Email marketing and monetization - savvy blogging summit 2013


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Email marketing and monetization tips for the 2013 #savvyblogging summit

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Email marketing and monetization - savvy blogging summit 2013

  1. 1. Email Marketing and MonetizationSavvyBlogging Summit 2013Phil Hollows, CEO, FeedBlitz@phollows @FeedBlitz
  2. 2. About Phil Hollows• Founder and CEO of FeedBlitz• Author of “List Building for Bloggers”–• Clients include: Seth Godin, The#SavvyBlogging Founders, Fred Wilson, JayBaer, Brian Clark, Danny Brown, The KrazyCoupon Lady
  3. 3. Why Care About Email Marketing?“I get ten times moreresponse to my blogfrom my emailsubscribersthan I do from anyoneelse.”Seth Godin
  4. 4. The Scale of Email(source: LiveIntent)THE SCALE OFEMAILFacebook Twitter EMAIL WebsitesTotal AccountsDaily Activity900 million300 million2.9 billion463 million60 millionupdates 140 milliontweets188 billionmessages47 billionpageviews3.3 billionsearchesGoogle+90 million1 billionitems shared
  5. 5. To Make Money With Email Marketing,You Will Need…• An email list that’s vibrant and growing.• Ways to make money that are compatiblewith email.• To be mobile-friendly.• You can use email to:a) Make money with each mailing.b) Support and promote your other revenuegeneration programs.c) Both of the above!
  6. 6. Four Keys to MASSIVE List Growth1. Above the fold.2. Social Proof.3. Meaningful incentives.4. Respectful popups.
  7. 7. Four FIVE Keys to MASSIVE List Growth1. Above the fold.2. Social Proof.3. Meaningful incentives.4. Respectful popups.5. Don’t get complacent: Test, Test, Test!– Call to action text.– Form location.– Graphic elements.
  8. 8. It’s OK to Make MoneyYou’re not “selling out”You deserve to be paid
  9. 9. Make Each Mailing Work for You• Drive traffic back to your site.• Affiliate programs and links.• Advertising and sponsorships.• Digital product promotions.• Coupons and deals.• Event promotion• Transactional mailings.• Landing pages.
  10. 10. Traffic Generation• The web is a richer, more engaging platform thanemail.• Driving traffic to your web site is a great way toboost your earnings.• Target an open rate of 20%But BEWARE…• Summary mailings and feeds tend to loseformatting, links and images.• Mobile, mobile, mobile!
  11. 11. Affiliate Programs and Links• Use static affiliatelinks.• Make sure youremail service isaffiliate friendly.• If you use summarycontent, do yourlinks and imagesdisappear?
  12. 12. Ads and Sponsorships• Web-based ad networks, like AdSense, won’t work inemail – You need a specialty service.• Sell sponsorships and add to your template.• Dedicated email blasts for sponsors• Directly sold ads and sponsorships generate muchhigher CPMs than an ad network.• Ads work best at high volumes and high frequencies.• Pay attention to mobile!
  13. 13. Ads and Sponsorships
  14. 14. Digital Product Promotions• Obviously, promotenew products andbundles via email.• Give your emailreaders a jump starton offers.• Use every mailing topromote your productsor programs.
  15. 15. Coupons and Deals• DUH • It’s much more effective – and affordable –to sell to an existing customer than toacquire a new one.• Reward your loyal subscribers.– e.g. birth month offers
  16. 16. Events and Promotions• Mail to create initial interest / activity.• Mail when milestones are passed.• Send periodic reminders: Peopleprocrastinate!• Mail just before the registration deadlinecloses or the event is about to start.
  17. 17. Transactional Mailings• Transactional mailings are sent in response visitoractivity:– Product / service purchased.– New subscriber / registrant.– New affiliate.• Transaction emails have open rates 80%• Use them to:– Promote related products or services.– Offer a deal on the next interaction.– Get the reader back to the site.– Start an autoresponder.– IMPORTANT: The marketing aspect can’t overwhelm thetransactional content in the mail
  18. 18. Landing Pages• Are the most valuable pieces of real estateon your web site.• Use them to monetize and mobilize thevisitor.• Look up “Sneeze Pages” from ProBlogger
  19. 19. Email is the #1 App!(source: LiveIntent)
  20. 20. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile!• 30% of our opens are on mobile platforms:– iPhones, iPads, Android devices.• iPad engagement is significantly greater thanother platforms and browsers.• Challenges on mobile:– How does your email look?– Can it be read clearly without pinch/zoom?– Are your links readily clickable, ads visible etc?
  21. 21. Non-Responsive Email“Desktop” email on the phone - Tables have forced the email to be wideText is too small, links are not navigable - Images and ads are too small.
  22. 22. Responsive Design EmailSame email, responsive layout - Large, legible fontsResized header image - Legible text, images and ads are great!
  23. 23. Questions??
  24. 24. Thank You!• Would love to hear from you!–– @phollows–• P.S. We have an offer code for newaccounts:SAVVY2013 = 10% off lifetime discount!