Startup Pirates Gdansk workshop "Vision and values" 20130915


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Values our driving our daily decisions and therefore they have to be an integral part of our company/startup strategy. The startup itself should be based on a long term vision in which you can really believe yourself.

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Startup Pirates Gdansk workshop "Vision and values" 20130915

  1. 1. Vision AND values Startup Pirates 15 September 2013
  2. 2. I’m a Dutch guy who fell in love with Poland and …Picture source:
  3. 3. Slow down time
  4. 4. Vision
  5. 5. What’s your Vision? How will you change and improve in the future?
  6. 6. Queen’s one vision
  7. 7. Some Vision examples To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time We fulfill dreams of personal freedom We seek to be Earth’s most customer-centric company for four primary customer sets: consumers, sellers, enterprises, and content creators A just world without poverty To  build  a  future  in  which  people   live  in  harmony  with  nature
  8. 8. Vision vs Mission statement •  A Mission Statement defines the company's business purpose, its objectives and its approach to reach those objectives •  A Vision Statement describes the desired future position of the company •  The mission is therefore the means of successfully achieving the vision
  9. 9. Six components of an effective business vision •  Provides future direction •  Expresses a consumer benefit •  Is realistic •  Is motivating •  Must be fully communicated •  Consistently followed and measured
  10. 10. What’s your updated Vision? Five years from now, (company name) will ___________________ by ________________________. Five years from now, Tiny Tots Diaper Service will be the top grossing diaper service in the Lower Mainland by consistently providing a reliable, affordable service for Moms an Dads with small children.
  11. 11. Values
  12. 12. What are your Personal and business values?
  13. 13. Values form the foundation of a business’ management style
  14. 14. values are guiding beliefs about how things should be done
  15. 15. Vision, mission, values •  Vision – What you want to be •  Mission – How you will achieve it •  Values – What you (collectively) believe in and guides your behaviour Source:  h8p://www.compass-­‐­‐and-­‐values.htm  
  16. 16. Example: What is Zappos
  17. 17. Defining your corporate values 1.  As a warm-up answer 3 Questions –  Why does {company’s name} exist? –  What difference do you want to make here? –  Who is (are) your customer(s) and how would you want them to describe their relationship with you? With the company? 2.  Choose 5 values (i.e. Collaborative, Fun, Innovative, Determined, Passionate) that you have either already experienced as a strong asset to the existing culture or identify one that is lacking and could effect positive change 3.  Recall a specific experience at work that illustrates one of the values – use the power of story telling
  18. 18. Core Values
  19. 19. What are your updated corporate values?
  20. 20. Let’s wrap it up
  21. 21. Thanks for your attention @PetersOpinion
  22. 22. Further reading •  Guide to creating mission & vision statements, •  30 Example vision statements, •  10 Lessons In Defining Your Company Values, 20130503131505-3257535-10-lessons-in-defining-your-company- values •  How to define your company values, companys-values/ •  A big list of core values,
  23. 23. Credits •  “I’m a Dutch guy” picture, Peter Horsten, •  It’s time to slow down, •  Vision picture: •  Queen, “One Vision”, •  How to Write a Vision Statement, •  Zappos, YouTube, •  Value tag cloud, •  Wrap,