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Ignite seoul 4-12 정기원 designfiction
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Ignite seoul 4-12 정기원 designfiction


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  • 2. DESIGN? From imagination to a material reality via thoughtful exploration* IMAGINATION MATERIAL REALITY Suppose we define design as above. There are many ways to explore the path between these two points. 4* Based on a 2009 essay by Julian Bleecker
  • 3. DESIGN FICTION Creating (material) things that help tell a story* IMAGINATION MATERIAL FORM COLLECTIVE IMAGINATION Then you can call design fiction affects the collective imagination of the mass. In tern it affects individual imagination in a cyclical manner. 5* Based on a 2009 essay by Julian Bleecker
  • 4. APPLE FAN FICTIONS Crowdsourced contest, user-generated design fictions. Digital tools allows a broad range of participants. Image Credit: iLounge
  • 5. SKETCH FURNITURE Explores personal fabrication, the boundary between design, manufacturing, and usage. Implemented but not viable or usable. Image Credit:
  • 6. BLENDIE Growl into a blender to operate it; instead of dry and objective way of interacting with machines (buttons, touch, keyboard), can we use our emotion directly? Image Credit:
  • 7. PROAESTHETICS Presenting disability artifacts in new light Image Credit:
  • 8. SCIENCE FICTIONPrototypes of other worlds, other experiences, other contexts for life* IMAGINATION ALTERNATIVE WORLD COLLECTIVE IMAGINATION REAL WORLD Feeds back to affect R&D the real world Similarly, science fiction, as prototypes of an alternate world, affects our collective imagination. Many of these fictional elements are developed into actual technologies by researchers, engineers, and designers like yourselves. 14* See 2009 essay by Julian Bleecker and “Resistance is Futile” by Dourish et al.
  • 9. Blade Runner (1982) Lytro Camera (2011) ESPER photo analysis machine Captures complete light fieldIndefinite zoom up and focusing Change focus after the factLook behind the object Image Credit: Warner Bros. Image Credit:
  • 10. Star Trek (1966-) Motorola StarTAC (1996) “Communicator” Clamshell mobile phonesCaptain Kirk (Original series)Lt Commander Spock (2007 movie) Star Trek fan turns a regular phone into Communicator Image Credit:, Image Credit:,
  • 11. Star Trek (1966-) Apple Siri (2011) Voice interface with the “computer” Voice activated personal assistant Auto-destruct sequence alpha-one.15 minutes silent countdown. Enable. Image Credit: Paramount Pictures Image Credit: Siriously Weird
  • 12. Minority Report (2002) Facebook Plugin (2011)Ubiquitous personalized advertising Inescapable identity Welcome back to The Gap! How did you like the tank tops? Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Image Credit: Techcrunch
  • 13. USING FICTION TO MAKE YOUR IDEA HAPPEN Near-future technology scenarios IMAGINATION SCENARIOS COLLECTIVE IMAGINATION R&D REAL WORLD Now academic research community is proactively creating these science fiction before they have finished, or sometimes, started, their research project. Research community is now 25 initiating Sci-Fi storytelling
  • 14. CLAYTRONICS FUTURE AD Combines modular robotics, nanotechnology and computer science to create the dynamic, 3-D display of electronic information. An over-the-top scenario and Discovery channel feature for programmable matter.
  • 15. +POOL FOR NYC NYC designers came up with a proposal to float a swimming pool on the Hudson River, and posted hypothetical videos and images on social funding site Kickstarter. Thanks to the appealing visuals and social media campaign, they secured $40K for initial filteration tests. (2011) Image Credit: Kickstarter and PlusPool
  • 16. BUSINESS FICTIONNext Year’s Headline Amazon’s Fake Press ReleaseAs featured in IDEO’s Method Cards: “Predictions can For new initiatives, a product manager typically starts byhelp you define which issues to pursue, identify writing an internal press release announcing the finishedtargets, and reveal internal values.” product.Image Credit: IDEO Method Cards Image Credit:
  • 17. PRODUCT FICTION Tell a story with a quick prototype Create a physical prototype that embodies the “goodness” of your idea, and refer back to it. This ad- hoc IDEO prototype shows the idea of gun-like medical device easy to operate.Image Credit: Larevuedu Design Image Credit: Larevuedu Design
  • 18. SERVICE FICTIONOperating Room Roleplay Scenario ActingIDEO Method cards: “Identify stakeholders involved in Act out roles to demonstrate the context and advantagethe problem and assign the roles to team members. of new technology or service.Can trigger empathy for the actual users and raiserelevant issues.”Image Credit: IDEO Method Cards Image Credit: Dånk! Collective on
  • 19. PERSONAL FICTION Hypothetical Bio in 3 Years Write a fictitious blurb, article, or profile about yourself set in the near future. You will be surprised how much concrete information it contains, and how helpful it is to get introduced to those who can help you realize it.
  • 20. TO INVENT THE FUTURE...ImagineVerbalizeVisualizePrototypeStorytell } Externalize! THE END