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Mobile Case Study  - Weston Bakeries
Mobile Case Study  - Weston Bakeries
Mobile Case Study  - Weston Bakeries
Mobile Case Study  - Weston Bakeries
Mobile Case Study  - Weston Bakeries
Mobile Case Study  - Weston Bakeries
Mobile Case Study  - Weston Bakeries
Mobile Case Study  - Weston Bakeries
Mobile Case Study  - Weston Bakeries
Mobile Case Study  - Weston Bakeries
Mobile Case Study  - Weston Bakeries
Mobile Case Study  - Weston Bakeries
Mobile Case Study  - Weston Bakeries
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Mobile Case Study - Weston Bakeries


Published on

Case Study presented at CMA Mobile event

Case Study presented at CMA Mobile event

Published in: Technology
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  • WHAT WE DO; BSTREET Communications is a SmartIdeas company. Most brands will tell you to be effective they need a Big Idea – something out of the box, BSTREET believes what they really need is a Smart Idea
  • We have extensive experience and long term relationships with global brands in Canada, US and UK markets Campaignable ideas and activation strategies that have been adopted globally
  • Transcript

    • 1. Gadoua MultiGo & Wonder+ Invisibles Product Launches Mobile Case Study: Never been seen before results!
    • 2. SmartIdeas TM BSTREET is a marketing communications agency dedicated to creating for your brand.
    • 3.  
    • 4. The Challenge
      • Gadoua & Wonder were looking to enter into Quebec’s and English Canada’s healthy white bread segment to compete with POMs Smart Multi-Grain, offering a never seen before soft white format that was made with 14 whole grains.
      • BSTREET was asked for an integrated campaign that would provide a strong and compelling reason for trial, build awareness of the brand’s unique benefits and gain strong trade and sales support through display activation.
    • 5. The SmartIdea™
      • ‘ Never Seen Before’ was the BSTREET platform that projected the innovative nature of the 14 grain format milled into a smooth textured bread
      • The simple image of a magnifying glass exposing the soft and white texture that consumers love, with the goodness of 14 grains their families need, was key to all communication vehicles.
      • To connect with consumers in the digital space, BSTREET leveraged Gadoua’s long-standing relationship with Club des Petits Dejeuner and Wonder+’s relatioship with the breakfast club of Canada as the perfect platform to engage consumers to join our efforts to raise money for a very worthy cause – providing nutritious breakfasts for children across the province.
    • 6. Planning the right digital marketing mix to amplify retail
    • 7. MultiGO Execution
    • 8. Wonder+ Invisibles Execution
      • Putting it all together
    • 10. The Results
      • After 8 weeks Multi-GO took the #1 spot as Quebec’s #1 selling bread
      • Wonder+ Invisibles also off to a great start (ranking not yet available)
      • The mobile media campaign performed above industry norms (and 5x online average)
        • MultiGo Was the best performing campaign in Quebec during our campaign period on the Weather Network
        • Wonder+ Invisibles was among the best performing campaigns of all time on Yahoo mobile
    • 12. 4 key takeaways
      • Like online media, mobile media ads perform best when there is a call to action
      • Having an actual mobile website (vs a larger version of the Ad or a redirect to the online site) ensures relevance and better user experience which leads to better brand engagement
      • Highly cost effective to build a mobile website vs. a mobile application – especially if you are looking to build across multiple platforms – and easier to drive to mobile web than mobile App for media
      • Mobile doesn’t replace anything in your digital marketing mix – but it’s an excellent complimentary channel that is getting great measurable results
    • 13. About Me
      • Follow me here:
      • Copy of today’s case study can be found here :
      • Phil Barrett (.mobi)
      • VP Digital & Mobile
      • CMA Digital Council
      • Mobile Evangelist
      • 360 Marketer
      • BSTREET Communications
      • Toronto & London, UK ‏