Football betting tips chapter 1


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Football betting tips chapter 1: what is your betting weakness and how to deal with it.
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Football betting tips chapter 1

  1. 1. Football betting tips: Time to make money withfootballHi all, in this first chapter, I will cover a series of the factor which can figure out your weaknessby giving information related to your personality, resource, and talent. Please pay attention, readand think carefully, as it would tell you if you were born to make money from betting, or you arejust wasting money, or you just should play for fun.Money is the core of the betting, you all know that more money make more money, and nomoney is hard to make any money, that is so simple. However football betting is not that simple.Why? Football betting can be addiction, sometimes it is worse than drug if you can not controlyourself. You can hear this story before; a man lost all his assert after one night, a man whoowed $100,000 because of betting, he was foreced to sell his only house to pay the debt, ....and so many stories like that. So what is the point here? Let be serious, if you are one of thesekinds, you should consider giving up betting ( or you can follow my football betting tips guide toimprove)Football betting tips: The four common and dangerous weaknesses ofplayers:- You get addicted by football betting: you just want to bet, anytime, anywhere, sometimesyou do not care if this bet will hurt your wallet, if you do not bet, you feel like you have not haddinner.If you are, it is terrible for you to go on in this industry, you can lose everything in just one hour ifyou are unlucky.Solution: hard to deal with this, but the one thing is self-limited your resource, try to deceasethe spending limit of your credit card, do not use online banking, do not use hand phone with3G, and t he most important thing, always ask yourself "bet this money and lose all, or use thismoney to buy a gift for my girlfriend?" or some questions like that, you should also stick this notesomewhere you can always see "Money is not paper", or make my football betting tips site asyour homepage to read this advice again and again everyday.- Poor Money management skill: Yeah, you can see this term somewhere as it is very famous,let see your betting statement, if you see a big difference in each bet unit, or in each day, youget a poor money management skill.Solution: it is hard to improve this skill, you will need to make a plan and follow it strictly. Forexample, set a rule like: max bet = $50, normal bet = $25 and you must always follow that rule,do not bet $30 or $ 80, it will make you lose your control later. Additionally, you can use themethod named drawdown, which based on the percentage of your current capital. Please findthe definition on google, and see this example if you do not really understand (Exclusive, onlyon football betting tips on Let say you invested $100 in Using drawdown, you set a flat bet = 2%of your current balance, here is 2% x $100 = $2. So let think you won the first bet, your currentbalance is: $102, and your next bet can be $2.04. So if your first bet lost? Your new balance is$98, new bet is 2% x $98 =$1.96. Got it? With this method, you can earn more when you arewinning streaky ($2 to no limit), and you will lose less if you are unlucky (your balance will reachzero after 50 streaks loss if you place flat 2$ for each bet, but with this method, it will be around100 streaks loss, mean you will have more chance to win back).- Poor football betting skills: This weakness is common with the betting newbie, but theexperience player can get it too. It is hard to say what exactly is poor skill, let take an example,try to review your lifetime betting history, calculate the percentage of wining stake, if it is 0-35%,
  2. 2. your skill is poor, 36% to 55%, your skill is average, 56% to 75%, your level is high, >75%, whatis the hell are you walking around here, why do not bet and earn more money?So why do I need to make this betting skill level? Simply, it will show the way to beat the bookie.If you are at poor level, you need to learn and improve, to at least reach the average levelBEFORE betting in real money. Yes, it can take time, but it is better than losing all your capitalbefore you are an expert, right? So when you reach the average level, it is time for you to learnmore about money management skill to protect your capital, but the betting skills need to beimproved more. When you get the high betting skill level, it is time to make real and big money.Using your high skill and money management, you can easily thousand dollars per week, ofcourse, you still need strictly follow your betting and money management plan, you can alsoupdate your winning and your pick on free football betting tips session here- No psychological self-control: This is the most common and dangerous factor which candestroy all your football betting business as well as your life. So please pay attention here,you must always always self-control yourself , always remember to not break your betting andmoney management rules. It is very important, as even if you are an expert in betting business,but you have no psychological self-control, you are a food for bookies. Let say you are in anunlucky day, you lose 30% of your capital, there are the last two football match, and you arenot so confident to bet, but you still want to get your money back. Here, if you can self-control,you will go to sleep and try to fight back tomorrow. But if you can not control yourself, you willbet 35% of your total capital to try to win back by the first match, and if you lose, you will bet theremaining 35% to get the money back, and if you lose again, you lose everything, and now youhave no more weapon to fight with the bookie, so what is the point to be like that?Do you still want to beat the bookie after reading this chapter? I bet you want, so please readit again one more time and note which weakness are belonged to you to make sure you canhandle it. The second chapter will be published as soon as possible.
  3. 3. Follow my betting guide and bookie will give you their money.Betting Experience