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Behaviour Driven Development
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Behaviour Driven Development


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A talk about the why and how of Behaviour Driven Development. A life-demonstration of PHP-based Behat and Mink was included. …

A talk about the why and how of Behaviour Driven Development. A life-demonstration of PHP-based Behat and Mink was included.
Held at the Redpill Linpro Gathering 2011 in Sunne.

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • Carsten Nielsen: php-utvecklare jobba mycket med open source cms som Contao, drupal, mediawiki, typo3 eller applikationsutveckling med php/symfony Vad är BDD? Det baserar på TDD
  • Dem vanliga argument för tester Dan North kom på den «oligiska» slutsatsen i TDD att man kan inte testa något some inte finns.
  • Test Driven Design - Unit-Test focussera på code (testa en class) - Functional test focussera på applikationens beteende Tå bort test och skriv behaviour och det är enklare att första vad det är. En kombination av funktionellt och akseptans-test Vi har ju allt. Varför en ny concept?
  • Ett vanligt exempel... Kunden skriver hur databasen ska se ut? Verkligen? Vad har hänt? No definition about the value of a feature! Vi skrev «tester» som vi tyckte uppfyller kundens mål.
  • Ett vanligt test ser sohär ut. Fatter en kund dethär? Finns det ett Value? Nej! Men här kommer en Babelfish...
  • Vi behöver ett gemensamt språk. Userstories to the rescue!
  • Det här definerar värdet av vart feature. Nu behöver vi scenarier som hjälpa oss nå det här värdet och undvika fel. Scenarios!
  • Du har just lärt dig ett nytt språk!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Behaviour Driven Development Carsten Nielsen 2011-11-23
    • 2. Test Driven Development
      • Automation makes life easier
      • 3. Refactoring/extending becomes safer
      • 4. Faster development and better software
      Why? How can we test something theat don't exists? But hey! Test? It's about Design!
    • 5. It's Evolution Baby!
      • With ”Tests” we're designing the software/product.
      • 6. We're describing it's behaviour.
      Test Driven Development Behaviour Driven Development
    • 7. And there were Tests...
      • The customer wants us to build that awesome new video-portal with function X and technology Y and In The Cloud!
      • 8. We're talking with the customer about the How/When/Budget.
      • 9. The customer defines 2 gazillion pages of specs.
      • 10. We're sitting on the specs and start coding our tests.
      • 11. Project proceed...Tests passes...We're happy!.
      Is the customer happy? Oops! Design-Fail! What about the Why?
    • 12. Obscured by code Is this readable, understandable and acceptable? class FixturesTest extends sfPHPUnitBaseTestCase { public function _start() { new sfDatabaseManager(ProjectConfiguration::getApplicationConfiguration('frontend', 'test', true)); Doctrine_Core::loadData(sfConfig::get('sf_data_dir').'/fixtures'); }   public function test1() { $name = 'foo'; $model = Doctrine::getTable('SomeModel')->findByName($name); $this->assertTrue( is_object ($model)); $this->assertEquals('SomeModel', get_class ($model)); $this->assertEquals($name, $model['name']); } } Can the customer understand this?
    • 13. Babelfish!
      • Use same vocabulary for
      Instead of code: And: Force them all think about the Why and Value!
    • 17. Once upon a time... A userstory: Editor can login As a editor I want to be able to login into the backend So that I can edit my personal events Thats a role, an action and a value. In order to edit my personal events As a editor I need to be able to login into the backend Yes! Value! Alternative pattern with focus on value:
    • 18. Desire! Tension! Action! A scenario: Login as reistered user Given I am on «/login» When I fill in «username» with «slartibartfass» And I fill in «password» with «42» Then I should see «Welcome!» And I should not see «Login» And this is testable – readable - usable! Other language needed? Givet jag är på «/login» När jag fylla in «username» med «slartibartfass» Och jag fylla in «password» med «42» Då skulle jag se «Welcome!»
    • 19. Welcome to Planet Gherkin!
      • Domain Specific Language
      • 20. Create the vocabulary with your client
      • 21. Let the client write the stories/scenarios
      • 22. Let the client accept the scenarios
      • 23. Perfect for agile workflows
      • 24. Drop the spec-definition-bible and save some trees!
    • 25. A demonstration.
      • Behat – a BDD-framework for php
      • 26. Mink – an abstraction layer for browser-engines
      • 27. Test in any language you want!
        A terminal session is going to start – non-coders are allowed to take a mental break ;-)
    • 28. Go digging!
      • For PHP: Behat
      • 29. For Java: Jbehave
      • 30. For Ruby: Cucumber
      • 31. For Python: Lettuce
      • 32. For Perl: Test::Cukes
      • 33. Ahh - ok and for dotnet: SpecFlow
    • 34. Thanks!
      • Dan North –
      • 35. Konstantin Kudryashov –
      • 36. Carsten Nielsen @phreaknerd