CMA Atlantic Marketing Conference - Mobile Overview
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CMA Atlantic Marketing Conference - Mobile Overview



Presentation given at CMA conference in Halifax (|K=229658)

Presentation given at CMA conference in Halifax (|K=229658)



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  • Capabilities:Initiate phone callsReceive phone callsOn the moveText MessagingMobile Web that doesn’t suckMapsNewsWatch TV/VideoAlarm clock GPS & Maps Apps for everything else!
  • The home phone is dying. 6% of Canadians have made their mobile phone their home phone and 19% say they will consider doing the same over the next 18 months
  • Matt asked me to cover off some current Canadian Mobile stats for the audience today – so here are some updated stats (mostly courtesy of our friends at the CWTA)
  • Ok – I’ve covered a ton of ground already… does anybody need a moment to reflect & gather themselves?
  • It seems that every year is the “year of the mobile web”Just like those predictions from the 50s, the mobile web has become…
  • Finally relevant - although it’s final form is perhaps not exactly as visioned
  • Just as we learned that brochures didn’t make great websites in the 90s, desktop websites do not automatically make great mobile website. Different context, different purpose, different opportunity
  • Once you decide you are going on the mobile web, there are several options on how you brand / identify that you’ve gone mobile
  • Although Apple was the first to popularize the App store, every major mobile OS has rolled out their own version. Such as…
  • WHAT WE DO;BSTREET Communications is a SmartIdeas company.Most brands will tell you to be effective they need a Big Idea – something out of the box, BSTREET believes what they really need is a Smart Idea
  • We have extensive experience and long term relationships with global brands in Canada, US and UK marketsCampaignable ideas and activation strategies that have been adopted globally

CMA Atlantic Marketing Conference - Mobile Overview CMA Atlantic Marketing Conference - Mobile Overview Presentation Transcript

  • (thank you Bryan Segal from ComScore for letting me borrow the last 3 images!)
  • What is the Mobile Marketing Opportunity in today’s fragmented media landscape?
  • What we’ll cover in the next 324 slides or 45 minutes (whatever comes first)
    Canadian Mobile Stats
    Relevant U.S. & Broader Mobile stats
    The Mobile Media opportunity
    Five Things you need to know about the mobile web
    Five Things you need to know about mobile apps
    Four ways of making old media undead with mobile (using what we just learned)
    Where mobile fits in our digital marketing mix
    Questions & Answers
  • Mobile is becoming ubiquitous
    93% by 2011
    75% in 2009
    Source: 2008 Wireless Attitudes Study: harris / decima for the CWTA
  • Usage by Province and Age
    Source: 2008 Wireless Attitudes Study: harris / decima for the CWTA
  • SMS is already Ubiquitous
    20 Billion text messages sent in 2008
    Estimated 40 billion in 2009
    Over 1 billion SMS messages sent in 2008 on shortcodes
    Source : CWTA
  • Females and Persons 35-54 are Key Mobile Targets
    Females are gaining more ground in the mobile market
    Source: comScore M:Metrics, US,, Persons 13+, 3mnth avg ending May 2005 - May 2009
  • Voice No Longer the Killer App:Mobile Browsers, Application Users and Downloads (Mobile Media Users) Growing 24% Year over Year
    Product: MobiLens
    Data: Three month average ending May 09
    Country: US - N= 35,520
  • Facebook Dominates inMobile Social Media
    Source: comScore, Inc. US, 3 Mth Ave. Ending May 09, Ages 13+
  • =
  • Twitter rocks Mobile more than Desktop
    • RIM Holds the most users
    • 7.1% of RIM and Apple Owners Tweet
    comScore Inc. Mobile Metrix – August 2009 – Symbian, MS, and Palm OS
    comScore Inc. M:Metrics US – October 2009
  • Mobile Advertising: Not Just About Ringtones Anymore
    Mobile Web Drawing Diverse Advertisers
  • Mobile Media Opportunity
  • Multi-screening becomes ubiquitous
    Only 4% of the US online population say that they never use a computer while watching TV
    We can view this as fragmentation… or opportunities to engage more deeply with our audiences where they are already spending time
    comScore Plan Metrix April 2009
  • We’ve been predicting this for a while…
  • Mobile Web (aka WAP)…
    becomes relevant
  • 5things you should know about the mobile web
    More people will access the mobile web by 2013 than the “desktop web” (01/14/10 Gartner report)
    The user experience has to be optimized for the mobile web
    Mobile websites need specific purpose and relevance to users
    You can build mobile websites to work on all devices
    You don’t need to spend a lot to get a lot
  • .mobi thinking is not .com thinking
  • Mobile domain / URL strategies
  • Smartphones are HOT!
    About 4 million Canadians are accessing the mobile web through their mobile device
    6 of the top 10 best selling phones are touch-based smart phones
    25% of all new Canadian mobile sales in Q2 09 were smartphones. That rose to 47% in Q3 09.
    55% of Canadians have indicated that they are looking to upgrade their mobile phones over the next 6 months
    By 2011 nearly all phones will be smartphones
  • Should you build an App for that?
  • Apps stores… More than Apple.
    Image source:
  • Five things you should know about Mobile Apps
    It takes more work (for marketer and consumer) to drive people to a mobile app vs. a mobile website
    Allows you to build a richer experience without impacting data speeds / charges
    Allows you to take advantage of native phone features (camera, voice, “shaking”)
    Features can work offline
    There’s an App for that
  • App examples
  • There’s An App for that!
  • So… Wap or App?
  • DO BOTH!
    (but probably start with a mobile website)
  • 4 ways to make old media undead with mobile
  • Call to action with SMS that resolves to mobile web URL
    Rich Abronson, VP Marketing @ Gumiyo:
    “This is a clear indication of the power of SMS and the Mobile Web to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns that include an on-site promotional event or venue, and we believe the contributions of these channels will dramatically increase in 2010 and beyond”
  • Create a mobile website & promote it!
    Promote on all displays, POS, print & OOH
    W3C Compliant (works on all mobile devices)
    Leverages iphone webkit capabilities for enhanced menu features
    Build once – use many times
  • Create a mobile call to action with 2d / QR Codes
  • 2-D codes the near future of mobile marketing
    A 2-D code looks like a pixilated 1980s Ms. Pac Man game board
    Extend & create a more interactive mobile experience
    Enter a contest
    Get a coupon or gift certificate
    Get product information
    Download movie trailer
    Download music
    Access information on a mobile website
    Get directions to a location with a link to google maps (store locator)
  • Example: Stella Artois
    Stella Artois ran a contest across Canada with a QR Coded poster campaign (image below). The QR Code resolves to a mobile website where entrants can win a unique experience at a film festival, including the Toronto International Film Festival, the Vancouver International Film Festival, the Calgary International Film Festival and the Atlantic Film Festival.
    The experience includes meeting up with a film industry insider, attending a festival screening and VIP access to an exclusive party.
  • Japanese QR Coded Building(resolves to mobile web with up to date shop information)
  • QR Code Only Magazine
    A Japanese magazine Tada Gets (things for free) is now into its fifth issue. It is composed
    almost entirely of QR codes and by scanning these codes mobile users link to a variety of free ringtones,
    decorations, games, music, pictures and other content.
  • 7 things you should know about
    Bluetooth is the global short-range wireless standard
    Default range is 100m – but can be adjusted down
    1.5 billion Bluetooth-powered devices worldwide
    80 percent of new mobile phones come with Bluetooth
    Consumer awareness of Bluetooth at all time high
    Response rates are typically 5-10%
    Many blackberries do not support 2-way bluetooth… yet
  • Bluetooth Best Practices
    Don’t use as “blue-spam” – use as opt-in channel (ie. South African malls)
    Needs to be supported by other communications
    Make sure there is a value exchange with consumer
  • Where does Mobile fit into the digital marketing mix?
  • BSTREET Media Mix Philosophy
  • Where to start?
    Incorporate mobile call to action in all OOH & print media (SMS, URL, QR, Bluetooth)
    Give the Consumer at least 2 of the 4 options mentioned above
    Leverage existing assets to create something of value to the Consumer
    You don’t need a robust mobile website to resolve to, but it needs to be more than a larger version of the Ad itself
    Extend existing “desktop” web properties to the mobile web
    Design to work on all devices – but optimize for smartphones
    Start small – but be relevant and specific
    Use existing URLs but add device detector
    Promote the fact your sites are mobile friendly online and in other channels
    Start allocating ~20% of your digital media budget to mobile
  • Q&A
  • About Me
    Follow me here:
    • Copy of today’s presentation can be found here:
    Phil Barrett (.mobi)
    VP Digital & Mobile
    • CMA Digital Council
    • Mobile Evangelist
    • 360 Marketer
    BSTREET Communications
    Toronto & London, UK‏
  • BSTREET is a marketing communications agency
    dedicated to creating
    for your brand.