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Interview Questionnaire_Korea Digital Content_VietNam

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Interview Questionnaire_Korea Digital Content_VietNam

  1. 1. 1. Fascination Level of the Foreign Programs (mainly about Korean/Japanese ones) [General Aspect] 1.1) How many foreign programs does your channel import per year? (OOO hours) 1.2) What genres of the foreign programs are imported per year? Cl. Documentary Feature Film Soap Opera Animation Others Genre(%) 1.3) What countries are the foreign programs mainly imported from every year? Cl. US Korea Japan Europe Others Country(%) [Fascination Level of the Korean Programs] 1.4) How high is the popularity of the Korean TV Programs (Soap Opera) in Thailand now, and what is the forecast about it in the future? 1.5) Does your company have a plan to import Korean TV Programs for two years from now? If so/not, what is the reason? [Fascination Level of the Japanese Programs] 1.6) How high is the popularity of the Japanese TV Programs (Animation) in Viet Nam now, and what is the forecast about it in the future?
  2. 2. 1.7) Does your company have a plan to import Japanese TV Programs for two years from now? If so/not, what is the reason? 2. Purchasing Channels of the Foreign TV Programs 2.1) What is the decision-making process when your company purchases the foreign TV programs? (for example) Plan → Inquiry → Consultation → Decision-Making 1) Programming Policy 2) Purchasing Department's Annual Planning 1) Desk Research 2) Attending TV Program Market 3) Agency Meeting 1) Purchasing Department Consultation 2) Programming Meeting 3) Management Meeting 1) Programming Director 2) Aquisition Director 2.2) What kinds of inquiries does your company do to purchase the foreign program licensing? Cl. Inquiring Channel Rate(%) 1st Desk Research 2nd Attending TV Program Markets 3rd Agency Meeting 4th Content Holders' Sample Screening
  3. 3. 2.3) What are the difficulties when inquiring into the foreign programs for purchasing? Cl. Difficulty 1st (Limited Information Sources - Lack of TV Program Market/Agency etc.) 2nd (Lack of Foreign Program Information in Vietnamese or English) 3rd (Lack of Understanding the Programs caused by Language Barrier of the Sample Screening) 4th (Others) 2.4) What is your company's main purchasing channel for the foreign programs? (If the purchasing channels are different among Korea/Japan/other countries, how different is it?) Cl. Purchasing Channel Rate(%) 1st Direct Purchasing via developed network with foreign broadcasting company 2nd Direct Purchasing via developed network with foreign production company 3rd Indirect Purchasing via Agency or CP(Content Provider) 4th New Purchasing via Attending TV Program Market
  4. 4. 2.5) If your company prefers the direct purchasing of the foreign programs, what are the reasons? 2.6) After your company makes a importing contract of the foreign programs, what are the methods of receiving the TV program material? Cl. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Method (Broadcasting Tape- Mail) (Satellite) (Online-Cable) (Others) 2.7) If there is any demand of the Viet Nam TV programs in Asia or any other countries, what countries are they? what sales scale and how popular are those programs? 3. Demand of the Long Tail Content 3.1) Is your company willing to import the long tail content from the cable channel or the independent production besides Korean/Japanese terrestial broadcasting companies that your company has been made deals with? If so, what kinds of programs does your company prefer? 3.2) Is your company willing to purchase the old(over two years past) programs such as Korea's popular soap operas or movies, or Japanese soap operas or animation? 3.3) As above, if your company is willing to purchase the non-terrestial foreign programs or old programs, is there any intention to use those programs in order to
  5. 5. extend your company's digital service(VOD services etc.) besides of the company's main channels? 3.4) How does your company purchase the foreign source videos of the programs such as the news source videos, rare and exellent sports videos, surprise videos, documentary source videos, and so on? 3.5) In case of the source videos of the programs, besides of the acquisition managers of the channel, is there any case that persons in production part such as producers in charge directly purchase them? If so, how often does it happen and what is the purchasing scale?