Exceptional Member Experience


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Tips on creating the best possible member experience in your association

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  • Our world is topsy-turvy, rapidly changing. Today, we’re looking to explore how we can change to adapt to this new world AND how we going to take advantage of the changes to create the ultimate member experience.We could talk all-day but let’s look at what frames our time …
  • Generational-mix – wow the energy! Four generations including the first digital natives! New viewpoints. Greater commitment to the team. Not a conversation about generations but an observation that we need more than ever to be flexible
  • Globalization – on one hand we’re talking about access from anywhere, anytime; on the other hand we’re talking about the ability to draw resources from all ends of the earth.
  • Social technology – enables collaboration, involvement, and breaking down time, geography, language and event cultural barriers.
  • How can you leverage these to build member retention & acquisition?What is one action item you can take away?
  • Translate membership products into outcomes. Trigger the passion.
  • Match to the member – find the balance …Expand your network of professionalsBuild your professional reputationDevelop leadership skills by becoming a leader of a project or even a committee chairpersonMake new friends and have fun
  • ASAE’s Decision To Join unveiled a startling fact: those who are not involved lie perilously close to former members in their assessment of value from the organization. On the inverse, involvement drives volunteerism which drives retention.
  • To Welcome …Go beyond the confirmation letter and welcome kitPersonal phone calls from leadership and staff (if available)Personal messages from other members Personal invite to attend a programTo Connect …Pair a current member with a new member to give 1:1 orientationGuide a new member on how to connect online by showing how to access Member Directory, join your Discussion Board, or how to get active on LinkedIn group; this can be done by phone, webinar or in-personPost a “meet our new member” profile in newsletter and on home page of the website; welcome from the podium at meetingTo Engage …Explore interests and needs of each member & connect those to specific programs, committees, projects; this can be done in a 1:1 conversationPersonally invite member to help out on a small project or activity, e.g., be an event greeter, write an article, review and comment on a listserv question, complete a survey, give feedback on an article …
  • We just added – but we’ve tested this a couple of times …
  • Not every one can come out to meetings/events; using social media tools lets you engage members who might not otherwise have time …
  • Tools are ever-expanding.
  • The goal of listening is to find out what members want, think, like.Use items like SurveyMonkey or PollDaddy to ask. Have board leadership call make monthly phone calls to members.
  • Use items like SurveyMonkey or PollDaddy to ask. Have board leadership call make monthly phone calls to members.
  • Same faces, same programs, same front page (yawn!) Consider new formats, locations and times for events. Change up your website. Add resources to your website regularly.
  • Tools are ever-expanding. Be sure to (1) Thank & acknowledge – send an email, give them rewards like discount for bringing in a member, have web-badges and to (2) Rally them – get fans together at events
  • Often the best way to start a conversation about your group is with a compelling question that is focused on the listener. Develop and practice a few good ones so they are ready to use as striking openers.
  • Let’s pause before we leap into the rest of the day…
  • Exceptional Member Experience

    1. 1. Creating an exceptionalmember experience Chapter Executive Director Retreat
    2. 2. Secret … Strategy: Talk about membership in terms of outcomes!
    3. 3. What outcomes do members get? Expand your network of professionals Build your professional reputation Develop leadership skills by becoming a leader of a project or even a committee chairperson Make new friends and have fun
    4. 4. Secret … Strategy… Get members involved on Day 1.
    5. 5. How do you connect members? Personal phone calls & welcomes from members Personal invite to next event Guide a newbie on how to connect online … Match with a seasoned member-mentor Co-create a “connection” map
    6. 6. Secret … Strategy… Build an adhocracy.
    7. 7. Secret … Strategy: Use the many web-based tools to engage members in sharing, talking, collaborating.
    8. 8. Tools you can use …• Use YouTube, Flickr, Slideshare to share video-casts, handouts and pictures pre- and post-event.• Set-up e-conferences/conversations, coaching and sharing with tools like Rondee,Wiggio, GroupMe,Google+, Meebo , etal.• Use SurveyMonkey to get members involved in creating ideas; you can do simple polls, voting and surveys.• Host “virtual” idea swaps via conference call.• Start a blog and invite members to comment and guest post.• Add RSS to key pages to boost subscriptions.
    9. 9. Secret… Strategy: Listen! Do polls, surveys, phone calls … report . back.
    10. 10. How do you listen? Interactive event evaluations Poll-of-the-day Board leaders make targeted calls Host discussion lists, focus “calls”
    11. 11. Secret… Strategy: Try new things all the time!
    12. 12. Secret … Strategy… Activate word-of-mouth.
    13. 13. Share, Like, Retweet…• Providing share buttons on key pages (e.g. events, how to join).• Create an RSS feed and place it in an easy to find location to help influencers auto-feed – and then share – your new content.• Be sure your tweets are retweet-friendly (less that 140 characters), retweet-worthy (compelling text/cool links) and brand you (include your Twitter username).• Provide informational pass-along cards that members can easily hand out.• Post photos from events and tag members; easy to do in Facebook, but also in many photo-sharing apps.• Set-up a YouTube channel – easy way for members to share content.• Actively ask – and incent – members to pass-along information. Consider rewarding with discounts and other items.
    14. 14. What’s Your Elevator Question?Open with one great question … Need an inside look at __________? Are you searching for a ____________? … worth 5 statements
    15. 15. What’s Your Elevator Speech?• Your most powerful description boiled down to <40 words.• Your description written from the prospect’s point of view.• Your organization’s best story about who and why you exist.
    16. 16. An Elevator Speech in 5 Steps•Fill in the blanks: 2 •Write a few short 4 • Rework the •We provide … stories – “your message into a pitch •We serve … •Edit those to reflect organization in •Integrate the story <40 words the prospect’s pt. of action” into the message •So a member … •Test (refine …) view 1 3 5
    17. 17. Questions …Peggy M. Hoffman, CAEMariner Management & Marketingphoffman@marinermanagement.com301.725.2508Connect with me on-line: Twitter: @peggyhoffman LinkedIn: Peggy Hoffman