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Youcandoit2010 byusguide needyoursupport

  1. 1. 1. USGuide Introduction 2. You Can Do It Snap Shots 3. You Can Do It 2010 & Sponsorship May, 2010
  2. 2. USGuide Introduction
  3. 3. USGuide Introduction A Little History  A not-for-profit loosely-organized group of Vietnamese students and young professionals  In operation since 1997: Initially housed at:, and Moved later on to our current official website: Missions and Objectives • To supply and facilitate the sharing of information among members • To communicate our members’ real-life experiences in living and learning in the United States • To be completely not-for-profit and to operate on an absolutely voluntary basis, for the good of the community. Our Members • Numbering in the thousands, our members are studying, working and living in places spanning the whole United States. • In our flagship initiative, there are currently over 3000 members with more than 500 most active members. On average, every year, more than 20 of our members succeed in gaining admissions to American business schools, including some of the leading ones such as The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia Business School, University of Chicago GSB etc... Future Planning • We have plans to broaden our networks to include many more Vietnamese students and professionals currently living in the US. • To build up “help networks” based on specific academic subjects • To attract individuals and institutions to join and become active in assisting Vietnamese students in the pursuit of their education dreams.
  5. 5. Mentoring Library Group Studies Conferences Corporate Relations Workshops
  6. 6. USGuide Introduction Conferences Organize big conferences with over 300 participants. Through such conferences, the participants could gather their important information about U.S study, and have chance of communicating with speakers who are studying in U.S for their inspiration and belief in their application process.
  7. 7. USGuide Introduction Workshops Focused on topics providing important information not only about the schools, but also about the process of applying as well as the pros and cons of an education abroad, leading a good preparation for anyone who wants to go U.S for study.
  8. 8. USGuide Introduction Group Studies Bring together individuals with interests in preparing for and taking the GMAT, TOEFL, GRE etc., help organize group studies, provide study methods and materials. We have successfully organized over 70 of such group studies and many of the participants have achieved high scored on the respective tests.
  9. 9. USGuide Introduction Mentoring Facilitate the process in which the Mentors, who succeeded in applying to U.S graduate schools , will give supports for the Mentees (applicants) in their application process. The team also organizes the workshops on scholarship and networking to gain interaction chances for applicants .
  10. 10. USGuide Introduction Corporate Relations Aimed at taking full advantage of our members’ presence at Vietnam’s leading businesses and of those studying and working abroad in order to establish and promote our relationships with corporate institutions within the country
  11. 11. Statistics Age Distribution Geographic Distribution Over 30 yrs, 8% 18-21 yrs, Work & Work & 15% Study in Study in other Vietnam , 25-30 yrs, countries, 34% 25% 22% Work & 22-25 yrs, Study in the 52% US, 44% Website’s Hits per Month (2008 numbers) Number of Registered Memberships 42,032 39,543 5000 35,674 36,769 34,300 35,210 4350 3769 3567 3212 2403 2132 1200 653 750 312 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
  12. 12. Future Plan One of UGGuide’s primary plans for the near future is to establish professionally-organized programs that will connect our members, onshore as well as offshore, with domestic organizations with hiring needs (for high- quality human resources in particular). Through this, USGuide aims not only at broadening career prospective for our members but also at significant hiring cost Executive Search USGuide (Headhunting firms) reduction for the potential employers. Our master plan will include the following USGuide Community programs: • Summer internship program • Short training programs coupled with info sessions aimed at cultivating our members’ understanding of Vietnam’s corporate climate • Full-time employment program: bringing home Vietnamese students abroad Preferred partners for these programs will be companies and institutions that have been employers to our members as well as those with an existing relationships with USGuide Potential Employers (Firms with HR needs)
  13. 13. USGuide Introduction- Schools Our Members Attend Our members are students at some of the most recognized business schools in the United States
  14. 14. USGuide Introduction- Representative Employers And are key members in many local and foreign companies within Vietnam
  15. 15. You Can Do It- Snap Shots
  16. 16. History  Started in 2003  Partners: VietPhD, VietMBA, Vietnam Education Fund (VEF), Fulbright, Institute of International Education (IIE Vietnam) Missions & Objectives • Inspire young people about abroad higher education for knowledge, experience and vision. • Connect like-minded ambitious young people with same interest. • Introduce USGuide activities to young people. Targeting • Vietnamese students • People interested in US post-graduate education
  17. 17. Feedback from some participants tham gia “Through You Can Do It 2008, USGuide lights up the Vietnamese Youth’s dreams of U.S studies and  gains their back contribution for Vietnam’s prosper growth…” Thanh Tung, 26, PhD at Chicago Illinois After “You Can Do It” conference , hold by USGuide, I am so motivated to strongly believe in USGuide, who could be a supportive navigator for my journey to U.S Education” Hai Vinh, 26, MBA at Stanford “You Can Do It 2009” is a milestone helping me to evaluate my opportunity costs and clear my vision before planning study in U.S” Minh Phuong, 24, MPA at Indiana U “You Can Do It- Is it a plan inspired, a vision insight, Before participating in this conference, I think U.S Education is out of my reach. But the conferences changes my mind. Studying in U.S is a dream I could fulfill with a thorough plan. I Can Do It…” Hung Pham,24, MBA at Florida U
  18. 18. You Can Do It 2010
  19. 19. You Can Do It 2010 Sponsor Invitation Letter Subject: Invitation to provide sponsorship for USGuide’s annual “You Can Do It” conference To Whom It May Concern, First of all, thank you for your interest in the "You Can Do It" 2010 conference. By writing this letter, we want to bring to you the story and the reasons behind USGuide’s decision to organize “You Can Do It” and we hope that you will decide to join us in making this meaningful event happen. As a group of individuals who successfully navigated through the process of applying for graduate studies abroad and securing sufficient financing for our education, we believe that the main barrier between aspirant students in Vietnam and a higher education abroad today is informational, not financial. The shortage of reliable information and realistic, honest advice has severely limited the ability of many otherwise qualified candidates to reach out to the plentiful existing opportunities. From USGuide’s first days, one of our foremost goals has been to utilize our own experiences to address that shortage in a meaningful way. Since its beginning three years ago, “You Can Do It” has built upon that foundation and become one of the most significant events that USGuide organizes for and shares with the local community. We welcome everyone who is in the process of researching information and opportunities to study at the graduate level in the US (and increasingly in other developed countries around the world), provide them with information and advice and work to help them better define their goals, refine their plans and identify important sources of opportunities. Therein also lies USGuide’s aspiration to bring together, through this annual gathering of likeminded peers, the Vietnamese communities of current and prospective students as well as alumni in Vietnam and around the world; and together, begin to contribute to the country’s future. “US Education- Towards a Future” is the chosen theme for “You Can Do It” 2010 , aimed at the oriented- study and opportunities the applicants could gain after studying in U.S through a big conference onU.S Education and 2 sub- conferences on Master and PhD. For this to happen, we need your support. We have designed three sponsorship packages for your convenience, with values ranging from VND30,000,000 to VND80,000,000. The details and benefits of these packages are included in our sponsorship proposal for your review. Again, we thank you for your interest and consideration. “You Can Do It” will take place on July 17th this summer. We at USGuide hope that we will have the honor of having you there with us. Yours Sincerely, “You Can Do It” 2009, Organization Board
  20. 20. Hanoi • Time: July 17, 2010 • Venue : VCCI building , 9 Dao Duy Anh, Dong Da, Ha Noi • Number of Participants: 500 Ho Chi Minh • Time: • Venue : • Number of Participants:
  21. 21. You Can Do It 2010- Why Event Sponsor? Contribution to The Future of Vietnam Society • Help raise Vietnamese students and youth officials’ awareness of requirements, procedures, and benefits of Management Business Master (MBA) Program and other Post-grad programs. • Help build the new human resource for society – intellectuals/ youth businessmen and businesswomen with advanced thoughts and modern vision. Contribution to The Future of Vietnam Economy • Indirectly bring knowledge and experience of economics and business management of the world to Vietnam economy • Build the future leader generation for Vietnam Economy. Direct Benefits for Sponsor • Interests in term of propaganda and promotion for sponsor’s brand name • Approach high-level human resource from USGuide community • Privilege to participate in programs and events by USGuide.
  22. 22. You Can Do It 2010- Program Content 8:00 – 9:30 Registration & Conference on U.S Education Opening Remark Overview about U.S Education Theory and Practices in U.S Education: Global Impacts on U.S Education 9:30 - 10:45 Panel workshops on Graduate Study in U.S Workshop on MS, MBA & Career 1. Key Steps to U.S Education Track 2. Tips from Insiders 3. Career tracks: Views from Employers & graduates Workshop on PhD& Career Track 4. Questionnaires 10:50 - 11:30 Coffee Break& USG Alumni Sessions : Past, Now and Then Welcome messages form USGuide Speakers’ Introduction Networking Closing Remark
  23. 23. You Can Do It 2010- Media Scheme Time table Plan Online E-news Multimedia communities papers From 01/07/2010 to - Advertise this USGuide Vnexpress VTV 17/07/2010 event on various website and forum online VTC communities VietMBA Vietnamnet - Prepare press TTVNOnline Dantri release to send to journalists at the Vietabroader event of the conference Tiền Phong - Invite reporters VietPhD from TV channel Vietnam- U.S to attend & film Other Online Forums Magazine the conference Online invitation Hà Nội Mới USGuide Newsletter Tienphongonline Vietnamese Students
  24. 24. Benefits Exclusive Sponsor Golden Sponsor Silver Sponsor 80,000,000 VND 50,000,000 VND 30,000,000 VND 1. Printing Have logo on the stage 1.2mX1.2m 1mX1m 0.8mX0.8m (the only logo) Have logo on banners (5 banners) (the only logo) the biggest logo the 2nd biggest logo Have logo on invitation to the program (500) (the only logo) the biggest logo the 2nd biggest logo Have logo on posters (10 items) and leaflet (the only logo) the biggest logo the 2nd biggest logo (5000 items) 2. Information Press Name announced and thanked    in newspapers and online- publications (see list attached) SPONSORS to be interviewed  on newspapers. (exclusive sponsor) 3. Public Exposure The EXCLUSIVE SPONSOR of the event  Invited to speak in the event   Banners along the tormentor   Vertical banners at the entrance conference room    (2 items) (2 items) (1 ỉtem) Horizontal banners at the lobby to the conference room   
  25. 25. You Can Do It 2010- Sponsorship Package Exclusive Sponsor VND 80,000,000 Gold Sponsor VND 50,000,000 Silver Sponsor VND 30,000,000
  26. 26. Contact: Ms. Doan Thi Minh Phuong Tel: 84- 982-028-888 Email: