engage students, ideas include learning math with music and creating an audio tour
  • 78. Librivox: podcasts and recordings of book chapters from many literary genres
  • 79. free audio books and lectures</li></li></ul><li>Applications<br /><ul><li>iPodSync: Sync up Outlook accounts with your iPod using automatic updates and transfers for notes, calendar appointments, e-mail, news feeds
  • 80. MP3 to iPod Converter: convert MP3s to audio books
  • 81. iGadget: Make class notes, presentations, study guides iPod-friendly ,move files back and forth between your iPod and computer
  • 82. Plato Video to iPod Converter: transform video formats into MP4 to upload onto your iPod
  • 83. iPodifier: Sync iPod with TiVo, Windows Media Player or SageTV to view video streams
  • 84. iWriter: create your own iPod study tools, includes quick tutorial
  • 85. YouTube to iPod Converter 2.6: watch educational videos to review for tests, or add them to a presentation</li></li></ul><li>More Downloads<br /><ul><li>Telltale Weekly: purchase AAC-formatted audio books and stories for 25 cents each
  • 86. Free Classic AudioBooks: Find books like Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Huckleberry Finn and The Call of the Wild by Jack London      
  • 87. Talking Books Network: listen to key chapters of books or critiques of literary
  • 88. Project Gutenberg: online library of audio books and e-books in various languages
  • 89. iLingo: foreign language program includes tutorials in Italian, German, Portuguese, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Russian</li></li></ul><li>Classroom Aids<br />The Teaching Company: courses and study guides on topics such as Ancient and Modern History, Religion, Philosophy, Science and Mathematics<br />Portable Notes: guide to install Portable Notes to review class notes and study guides away from your computer<br />Merriam-Webster Reference Dictionary: look up words and definitions in class or anywhere<br />StudyGuideGuru: literature study guides<br />
  • 90. iTunes and Podcasting Aids<br /><ul><li>Tips for Podcasts: tutorial with tips for searching for, purchasing and playing podcasts
  • 91. PDA iPod Guide: MP4 converters, iPod converters, software and tutorials that enhance learning
  • 92. Podcasting Plus: create your own podcast
  • 93. iPod in the Classroom: Apple&apos;s lesson plans for teachers
  • 94. iLounge: find out about new applications</li></li></ul><li>Tools and Sites -audio books and iPod learning resources<br /><ul><li>AudioBook-Megashop: no monthly subscription fees
  • 95. ShowFootage: library of video clips.
  • 96. books, newspapers and magazines ready to download
  • 97. iPod Tours: search for and download audio tours like Chateau de Versailles, Jewish Museum Berlin and Disney Cruise Line.
  • 98. AudioLearn: test prep guides for SAT, MCAT, DAT, TOEFL and other exams
  • 99. English Tutor TeleCampus: test preps for the TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and other tests.
  • 100. Rocketbook Video Study Guides: video study guides (downloaded as MP3s, use a converter to make them iPod usable)
  • 101. Books on Board: ebooks and audio books
  • 102. video tutorials and how-to guides in computer and business training
  • 103. Unerase Tool: Recover materials with this tool</li></li></ul><li>iTunes U - schools offer classes on iTunes U<br /><ul><li>Stanford on iTunes: take a class, hear interviews and lectures
  • 104. University of California -- Berkeley: chemistry, the social sciences, journalism and more
  • 105. Duke University: Featured Speakers Podcast or the lecture series in Interdisciplinary and International Studies
  • 106. New York Law School: lectures on environmental law, family law, adoption policy, legal education
  • 107. MIT: lecture notes, project discussions on engineering, philosophy, urban studies
  • 108. Michigan Tech&quot;: classes include Forest Resources and Environmental Science, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering
  • 109. Yale Books and Authors: podcasts from Yale authors and faculty
  • 110. Harvard Extension School: podcasts of lectures and courses
  • 111. Wellesley on iTunesU: courses and lectures like &quot;Not Such a Small World: The Challenges of Globalization&quot; and &quot;Academic Frauds, Fictions and Fantasies&quot;
  • 112. Texas A &amp; M: workshop materials, lectures </li></li></ul><li>iPod in Education: tutorials and downloads for using the iPod in education<br />Research at Chicago: podcast with interviews and reports onresearch projects in psychology, physics, law <br />Business English: improve your professional English skills withthis podcast.<br />History According to Bob: Ancient Greece to World War I to the Aztecs<br />Openculture: Free Educational Podcasts: free podcasts from colleges and universities like Columbia, Dartmouth, Notre Dame, Stanford Law and the London School of Economics<br />
  • 113. Education Friendly Apps<br />Pamela Rups, Faculty Technology Center Coordinator at Western Michigan University, suggests: <br /><ul><li>Apps toturn iPod into a portable hard drive
  • 114. Apps like Air Sharing by Avatron Software, mbDrive by mbpowertools or Wifi Flash Drive </li></ul> by Loop Tek turn iPods into wireless portable flash drives to<br /> upload files from  computers<br />The Mikey external microphone by Blue or built in microphones allow teachers to give students instant feedback on oral or audio assignments.<br /><ul><li>Conduct interviews
  • 115. Hear music
  • 116. Listen to foreign language speakers</li></li></ul><li>Some Suggested Uses in Literacy<br />
  • 117. Using free or very inexpensive apps, teachers can:<br /> Literacy<br /><ul><li>Differentiatereading activities usingaudio books-promotes success and self-esteem while meeting the needs of struggling readers, bilingual students and special needs students
  • 118. Access digital texts so students read anywhere- independent reading, shared or small-group reading, whole class listening, and lending the audio books
  • 119. Connect internetto express ideas on a blog post (i.e. through the WordPress app) or to collaborate with peers using a wiki
  • 120. textbooks from different classes and grade levels to help those students who need hear the text again, or struggle to read it
  • 121. unlimited practice for students</li></li></ul><li>A Spelling Game…<br />
  • 122.
  • 123. Numeracy<br /><ul><li>Drill and practice or flash cards
  • 124. Use of calculators : regular calculator, scientific calculator or graphing calculator
  • 125. Pearson app that helps students learn concepts in Algebra </li></li></ul><li>Science<br /><ul><li>Mapping software like Google Earth or Google maps for physical geography
  • 126. Accessing 3D human body apps to study systems
  • 127. Apps describing objects in space for astronomy
  • 128. Use GarageBand to produce a song Listen here.
  • 129. Video students as revolving planets.
  • 130. Watch video about season changes. </li></li></ul><li>Social Studies<br /><ul><li>Use mapping software like Google Earth or Google maps to locate cities or historical locations and then use street view to see actual images
  • 131. Access historical maps or apps of historical artworkto study various ages/cultures
  • 132. Read historical literature, both fiction and non-fiction texts
  • 133. Produce a podcast about the American Revolution. </li></ul>International Languages<br /><ul><li>to help teach kids English as a Second Language or learn a foreign language</li></ul> lists:<br /><ul><li>authentic podcasts as a source of listening
  • 134. podcasts produced by teachers
  • 135. student podcasts which tell about their lives and interests</li></ul>iPodder podcasts use a blog site such as BlogMatrix or eBlogger to host content.<br />
  • 136. How Does This Work?<br />One possible way to use iPods:<br />Kids take their iPods home to revisit lessons and share them<br />One student described this as taking the teacher home <br />The students return the iPod the next day. Parents sign a statement listing the value of the iPod and agreeing to replace it if damaged or lost. <br />
  • 137.
  • 138. Create Original Content<br />Use iMovie or Movie Maker-create tutorials and upload them i.e. math problems with solutions, the water cycle in actionUse iSight camera and microphone in a Mac- create instructions, helpful tips, tutorials, recognize students’ accomplishments, or messages to parents. <br /> Use video editing software – develop tutorials or step by step instructions <br /> Use PowerPoint -create flashcards. <br /> Use a Mimio- Record a lesson<br /> Use FlipVideo or other hand-held video camera- video content<br />Students can create content:<br />Record reading sessions and book discussions <br />Classroom news<br />Read books for lower grades<br />Create tutorials or steps for solving problems<br />
  • 139. Developing Original Content<br />Pod EFL (<br />Providesa range of information about usingand creatinge-learning resources for English language teaching. Podcasts,comprehensive information, short discussions, links to educational technologyapplications for creating blogs and establishing online learning communities.<br /><br />An iPod authoring tool usingthe Notes capabilityon an iPod. Creates a downloadable installer to get the material you created onto an iPod. <br />
  • 140.
  • 141. Explore…..<br />Mogopop Web 2.0 site to create interactive movies, &quot;sites&quot; and books for iPods- to sync content you need to install the Mogopop Manager (a free download for PC or Mac)iWriter iPod study tools.15 day Free Trial ($29.95) iQuiz<br />iQuizMaker custom quizzes for the iQuiz game <br />
  • 142. Sources for downloadable audio content:<br /><ul><li>Internet Archive: Audio Content
  • 143. Audio - Creative Commons
  • 144. converts text to speech in an MP3 file.
  • 145. Wikipedia - Spoken Articles
  • 146. Convert to MP3 using Windows software. Mac users convert to AAC or MP3 usingthis plug-in.
  • 147. American Rhetoric: Top 100 Speeches of the 20th Century
  • 148. The Free Information Society - Historical Sounds</li></li></ul><li>
  • 149. References<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />100 ways to use your ipod to Learn<br />SlideShare Presentation by Apple Distinguished Educators<br /><br /><br /><br />
  • 150. Videos<br /><br />;feature=related<br />;feature=related<br />;feature=PlayList&amp;p=3E5870AC36298F80&amp;playnext=1&amp;playnext_from=PL&amp;index=37<br />;feature=related<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
  • 151. Helpful Resources to Explore<br />Using iPods in Education<br /><br /> Apple Learning Exchange- Apple iPod Learning Lab- iPod in Education- Teaching &amp; Learning Technologies Center, Indiana University iPod lesson plans<br /> all things iPod<br /><br /><br /><br /> iTunes help<br />;SUName=compute - tutorials and guides<br />
  • 152. Apps for Education<br /> education uses of iPods<br /> - 100 apps for education<br /> 5 cute math apps<br /> links to educational game apps<br /> free and low cost apps for many subjects<br /><br /><br /><br />Podcasting<br /> - podcast resources and examples<br /> links to podcasts<br /> samples of student podcasts<br /> Apple&apos;s guide to podcasting<br /> -guide to podcasting<br /> Learn to podcast<br /> tours<br /> guides to cities<br /> Spanish<br /> Brain Quest<br /> to podcasts for many subjects<br /> resources<br /> podcast on history<br />
  • 153. Photo Sharing<br /> photos<br /> share photos<br />Study Guides<br /> portable notes<br /> study guides<br /> Notes<br /><br /> guides, flash cards and more<br /> guides to literature<br /> international languages<br />Applications<br /> turn iPod into a PDA<br /> - convert mp3 to iPod<br /> convert video to iPod<br /> video converter<br /> - use iPod as hard drive<br /><br />
  • 154. Audiobooks/ downloadable audio content:<br /> audiobooks<br /> free audiobooks<br /> audiobooks<br /> classic audiobooks<br /><br /> create audio files<br /> audio files<br /> top 100 speeches from history<br />;type=3 historical sound files<br /> audiobook resources -over 15,000 educational audiobooks,<br />MP3 downloads, podcasts, and  videos.<br /> audio stories for kids. - free audio books<br /> reference materials and famous documents<br />
  • 155. Patricia Hutton<br />CMSCE<br /><br /><br />