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Rob Anderson 1996 - 2009

Rob Anderson 1996 - 2009

Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. OVERVIEW of EXPERIENCE ROB ANDERSON 297 Decatur Apt 2 Brooklyn, New York, 11233 (917) 657.5824 BORN: Gresham, Oregon, USA 27 August 1972 EDUCATION Bachelor of Architecture, 1996 Washington State University, Pullman, Washington Bachelor of Science, 1996 Washington State University, Pullman, Washington Denmark International Study Program, Copenhagen, Denmark 1995 HONORS & AWARDS: NBBJ Telenor Headquaters 2005 Fiabci Design Award 2004 AIA Honor Award for Architecture 2003 Norwegian Lighting Prize 2000 Telenor Fornebu Headquarters 1st prize invited comp Reebok World Headquarters 2003 AIA Award for Design Excellence - Boston Society of Architects 2003 AIA Award of Commendation Seattle Chapter 2003 Award Winner- Assoc. Gen. Contractors 2002 Award Winner- Build Massachusetts 2002 Office of the Year BOMA 2000 American Architecture Award- Chicago Athenaeum SNOHETTA 2005 Toronto Waterfront, 2nd prize invited int comp 2004 WTC Cultural Center, New York, New York 2004 Nesoya Conference Center, 2nd prize invited int comp 2003 Bezier Media Library, 2nd prize invited int comp 2003 Luxembourg National Library, 3rd prize invited comp 2003 Kvärnholmen Masterplan, 1st prize invited int comp 2002 Sollentuna Mixed Use, 1st prize invited int comp 2000 Akron Art Museum, 2nd prize invited int comp ACADEMIC 1996 Public Markets Civic Streets, AIA Commendation 1996 Construction Management Design Competition, Reno, NV Third Prize PERSONAL 2000 to 2005 Centrum Tigers Basketball Klub, Starting Center 2004 - 2007 Centrum Tigers Basketball Klub, Chairman of the Board BIOGRAPHY: Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Rob Anderson has always had an understanding of the connection between urban environments and natural landscapes. While working with Peter Pran, Rob’s interests with design on an international level lead him to return to the Nordic region to develop professionally. During this period, he was part of a multi-national team lead by NBBJ, developing award winning projects. After spending 9 years in Norway, Rob returned to the US with Snohetta helping to establish the New York Office after a successful interview for the Cultural Center on the WTC site in Lower Manhattan. He believes the world architecture is changing at an astonishing pace and that perhaps now more than ever architecture can nurture positive social and community values. Rob has developed a unique digital design process enabling him to further explore the creative process in a collaborative manner. He has lead the design of numerous international projects and has extensive experience with every phase of the building process.
  • 2. Projects: ASIA, EUROPE, AFRICA PROJECTS WITH NBBJ 1997 - 2000, 2007 TO PRESENT: ASIA CHINA Xiamen Waterfront Mixed Use, 300 000 m2 2007 Dalian City Center, 600 000 m2 2007 EUROPE NORWAY Telenor Fornebu Headquarters, 150 000 m2 2003 PROJECTS WITH SNØHETTA 2000 – 2006: ASIA COLOMBO, SRI LANKA Barbaleen Island Spa and Resort, 15 000 m2 2002 EUROPE ÅLBORG, DENMARK Ålborg Concert Hall, 15 000 m2 2003 BEZIER, FRANCE Bezier Media Library, 4000 m2 2nd prize 2003 MÜNICH, GERMANY BMW Event and Delivery Center, 50 000 m2 2001 TRIESTE, ITALY Trieste Waterfront Masterplan, 300 000 m2 2002 LUXEMBOURG, LUXEMBOURG Luxembourg National Library, 30 000 m2 3rd prize 2003 NORWAY Norwegian National Opera, 35 000 m2 2008 Tingvalla TV-studio, Aker brygge, 3000 m2 2006 National Library Extension, Solli plass, 5000 m2 2003 Stiftstaden Mixed Use, Hamar, 20 000 m2 2003 Peter Dass Museum, Alstahaug, 1500 m2 2007 Forustranda Masterplan, Stavanger, 100,000m2 2004 Fristaten Conference Center, 30,000m2 2nd prize 2004 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Kvärnholmen Masterplan, 200 000 m2 1st prize 2003 Sollentuna Mixed Use, 35000 m2 1st prize 2002 GENEVA, SWITZERLAND WHO Headquarters, 5000 m2 2002
  • 3. Projects: AMERICAS PROJECTS WITH NBBJ 1997 - 2000, 2007 TO PRESENT: NORTH AMERICA BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTES Reebok World Headquarters, 50,000 m2 2000 SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Lakeside Middle School, 5,000m2 1997 PROJECTS WITH SNØHETTA 2000 – 2006: NORTH AMERICA AKRON, OHIO Akron Art Museum, 4000 m2 2nd prize 2000 NEW YORK, NEW YORK WTC Cultural Center, 30,000 m2 2004 MEXICO CITY, MEXICO National Library, 30 000 m2 2003 TORONTO, CANADA Toronto Waterfront 2nd prize 2005 WINNIPEG, CANADA Winnipeg Human Rights Museum, 30 000 m2 2003
  • 4. Reebok World Headquarters Project: Reebok World Headquarters Location: Canton, Massachusettes Typology: New International Headquarters Scope: Arch, Int, Planning: Full Contract Size: 50,000 ft2 Client: Reebok Schedule: Completed Summer 2001 NBBJ received 1st Prize in an invited architectural competition for the New Reebok Headquarters in Canton, Massachusettes. Client needs required the building be constructed within a 4 year timeframe to accomodate expiring leases around the greater Boston area. The fastracked design utilized the latest 3d modeling software to ensure the CD drawings would be completed within a 10 month timeframe. The concept for the building integrated sporting activities with and office building, one where designers can test their products oniste creating a research facility for athletics. Ammenities included a state of the art fitness center, a regulation NBA basketball court, running track, and numerous sporting fields. A central circulation spine connects the 4 office wings and doubles as an exhibition hall.
  • 5. Te l e n o r F o r n e b u H e a d q u a r t e r s Project: Telenor Fornebu Headquarters Location: Oslo, Norway Typology: New International Headquarters Scope: Arch, Int, Planning: Full Contract Size: 150,000 ft2 Client: Telenor Eiendom Schedule: Completed Fall 2003 NBBJ / HUS / PKA Architects received 1st Prize in the Invited international architectural competition for the New Telenor Fornebu Headquarters in Oslo, Norway. The multinational joint venture joined forces to form an onsite project office sited on the old Fornebu airport. The 150,000m2 headquarters was conceived as one building integrated into the sloping site situated along the Oslo fjord. Sited around a central plaza, two circulation boulevards house public ammenties connecting 8 office wings that accomodating 8000 employees in 6000 flexible workstations. The headquarters utilized hot desking techniques to reduce the overall area of the building, creating a flexible working enviroment. The headquarters is the largest wireless building in Scandinavia and was completed in a 5 year timeframe.
  • 6. HIFC Mixed Use Project: HIFC Mixed Use Location: Hangzhou, China Typology: Residential, Hotel, Office & Retail Scope: Arch, L Arch, Int, Planning: Invited International Competition Size: 109,000 ft2 Client: GTC Developments Schedule: Under Review Visitors as far back as Marco Polo and Su Dongpo spoke about the quality of light that is unique to Hangzhou. The design for the pixel building connects with this natural effect by refracting light in varying directions transforming the facade into the natural surrounds, whether it is a reflection of the sunset, or a shimmer in the lake. Upon seeing the western façade one notices instantly the dramatic contrast of light created by extending the program of the residences outward into the park and mountains beyond. Organic in feel, the pixel façade orients views towards the scenic countryside that is Hangzhou. Framed living rooms below create balconies above. Allowing residents to step outside and enjoy a one of a kind view. The elevators are separated into 2 banks of 4 a low rise bank and a high rise bank forming the structural backbone of the building. 4 elevators to the east serve the upper half of the building, while the four elevators to the west serve the lower half of the residential floors. This provides maximum flexibility allowing the building to be zoned for singular use (service apt or hotel) and for dual use, (service apt + hotel). NBBJ’s design approach connects with the natural surroundings of Hangzhou connecting residents with the surrounding views of the near by park, river, and mountains. The design is currently under review.
  • 7. Akron Art Museum Project: Akron Art Museum Location: Akron, Ohio, USA Typology: New Art Museum Scope: Arch, L Arch, Int, Planning: Schematic Design Size: 40,000 ft2 Client: Akron Art Museum Schedule: 2nd prize int. comp. 2001 Although the existing Akron Art Museum was well established in a early twentieth century former post office in the center of the city, it had not been able to grow to meet the changing needs of the community. The administration therefore decided to expand into its existing sculpture garden and in addition create a new arts center for the community. In addition to the interior facilities the administration also envisaged creating new outdoor sculpture and gathering places in an iconographic facility that would have an impact on the region. The Snøhetta scheme intended to remove itself from the visual chaos that existed in the downtown area. Rather than competing with the eclectic mix of new and old structures, the design is seen as simple, somewhat inevitable form independent from the ground. The new garden created was then able to pass into the lobby areas below the main galleries that float above the horizon. A water course was resurrected from the natural drainage patterns of the existing sloping site. The water passed along the entrance plaza and formed a waterfall at the main entrance, similar to many natural features found in the area. Although the project did not win first prize in the competition it was well received and garnered a great deal of positive criticism.
  • 8. Tingallvalla Vistors Center Project: Tingvalla Visitors Center Location: Oslo, Norway Typology: New Visitors Center Scope: Arch, L Arch, Int, Planning: Full Contract Size: 30,000 ft2 Client: Lindstow Eiendom Schedule: Schematic Design S i t u a t e d o n t h e c e n t r a l w a t e r f r o n t i n O s l o t h e Ti n g v a l l a v i s i t o r s c e n t r e c r e a t e s a c e n t r a l p o i n t w i t h i n t h e O s l o f j o r d p r o v i d i n g a f u l l p a n o r a m a o f t h e m a i n h a r b o u r. T h i s 3 , 0 0 0 m 2 b u i l d i n g a c c o m m o d a t e s a restaurant, lounge, yacht club and marina, as well as a TV studio for the local station NRK. The Oslo Rådhus, (city hall), provides the main backdrop for the studio. Constructed of concrete, wood and glass, the interiors fold into the adjoining spaces creating overlaps within the functions. Here the upper platform of the TV studio and the sloping restaurant combine to form a dinner theatre for evening performances. Parallel to this space a lounge and yacht club reside 1m under the average tide line creating an inverted aquarium where the patrons get an unobstructed v i e w o f l i f e u n d e r w a t e r. The accessible roofscape formed by three undulating curves, doubles the size of the existing outdoor serving area raising people above the boat cabins for a breathtaking view of the Oslo fjord. A stepped seating area creates an outdoor performance space for street performers and special outdoor gatherings. The main viewing platform sits on the upper east curve as not to obstruct the summer sun.
  • 9. Luxembourg National Library Project: Luxembourg National Library Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg Typology: New National Library Scope: Arch, L Arch, Int, Planning: Schematic Design Size: 300,000 ft2 Client: Administration des Batiments Publics Schedule: 3rd prize int. comp. Like the city walls of Luxembourg, the Library is neither landscape nor building, in nor out. Rising into the sky, the reading room beckons visitors to interact, to read and to be read. At the heart of this connection is the most physical and enduring aspect of the building, the book collections of the Library of Luxembourg. A tall, solid tower of book magazines centrally located defines both the outdoor room and the organization of the library. The raised Reading Hall, lifted high above the tree line creates a new cloud-like feature seen atop the Kirchberg plateau from the historical city center. This floating form rises above the new museum creating a frame for the new Philharmonic Hall, allowing it to be seen from the city. This attractive floating form creates a unique focus upon the Library drawing people to the area and sending views ever more skyward atop the crest of the hill. The new Library can be seen to unite the sky and the earth at the crest of Kirchberg in a unique yet inevitable form. The smooth character of the Library’s raised Reading Hall creates a new and distinct platform for the new commercial and civic towers beyond, atop the plateau.This is especially important since the Library occupies the most visible portion of the new Kirchberg development and is, by virtue of its size, the most prominent of its new additions seen from the city. The new platform unites many differing silhouettes into one skyline.
  • 10. Petter Dass Museum Project: Petter Dass Museum Location: Alstahaug, Norway Typology: New Museum and Library Scope: Arch, L Arch, Int, Planning: Schematic Design Size: 3,000 m2 Client: Alstahaug Kommune Schedule: Built 2007 A spectacular and modern museum, an 18th century parsonage and a beautiful medieval church: The Petter Dass Museum is a place of contrast. The Petter Dass Museum was established in 1966 and today is part of Helgeland Museum. The museum primarily tells the story of the parson poet Petter Dass (1647 - 1707), who lived and worked at Alstahaug from 1689 until his death, and of his many-faceted role in Norway’s cultural history. The parson poet Petter Dass lived and worked here for 18 years, and he is therefore strongly connected with Alstahaug. Through his distinctive writings, bearing the stamp of North Norway’s natural and human environment, Petter Dass is considered one of the most important poets of the Dano-Norwegian realm of his time. Archeological digs indicate settlements at Alstahaug from the 1100s, possibly earlier. The site has been a church site since about 1200, when the first section of Alstahaug church was built. The oldest parts of the church are built with soapstone in the Romanesque style. The church at Alstahaug is one of seven Norwegian medieval churches that have been preserved. The main exhibit in the new museum building takes as its starting point the social and religious conditions of Petter Dass and his times. The person, the poet and the parson Petter Dass is presented from different angles. Also present in the exhibit are such topics as religion in a multicultural society and questions concerning the way we take care of our natural resources. The museum also offers an ever growing research library. Its contents span from literature by and about Petter Dass to 1600s history, history of literature, religion and church. Research facilities are available with PC and a wireless network.
  • 11. Norwegian National Opera Project: Norwegian National Opera Location: Oslo, Norway Typology: New Opera House Scope: Arch, L Arch, Int, Planning: Full Contract Size: 380,000 ft2 Client: Stattsbygg Schedule: Completed Spring 2008 SNØHETTA received 1st Prize in the anonymous, open international architectural competition for the New National Opera House in Oslo, Norway. The competition included 230 accepted entries from around the world including some well-known practices such as the offices of Mario Botta, Richard Rogers, Eric Moss among others. A sloping roof surface has been designed that rises directly from beneath the fjord. It is designed with fractures, stairs, the stage roof surfaces and the stage towers as defining features to the vast platform that can be traversed from the sea to the uppermost levels by the visitor. Together with the vertical movement, the diagonal lines create a convincing composition that, at the same time, is humble, adapted to the scale of the city, distinctive and unique in the city landscape. It forms an extension of the landscape surrounding the city and is not clearly distinguishable as either building or ground.
  • 12. W o r l d Tr a d e C e n t e r C u l t u r a l M u s e u m Project: WTC Cultural Museum Location: Ground Zero, NYC Typology: New Cultural Museum Scope: Arch, L Arch, Int, Planning: Full Contract Size: 250,000 ft2 Client: Lower Manhattan Development Corp Schedule: 1st prize international tender schematic design underway In October 2004 Snøhetta, was awarded the commission to design a museum and cultural building on the former World Trade Center site. This commission was awarded to Snøhetta after an interview process that included consideration of the company’s previous and on-going work as well as a presentation of ideas concerning how Snøhetta would approach this important project. Sixty of the world’s foremost architectural companies were initially considered for this project, and was reduced to six. This group included Pei Cobb Fried, Moshe Safdie, Shigeru Ban with Frei Otto, along with Snøhetta. The primary functions for the new Museum Complex building includes: The Drawing Center, The International Freedom Center, and the Visitor’s Center for the World Trade Center Memorial. The total size of the building is approximately 25,000 m2 and is expected to cost approximately 200 million US Dollars. The project will be the only building placed on the Memorial site. Detailed information about the new Museum Complex project and other projects at the former World Trade Center site can be found on the LMDC website: Snøhetta’s design approach is characterized by an exploration of context: This important place carries with it the power of its history and a new hope for the future. It is a place that conveys the memories and dreams of all those around the world that are affected by its presence without forgetting its intimate connection with the people of New York. Snøhetta’s design creates a natural, unimposing yet memorable building that complements the essential integrity of this sublime ground.
  • 13. MARKETING & CLIENT DEVELOPMENT WITH SNØHETTA 2003 – 2007: Marketing and Client Development activities which lead to project award and or invite to compete in paid competition or tender phase(s). Activities included: - Self lead investigation into project research and discovery of project leads, expert knowledge of EU TED Database, and GSA Procurement Database - Extensive work with prequalification development layout and design - Consultant team development and selection - Design team selection and scheduling - Client interviews and firm presentations - Developed and information archiving and organization system for past prequal’s to streamline prequalification development costs and efficiently archive information via the use of marketing templates. - Developed budgets for Concept Design Phases of projects including project development cost, rendering, model building, travel and accommodations costs. - Development of marketing network with Buro Happold Europe / US and URS in Seattle, relationships lead to increase in marketing leads in Europe and the US. EUROPE National Library Extension, Oslo, Norway 2003 - Research, Prequalification, & Resulting Competition Ålborg Concert Hall, ÅLBORG, DENMARK 2003 - Research, Prequalification, & Resulting Competition Bezier Media Library, BEZIER, FRANCE 2003 - Research, Prequalification, & Resulting Competition Luxembourg National Library, LUXEMBOURG 2003 - Research, Prequalification, & Resulting Competition Hepworth Museum, WAKEFIELD, UK 2004 - Research, Prequalification, & Resulting Competition Liverpool Museum, LIVERPOOL, UK 2004 - Research, Prequalification, & Competitive Interview NORTH AMERICA National Library, MEXICO CITY, MEXICO 2003 - Research, & Resulting Competition Winnipeg Human Rights Museum, WINNIPEG, CANADA 2003 - Research, Prequalification, & Resulting Competition WTC Cultural Center, NEW YORK, NEW YORK 2004 - Research, Prequalification, & Project Award Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Mixed Use, PITTSBURGH, PA 2005 - Research, Prequalification, Shortlisting Toronto Waterfront Masterplan, TORONTO, CANADA 2005 - Research, Prequalification, & Resulting Competition FBI Headquarters, LOS ANGELES, CA 2006 - Research, Prequalification & Resulting Competitive Tender ASIA Asian Games, DOHA, QUATAR 2004 - Research, Prequalification