Revelation 5:8                        Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                               1

Revelation 5:8                         Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                             2

in it; it's the...
Revelation 5:8                       Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                            3

Revelation 5:8                      Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                           4

that was in the bloo...
Revelation 5:8                        Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                             5

unbelievers. Don...
Revelation 5:8                       Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                            6

the Spirit of Life...
Revelation 5:8                       Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                           7

Now, no matt...
Revelation 5:8                      Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                           8

antichrist... The tr...
Revelation 5:8                       Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                           9

Blood, crying, "Hol...
Revelation 5:8                       Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                          10

fulness He was in C...
Revelation 5:8                        Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                           11

denominations; up...
Revelation 5:8                       Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                          12

wasn't to be differ...
Revelation 5:8                      Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                         13

called "love."

Revelation 5:8                       Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                          14

This is a pesthouse...
Revelation 5:8                       Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                           15

That's where we ar...
Revelation 5:8                       Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                           16

Revelation 5:8                       Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                          17

They claim it's coo...
Revelation 5:8                      Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                         18

precious head, and I ...
Revelation 5:8                     Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                        19

She said, "Yes, sir."
Revelation 5:8                        Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                           20

  E-27 Listen. I ...
Revelation 5:8                       Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                         21

Isn't that simple?
Revelation 5:8                       Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                           22

What's the matter ...
Revelation 5:8                       Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                        23

her. Will I go down t...
Revelation 5:8                      Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                          24

Lord. I love You wit...
Revelation 5:8                       Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr                           25

new life.

WHY_ BE...
Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8
Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8
Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8
Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8
Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8
Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8
Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8
Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8
Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8
Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8
Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8
Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8
Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8
Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8
Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8
Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8
Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8
Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8
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Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8


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These are the quotes from Bro. William Branham's messages that Bro. Bernie Jr. used during his message "Revelations 5:8" preached on June 14, 2009 (Part1) and August 2, 2009 (Part 2).

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Bernie NC Garcia - Revelations 5:8

  1. 1. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 1 THE.CRUELTY.OF.SIN.AND.THE.PENALTY.THAT.IT.COST.TO.RID.SIN.FROM.OUR.LIVES_ JEFF.IN V-25 N-4 FRIDAY_ 53-0403 60 Now, when this man, then, when He put him in his senses, his five senses... And then, the man, he was lonesome, so He made him a wife, a helpmate, taken from his side a rib and made a woman. A beautiful type there, all in type, of God taking from the side of Christ, the Bride. See? God opened up Adam's side, taken a rib; which, a man has one less rib than a woman in the structure of the--the body. And now God opened up the side of Christ, in the--at Calvary, and taken out the Bride. The Church comes through the Blood of Christ into the Body of Christ. See? That's how--how we come in, and through no other way. No matter how church you belong to, how good a man you are, how good a woman you are; you must accept God's all-sufficient Sacrifice, His provided way, or you're lost. That's right. That's the only way that you can come in, is through there. Now, there's only one way, and that's the Door. THE.RESURRECTION.OF.LAZARUS_ EVANSVILLE.IN SUNDAY_ 53-1122 E-21 Now, first we want to get the background of it and find out... And I want you to--to pray with me now, and give me your undivided attention just for a few moments. I believe in the resurrection. I believe in a bodily physical resurrection. I believe in the physical bodily return of Jesus Christ. I believe that His Church is His representative on the earth now. I believe that the Church is washed with the Blood of Jesus Christ. And the Church is a Holy Ghost filled Church, preaches holiness to the very extremes. Don't you think so? I think of in the Bible when there was a sin offering, they taken two turtledoves, or a cleansing for leprosy... Leprosy in the Bible was a type of sin. They used to take two doves, and one of them, they took and pulled its head off, and turned it up like this and bled the blood... let the blood come on the other live mate, take it to the window and turn the dove loose, the live one, and is--as it fluttered its little wings, why, the blood fell down to the ground off of its dead mate, and that blood hitting and splattering on the ground from the dead mate, cried to the Lord, "Holy, holy, holy, unto the Lord." THE.RESURRECTION.OF.LAZARUS_ EVANSVILLE.IN SUNDAY_ 53-1122 E-22 How perfect that is of the Church. How that Jesus Christ, when God came down and was manifested in flesh, took upon Himself the form of sinful flesh, was killed and crucified at Calvary, and the Blood of the dead mate is put upon the Church, the living Bride, and She goes across with her wings a flapping and the Blood of Jesus Christ crying, "Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty," a perfect cleansing for leprosy. Leprosy, there was no cure for leprosy. They haven't found it yet. Only God can cure leprosy. They haven't found even nothing for it, to help it. But it's a type of sin. It sets in so gradual; it's painless. Just moves right in; you don't know it until you're dying. Big white warts come out all over you, limbs drop off and everything, eat you right into the... Just--just eats you up, leprosy. Jesus was the only One Who could heal this leprosy. He's the only One today Who can heal this leprosy. THE.RESURRECTION.OF.LAZARUS_ EVANSVILLE.IN SUNDAY_ 53-1122 E-23 But now, in the beginning of Jesus' ministry, He's such a great Person, there never was no one ever on the earth like Him, and there never will be anyone like Him. He was--He was the only begotten Son of Almighty God. We are sons by adoption, through Him. But He is God's only begotten Son. Adam was God's son. Do you believe that? He was God's creative son. But this is His begotten Son. God begotten His Son. It's just like the blood. The bloodstream comes from the male sex; we know that. The mother is just the incubator for the child. And the mother's blood has nothing to do with the child at all. Although it's born in the blood of the mother, but it has nothing to do with it. It hasn't got one drop of the mother's blood June 14, 2008 Sermon
  2. 2. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 2 in it; it's the blood of the father. And the life lays in the blood. THE.RESURRECTION.OF.LAZARUS_ EVANSVILLE.IN SUNDAY_ 53-1122 E-24 Here, many of you people round here, you--you're farmers, perhaps you go out on the farm to get your poultry and stuff. Look at a hen. A hen can lay the egg. And she don't necessarily be with the male to lay the egg. And it's a--it's a egg just the same, everything just like. But it'll never hatch. It'll just lay right there, and it'll rot. You can set that egg, but if it isn't fertile, if she hasn't been with the male bird, it'll--it'll never hatch, it's no good. For it hasn't got the blood in it. The blood come from the male. Well, that's... No matter, if the old hen can set there on that egg until she got so poor she couldn't get off the nest. Well, the egg won't hatch; it'll rot. THE.RESURRECTION.OF.LAZARUS_ EVANSVILLE.IN SUNDAY_ 53-1122 E-25 I've often made this expression, that's just about like the church today. And every form of godliness we have, go to church, pay your tithes, good church member and everything like that, but brother, they'll never be able to get anywhere, you'll just have a nest full of rotten eggs until they get in contact with the Mate, Jesus Christ, and be borned again. That's right. The old church can hover it, till she gets so poor she can't off (That's right.), and don't know nothing else but churchism. But I tell you brother, until a man's borned again, it won't do any good, and he can't be born again until Life comes into him. That's right. Now, looky how God planned that. Now, God is the male part of--that brought Jesus Christ here. Now, God's a Spirit, so there couldn't be any sex. There couldn't be any sexual desire. Because if it was, then Jesus wasn't born a virgin birth. So God is a Spirit, and He overshadowed this Mary and created in her the Blood cell that brought forth the Son of God. And it's through His holy Blood that we have access to life. And our sexual blood is dismissed, and we have the Blood of Jesus Christ that stands for an atonement, making an atonement for our sins. How beautiful the picture. You believe that? You have to be if you're saved. You can't accept nothing else and be saved. Only He was the virgin born Son of God. God Almighty just overshadowed the woman; she knowed nothing about a man. And so He just overshadowed her and created in her, this cell. THE.SEVEN.CHURCH.AGES_ JEFF.IN V-26 N-2 WEDNESDAY_ 54-0512 204 Now, that's the Bible. That's what the Spirit said. See? The candlesticks... All right. Now, the 13th verse. And in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks one like the Son of man... What? One like Him. Who was this? His Bride. One like Him, watch how it was. ... clothed with a garment down to the foot... The holiness of Jesus Christ covering Her. Has washed us from our sins, with His Own Blood. All right. ... girded about the paps... (not a man; a woman)... with a golden girdle... (The Gospel that held the power and glory of God over the Body of Christ.) Oh, what a beautiful picture we got here under consideration. Looky here. ... down to the foot, and a gird about the paps with a golden girdle. His head and his hair was white as wool... white as snow... (Righteousness, holiness, white speaks of...); and his eyes like flames of fire; (Looks right through us.) Don't try to hide from Him. He knows who you are, where you are, and what you done. Yes, sir. He sees everything. Oh, God... We got just a few minutes left, to get to this other church age, if we can. Notice. And his feet were like fine brass... June 14, 2008 Sermon
  3. 3. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 3 FELLOWSHIP_ MINNEAPOLIS.MN SUNDAY_ 56-0212 E-46 Some time ago John Sproule, a friend of mine was at Alsace Lorraine, France, and they was taking him out through a garden, he and his wife, and was showing them the statues and so forth; and there was a statue of Christ. John stood and looked at it, and he said, "Brother Branham, I looked, and it just didn't look right. I didn't see why they put a statue like that as a shrine to Christ." He said, "There was no suffering, no pity, just an old piece of rock, looked like hanging there, hewed out on the cross," and said, "The guide said to me, 'Kind, sir,' said, 'you'll perhaps criticizing the statue.'" He said, "Yes, I am." He said, "You're just not looking at it right." He said, "You see, there's an altar down below it." He said, "Now, you go and kneel down at that altar, and then you look up, and then come back and tell me what you think." FELLOWSHIP_ MINNEAPOLIS.MN SUNDAY_ 56-0212 E-47 So he went down and knelt, he said, at the altar, raised his head up and said his heart almost failed. There was the suffering. There was the--the agony of Christ. The sculptor had cut out into the face of the cruel suffering that He did, and it made a difference. It turned the critic into tears. That's the way it is with God's Word. God's Word is not supposed to be learned like a newspaper story. It's not supposed to be tried to figure out. It's to get down, look up to it, saying, "God, be merciful to me and give me faith to believe Your Word. I accept now the Blood of the Lord Jesus for my sins." Then it'll look a lot different. It'll make critics believe in Divine healing. It'll make those without the Holy Spirit, never been borned again, knows nothing about God or the new birth, become a seeker of the Holy Ghost and not to be an argue. It'll put a love in his heart when he looks through the Blood of Christ to the Word to say, "Yes, God. You died to make that Word real to me." It'll change your whole attitude. It'll make you a different person. FELLOWSHIP_ MINNEAPOLIS.MN SUNDAY_ 56-0212 E-48 Notice what a time. Now, the worshipper then come inside. He was in that blessed fellowship of the believers. And now today when the worshipper comes through the Blood of the Lord Jesus and comes into the tabernacle or the tent of the believers, with the firstborn of the Church, the Holy Ghost Bride, then you have fellowship one with another, for the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from all sin. I've thought many times back in the Old Testament in my first study back in school, I'd think of how I love the Old Testament, for It's a type of the New, and the worshipper coming, knowing that he was guilty, and he must die because he trespassed against God, he'd broken His laws, and he come with a lamb under his arm. And he brought the lamb up to the priest, and he laid the lamb down, put his hands upon the--the lamb and confessed his sin, and his throat was lanced. FELLOWSHIP_ MINNEAPOLIS.MN SUNDAY_ 56-0212 E-49 Did you ever hear a lamb die? It's the most pitiful thing you ever heard. Even a poor little lamb... When they go to kill it and he sees even the instruments they're going to kill with it, he starts crying and begging. Here some time ago I watched them. They was going to chop a, lamb's head off--a butcher--to kill it, when that poor little lamb saw that axe coming, he just started crying and going on. I--I couldn't stay there. And I watched the... poke the little lamb and in there the lance knife go under his throat, and when it's a dying and kicking, his hands are bathed with the blood, and he looks up to Jehovah and says, "Jehovah, that should be me, but the lamb's taking my place." But that man went back out with the same desire in his heart to sin that he ever had, because the life June 14, 2008 Sermon
  4. 4. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 4 that was in the blood of the lamb was an animal life, and the animal life, animal spirit couldn't come back and blend with the human spirit for one is an animal and the other is a human. FELLOWSHIP_ MINNEAPOLIS.MN SUNDAY_ 56-0212 E-50 But when Jesus died at Calvary, and the worshipper ever comes to Calvary, by faith lays his hands upon the head of the Son of God, when he's confessing his wrong, and he feels the tear and the agony of Calvary that really paid his price, the debt that he should pay, he feels that in his own soul. And the life that was in the Blood cell of Jesus Christ was none other than God Himself, and when that Holy Spirit that was in Christ's Blood comes back on him and makes him a new creature in Christ Jesus. Therefore the man's spirit's blended out, and God comes in and takes over. Then they got fellowship one with another, and the very God that created the heavens and earth that wrote His Word dwells in you, and you'll believe that everything God wrote is the Truth, and you'll accept it and believe it and hold on to it, and you'll have fellowship. THE.LAW.HAVING.A.SHADOW_ CHICAGO.IL THURSDAY_ 56-0621 E-42 And when you lay your hands by faith upon God's accepted and provided Sacrifice, which was absolutely perfect... There's the body of Christ. And out of Adam's side come a rib that made his bride. And out of the side of Christ came the Blood, water, Spirit for His Bride. And how do we get into that body? "By one Spirit we're all baptized into one Body." And Romans 8:1, "There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, that walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit." They're like Abraham; they call things which were not as though they were, because they are dead to the things of the world and alive again in Christ Jesus by the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Amen. THE.MARK.OF.THE.BEAST_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 56-0715 E-48 Now, listen closely before closing. "How can I escape it, brother?" Neither male or female is accepted or dispelled. You're all one in the sight of God when it comes to this. How do you do it? Your heart is a womb. You know what I'm speaking of women and men? Your heart is a womb. And the womb holds the seed. And the seed is the Gospel. Now, the seed alone in its heart... No matter how many Gamaliels you set under, no matter how great your pastor is, and how much you've read the Bible, it'll never take life until the germ of life has come to it. A woman's seed is a wonderful thing. It's the building of a body, but it has no life. It can't; it's impossible. It has no life to begin with. So no matter how much you know the Bible, and how well it is in your heart, you're still a sinner. Now, what happens? The heart is a womb. And faith cometh by a open ear that's not been sealed by theology. Faith cometh by hearing. To hear... The Word comes into the mind. You make up your mind about it: "Is that right? Could that be right? Well, the Bible said so. I believe it." Whew. Down into the heart it goes. Then it's a womb. Then the male sex... We are the Bride, the woman. The Seed goes into the Church. Then the male sex, which is the Blood cell... The Blood of Christ is applied. And in the Blood comes a germ of Life that goes into the Seed and brings forth a newborn baby, crying, "Abba Father, abba Father, my God, my God, why did I ever do those things? My God, my God." There you are. THE.MARK.OF.THE.BEAST_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 56-0715 E-49 The little womb here in your heart, with the seed this morning falling into it... Won't you open your eye? Won't you let it fall? Not from your mind, down into the womb of your heart. Men and women alike, there's neither male or female in this now; both of you has got a heart. Let it fall down here and say, "Well, sure, that's the truth." Look. The Bible said don't act like the heathen, the June 14, 2008 Sermon
  5. 5. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 5 unbelievers. Don't yoke yourself with them. Come out from among them. Don't be a this way. If you love the world or the things of the world, the fashions... That word came from the Greek word "Kosmos," which means "the fashions of the world." If you love the world or the things of the world, the love of God's not even in you yet. You've never been born. Then let the Male, Christ Jesus, our Lover, with His Seed in your heart... He comes to His Seed to make it alive. The word... The letter killeth; the Spirit giveth Life. The letter alone kills. But when the Holy Spirit comes down through the cleansing Blood into this womb, a germ takes on. THE.MARK.OF.THE.BEAST_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 56-0715 E-50 What is it by a mother? The little egg lays there. The little seed lays there waiting for the male. And as soon as the male germ comes... The male germ rushes quick. And what is it? A blood cell. It opens itself. Oh, God, can you hear--understand what I mean? God, let it... It opens itself, and around this forms a little pocket of blood. On the inside of this puts this little egg to life, and in there begins to come forth. In there brings life. We are conceived by the Holy Ghost. The Spirit of God comes into our hearts, brings a new Person Christ Jesus; old things die. And if you reject to hear it and just keep... "Well, my preacher said this, that, or the other." And you refuse to have life, you become sterile. Then you come to a place where you can't have no more children. You're sterile. You're in reproach. You can't have children. And if you grieve the Spirit of God too many times, you are sealed. You don't hear It no more. First time you hear it, oh, my, you let your hair grow out. You act like ladies. You didn't wear these things. You act like a lady; you act like a man. You kept your house in order; you done those things. But then all at once It begin to move around. What was it? You never let the life come in and go to work. You died prematurely. That's right. A.TIME.OF.DECISION_ LA.CA SATURDAY_ 59-0418 E-39 Now, just in closing, I'd like to say this. On our little subject tonight, the decision... Eliezer... Did you notice, when he come... Now, Isaac was a type of Christ. Through Isaac come Christ. And then, Rebekah was a type of the Church. Did you notice the--the Bride... And Eliezer found Rebekah in the evening time. The sign was performed in the evening time. That's the time we're living in. I trust that you get this. It was in the evening time when Rebekah came out led by the Spirit. Do you believe that? How otherwise would she have come? There might have been many before her. But she was led by the Spirit in the evening time. And Eliezer, the messenger, the minister, the true servant to his master, was led in the evening time. And the true servant had left his creeds and things behind him and made up his mind that he was going to trust God in the evening time. A.TIME.OF.DECISION_ LA.CA SATURDAY_ 59-0418 E-40 Wonder why that Rebekah came before any of the other girls. Did you know that Rebekah and Isaac was blood relation? Cousins. And the Bride of Jesus Christ is blood relation to Him: a Blood bought Bride. No wonder she was led by the Spirit. There was a connection coming together. There was a union coming together. That's the reason I think today that the borned again, the--the Holy Ghost filled people is connected with God and are led by the Spirit of God. That's why they act so peculiar to the people. They've made their decisions. They're going to go on out; regardless if the rest of them don't go out, they're going anyhow. I like that. Don't care if this one walks or that one walks, I'm going to walk anyhow. I don't care whether this one... of what they say, I don't... They call me anything they want to, I'm going anyhow. Why? The Life is in the Blood. And the Life is in the Church, the Christian that's borned again by the Spirit of God. That's June 14, 2008 Sermon
  6. 6. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 6 the Spirit of Life, Blood relation to Christ. The Spirit of Christ in the Blood of Christ leading a child of Christ, the seed of Abraham. That's why they move peculiarly. That's why the world thinks so strange of them. A.TIME.OF.DECISION_ LA.CA SATURDAY_ 59-0418 E-41 And remember, Rebekah, hardly knowing what she was doing, yet she watered the same animal, the camel, that was to take her to her bridegroom, to her husband, her lover. And always a beast of burden in the Bible represents a power. Like the beast come up out of the sea in Revelations, it was a power that raised up among the people. And this beast was being watered. Rebekah watering the same beast that she rode on, that taken her away from her place here to her new home, is a type of the Church today, watering and blessing the same Holy Spirit that's going to lift It up and take It to Its new home. The Church that's praising and blessing and watering with thanksgiving to the Holy Ghost Who has brought the Word to you... The camel packed the messenger, Eliezer, the true messenger who looked for a sign to the woman that he was going to take. It was God's choice, because he was going to watch for the supernatural. THE.TIME.OF.DECISION_ CHICAGO.IL THURSDAY_ 59-0611 E-29 So why did Rebekah make that sudden move? Why did she go to the Waters of Life so quickly? Why could the Angel speak to her? Because she was a blood relation to Isaac. And that's who the Angel can speak to tonight is a Blood relation. By the Blood we are borned into the body of Christ. Rebekah was Isaac's own cousin by both fathers, which made them blood relation. And the Bride of Jesus Christ is sanctified through the Blood of Christ, and an open vessel for the Holy Spirit to speak to. No wonder She'll come to the Waters of Life. "He that heareth, let him come to the waters of Life freely." "The Bride said, 'Come.'" "He that's a thirst, let him come." "Blessed are ye when you hunger and thirst for righteousness, for you shall be filled." It's a promise of the Father. THE.MARRIAGE.OF.THE.LAMB_ PHOENIX.AZ SUNDAY_ 62-0121E E-59 But did you ever notice what the real church is supposed to do? In the Old Testament, when they had the--the sacrifice they killed one bird, and put the blood of one upon the other, the dead mate. And it flew across the earth spreading the blood of the dead mate. When the church becomes the real bride of Jesus Christ, she'll carry the Blood of Jesus Christ with her, sprinkling it upon the ground, calling, "Holy, holy, holy, unto the Lord." Her atmosphere, her... Every bit of her will be of God. Her whole makeup will be of God. You can't expect nothing else. THE.COUNTDOWN_ SHREVEPORT.LA SUNDAY_ 62-1125E E-60 And now, if He is a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities, then if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, how would He act if He was touched? The woman that touched His garment, He physically didn't feel it, 'cause He--the Palestinian garment hangs loose with a underneath garment. And so Peter rebuked Him, said, "Everybody's touching You." He said," Yes, but it was a different touch." Virtue, strength, went from Him. And He looked over His audience till He found the little woman, and He told her she had a blood issue, and her faith had saved her. Now, that's the way the High Priest acted yesterday. And if He's the same High Priest, He'd act the same today. Now, being that He don't have a corporal body on earth but just His Bride, He works through that: man, He's always... It was God in Elijah, God in David, God in Christ, always. See? He's got His Body on June 14, 2008 Sermon
  7. 7. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 7 earth. Now, no matter how much He would anoint me, He's got to anoint you too. Many things Jesus could not do Himself because of their unbelief. We know that. See? They said, "He done this in Capernaum. Let's see Him do it here." And He was astonished, and walked away, and left them (See?), at their unbelief. THE.FIRST.SEAL_ JEFF.IN MONDAY_ 63-0318 129-1 {79} And how can a man say that the Bride of Christ goes into the tribulation? I can't understand it. See? She's took away from the tribulation. If--if the Church has been judged, and they have judged themselves, and have accepted the Blood, how can God judge a man that's perfectly, totally sinless? You say, "There's no such a person." Every borned again believer, true believer, is perfectly, absolutely sinless before God. He's not trusting in his works. In the Blood of Jesus that his confession's dropped into... The Bible says so. See? "He that--that is borned of God does not commit sin, for he cannot sin." How can you make a man a sinner when the bleach of the Blood of Jesus Christ is between him and God, that would scatter sin till there'd be nothing left of it. See? How can that pure Blood of Christ ever let a sin pass there? He cannot. Jesus said, "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect." And how could we even start the thought of being perfect, but Jesus required it. And if Jesus required it, He's got to make a way for it; and He has: His own Blood. THE.FIRST.SEAL_ JEFF.IN MONDAY_ 63-0318 129-4 {82} Now, all--reveals all the mysteries that's gone on in the past. Now, the thought is here at the end time that the mysteries that begin way back long ago and has come down through the church ages is to be revealed here at the breaking of the Seals here at the last days, after the time of intercession is just about finished at that time. Then the judgments wait for those who are in the back. They go on out into that. That is after the Bride has been taken from the scene. THE.THIRD.SEAL_ JEFF.IN WEDNESDAY_ 63-0320 252-4 {180} All right. They miss Him, the living Word manifested in the flesh by the Word that is promised. The Word promised to do these things. The promise was made, and it'll be like this in the last days. "As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man." Now, watch what happened at Sodom. "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man." See? Watch what happened then. See? Now, He said it'd be the same thing, and we live in that day where that it could be... I guess I could get six hundred promises of them like that out of the Scripture just referring to it. See? Now... But they rejected. She held to her traditions and substitute instead of the--the... She held to the substitute blood instead of the real Blood. Jesus, the Word said... When He was manifested to her... Because she held to these traditions, Jesus the manifested Word, said to the bride, Hebrew bride, "Because you hold to your traditions, you make the Word of God without any effect to you." It can't be effective. THE.FOURTH.SEAL_ JEFF.IN THURSDAY_ 63-0321 318-5 {285} Now, the battle started in heaven. It'll be finished on earth in the form of Armageddon. Now, let's watch and see it unfold. And maybe we can unfold it if the Lord help us right now to do this now. Watch it unfold. The mysterious rider (Watch what he does now.) opposed, refused to repent and to go back to the original blood Word. The Word became blood and flesh (See?); he refused to go back to It. Is June 14, 2008 Sermon
  8. 8. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 8 antichrist... The true Word Bride is the... He's opposed to the true Word Bride. Takes his own bride (He opposes this true Bride too.), and he takes his own bride and brings her to him in a form of religion called creeds and dogmas. See? And now, seeing the holy Bride, he is against her, but he forms his own bride called antichrist by antichrist teaching, which is contrary to Christ. See how shrewd he is? And now, instead of having a unity of love controlling worship under Blood, he's got a denomination. Instead of having the Word, he took creeds, dogmas, and so forth. QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS.ON.THE.SEALS_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 63-0324M 494-2 {230} 21. Is the Bride of Christ and the Body of Christ the same? Yes, sir. See? Now, here... Now, see, I don't want to get started on it, 'cause I get a--preach a sermon on it. See? But I won't do that, but I want to show you. When God gave Adam his bride from his side, he said, "She is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone." Is that right? When God give Christ His Bride (the Spirit gave the flesh, the Bride) He was plush--pierced in the side under His heart, and water, Blood, and Spirit came forth; that become flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone. We are the flesh and bones; the Bride will be the flesh and bones of Christ, exactly. They are the... That is His Bride. CHRIST.IS.THE.MYSTERY.OF.GOD.REVEALED_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-7 SUNDAY_ 63-0728 432 Notice, making it known! How, my, there's just so much here, we could just keep on going. Notice, the Tree of Christ's Body in the garden, making... now making His mystery known to this Bride Tree. 433 Watch, redeemed by Christ, the second Adam! You believe He was? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Going back Home, to Eden, with His fallen wife redeemed back Home again. That's Christ, and the Church today, taking His Wife back. See the threefold mystery now? ["Amen."] God manifested in Christ; Christ manifested in the Church; all together, to bring back the original Adam and Eve again, man and woman, which are one, made out of the same Blood and same Spirit, and everything else. CHRIST.IS.THE.MYSTERY.OF.GOD.REVEALED_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-7 SUNDAY_ 63-0728 434 The Church is the Blood of Christ, by the Spirit, because the--the Life is in the Blood. That's the baptism of the Holy Ghost that baptizes us into His Body, that recognizes only His Body, His flesh, His Word. [Brother Branham pats his Bible--Ed.] 435 Denomination won't, never touch that. It's a revelation. She knows it. So did Eve know it, but she fell; but this one knows it, and won't fall. She is ordained! Hallelujah! Whew! She is ordained to not fall. She won't fail. She is predestinated to it. "Blessed is the man who God will not impute sin." You ministers know what I'm speaking of, when there's a couple dozen of you sitting here. See? "Blessed is the man who God will not impute sin," David. CHRIST.IS.THE.MYSTERY.OF.GOD.REVEALED_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-7 SUNDAY_ 63-0728 599 He proves His resurrection Life then as He a vindicates Himself. She, the Bride, is independent from all others. She's an independent Woman, a great speckled bird that's different from all others. You remember the Bible on that, "The great speckled bird." But, She had His Name, She had His Life. For the... 600 How did they speckle the bird? They were both white, and then they pulled the head off of one bird and drained the blood out upon the other bird. And the other bird was speckled with the red blood, and it flopped its wings like this, and the blood cried, "holy, holy, holy," as it bathed the ground. 601 So Christ, the dead Mate, put His Blood, His Blood from His Life, into us; sprink-... carrying His June 14, 2008 Sermon
  9. 9. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 9 Blood, crying, "Holy, holy, holy, unto the Lord!" It's an odd-looking bird. Sure, it is. But She, the Bride, is--is identified by Him, and She is independent from all others. "Keep thee only unto her as long as you both live. Keep thee only to Him, the Word," no, no adultery, not one sign of denomination, not one sign of creed, no adultery at all. The Word, and Him alone! 602 "On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other grounds is sinking sands," said Eddie Perronet. Uh- huh. CHRIST.IS.THE.MYSTERY.OF.GOD.REVEALED_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-7 SUNDAY_ 63-0728 603 That's it, Christ, the Word! He was the Word; He is the Word. And the Church becomes the Word, by Him making Her a part of Him, and that's the Word again. Personally identified by Him, His property alone! His property alone! She is redeemed by Him, through Him, for Him, and for Him alone. That's right. Then, what the devil is howling about, that it's being revealed. PERSEVERANT_ CHICAGO.IL V-21 N-4 FRIDAY_ 63-0802 35 Now look. To those scribes... Can you hear me? Say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."-- Ed.] Those scribes, even those apostles, that, their very last sign, was looking for Elias. Let me repeat it. They had the very Elected, the scribes and the apostles, called of the Lord, were looking for the Messiah to come, but Elias to come and forerun His coming. And he come it, and--and did it in such humility, and... till they even didn't recognize him. 36 And may I say this, as my own thought, one of these days... You're looking for a lot to happen, that's happening and you don't know it. You're going to say, "Before the Rapture of the Church..." 37 Now I'm not here preaching doctrine. There is ministers on the platform here, that would disagree probably with This. Most all ministers believe that the Church goes through the Tribulation period, for purification; I can't see it. The Blood of Jesus Christ is our purification; nothing cleaner, see. See? I believe that the church, the denominational church and the sleeping virgin, does go through the Tribulation, but not the Bride. There is a difference between the church and the Bride. The Bride goes in the Rapture. That's where you church of God, of Anderson, all got mixed up there, see, is in that. INVESTMENTS_ CHICAGO.IL V-21 N-5 SATURDAY_ 63-0803B 86 Now, all your sensations, as we Pentecostal people like to jump and shout. I do. I believe that's right. We like to speak with tongues. I believe that's a gift of God. The devil can impersonate anything that you can produce in that line, but notice, then it shows that something is wrong, the Life of Christ isn't flowing through the church the way it should. The Body, the Bride, it's not going through there like it should, now it finally clogged up somewhere. 87 Notice, when this, your sins are confessed, and your sins are dropped into the bleach of the Blood of the Son of God, it remits sin so much that it's--it's put in the Sea of God's Forgetfulness, and can never even be remembered in His sight anymore. Then what, that, does that make a man? A son of God. God never remembers you to be a sinner. You are a son, you are a daughter, there is no more remembrance of sin at all. God puts it in the Sea of Forgetfulness, the bleach. The Sea of Forgetfulness is Christ's Blood that was shed for you. And therefore, then, you and God, are Father and son, by Jesus Christ's grace; not by anything you done, but by His grace. You are sons and daughters of God, and a partaker of His blessings and of His power and of His Life. His Life is in you, for you are a son of God. Oh, if the church could, we would only to represent that! INVESTMENTS_ CHICAGO.IL V-21 N-5 SATURDAY_ 63-0803B 88 No wonder Jesus said, "If ye abide in Me, and My Word in you, then ask what you will." See? "The works that I do," John 14:12, "he that believeth, confessed and believeth on Me, see, the works that I do shall he do also." Because, God is in the--the believer just like He was in Christ. Not in the June 14, 2008 Sermon
  10. 10. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 10 fulness He was in Christ, but He is in you just like He was, because you are a son of God through Jesus Christ. DESPERATIONS_ JEFF.IN V-4 N-1 SUNDAY_ 63-0901E 21 And the devil can impersonate any of those things, but he cannot be the Holy Ghost. See? He can impersonate these gifts, but he can't be the Holy Ghost. And the Holy Ghost is the Token that the Blood has been applied, because It follows the Blood all the way from the Book of Redemption. See it? That was the purpose of Him coming. That's what He followed in every age. Every age He has followed that, to see that It's brought forth, and they could not be made perfect without us. And now the entire Holy Spirit visits the Church, making God in human flesh; as He did before Sodom, the burning there, which was a type. Then, Abraham, He appeared to him. 22 And all the things that He hasn't done down through the ages, in the church ages, He is now doing. Back to the Word, because the messages and the messages and the messages has to wind up in the entire Word. And in the last days, the Seven Seals being opened, was to pick up every straggle that's been left off in it, and make the whole thing in one great big body of the Bride, that them who lived back there was not perfect until this Church be perfected, this Bride group in the last days, to bring them in, and all together be taken up. See? THE.SIGN.OF.THIS.TIME_ NY.NY V-18 N-8 WEDNESDAY_ 63-1113 115 Notice like this. When a baby is born, there is three things that constitutes its birth. The first thing in normal birth... You adults listen close now; the young children will never catch it. But, let's see, the first thing in a normal birth is water, then blood, then life. See? 116 Now that's the same thing that constitutes the new birth; water, Blood, Spirit. The elements that came from His body is what makes His Body. See? It come from His body, is the material that takes to- -to make His Bride. Because, Adam had his bride taken from his body. Christ has His Bride taken from the body. And when Christ died, there was three elements that came from His body; water, Blood, Spirit; justification through believing, water; sanctification through the Blood; the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 117 Now this last great step must come into the perfection, that the Holy Spirit has to live in that Church so perfectly, it'll make the Head and the Body unite together. See? See? That's the Body. He is the Head in the Body. Now we find that He promised, in these last days, that that would be done. We find it. JEHOVAH.JIREH.1_ LOUISVILLE.MS THURSDAY_ 64-0402 111 But the spiritual, Royal Seed of God that believes, the Royal Seed of Abraham which believes every Word of God, there is a confirmation of a living, resurrected Jesus Christ in them. Amen. Amen. Oh, my! See, the same thing it was, the whole Church much be relation. 112 When it was typed in the natural seed, look, Isaac and Rebekah were first cousins, blood relation, same fathers; see, fathers was brothers, made them blood cousins, the bride and the bridegroom. 113 And in Adam and Eve, it was all Adam, to begin with. God took a rib from his side and made a woman, and He took the feminish spirit out of Adam and put it in a woman. THE.FEAST.OF.THE.TRUMPETS_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-16 SUNDAY_ 64-0719M 183 What has it done? In the "cunningness," as He said, he come in like flatteries. And what has he done? He is bringing the Protestant Ecumenical Council of the World Churches, the spirit of antichrist upon both of them, bringing them to the slaughter, just like they did the other, in the hour to call the Bride. How? Loosed in the ecclesiastical church spirit. Loosed upon what? Not upon the June 14, 2008 Sermon
  11. 11. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 11 denominations; upon the Bride! But here you'll get it, the Bride will not go through that time. The Bible says not. The church will, but not the Bride. Can't you see? Ministers, can't you see that, brethren? 184 You say, "The Church has to go through the persecution, for the--for the perfection of It." The Blood of Jesus Christ perfects the Bride. 185 A man who chooses a wife don't put her through a lot of punishment; he's already found grace, too, with her; she has found grace with him. He--he engages to her. And, if there is anything, he'll keep her from every place to turn her hand. His grace is so great upon them. THE.FUTURE.HOME.OF.THE.HEAVENLY.BRIDEGROOM.AND.THE.EARTHLY.BRIDE_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-5 SUNDAY_ 64-0802 357 Now watch. Look, them hands designed this for His Beloved Bride, designs in tenderly love for His Bride. 358 Remember that the Holy Ghost descended on Jesus, which, Jesus was a part of the earth. Why? The germ of God, the Life of God, was designed in the womb of a woman (that right?), which was the earth. All right. And then the Life of God came in, so, "He was the beginning of the creation of God." See? And then that Blood of God, that was there by that germ; when it was shed at Calvary, dropped back upon the earth. What for? To redeem the earth. Now, it's been justified; it's been sanctified; called, and claimed; and now it's to receive its baptism of Fire, and be cleansed for Jesus and His Bride. 359 And you are these other parts that's drawed out of this earth. The earth, you're a part of the earth; your body. Your soul is part of God, a attribute of God, displayed here on earth in a body. The body is to be redeemed. 360 Now, the soul is redeemed, because it was in sin. So God come down, by a process of justification, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Ghost, and redeemed your soul. THE.FUTURE.HOME.OF.THE.HEAVENLY.BRIDEGROOM.AND.THE.EARTHLY.BRIDE_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-5 SUNDAY_ 64-0802 361 And you, being part of the earth, it's redeemed by it. You're in the process now. It's growing on. Your body was justified under Noah's baptism. Amen! And, your flesh, when It dropped upon there. And the earth is to be cleansed by Fire, the place where you'll live, with the baptism of the Holy Ghost; a dwelling Place for Christ and His Bride, the New Jerusalem. THE.FUTURE.HOME.OF.THE.HEAVENLY.BRIDEGROOM.AND.THE.EARTHLY.BRIDE_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-5 SUNDAY_ 64-0802 362 Watch this City; earth, take up its abode on earth. Now you can plainly see as I said, the... this change, the earth must be changed. It cannot have It like this. The church could not go... Or, the world could not go right on, after the Millennium, without being changed. See? To have such a Place in it, it'll have to be changed. 363 Just like, we must be changed by His holy Fire, to condition and make a place for Him to be contained within us; that is, the Holy Ghost. A.THINKING.MAN'S.FILTER_ JEFF.IN V-5 N-6 SUNDAY_ 65-0822E 191 But, Lord, I thought when You spoke to me there in the woods, You know the time in the morning, it just I couldn't get it off my mind. I accepted it as coming from You. So, Father God, I have already spoke it. And I pray, God, that You'll let it be in the way that I thought it to be, that the thinking man, the man if he's got any thinking at all, he'll know he has to stand in the Presence of God, and he won't take into his soul anything that contaminates or is contrary to the Word of God. 192 And, Father, we realize that, as I compared it with these organizations of today; not to be different, Lord. You will judge me, someday, from my heart. And I pray, God, that You'll see that it June 14, 2008 Sermon
  12. 12. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 12 wasn't to be different, but it was to be honest, to try to be sincere, realizing I hold the purchase of Your Blood, from coast to coast, right now, in my hand. And many of them has believed the Report. 193 And, God of Heaven, may there not be one of them lost. I claim them, every one, and hold before them the Filter from sin, the Waters of separation, the Blood of Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh. Grant it, Lord. And may the Holy Spirit pour through every promise, into our souls. And may we be living representatives of the Bride of Jesus Christ, in the time of the eyes, of the seeing in the evening Light, for we present it to You in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. THE.INVISIBLE.UNION.OF.THE.BRIDE.OF.CHRIST_ SHP.LA V-2 N-15 THURSDAY_ 65-1125 262 He, the Bridegroom, took away your shame, "And put it in the Sea of Forgetfulness, by the washing of the Water of the Word and the Blood of Life." That's what the Bible said. Your first husband that you were married to, the world; the anointed Bridegroom, which foreordained you, has washed you by the washing of the Water. By "the church"? [Congregation says, "No."--Ed.] That don't sound right. Does it? ["No."] You might find that in the almanac, but not in God's Bible. "By the washing of the Water by the Word." In the Word! See? By the... 263 You are standing completely justified, as though you never did it at the beginning. This is my Message to the Church now. As you... as we go off the air, just in a minute. You are standing, if you're standing on God's Word and with God's Word, every amen, every jot, every tittle. Where you standing? I'm trying to tell you, pull away from them shucks. And get out here in the wheat, where you can get ripe before the Son. I hear the coming of the combine. You're standing complete, justified, like you never did it in the first place. Hallelujah! 264 Talk about a thanksgiving! I feel real good. I'm more thankful for that than anything I know of. 265 You are the pure, virtuous, sinless Bride of the Son of the living God. Every man and woman that's born of the Spirit of God, and washed in the Blood of Jesus Christ, and believes every Word of God, stands as though you never sinned at the first place. You are perfect. The Blood of Jesus Christ! How can you... If a man... THE.INVISIBLE.UNION.OF.THE.BRIDE.OF.CHRIST_ SHP.LA V-2 N-15 THURSDAY_ 65-1125 266 If I was supposed to die in the morning, a man took my place, I cannot die for that sin. Somebody took my place. 267 And Jesus, the Word, took my place. He become me, that a sinner, that I might become Him, the Word. Amen. Let me hold true to It, not the church. The Word! Amen. 268 Oh, that spiritual union of Christ and His Church now, when the flesh is becoming Word, and the Word is becoming flesh, manifested, vindicated. Just what the Bible said would happen in this day, it's happening, day by day. Why, it's cumulating so fast out there, in those deserts, and things taking place, that I couldn't even keep up with it. We're near the Coming of Jesus, to be united with His Church, where the Word becomes the Word. Call of the Holy Spirit, searching the hearts! THE.INVISIBLE.UNION.OF.THE.BRIDE.OF.CHRIST_ SHP.LA V-2 N-15 THURSDAY_ 65-1125 269 You're standing, completely. You never sinned at the first place. God don't even know. It's in the Sea of Forgetfulness. You never did it. You were accused of it, by the accuser. But really, from the beginning, you were predestinated to be a son and daughter of God. You're standing there, washed. And your old book of divorcement is put away, and it's dead, absolutely out of existence, even in the mind of God. 270 You're the virtuous Bride of Christ, washed in the Blood of Christ. Precious, virtuous, sinless Son of God standing with a pure, unadulterated Bride-Word that He washed by the Water of His Own Blood; that become flesh and manifested, that He might take you which were predestinated in the bosom of the Father, before the beginning, the same as He was. He was that great attribute of God, June 14, 2008 Sermon
  13. 13. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 13 called "love." THE.RAPTURE_ YUMA.AZ V-5 N-14 SATURDAY_ 65-1204 158 And there, when I was watching, one day, when I started preach these Seven Church Ages. And I called Jack Moore, a great theologian. I said, "Jack, Who is this Person standing there? 'There is One like the Son of man standing there, hair as white as wool.'" I said, "He was a young Man, how could He have hair as white as wool?" 159 He said, "Brother Branham, that was His glorified body." That didn't ring the bell. But when I went in the room and started praying, He let me know what it was. See? 160 I've always preached that He was Deity, not just a man. He was God manifested in the flesh: God, the attribute of God, of love; the great attributes that come down, displayed here on earth, of God. Jesus was God's love, which built a body that Jehovah Himself lived in. He was the fulness of the Godhead bodily. What God was, He manifested through that body. That body had to die, so He could wash the Bride with His--with His--with His Blood. THE.RAPTURE_ YUMA.AZ V-5 N-14 SATURDAY_ 65-1204 161 And notice, not only is the Bride washed, forgiven, but She is justified. See? Did you ever try the word justified, to see what it means? Now, for instance, if Brother Green heard that I had been drinking, I been doing bad things, then he found out that I didn't do it. Then he come, say, "I forgive you, Brother Branham." 162 "You forgive me? I never done it. What you forgiving me about?" See? But if I'm guilty, then I can be forgiven; but I'm still not just, because I did it. But the word justified is "though you never done it, at all." Justified! And then the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us so from sin, till it's put in the Book of God's forgetfulness. He's the only One can do it. 163 We can't. We can forgive but not forget. I could forgive you, but I always remember you done these evil things. Then, you're not just; you're forgiven. But, in the sight of God, the Bride is justified. She never done it, in the first place. Amen. Standing there, married to the virtuous Son of God; never sinned, in the first place. Why? She was foreordained. She was trapped into this. And now when She heard the Truth and come forth, the Blood cleansed Her. And She stands there, virtuous. See? She, no sin on Her, at all. THE.RAPTURE_ YUMA.AZ V-5 N-14 SATURDAY_ 65-1204 164 Therefore, the Message calls the Bride together, see, the shout. And the trumpet... The same One, He, with a loud voice, He screamed out with that shout and a voice, and woke Lazarus. With a loud voice He cried, "Lazarus, come forth." See? And the voice wakes up--wakes up the sleeping Bride, the sleeping dead. 165 And the trumpet, "with the sound of a trumpet." And, when it does, it calls. Always, a trumpet called Israel to the feast of the trumpets. See? Which, was a pentecostal Feast, the great Feast in the sky; and the feast of the trumpets. And, now, a trumpet denounced a calling together, "Come to the Feast." And now that is the--the Lamb's Supper in the sky. Now watch. The assembling together; and the Bride; the feast of the trumpets, the Wedding Supper. We have seen it in types. Now watch just a moment before we close. Notice. We seen it in types. THINGS.THAT.ARE.TO.BE_ RIALTO.CA V-4 N-6 SUNDAY_ 65-1205 61 Now, we find, this life holds all kinds of evils, so therefore the life that is to come won't have it. This one has lust, and sickness, death. Because, what is it? It's not the house that He's gone to prepare. June 14, 2008 Sermon
  14. 14. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 14 This is a pesthouse. How many knows what a pesthouse is? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Sure. Well, that's what you're living in. A pesthouse is where they put all the diseased people. Well, that's just what sin done to us, put us in an earthly pesthouse. Were you... They wouldn't let anyone else come in the pesthouse, because there's all kinds of germs flying around in there, and--and the people will take these germs and--and be sick, themself. And sin brought us into the Devil's pesthouse. THINGS.THAT.ARE.TO.BE_ RIALTO.CA V-4 N-6 SUNDAY_ 65-1205 62 Oh, but the other one is called, "My Father's House." "I'll go and prepare a place for you. Take you out of this pesthouse and deliver you into My Father's House." Amen. There you are; take you out of this old earthly pesthouse. He's gone to prepare a place, a perfect place where no evil exists, no sickness exists, no old age exists, no death exists. It's a perfect place calling you to that perfection, and you have to be perfect to get there. The Bible said so. Jesus said, "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect." It's a perfect Kingdom, so it must be a perfect people come. Because, you have to stand and be married to a perfect Son of God, and you must be a perfect Bride. So how can you do it through anything else but the perfect Word of God, which is, "The Waters of separation, that washes us from our sins"? Amen. That's right. The Blood of Jesus Christ, think of It, the dripping, Bloody Word. Amen. The Blood, the--the Word of God bleeding Blood, to wash the Bride in. Amen. Yes, sir. She stands perfect, virgin, unadulterated. She never sinned, in the first place. Amen. She was trapped into it. See? There's the Father's House that He's gone to prepare. THINGS.THAT.ARE.TO.BE_ RIALTO.CA V-4 N-6 SUNDAY_ 65-1205 63 This one come by sex, and from the fall, and must fall with the fall. No matter how much you patch the old thing up, she's going to fall, anyhow. She's done, because she's doomed, because God said so. She is finished. God is going to destroy it. He said so. There'll be a renovation of the whole thing. You believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] In the beginning, when the world had its birth, when God pulled back the water, first, off the earth, like He did the water from the mother's womb, there was a world born. Yes. And peoples begin to live on it when God put them on there. And then they begin to sin. And it was baptized, by immersing, in the days of Noah. Then it was sanctified by the Blood of the Creator dropping upon it. And now that's the way you come, through justification, to believe God. You were baptized unto repent, or, too, for the remission of your sins. You confessed your sins before God, and He forgave you for it. And you was baptized, to show that you had been, you had been forgiven; confessing to the people, and showing to the world, that you believe that Jesus Christ died for you. And you... He took your place, and now you stand in His place. He become you, that you might become Him. Then the sanctifying power of God cleansed all the habits out of your life. You used to smoke, drink, do things that wasn't right, tell lies, everything. Then the sanctifying power of the Blood of Jesus Christ comes into your life and takes all the things away from you. If you happen to say something's not wrong, quickly say, "Wait a minute. Pardon me. I didn't mean to say it like that." See? The Devil got a trap setting there. But you got grace to come back, if you're a real Christian, say, "I was wrong." Yes. So, therefore, now, the... THINGS.THAT.ARE.TO.BE_ RIALTO.CA V-4 N-6 SUNDAY_ 65-1205 64 Now, the next thing you receive, was the baptism of the Holy Ghost and Fire. Now, God, when this Millennium is over, God is going to give the world a baptism of fire. It's going to blow the whole thing up. "The heavens and earth will be on fire." Peter said so. And the thing will have a baptism of fire, renovation of the whole thing. And then there'll be a new heavens and a new earth. That's, when, where dwelleth righteousness. June 14, 2008 Sermon
  15. 15. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 15 That's where we are. We have become from mortal beings, from time beings, to Eternal beings. When the Word of God lit our souls, and we become sons and daughters of God, with the attributes, the gene of God in us, to be sons and daughters of the Father, God in Heaven, crying, "Abba, Father! My God, my God, in my Father's House." MODERN.EVENTS.ARE.MADE.CLEAR.BY.PROPHECY_ SBD.CA V-7 N-6 MONDAY_ 65- 1206 263 Notice now, they had done to Him just exactly what the prophets said they would do, just as they are doing to this very same day in the Laodicean Age. If you want to look at it, read Revelation 3, "Blind, naked, and don't know it. Turning Christ..." When He begins to reveal Hisself into the seed form again, the same one that went in the ground come back to be the Bride; just the Bride and the Groom, is the same flesh and blood, the same ministry, and the same things, doing just exactly what He done; the Spirit. 264 And here they're impersonating and doing everything else, and each one has got his book and running, and this. Oh, you never heard such sensations! And... [Brother Branham inhales through his nose--Ed.] "I smell a devil now." All this, that, just as unscriptural as it can be! 278-4 SARDISEAN.CHURCH.AGE - CHURCH.AGE.BOOK CPT.7 It is the second resurrection that the "souls under the altar" as set forth in the fifth seal (Revelation 6:9- 11) are given white robes, and of course eternal life, or there would be no point of white robes. "And when He had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the Word of God, and for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost Thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellow-servants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled." Now note particularly that none of these under the altar were killed for the testimony to Jesus. They were not like Antipas who was slain for holding fast His Name. These are not born again ones, with eternal life as their possession. They come up in the resurrection and receive life because of their stand on the Word. And notice how these are crying out for vengeance. They cannot be bride material. The bride turns the cheek and cries, "Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do." These are Jews. They have to be because they are in the fifth seal, and it is in the fourth seal that the Gentile bride is gone in the rapture. So these Jews aren't born of His Spirit. They don't even believe that Jesus is the Messiah. But as they were blinded by God for the Gentile's sake, God gave them eternal life on the grounds that though they could not come to Him, yet they were truly faithful to all the Word they knew, and died for it as multitudes died under Hitler, Stalin, etc., and will yet die. 279-1 SARDISEAN.CHURCH.AGE - CHURCH.AGE.BOOK CPT.7 It is the second resurrection wherein the five foolish virgins come up. Notice that they were virgins. They did not have the Holy Spirit so they missed being in the bride, while the five wise who had oil became a part of that bride. But these people, being a separated, God-loving people, and trying to abide in the Word, according to what they knew of it, and being a help in the work of the Lord will come up at the end of time. They will miss the millennium, which you can begin to see by these truths is much more important and wonderful than we have ever thought or believed. Sea of Forgetfulness June 14, 2008 Sermon
  16. 16. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 16 MOSES_ HOUSTON.TX TUESDAY_ 50-0110 E-43 Here a few nights ago saw a woman. People, when they come to the platform, ugly, vulgar things that they've done down in their life. Now, remember friends, those things are told publicly right here before this audience; what you've done in your life, is told right here. So if there's anything upon your heart, and you do not wish to be known, stay out of the prayer line if you don't want it to be known. Unless that you come with a perfect faith, or ask--ask God to forgive you and put it under Blood, in the sea of forgetfulness, and whatever it is. Because I will not be responsible for what is said... what been brought out. Because if it's in your life, it's coming out. EXPECTATION_ FLINT.MI SATURDAY_ 51-0714 E-28 I'm so thankful my name's on her book tonight, wrote by the Blood of Jesus Christ across it, "Pardoned." Oh, my. You'll think I'm a holy-roller after while, sure enough. But brother, when I think of the Blood of Christ that pardoned my book of sin, and throwed it in the sea of forgetfulness, it makes me get happy and rejoicing. I love Him with all my heart. If the old time power of God that's saved me and has kept me through the age. I love Him with all my heart tonight. And I take my stand with Paul of old. "In the way that's called heresy, so worship I the God of our fathers. I'm not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto the salvation to those who believe." Marvelous, He's wonderful. FOR.HIM.WILL.I.ACCEPT_ HAMMOND.IN FRIDAY_ 52-0718 E-44 Now, you come, lady, and stand right around this a way, if you will, so I can talk to you just a moment. Now, do you believe these things that I have said? Do you believe it to be truly sent from God? Do you, with all your heart, you believe that? Well, I--I'm happy that you do, for I can only say... Now, the only thing that I could do, was just be see what was wrong with you. See? Just like, or--or, if it was in the line of sin, I might be able to know that. And if you've confessed it, well, probably I... It's under the Blood then (You see?), and that's done. He, when you confess a sin, He puts it in the sea of forgetfulness, to remember it against you no more. It's just... Did you--you know what this bleach is, that you use for your washing, clorox, ever what it is? Well, you take just one drop of ink, and drop it into that tub of bleach, what would happen to that drop of ink? You couldn't find it, could you? It would just--it would just be bleach. Is that right? DEMONOLOGY.RELIGIOUS.REALM_ CONNERSVILLE.IN DE 41-78 TUESDAY_ 53-0609A 220 At Toledo, Ohio, I went into a little restaurant I been eating at a place, a little Dunkard place, lovely little place. They were so nice. That afternoon they'd closed up, to go to Sunday school. And when they did, I had to go across the street to a worldly little old place, and I walked in there. And I know it's illegal to gamble in Ohio. And here stood a State Police with his arm around a girl, his hand hanging here on her bosom, playing a slot machine. The law of our states and nation, all gone: pitiful. I trust on Christ the Solid Rock, I stand, all other grounds is sinking sand: nothing else left. That's right. DEMONOLOGY.RELIGIOUS.REALM_ CONNERSVILLE.IN DE 41-78 TUESDAY_ 53-0609A 222 I looked back there, and there was a beautiful young lady, probably in her teens, nineteen, eighteen, nineteen years old. And what they were doing, them boys back there around the table, it was horrible. I set down there. And now to my surprise, setting right here where a lady come over, said, "Will you have a chair?" I said, "Thank you. I wanted breakfast." And setting in a chair, here set an elderly lady, as old as my mother, fifty-five, fifty-eight years old. She had on a little pair of those little ungodly clothes they wear. June 14, 2008 Sermon
  17. 17. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 17 They claim it's cool. Science says, "You're crazy." Certainly, it's not. You just want to show your naked self. It's a shame, a disgrace. A lady won't put them on. A woman will, but a lady won't. DEMONOLOGY.RELIGIOUS.REALM_ CONNERSVILLE.IN DE 41-78 TUESDAY_ 53-0609A 225 And then, so then they... There she was, setting there. Her poor flesh was flabby. She had that kind of an orchid-looking manicure, or what you call it, on her lips, and a little bitty haircut like a man, and fuzzed all up; what the Bible said, which was a disgrace. And a woman, that a man... The Bible claims, if a woman cuts her hair, a man's got a right to put her away in divorcement, because she's not honest with him. We have to get down and preach the Bible here some of these days. Said, "If she bobs her hair, she dishonors her husband." If she's dishonorable, she ought to be put away. You can't marry another one, but you can put her away. Whew. Boy, that--that's going hard; I can feel it. But that's the truth. DEMONOLOGY.RELIGIOUS.REALM_ CONNERSVILLE.IN DE 41-78 TUESDAY_ 53-0609A 227 Oh, it used to be we had it in the Holy Ghost realms, but we let down the bars. Old brother used to say, "We let down the bars, we let down the bars, we compromised with sin. We let down the bars; the sheep got out, but how did the goats get in?" You let down the bars. That's what was the matter; you let down the bars, the world and the church mixed together. Just like the Moabs and the so forth, and Balaam, and how he married among them, that's just exactly the same thing today. And the church is all polluted, and the Pentecostal age is the Laodicean age, which gets lukewarm, and spurted out of God's mouth. And out of the whole group, God calls His remnant and takes her home (That's exactly right. That's exactly.), through the resurrection. DEMONOLOGY.RELIGIOUS.REALM_ CONNERSVILLE.IN DE 41-78 TUESDAY_ 53-0609A 228 And there she was setting there, lip manicure all over her face, and it was all over it like that. And she had this here black stuff over her eyes, and she was sweating; it was running down. And the poor old thing might have had great-grandchildren. And she was setting there with two old men, and one of them with a big old scarf around his neck, and it in June, setting there. And he got up, and was kind of drinking, and she was drinking too, and she was looking around. I thought, "O God. God, why don't You just wipe the thing off of the map? Why don't... Does my little Sharon, my little baby, my little Sarah and my little Rebekah have to be raised up in that generation to come to face such stuff as that?" I thought, "Look out here in these parks and things and what goes on." I thought, "O God. Oh, I'm glad You took Sharon if it was Your will. Does my little Rebekah and little-- little Sarah have to be raised up under such stuff as that?" Which, and them people call them--sing in the choir and everything. And I thought, "Isn't that a shame?" I thought, "God, how can Your holy righteousness stand it? Look like that Your righteous indignation would fly out there and--and blow this place up." DEMONOLOGY.RELIGIOUS.REALM_ CONNERSVILLE.IN DE 41-78 TUESDAY_ 53-0609A 230 And I heard the Angel of the Lord, said, "Come aside." I walked over there. And when He got through with me, I felt like a different person. "What are you condemning her for?" I said, "Look at that, the way she is." And here's what He... I saw a vision. I saw a world like this, around, another world. But this world here, it had a rainbow around it, and that was the Blood of Christ that protects God's wrath. He couldn't look upon that. He-- He'd destroy the thing right now, because He said, "The day you eat thereof, that day you die." So He'd do it. Then I thought like this. I seen myself. Although I didn't do that, but I was a sinner anyhow. And then the Blood of Jesus Christ acts to us like a bumper. See? That when I sin, my sins hit Him and jarred His June 14, 2008 Sermon
  18. 18. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 18 precious head, and I could see the tears and Blood running down. "Forgive him, Father; he don't know what he's doing." And I'd do something else and hit it. "Forgive him, Father." DEMONOLOGY.RELIGIOUS.REALM_ CONNERSVILLE.IN DE 41-78 TUESDAY_ 53-0609A 233 If it ever passed Him, I'd have been destroyed. And if I'd never accept His grace, and the day my soul sails beyond that, I'm already judged. I've rejected. There's nothing left but judgment. Judged, I've already been judged. God said, "The day you eat thereof, that day you die." You're judged right at the judgment seat this afternoon, your attitude towards Christ. And then I thought, "Yes, that's right." And I seen one day I crawled up to Him. I seen my old book laying there, a sinner, there laid everything on it. And I seen my sins is what was doing it, and I said, "Lord, will You forgive me?" Took His hand in His side, got some Blood out, wrote it across the top, and said, "Pardoned." Throwed it back in the sea of forgetfulness, to remember it no more. It was gone forever. He said, "I forgive you, but you're condemning her." That changed my idea. I said, "Lord, have mercy." DEMONOLOGY.RELIGIOUS.REALM_ CONNERSVILLE.IN DE 41-78 TUESDAY_ 53-0609A 236 After I come out of it, I walked over and set down. I said, "How do you do, ma'am?" She said, "Oh, hello." And I said, "If you'll pardon me," I said, "I'm Reverend Branham, a minister." She said, "Oh, excuse me, excuse me, Reverend Branham." I said, "Lady..." I was... Told her the story. I said, "I was standing there, and I was condemning you in thinking what a horrible thing. Maybe you've got children." She said, "I have." I said, "What caused the way to go wrong?" She begin to unfold the story to me that would rend the heart of anything. I said, "I--I was asking God why didn't He just rake such off the earth? Here you here with these two drunken men, and you're drunk yourself." And I said, "Someday that Blood that's holding God's wrath off from you, you're going to die one of these days, and then you're... You're a free moral agent now; you can reject or receive." And I said, "But someday your soul's going beyond there, where there's no mercy left. And if you die in your sins you're already judged, and you're going to hell." And you know what? That woman slipped out of that seat there in that restaurant, and we had a prayer meeting like you never heard in your life, and she come to Christ. What was it? Don't condemn them; tell them the Gospel. They're demon possessed; they're mortals in this realm. They're influenced from over here. Our influence comes from above. Let's see what we can do with our talents to win others to Christ. TESTIMONY_ CHICAGO.IL WEDNESDAY_ 53-0902 E-8 And I said, "I was the one who did that. Will You forgive me?" And He took His hand and dipped it in His side and wrote on that old Book "pardoned," throwed It back behind Him in the Sea of Forgetfulness, never to remember it against me no more. That's right. Now, He forgave me and I wanted to condemn her. That changed my attitude. I walked down there to the woman. I said, "How do you do?" There was two men with her, and they were very very bad acting. And so they just stepped out. And I walked down, and said I said, "Would you pardon me?" And she's drinking. And she said, "Yes, sir." I said, "I'd like to talk to you." I said, "I'm a minister." She said, "Yes?" And I said, "I am." I said, "Wonder if I could ask you a question. Why does this, be like this? Are you a mother?" June 14, 2008 Sermon
  19. 19. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 19 She said, "Yes, sir." I said, "Why would you be drinking and things? May I ask if it's not into getting personal with you?" Well, if you'd have heard the woman's story, it was a heart broken story. And she said, "I was once a Christian." Said, "If I'm not mistaken, aren't you Rev. Branham that was down there?" I said, "I am." REDEMPTION.BY.POWER_ LVL.KY V-25 N-7 MONDAY_ 54-0329 178 Then I seen myself. I seen my Lord Jesus standing there with a crown of thorns on His head, and the tears running down, mixed up with Blood, as it washed off of His beard. And I seen my sins coming before Him. And every time they would come before Him like that... [ Ed.]... till He was shaking. The thorns would stick in His brow more. He'd stagger back. He'd say, "Father, forgive him; he don't know what he's doing." And again I would do something, and then His Blood was like the bumper on the car, protecting the car, a shielding me from the wrath of God, undeserving. And I come to Him slowly, knelt down to Him. I said... Looked down there, laying in front of me, and there was an old book of sin, and my name wrote across the top. I said, "Lord, will You forgive me?" "Certainly," He said with loving eyes; reached to His side, got some Blood out, and wrote on it, "Pardoned," and throwed it back in the Sea of Forgetfulness. He said, "Now..." I said, "Thank You, Lord." He said, "Now, I forgive you; and you're condemning her." Oh, that changed the picture for me. WATER.FROM.THE.ROCK_ PHOENIX.AZ THURSDAY_ 55-0224 E-25 Notice Him now. And when they got to the Red Sea, the Red Sea got in the way of God. Think of that. The Red Sea got in God's way. God was moving on with His children. Do you believe He's with His children today? "A little while and the world won't see Me no more; yet ye shall see Me, for I will be with you, even in you to the end of the world." God moving with His children... Now, notice, here's another beautiful picture. We don't get too much into it, but notice, that when Pharaoh's army was just about to overtake Israel, because they had to halt, the sea was before them, an obstacle. But before God could move them through the sea, and move back the sea, the Pillar of Fire went over and stood between Pharaoh and Israel. And what was light to Israel was dark to Pharaoh. You see it? If you won't accept the truth, it'll become darkness, and you'll walk in darkness. "He that sins wilfully, after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sin." WATER.FROM.THE.ROCK_ PHOENIX.AZ THURSDAY_ 55-0224 E-26 They marched on, Walked in the light, the beautiful light, Come where the dew drops of mercy are bright. (You remember singing the old song?) Shine all around us, by day and by night, Jesus, the Light of the world. Israel was marching on, yet there was a--a sick spell in front of them, or an obstacle of some sort. And Israel marched down to the sea. God caused a mysterious thing to happen. He opened up a little crack yonder in the atmosphere or somewhere, and blew down a hard wind from His nostrils. And it blew it real hard, and it just dried up the sea, and she got scared and moved her walls back, and Israel marched across on dry land. Oh, isn't that marvelous? Now remember, that same God's here tonight. He wasn't back there only; He's forever the same. He is here tonight. And He gives the same kind of a sign for an evidences that He is in the camp. WATER.FROM.THE.ROCK_ PHOENIX.AZ THURSDAY_ 55-0224 June 14, 2008 Sermon
  20. 20. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 20 E-27 Listen. I will get off this--on--just for a minute. Any time, any place, any part of the Bible, where God's message is going, there was signs and wonders following it, always. Never still a ritualistic thing that died when they got without a vision. Pattern it to judges, during the time of judges, nothing happened. Just the very, cold, formal, ritualistic affair. God wasn't in the camp. But as soon as God came in, then signs and wonders begin to take place. Do you see what I mean? Notice. Then God opened up the Red Sea, and Moses and... led Israel across the Red Sea, and the uncircumcised--ritualistic ones that rejected the Light, refused to walk in the Light... God being long- suffering, give them plenty of time to believe it. He give them signs and wonders, and so forth, and they shut up their faces from it. "I don't believe it. I believe it's witch-craft." Get it? And they refused to receive it. They, being uncircumcised in heart and ears... "Faith cometh by hearing, hearing by the Word." Receiving the Word brings new Light. And if they strived to cross like the--the Israelites did, the sea gave away and destroyed every one of them. See it? WATER.FROM.THE.ROCK_ PHOENIX.AZ THURSDAY_ 55-0224 E-28 Then notice, here is a beautiful thing of every believer that once takes his stand for Christ Jesus. Remember, they come forth... why? Why was God favoring them? Because they was a redeemed people, redeemed by the blood of the lamb. God had brought them into a full assurance, and had redeemed them from death, and was taking them to the promised land. You see it? No wonder God could work with them. They were under the blood. He couldn't see their sins, because it was hid by the blood of the lamb, redeemed, marching forward. None of your business to say, "Well, wait a minute, let me look out what that's going to be, how we going to do this." They didn't even use their own knowledge. They only followed the Spirit. WATER.FROM.THE.ROCK_ PHOENIX.AZ THURSDAY_ 55-0224 E-29 And every man that's borned again tonight doesn't try to figure out his own... with his own mentality, for it's so weak, it's human, full of corruption. But he seeks after the things of God. Here it is. "There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, that walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit." The Indian friend, last evening, he's coming up here... There's a little, lovely, little Spanish woman come up crying, the tears running down her cheek. I never said nothing. I reached over to shake her hand, (she's probably sitting here tonight) and she had a gallstone trouble. I seen a vision break over her. She took a hold of my hand, and she kissed me on the back of the fingers, like that. She looked up like that, just as satisfied. And God's my judge here. I... If she's here now, she knows she's free of gallstones. It was a little, Indian maid walked up there in her humble simplicity, her staring, black eyes looking this way, she kept searching till she caught mine. A little smile tricked across her. She had a breast trouble. She'd stuck a pencil in her breast, years ago, and it'd hurt her breast. She'd had an awful time with it. If she's setting under the sound of my voice, don't you worry, sister. Your faith made you whole; you're going to get well. That's right. Watched them in the simplicity of walking, their faith moving... I thought, "There's no need of telling her about it, 'cause she'll find it out after a while, any how." Just... When God's done it, that settles... You couldn't tell everything, Just going every way. WATER.FROM.THE.ROCK_ PHOENIX.AZ THURSDAY_ 55-0224 E-30 So I was just thinking of how after they crossed, they was separated people. God required total annihilation from sin. Isn't that a word for a Calvinist to say? But that's right. God requires total annihilation. And how can you do it as a man? You can't. But Christ can for you. And you just abide in Christ. That's all. God can't see the sin at all, 'cause He has to see the Blood first, and He can't see through the Blood. If He's looking through the Blood, He sees you white. Just stay in Christ, that's all. June 14, 2008 Sermon
  21. 21. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 21 Isn't that simple? And we're in our pilgrimage; we're going to have our up-and-downs like they did, our jubilee times, that are up-and-down, but we're on our road. WATER.FROM.THE.ROCK_ PHOENIX.AZ THURSDAY_ 55-0224 E-31 Now, look at this. After crossing, after they looked back and seen the old taskmasters dead behind them, it caused a little jubilee time. I believe in having those once in a while, don't you? It kindy shakes off all the ashes, you know. I was standing, not long ago, above--up in Chicago, a few weeks ago, when I was watching there on Lake Michigan, the ice froze around everywhere, that great, big, old sea waves coming in like that, dashing and flashing, angry like. It was trying to get in. I thought, "Well, what's that dashing like that for?" And I thought, "Well, you know what? There's no more water in it right now, than it is when it's perfectly calm, only it's just having a revival." That's all. That's right. WATER.FROM.THE.ROCK_ PHOENIX.AZ THURSDAY_ 55-0224 E-32 When you believe the Lord Jesus, that settles it. Jesus Himself said, "He that heareth My words, believeth on Him that sent Me, has Everlasting Life, and shall not come into condemnation, but's already passed from death to Life." Now, we need a revival. I thought, "What does the sea jump like that for?" Well, there comes a mighty, rushing wind down and causes a revival. Same amount of water (That's right.), but it's got a revival. What does it do? It throws- -floats all the trash up on the shore. We need a scouring out once in a while. God gives us a revival, and a sweeping mighty wind, that rushes down through the church like that, and floats all the trash out of her. God purifies us by the Holy Spirit, the Wind that comes from heaven, that shakes your soul, scours you out. Still the same creature, but you got scoured out. See? That's right. WATER.FROM.THE.ROCK_ PHOENIX.AZ THURSDAY_ 55-0224 E-33 Now, Miriam and them, looking back, and saw that separation, annihilated from their enemies forever... How long? How long was they going to be safe from them? "These Egyptians that you see today, you'll see no more forever." Amen. Put them in the sea of forgetfulness and remember them no more. That's what kind of a God we have, not goes and digs it up again, and holds it against you. "I forget about it." Amen. Oh, my! No wonder Miriam had a hot spell. She picked up a tambourine, begin to dance, and jump down on the bank. Oh, you know the Holy Spirit looked like just catches from one to another, like a atoms in a relay. See? And it begin to jump from one to another, and they all got tambourines, and just had a real jubilee. And old Brother Moses got so happy, that he held up his hands and sang in the Spirit. If that ain't a holy-roller meeting, I never seen one. That's right. This is nothing new. It's just a new taped with the old. That's right. There they was, singing in the Spirit, dancing in the Spirit; beating all the music, clapping their hands. What a time they was having. Why? They was annihilated from their enemy. Amen. He still does the same thing, under a better covenant, way better than the old covenant. THE.MIGHTY.CONQUEROR_ JEFF.IN SUNDAY_ 56-0401M E-93 Here sets a man, setting right here on the outside row, way back towards the back. He's suffering with headaches. He--he isn't from this country. He come from Montana. He's a light-headed man. He's wearing glasses, got his hand up now. That's right, sir, migraine headaches. That's a beautiful country you come from. I've hunted in that country. May you return home, and the headache's in the Sea of Forgetfulness; migraine headaches leave you, my brother. Go and be made well through Jesus' Name. June 14, 2008 Sermon
  22. 22. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 22 What's the matter with you Jeffersonville people? Can't you have faith? I'm your brother. Have faith in God. Believe. Do you believe, lady? I'm a stranger to you. You believe, sir? You're not from here either. You're from Ohio. She's from Ohio too. That's right. You're from Hamilton. That's right. Mr. Allen, you can go home and be well. You have your hearing. Amen. WHY.IS.IT.THAT.SO.MANY.CHRISTIANS.FIND.IT.SO.HARD.TO.LIVE.THE.CHRISTIAN.LIFE_ PHX.AZ SUNDAY_ 57-0303A E-55 Oh, brother, intellectual will never do it. Mental conception will never do it. It's the work of the Holy Spirit that brings the human being to his place. Make your choice. Oh, happy day! I fixed my choice on Thee my Saviour and my God. No matter what the rest of the world does it's sinking sand, my choice is on Thee. The Holy Spirit that's moving down through His Word, saying, "This is My Word. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceedeth out of mouth of God." "Yes, Holy Spirit." "I promise Eternal Life to them that believe." "I believe, Holy Spirit." "I'll seal You." Then watch your life begin to move, not the church, the Holy Spirit; not the denomination, the Holy Spirit. WHY.IS.IT.THAT.SO.MANY.CHRISTIANS.FIND.IT.SO.HARD.TO.LIVE.THE.CHRISTIAN.LIFE_ PHX.AZ SUNDAY_ 57-0303A E-56 Now what happens? When the old spirit has gone out of a man, the Bible said, he--the devil is gone out of the man, he walks in dry places and comes back to found the house all swept out. You know what happens? You once lived in old tin can alley (That's right.) where all the devils, and rats, and everything else lived, fusses, and fights, and stews, and arguments. But when the Holy Spirit comes in, He can't live in a place like that. That's the reason people today can shout, and scream, and go on, but live any kind of a life afterwards. The Holy Spirit, when It moves in, It takes God's big bulldozer, and comes down and digs that old alley up, throws the dirt out, buries it in the sea of forgetfulness, and terraces off a nice big place, and puts up a great big mansion; and He lives there. And the flowers of love, joy, peace, longsuffering, goodness, and mercies, and kindness, and faith is blooming around this house. Glory. WHY.IS.IT.THAT.SO.MANY.CHRISTIANS.FIND.IT.SO.HARD.TO.LIVE.THE.CHRISTIAN.LIFE_ PHX.AZ SUNDAY_ 57-0303A E-57 That's it. I just got to quit preaching. I haven't even got my text good yet. Look. That's it. When the Holy Spirit moves in, the tin cans, and rats, lies, backbiting, selfishness, indifference with other Christians, all move out. And if you've still got them, it shows the Holy Spirit has never terraced out your life yet. Amen. Get rid of your rats. The Holy Ghost takes away them differences. It makes you full of love, joy, peace. Look at the flowers blooming around. Satan just can't step his dirty foot on there, for your life is dead, and you're hid in God through Christ, and sealed by the Holy Ghost. Then what comes forth? Why, the Holy Spirit's living there? These flowers just actually accompany the Holy Spirit. Now, you can't go, and get some of these artificial flowers, and set them out in the yard, 'cause they haven't got any life in them. And you say, "Well, I joined church. I guess I'm just going to have to be this a way." You're a miserable wretch. That's right. But when the Holy Ghost is there, It just automatically loves. "Oh, I could pull every hair in her head out. Ummm, that old Oneness, that old Trinity, that old this, that, or the other. Oh, I wouldn't speak to June 14, 2008 Sermon
  23. 23. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 23 her. Will I go down to that meeting? Why, it's just the...?..." Oh, you old Pharisee. LIVING.DYING.BURIED.RISING.COMING_ JEFF.IN EM 1-14 SUNDAY_ 59-0329S 36 That's why many, after while, will walk one by one to this pool to be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. Why? Something has took place. That Spirit that came out of that body, when He screamed, "It's finished," has condemned sin in our bodies. And we must bury it to be remembered no more. I'm so glad that it is. When anything's buried, it's hid; it's out of sight. "And buried, He carried my sins far away." God can see our sins no more, for they are buried. They are buried where? In the Sea of Forgetfulness. Think of a Sea of Forgetfulness. God cannot remember them no more, because they are both dead and buried. It cannot be even remembered no more. They're out of God's memory. LIVING.DYING.BURIED.RISING.COMING_ JEFF.IN EM 1-14 SUNDAY_ 59-0329S 38 He was also in this "buried," He represented in the Old Testament... They had two... They had a sin offering at the cleansing of the sanctuary. And that sin offering was that they taken two goats, and one goat was killed; and the other goat had the sins that was placed upon the dead goat put upon the live goat. Remember, Jesus was a Sheep. He was a Lamb, but in this case He become a goat; He was righteousness, because He was God, the Sheep. But He come a goat, sin, that He might be the sin offering for me and you: from a Sheep to a goat. LIVING.DYING.BURIED.RISING.COMING_ JEFF.IN EM 1-14 SUNDAY_ 59-0329S 40 And Jesus was represented in both the animals, both goats. For one, he died, he died for the atonement; the second, the sins from the atonement was put on the scapegoat, and the scapegoat took the sins of the people and went far into the wilderness to bear the sins of the people. What was it? It was the death and the burial of our Lord Jesus. Dying... "Living, He loved me. Dying, He saved me. Buried, He carried my sins far away." He took the sins of the people upon Himself and carried them plumb down into the lowest of hades. He was the sin Offering. He had the sins of the people. He died for them. And also the sins was placed upon Him, and He took our sins far away, so far that God could never see them no more. Think of it. Oh, the Church could scream, "Hallelujah," for such a Saviour. LIVING.DYING.BURIED.RISING.COMING_ JEFF.IN EM 1-14 SUNDAY_ 59-0329S 41 Not only is our sins forgiven, but they are buried in the Sea of Forgetfulness, to be remembered no more. "Buried, He carried our sins far away." No more can they be remembered, for they are gone. They're out of the eyes of God. They are paralyzed. They're divorced. They're put away. God don't remember them no more. What? The Church ought to rejoice this morning to know that our sins will no more be remembered. They are put in the Sea of Forgetfulness, into the grave of beyond any resurrection. They are dead forever and forgotten about. They are if they had never happened. "Dying, He saved me. But buried, He carried my sins far away." He carried them so far till they went into the Sea of Forgetfulness. Oh, we know that those things are most surely believed among us, and they're most surely the truth. They are God's truth. All those great things were beyond human expressions. We could never express our gratitude for such things. WHY_ BEAUMONT.TX WEDNESDAY_ 61-0125 E-18 He nodded His head to me, and I could see that--looked like you see Him in the picture, with that crown on Him, like that, blood in His eyes and face. And He looked at me, and looked like tears all matted His beard together, blood stains all over His face. I said, "Did my sins do that to You?" He nodded His head to me. I said, "God, forgive me. I--I wouldn't--I wouldn't to want to hurt You like that, June 14, 2008 Sermon
  24. 24. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 24 Lord. I love You with all my heart." He took His side, patted it with His hand, took His finger like this and wrote on my old dirty book, "Pardoned," took it and throwed it over behind Him, like this, into the sea of forgetfulness, laid out a new book. I said, "Lord, I thank You. I'll--I'll never try to do anything wrong. You..." He said, "Now, I freely forgave you. I freely forgave you, and then you want to destroy her." And by that time the door had come back, and I was looking right at the woman setting there. I wanted to destroy her, after I was freely forgiven. I just pulled the door back together where I'd been moving my arms while the vision was on. I pulled the door back, and I said, "Father, forgive me. I'll--I'll go right to her and I'll apologize." WHY_ BEAUMONT.TX WEDNESDAY_ 61-0125 E-19 I stepped out the door. One of those old men, drunk, setting there with her, said, "You think the rain will hurt the rhubarb?" They'd got up, and excused themselves, and walked out to the rest room. I kind of strolled over that way, and this policeman still playing the slot machine. I walked over kind of where she was at. I said, "How do you do?" Poor old thing looked up and said, "Oh, hello." And I said, "Could I set down?" She said, "Thank you, I have company." I said, "I didn't mean it like that." I said, "I just want to say a word to you. I want you to ask you... I want to ask you to forgive me." Said, "What did you ever do to me?" I said, "Will you wait just a minute, let me tell you?" Said, "Yes." I said, "I stood in the door..." And I told her the story. I said, "Right back behind there He showed me where I was wrong." She looked up, and looked like it sobered her. She looked up, she said, "Are you Brother Branham?" I said, "I am." She said, "You're that minister down here." I said, "Yes, ma'am." She said, "I'm ashamed for you to see me like this." I said, "Will you forgive me?" She said, "Certainly." She said, "Set down." I said, "Thank you." And I set down at the little booth with her. WHY_ BEAUMONT.TX WEDNESDAY_ 61-0125 E-20 And she said, "I want to tell you something, Brother Branham." She said, "I passed by and seen your meetings. I seen it advertised and I went in." Said, "I'm simply ashamed of myself." She said, "What would you believe if I told you that my father was a Methodist minister?" Said, "I got two daughters. Both of them are Sunday school teachers." I said, "What happened?" She told me about a letter from her husband, and he run off with another woman. She started in drinking, and started off... And she said, "I know I'm past redemption," strictly a legalist. You see? And I said... Said, "I'm past redemption." I said, "No, you're not. No, you're not." She started crying. She said, "Brother Branham, you think I'm not past redemption?" I said, "Why did He say that to me then a few minutes ago?" I took her by the hand, knelt down there on the floor, and there she gave her life to Jesus Christ. You talk about slot machines stopping and everything else, everybody in there. We was crying and praying. She got up, went out to go home, a June 14, 2008 Sermon
  25. 25. Revelation 5:8 Prepared by Bro. Bernie NC Garcia Jr 25 new life. WHY_ BEAUMONT.TX WEDNESDAY_ 61-0125 E-21 See, God showed me that in my own heart wasn't right, because I was trying to condemn her, and not looking at what I come from too. So we can always remember; look back to the pit where we was hewed from, things will look a lot different. See? We don't want to condemn no one. Love everybody. Whenever you lose that real genuine love that's in your heart, you've lost everything. Just don't never forget that, that when you lose love, it's all gone. Now, remember that, the love this little brother had for all of you. And we'll remember the love of the brethren here. Brethren, whatever you do... IT.IS.I_ GRANDE.PRAIRIE.AB WEDNESDAY_ 61-0517 E-84 We are strangers to each other. I never seen you in my life. You're younger than I. I--I have just never seen you. But perhaps that woman that met our Lord at the well that time, she was probably younger than He was. And that was their first time meeting. And here we meet just like they did. Now, you're a human being; I'm a human being. I don't know you; you don't know me. But by being Christians, then we have a Father Who knows both of us. If He can tell me something that you're here for, or something that you have done, something that you ought not have done, if He can tell you what has been, surely you can believe what He says will come will be right, if He tells you what has been. Now, if I come here and said, "God give me a gift of healing." I lay my hands upon you, "Glory to God; be healed," you could believe that; that could be true. That's right. I believe that with all... The Bible said so. But now, let's go beyond that. We've had that day. Let's go beyond that. And now, what if He stands here now and can tell you what you are, what you're wanting, and the desires of your heart, and the secret of your heart, and the things in your life that you need, or ought not have done... If they're not under the blood He will expose them. See? Now, because if they're under the blood, they're in the sea of forgetfulness; no man can dig those up. That's right. You are a Christian. The vibration of your spirit... (That's what I call it; I know it's a the wave.) You feel welcome, you believe me. I... You believe that. See? Soon as you walked up, I knew that. You could've been a--a deceiver, walked up here, and then what would've happened? You heard of what happened on them: many laying paralyzed tonight, many in the grave for that. We're not playing church. We're serving a God. You're real nervous: got--had a lot on your mind, a rough life, your back life, a lot of worry and trouble. You also suffer with a rupture...?... Now, you believe me to be His prophet, or His servant?...?... And you think that was a guess? Wait a minute. And she's a very fine contact with God, this little lady. I don't know what I told you, but ever what it was, was the truth. Is that right? Now, if we have to stand with this woman just a moment...?... she can talk to someone, a real fine spirit. Yes, nervousness (That's right.), and a nervous condition, and Satan bothers you about it, says you're going to lose your mind and everything, but you're--he's lying. You had a rupture; I see that, waiting for an operation, but that... You have also varicose veins in your limb. That is right. Then you've got somebody on your heart; that person is here: your husband. You think, if God can tell me what's wrong with your husband, will you believe it? His back. That's right. Here's something else; I see a child appear. You're praying and interested in a child; there's something wrong with that child. It's because it doesn't learn very well. That is true: THUS SAITH THE LORD. Those things true? Do you accept it all as a deliverance ticket from God for you? Go, and it'll be just as you have believed. God...?... THE.MESSAGE.OF.GRACE_ JEFF.IN V-13 N-3 SUNDAY_ 61-0827 June 14, 2008 Sermon