How to manage software development in a funky way?


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Too many software projects fail. Most often this is due to misunderstandings in between business and IT. To make that both business and IT understand each other better we need to bridge the gap. Agility might be the needed magic.

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How to manage software development in a funky way?

  1. 1. How to manage software development in a Funky way? University of Gdansk, IT ACADEMIC DAYS December 9, 2009 Peter Horsten, Goyello Copyright © 2009 GOYELLO
  2. 2. Gartner studies suggest that 75% of all US IT projects are considered to be failures. The solutions fundamentally did not do what was agreed. Or they missed deadlines. And/or came in over budget. Half of the projects exceeded budget by 200%! WHY?
  3. 3. They already managed ages ago! Image credits: So, why don’t we manage to realize something as simple as a web application?
  4. 4. Short introduction 40 Agile Blogger Coach Communication Consultant Creative Director Dutch Engineer Father Fun Gdaosk GOYELLO Honest Husband Open mind Opinion Outsourcing Partnership Peter Horsten Positive Project manager Prince2 Social networker Sociologist Software Trust Twitter University of Gdaosk Web 2.0 Web applications Web development
  5. 5. Feel free to interupt Don’t wait till the end! You might forget Image source: © All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Funky reminds me about a concert by Candy Dulfer. What does it mean to you? Picture source:
  7. 7. Funky • 2b. Combining elements of jazz, blues, and soul and characterized by syncopated rhythm and a heavy, repetitive bass line. • 3. Slang Earthy and uncomplicated; natural. • 4. Slang a. Characterized by originality and modishness; unconventional: "a bizarre, funky [hotel ] dressed up as a ship, with mock portholes and mirrored ceilings over the beds" (Ann Louise Bardach). Source:
  8. 8. Let’s Vote Who has been facing unhappy clients while developing software? Image source: European Parliament,
  9. 9. Potential software development Issues Exceeding the budget Not meeting the deadline Clients are not happy with the delivered functionality “It’s not what they imagined” Copyright © 2009 GOYELLO
  10. 10. Is what they buy the same thing you sell? Put yourself in your customers' shoes.
  11. 11. The consequences Unhappy clients Bad PR for IT industry Yet another IT project that failed Copyright © 2009 GOYELLO
  12. 12. The reasons (not limited) •Poor planning •No time for design •Unclear goals and objectives •Lack of understanding •Objectives changing during the project •Unrealistic time or resource estimates •Lack of executive support and user involvement •Failure to communicate and act as a team •Inappropriate skills •Lack of Quality management Copyright © 2009 GOYELLO
  13. 13. How IT people tend to treat a client
  14. 14. How clients think about IT people “…a bunch of nerds…” “…they can only communicate in techno babble….”
  15. 15. Business and IT should be aligned Business IT Strategic Tactical Operational
  16. 16. We need to close the gap in between Business and IT
  17. 17. It should be Business with IT
  18. 18. Too often we follow conventional methods
  19. 19. But be aware! Clients don’t specify their requirements very clearly Copyright © 2009 GOYELLO
  20. 20. Or… in this case You hope for this…
  21. 21. And this is what you get
  22. 22. Clearly specify the needs! Still clients often change the specifications on the fly because of Market dynamics But this is understandable in this economy…. The only constant thing is CHANGE.
  23. 23. Let the client tell their story!
  24. 24. We need more flexibility, more Agility
  25. 25. Now let’s add some Funk into the project mangement Agile SCRUM FDD BDD RUP TDD Innovation Extreme programming
  26. 26. Project approach at GOYELLO Intake Kick-off Implementation: Sprints, daily Scrums, evaluations Deployment Copyright © 2009 GOYELLO
  27. 27. From TDD to BDD As a Role I require a Feature To gain a Business Benefit How we are implementing BDD at Goyello
  28. 28. Describe “user stories” Write down the story Make it clear and understandable for both sides Make sure developers fully understand it Prioritize together
  29. 29. Extreme programming
  30. 30. Scrum is an agile software development framework. Work is structured in cycles of work called sprints, iterations of work that are typically two to four weeks in duration. During each sprint, teams pull from a prioritized list of customer requirements, called user stories, so that the features that are developed first are of the highest value to the customer. At the end of each sprint, a potentially shippable product is delivered. Image source:
  31. 31. SCRUM Three roles: Product Owner, ScrumMaster and the self-organized team. Three ceremonies: Sprint planning meeting, daily scrum meetings, and sprint review meetings. Three artifacts for prioritizing and tracking tasks: Product backlog, sprint backlog, and a burndown chart. Source:
  32. 32. Find a good tool to manage the: project your developers clients’ requests and changes. REDMINE
  33. 33. Clients have insight Less e-mail, no information loss Decreased response time
  34. 34. Have kick off meetings over beer in an informal atmosphere Copyright © 2009 GOYELLO
  35. 35. Agility needs a mind shift Are you going to change your attitude?
  36. 36. Let’s treat the client like a lady and remember the good old Polish manners….
  37. 37. “More freedom equals more responsibility. If you do not make choices, someone else, somewhere else, will make them for you. And you can be sure that they will not care too much about your well-being.” Funky Business, p 11.
  38. 38. Thanks for your attention! Feel free to contact and follow! Or ask questions today, I don’t bite .... Contact details: @  +48 664 48 68 48    Copyright © 2009 GOYELLO