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Presentation at MIPA Journalism Day 2012 by Megan Hughes, adviser at Park Hill South High School

Presentation at MIPA Journalism Day 2012 by Megan Hughes, adviser at Park Hill South High School

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  • 1. @mehughes
  • 2. Questions or comments throughout?Use #JDAY2012
  • 3. How do you use socialmedia in yourpersonal life?
  • 4. • Talk to people• Share ideas and feelings• Publicize events• Post pictures and videos• Discuss news of all sorts• Inform others about your life• Ask people questions• Many other ways….
  • 5. You can use it in the sameways for your publication.
  • 6. 67% of young adults 16-24 havejoined a Social Network, making itthe number one platform forcreating and sharing content (Universal McCann, 2010)• Facebook• Twitter• Pinterest
  • 7. facebook• 483 million daily active users on average (in December 2011)• By far the most popular social media site worldwide• Continually developing and offering resources to everyone… including journalists! // Facebook + Journalists
  • 8. What organizationsdo you “like” or“subscribe” to?
  • 9. facebookThe pros use it to:• Publicize and market their publications• Drive traffic to their publication websites• Interact with their readers
  • 10. facebookTips from the pros:• Include images in posts – Kansas City Star -- NPR• Ask questions for response – Chicago Tribune -- NY Times -- STLtoday• Trivia/Fill in the Blank/Etc. – ESPN -- Entertainment Weekly
  • 11. facebookIdeas from HS Pubs:• Post links to stories on your web site -- SME• Use Timeline to your advantage -- BVNW -- Pro Tips• Create a Welcome Page -- Carmel HS // -- St. Teresa’s Academy // • Use
  • 12. facebookMore ideas for publicity:• Post Contest Winners• Special web-only offers• Include photos that didn’t make it in the yearbook--Park Hill South HS // southpaw
  • 13. facebookNY Times is going a stepfurther with Facebook…• Engage in “live chats” with readers• They used comments• Designed to be short but highly engaging• One way to directly and immediately engage with readers• Check out their 8 Tips for Success
  • 14. facebookBE CAREFUL:• Facebook users don’t want you clogging their timelines with posts• Quality over quantity• Don’t just shovel if you want real interaction
  • 15. What otherways are youalready using facebook?
  • 16. twitter• 140 million active users• 340 million Tweets a day• One of the fastest growing social networks online• A major tool in journalism today
  • 17. twitterPros use it to:• Publicize and market their products• Drive traffic to their websites• Interact with their readers• SAME AS FACEBOOK!
  • 18. What main difference doyou see in how news orgs useTwitter over FB?
  • 19. twitterBreaking News!• Kansas City Star• KMBC9 News• CNN• Ways journalists can use before, during and after reporting a story
  • 20. twitterTips for good tweets:• Include pics and videos in tweets –People love visuals• Ask questions for response // @ mentions• Be funny!
  • 21. twitterIdeas from HS Pubs:• Morning Announcements – St. Teresa’s Academy• Schedule Tweets• Create local hashtags• Two good examples -- Carmel HS // -- Blue Valley Northwest HS //
  • 22. twitterMore ideas for publicity:• Twitpic contests• Special Twitter-only offers• Mention people in stories and Tweet links at them• Follow back your followers!• Top Tweets // FHN Today
  • 23. twitterTake your tweets onestep further…• Live Tweet events! Use a hashtag to make it easy to follow• Publicize ahead of time•• After event, use to aggregate tweets sharing one hashtag and create web posts //
  • 24. twitterBE CAREFUL:• Tweets should come out at times other than just your pub class time• Big quantity is okay here• Verify breaking news!
  • 25. What otherways are youalready using twitter?
  • 26. pinterest• 12 million US users (and growing)• Up and Coming social media network• Users spend (on average) 89 minutes on Pinterest• Recently passed Twitter in referral traffic // see table on next slide
  • 27. pinterestPros use it to:• Publicize and market their products TOMS• Drive traffic to their websites STL Post-Dispatch• Interact with their readers Columbia Tribune• Plus, offer local connections Des Moines Register Columbia Missourian
  • 28. pinterestIdeas from HS Pubs:• Pin Your Own Content! – Hi Lite News Online• Pin Content Related to your publication or that your readers would like to see –PHS View
  • 29. pinterestMore ideas for publicity:• Like and Repin posts (engage with readers!)• If someone repins your post, comment and thank them• Shift from search to discovery• Marketing Tips // Guide
  • 30. pinterestBE CAREFUL:• Make sure your images are not copyrighted• Don’t pin just to pin// create boards that make sense for your readers• Follow appropriate people
  • 31. What otherways can youthink of to use pinterest?
  • 32. Questions orcomments#JDAY2012
  • 33. Want thispresentation? Tweet // DM@mehughes for the link