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Y Pipes Mashup Camp
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Y Pipes Mashup Camp


2009.1.31 야후 매쉬업 캠프 …

2009.1.31 야후 매쉬업 캠프
Y Pipes 활용 - 김병석

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  • 1. Apt near Park •How do you find an apartment near a park?
  • 2. Apt near Park • Craigslist apartment listings • For each apartment: • Click on map link • Check distance to a park on the map • Tedious
  • 3. Apt near Park • Data is available • Craigslist apartment RSS feed • Yahoo! Local API to find Parks • Can do it in about 50 lines of Perl code • #!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use LWP::Simple; use XML::Simple; ...
  • 4. Pipes •A free online service that lets you remix any web data and create mashups using a visual editor Craigslist Yahoo! Local
  • 5. Target Audience • The top 10% of the web 2.0 pyramid • Coders, re-mixers, bloggers • Assume prior knowledge • Concepts... loops, data types • End-users benefit indirectly
  • 6. Any Input Craigslist Yahoo! Google Ebay Your data here!
  • 7. Any Output
  • 8. Any Output RSS Readers Badges HTML Your app here!
  • 9. Any Process Yahoo! Local Fetch Your Web Service Here! Sort
  • 10. Openness Craigslist RSS Readers Yahoo! Yahoo! Local Fetch Badges Google Your Web Service HTML Here! Ebay Your app Sort here! Your data here!
  • 11. Pipes • Middleware for mashing data without having your own web server • Rapid prototyping • Quick to write pipes - no coding or plugins required • Focus on what you’re trying to build without solving the trivial • Faster network access to many APIs
  • 12. Engine • Executes Pipes • Pipes are defined by a simple definition format • Parallelizes/Caches as much of the execution as possible • Not limited to RSS
  • 13. Editor • Edits Pipe definitions • Heavy lifting performed by Engine • Rivals a desktop experience • Almost everything is now possible in a browser
  • 14. Working with Pipes
  • 15. Build / Tweak • Use the editor to build and test your own pipe • Find a useful pipe and copy / tweak it • View source is always available
  • 16. How do I make a Pipe? •Apartment near Something
  • 17. Run / Get the data • Run pipe to get various useful URLs • These are REST-style URLs
  • 18. Edit REST-style queries http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.run? _id=1mrlkB232xGjJDdwXqIxGw &_render=json &location=palo+alto%2C+ca &mindist=2 &what=parks &_callback=foofunction The ID of the pipe
  • 19. Edit REST-style queries http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.run? _id=1mrlkB232xGjJDdwXqIxGw &_render=json &location=palo+alto%2C+ca &mindist=2 &what=parks &_callback=foofunction The format of the output (rss, json, kml, csv or ical)
  • 20. Edit REST-style queries http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.run? _id=1mrlkB232xGjJDdwXqIxGw &_render=json &location=palo+alto%2C+ca &mindist=2 &what=parks &_callback=foofunction The per pipe customizable parameters
  • 21. Putting Pipes onto your page • Via the server • Fetch the pipe data using the REST URL and parse XML/JSON • Put Javascript in your page • a proxy (for Javascript XHR) • the JSON callback mechanism... • Put Flash in your page • ActionScript...
  • 22. Summary: Pipes lets you... • Grab web data sources • RSS, JSON, XML, RDF, ICAL, CSV • Including Y! API data • Manipulate the data • Mash it up with other data sources and data services using a visual editor • Preview the results, on ipes.yahoo.com • Use the Pipe data however you want, wherever you want (on any web site)
  • 23. Demo
  • 24. Information • Use this key • http://shared1.inf.corp.kr1.yahoo.com:811 1/api.txt • Daum : http://apis.daum.net/search/blog?apikey=d9 ad44378321d76447770cec1d9d0d40192f29 1f&q=daum%20openapi • Naver • http://openapi.naver.com/search?key=7d6 fa53df32a29ef2f4800b1ab586cf6&target= blog&query=go&display=5&start=1&sort= sim
  • 25. Exercises
  • 26. Question • Top 20 Earthquakes in Past Week • This Pipe uses data from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to plot the twenty strongest earthquakes in the last week. • Feed url : http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqcenter/cat alogs/eqs7day-M2.5.xml • Hint : Use Location Extractor
  • 27. Thanks!