ICT/AT training for people with disabilities


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Training people with disabilities in:
- Basic ICT Skills;
- ICT-based Assistive Technologies
- Supported By e-mentoring

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ICT/AT training for people with disabilities

  1. 1. Training People with Disabilities in: - Basic ICT Skills; - ICT-based Assistive Technologies Supported By E-mentoring1
  2. 2. Recent surveys/researchEND-USERS: identified barriers• Surveys and state of the art analysis conducted in 2011-2012 • ViPi project • Understanding the need for basic ICT skills training • ATLEC project • Understanding the need for basic ICT based AT training • eMentoring project • Research on best mentoring practices around Europe www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  3. 3. And don’t forget …(e)Inclusion stops where thebeneficiary cannot understand orafford (ICT Based) AT solutions. www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  4. 4. Reference model for training: actors and paths Policy makers Schools Employers + self employment Vocational training centres AT providersCarers Support needed Support needed www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  6. 6. GENERAL INFORMATION Start: 01 January 2011 End: 31 December 2013 Duration: 36 months Target groups:  People with disabilities (PwD)  Trainers, VET centres, etc. Financial support:  75% EU Grant from European Commission, Lifelong learning programme, Key Activity 3 ICT 6 www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  7. 7. PROJECT CONSORTIUM Nottingham Trent University (United Kingdom) – project contractor PhoenixKM BVBA (Belgium) – project coordinator Hypertech S.A. Informatics & New Technologies (Greece) Steficon SA (Greece) VŠĮ HITECO – High Technologies for Cooperation (Lithuania) G.M Eurocy Innovations Ltd 7 (Cyprus) www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  8. 8. THE STORY An estimated 45 million people in Europe have a long- standing health problem or disability (LSHPD)  16% of men and women aged 16-64 in the EU as a whole (Source: 2002 EU Labour Force Survey (LFS) and the 2004 EU Statistics on Incomes and Living Conditions) Only 33% of these people are not restricted in the kind or amount of work they could do or their mobility to and from work  Figures vary across EU members (10-50%), directly linked to the level of prosperity and the assistance available Of those, 68% are in employment. While for the ones restricted, only 28% are in employment 8 www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  9. 9. VIPI VISION ICT provide alternative and creative solutions for the employment of PwD PwD can benefit enormously from digital competences  core life and employability skills (see Lisbon Objectives)  Recent studies (www.accessible-project.eu, www.aegis-project.eu) Main barrier is the lack of specific training support or material ViPi project envisages fulfilling the gap by…  making available accessible and flexible training,  designed to be adopted directly by PwD,  and through centres providing special education and vocational training. 9 www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  10. 10. MAIN AIMS A “one-stop-shop” interactive portal & learning environment (online and via Android mobile phone) that delivers:  a multilingual platform (English, Dutch, Greek, Lithuanian) with:  an embedded social community (for VET centres, PwD, ICT training centres, etc.);  accessible (WCAG 2.0) online ICT for learning environment for PwD, their trainers;  with an interactive and vast repository of interoperable SCORM compliant learning objects  supported by Web 2.0 social services, and Web 3.0 for semantically enriched content Bring together key stakeholders and gatekeepers (VET, 10 target groups, umbrella organizations) www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  11. 11. EXPECTED RESULTS - PRODUCTS State of the art analysis on ICT skills LOs for people with disabilities; Comparative analysis of findings in UK, LT, GR & CY; A culturally adapted curriculum on ICT skills, tailored to individual user’s needs; Multilingual training materials in alternative formats; Trainer handbook; Fully accessible online ViPi platform; Serious games for desktop and mobile usage; Local training workshops. 11 www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  12. 12. MOBILE GAMES SOONAVAILABLE!!!! 12 www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  14. 14. GENERAL INFORMATION Startdate: 01 January 2012 Enddate: 31 December 2013 Duration: 24 months Target groups:  People with a disability  VET centres, ICT training centres, special and inclusive education, employment centres, HR departments, etc. Financial support:  75% EU Subsidy by European Commission, Lifelong 14 Learning Programma, Multilateral project www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  15. 15. PROJECT CONSORTIUM Oak Field School and Sports College (UK) – project contractor PhoenixKM BVBA (Belgium) – project coordinator Αναπηρια Τωρα (Disability Now) (Greece) Associazione Italiana Assistenza Spastici (A.I.A.S.) Della Provincia Di Bologna onlus (Italy) Greenhat Interactive Ltd (UK) University of Athens (Greece) 15 www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  16. 16. ATLEC AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Promote the development of ICT based AT (Assistive Technologies) skills among people with disabilities; Develop digital skills relevant to the labour market needs – New Skills for New Jobs. Support the development of innovative ICT based content, services & practice for lifelong learning; Support participants in accessing training activities that will facilitate personal development & employability in the European labour market; Increase participation in lifelong learning by people of all ages, including those with learning and/or physical needs. 16 www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  17. 17. IS ATLEC RIGHT FOR YOU? The project offers a solution for:  People with disabilities (learners & potential trainers) who seek employment or who are employed but find their career options are limited by their lack of basic ICT AT skills;  Trainers of ICT AT at training centres, VET & special education centres;  Human Resource (HR) managers in companies who want to improve their knowledge of ICT AT. 17 www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  18. 18. OUTCOMES: To create a specific ICT AT curriculum taking into account individual needs/different disabilities (with pilots in UK, BE, GR and IT); To deploy an online as well as mobile learning platform that will enrich the learning experience; To make the working environment more accessible for People with Disabilities by implementing a novel, contemporary and benchmarked learning of ICT AT solutions; To prepare the necessary steps for qualifying people with disabilities as ICT AT trainers. 18 www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  19. 19. EUROPEAN MENTORING19 NETWORK FOR DISADVANTAGED ADULTS www.ementoring.eu 2011-1-TR1-LEO05-27999
  20. 20. GENERAL INFORMATION Startdate: 01 October 2011 Enddate: 30 September 2013 Duration: 24 months Target groups:  People with a disability  VET centres, ICT training centres, special and inclusive education, employment centres, HR departments, etc. Financial support:  75% EU Subsidy by European Commission, Lifelong 20 Learning Programma, Multilateral project www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  21. 21. PROJECT CONSORTIUM Istanbul Education Authority Adults Training Department (Turkey) Zgura-M (Bulgaria) PhoenixKM (Belgium) Inova Consultancy (United Kingdom) Amitie Srl (Italy) Istanbul Anatolia Educators Association (Turkey) 21 www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  22. 22. E-MENTORING AIMS ANDOBJECTIVES To provide self-confidence and training in ICT and create a mentoring system targeted at physically disabled adults in order to increase their skills, To develop and pilot supporting materials for physically disabled adults (mentees), To develop and pilot training materials for trainers (mentors), To develop widely-available training materials, accessible free-of-charge through the internet. 22 www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  23. 23. OUTCOMES: Training needs analysis Research on best practices around Europe Training modules for social workers, mentors and pedagogues. Web based training and video/chat mentoring platform Pilot training (training of trainers) ICT trainings (mentees) Mentoring and coaching activities for people with disabilities 23 www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  24. 24. 24www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu
  25. 25. FURTHER INFORMATION: ViPi  Official web page: www.vipi-project.eu  Twitter: Twitter.com/ViPi_project  Facebook: www.facebook.com/vipiproject ATLEC  Official web page: www.atlec-project.eu  Twitter: Twitter.com/ATLEC_project  Facebook: www.facebook.com/ATLECproject e-Mentoring  Official web page: www.ementoring.eu 25  Facebook: www.facebook.com/ementoringproject www.vipi-project.eu / www.atlec-project.eu / www.ementoring.eu