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The World is Flat
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The World is Flat



Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. PRESENTED BY: PATRICK HUANG The World is Flat By: Thomas L. Friedman
  • 2. Thomas L. Friedman
    • Thomas L. Friedman is a journalist who works for the New York Times
      • He has won the Pulitzer prize three times
        • Twice for International reporting
        • Once for Commentary
    • Writes about Foreign Affairs and Global Trade
      • He is one of the front running scholars on globalization and international trade
  • 3. Overview
    • Friedman coins the term “the World is Flat” a term he uses over and over throughout the book
      • What does this mean?
        • Friedman’s main point throughout the book is how the world has essentially become flat, the playing field has been leveled, individuals now are able to make a substantial impact on the world, no longer are only the big businesses running the show.
  • 4. Overview
    • Friedman begins in Bangalore, India where he first notices the flatting appearing
      • Companies were outsourcing their work to Bangalore
        • Accounting companies were using Bangalore to file taxes
        • Doctors were outsourcing their work to Indian Doctors in Bangalore to read CAT Scans and MRI scans
  • 5. 10 Major Flatteners
    • Berlin Wall Falling Down
    • Netscape internet browser going public
    • Work flow software, losing the need for humans, machines talking to machines
    • Uploading, free ware, Wikipedia, Apache
    • Outsourcing work to India for Y2K
    • Off shoring, China entering into the WTO and increase competition
    • Supply Chain, Wal-Marts clever design of supplying its goods
    • Insourcing, with UPS
    • Informing, with Google
    • Steroids, such as Cell Phones, Digital recordings, ipods
  • 6. Dot Com Boom and Bust
    • Freidman mentions how the dot com. Boom and bust were major contributors to the flattening of the world.
      • The dot com boom and bust enabled countries like India and China to experience major expansions even during the dot com bust.
    • I found this very interesting because the dot com bust slowed a lot of growth in the U.S. and many companies and people were suffering due to the bust
      • I did not know how the bust was able to help people in India and other 3 rd world countries
  • 7. Triple Convergence
    • 1 st Convergence: The ten flatteners become intertwined with one another
    • 2 nd Convergence: When companies and people begin to use and take advantage of the ten flatteners
    • 3 rd Convergence: Previously closed countries like China, Russia, India, and other Eastern European countries began opening their doors to the world
  • 8. Untouchables
    • Special Jobs: Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Katie Curic, these people create these skills
    • Specialized: Brain Surgeons, specialized repair men, Specialized lawyers
    • Anchored: Waiters, bartenders, although these jobs are beginning to be outsourced
    • Adaptable: Be able to learn new skills new traits do not stop learning
  • 9. America’s problem, the Quiet Crisis
    • American Basketball team
    • American youngsters have been cruising not keeping up with their education or work
      • While children from around the world have been working harder than ever to pass the U.S. and there has never been a better time
    • U.S. students have lost the science and math backgrounds which originally made it the power house it is today
      • Spending has been cut down on math and science research
  • 10. Conclusion: How does this book fit in?
    • What does this book mean and how does it fit in with Better Business Network?
      • This book means the playing field has been leveled individuals are now making a global impact.
      • U.S. students will no longer be guaranteed jobs, jobs will be outsourced to China or India where children are now better educated and better suited for the jobs
      • Better Business Network is this: we use many of the same tools which Friedman was talking about which helped with the flattening of the globe
      • Better Business Network will be at the for front of this new revolution