Enabling The Enterprise With Php
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Enabling The Enterprise With Php



phptechtalk 2010, MIMOS PHP COE

phptechtalk 2010, MIMOS PHP COE



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Enabling The Enterprise With Php Presentation Transcript

  • 1. www.nyphp.com / www.nyphp.org Enabling the Enterprise with PHP Healing disparate systems to form the enterprise MIMOS Enterprise PHP Techtalk 2010 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia January 28th, 2010 Hans Zaunere, Managing Member 02/02/2010 1
  • 2. www.nyphp.com / www.nyphp.org Overview • The Enterprise Ecosystem, Part I • What Existed • The Enterprise Ecosystem, Part II • Why PHP? • Migrate, Migrate, Migrate • Conclusions 02/02/2010 2
  • 3. www.nyphp.com / www.nyphp.org The Enterprise Ecosystem, Part I What actually is an Enterprise? • Commonly used word to explain commonly encountered problems – Often heterogeneous and varied – Multiple demands from multiple units • Only one thing doesn’t change: having changes • But what environment isn’t like this? 02/02/2010 3
  • 4. www.nyphp.com / www.nyphp.org The Enterprise Ecosystem, Part IA A Case Study • Major medical institute in New York City – Thick-client desktop application from third-party – Oracle backend – Critical medical data under HIPAA regulation – Over 100 clinic operations – Thousands of patients seen daily – Ongoing changing requirements from various units 02/02/2010 4
  • 5. www.nyphp.com / www.nyphp.org What Existed … and what didn’t • Custom LAMP intranet – Unique reporting not available from any other system – Unique functionality, not possible through a out-of-box solution – Multiple developers over 9 years – very messy code base – Financially, medically and compliance critical – MySQL intermediary data store • No version control • No framework – No modular code or SQL usage! • No coding standards • No previous good developers 02/02/2010 5
  • 6. www.nyphp.com / www.nyphp.org The Enterprise Ecosystem, Part II Enterprise Ready = Dealing with a Mess • Business Requirement: Move to Microsoft SQL Server in three months • Repercussions for 9 year old PHP codebase – Migrate to Windows and IIS – Convert database interaction from OCI to MSSQL – Rewrite ALL SQL – Keep service online – continue to manage change requests • Other requirements – “We might change our mind and go back to Oracle afterwards” Seriously? 02/02/2010 6
  • 7. www.nyphp.com / www.nyphp.org Why PHP? Why it was Chosen Originally – The *ility Slide • Agility – Intranets need to be very adaptable and support frequent internal change requests – Integrate with MySQL, Oracle and third-part scheduling systems • Stability – Able to handle internal traffic on minimal hardware – Active broad based development from around the world – Initially not considered mission-critical – of course! • Flexibility – Custom extensions could be developed – Could run on web or as CLI (used for scheduled/cron tasks) 02/02/2010 7
  • 8. www.nyphp.com / www.nyphp.org Why PHP? Why it was Chosen Originally – The Glue Slide • Fundamental Enterprise Requirement Connectivity Connecting and enabling multiple “things” • Extensions developed by the PHP Group and open source community – Multiple databases – Image processing, XML – Web services and ColdFusion integration – FTP, Windows share Even Years Ago, PHP was Unique 02/02/2010 8
  • 9. www.nyphp.com / www.nyphp.org Why PHP? Why not? • Years later, PHP continues to rock… – It was a boon that we had chosen it – Now, nothing else would make sense • Corporate support from Oracle – Did I mention we had to upgrade from Oracle 8 to 9 in the interim? – Excellent database driver support • Corporate support from Microsoft – Native support for Windows Server, IIS – Used Web Platform Installer which was basically plug-n-play – SQL Server native driver now available 02/02/2010 9
  • 10. www.nyphp.com / www.nyphp.org Migrate, Migrate, Migrate How it Went Down • Utilized in-house cross-platform framework (NAS) – Runs transparently on Windows, Linux – Run same code on web server or command line • Utilized AMP (Apache/MySQL/PHP) – Cross-platform could adapt to changing environments – Facilitate migration by allowing two simultaneous intranets to run • Migration Vectors 1. Converted legacy code to NAS 2. Imported into Subversion 3. Deployed to Windows 4. Fine tuned for changing from Apache to IIS 5. Framework drivers for Oracle/MSSQL to enable switch 02/02/2010 10
  • 11. www.nyphp.com / www.nyphp.org Conclusions The Internet Speaks PHP – Speak to It • PHP enables an enterprise – to be an enterprise • PHP can hold an enterprise together • The greatest enterprise – the internet • We’ll see great strides in connecting different resources • Creation of Web 3.0, social networks, and the semantic web – At the forefront of enabling the internet as an enterprise • Web service and API support • Available as an invaluable tool from the open source community 02/02/2010 11
  • 12. www.nyphp.com / www.nyphp.org Thank You hans.zaunere@nyphp.com For renowned worldwide online support, New York PHP Mailing Lists are free and available to anyone: http://www.nyphp.org/Mailing-Lists 02/02/2010 12