Memorandum of future understanding


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To all human beings in the light of recent events : say enough to our inabilities to continue global unification process.

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Memorandum of future understanding

  1. 1. To Humankind I, the negligible human being, a small part of humanity, would like to declare the following to this wonderful family in the light of recent events: ------OOOO MEMORANDUM OF FUTURE UNDERSTANDING OOOO------ Enough. Enough to millennia of division and enduring instability of mechanisms maintaining the balance of powers. Enough to antagonistic tensions resulting from primitive traits of our psyche tearing us apart since ages while preventing our entry to the cosmic age. Enough to our inability to pull together as one planet and instead loosing vast energies and capital in preparations for mutual destruction. Enough, well, enough. Since times when our prehistoric ancestors formed first groups and ignited an ascent of human civilization, we continued their legacy with prevailing success: first villages of tens, then cities of thousands, followed by states of millions. Today, we see U.S., Russia, China and India counting in hundreds of millions. A truly remarkable masterpiece which all great composers certainly would have praised! Yet no reason to feel proud of - accompanying disharmonies having a face of war, hatred and fear on a national scale have still kept with, even paradoxically contributing to growth at some times.. We, the human race, will finally have to unite and create global unity on a planetary scale. We therefore urgently need to overcome our last remaining differences that divide us and that are responsible for shaping the borders in our minds and hearts. Those borders are the seeds of future conflicts and we have to take control of them the same way we learned to control our former weaknesses. The hope, that one day humanity will reach beyond current limits and successfully surpass another critical phase of evolution, may be just an irrational hope today – but so were once many imaginations. This beautiful and astonishing symphony, which is being performed since the very beginning of mankind, has had and of course will continue to have also dramatic parts but let's all contribute that the final steps of current movement will be remembered for the triumph of creative intelligence. It truly would be a majestic achievement for this small Child on this very tiny planet, that after so often playing dangerous games, a way to reach out for the stars in both meanings of the word was found. As all children, we have infinite options, but only one choice. I, 3/3/14