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Brief overview of what the lymph system is and the benefits of getting lymph work done.

Brief overview of what the lymph system is and the benefits of getting lymph work done.

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  • What stops, or slows, lymph flow.
  • What stops, or slows, lymph flow.


  • 1. Phoenix Bodyworks[add logo]
    10 minute commercial
    Phoenix Bodyworks, www.phoenixbodyworkspdx.com, 503-577-5512
  • 2. What do I do?Expanding the umbrella term of “massage”
    Abdominal Massage (Visceral or VM)
    See handout
    Deep Tissue
    Speaks mostly for itself, but works with muscle and fascia
    Talk to me off line for more information.
    Lymph Cleanse/detox/drainage – The misunderstood
    Where are the lymph nodes?
    What is the Lymph system?
    Effects of clogged lymph
    Benefits of Lymph detox
    Some of the things you might experience after a session.
    Phoenix Bodyworks, www.phoenixbodyworkspdx.com, 503-577-5512
  • 3. Oh Lymph, where are you…?
    The lymph system exists throughout the body with the main nodes at the
    neck (clavicle/sternum),
    armpits (axillaries region and mammary glands),
    stomach, and
    inguinal region (where hip and leg bend).
    Most lymph nodes are superficial, just under the skin (derma)
    Phoenix Bodyworks, www.phoenixbodyworkspdx.com, 503-577-5512
  • 4. Oh Lymph, what do you do…?
    Lipids and lipid-soluble vitamins are absorbed from the diet and carried to the blood via the lymphatic system (rather than by the venous drainage of the small intestine).
    Delivers nutrients, oxygen, and hormones from the blood to the cells that make up the tissues of the body.
    About 3 liters a day of fluids get moved through the lymph system. Without the Lymph system you would swell up and explode in about a day.
    Lymph normally moves through muscle contraction, and is reflexive, breathand one way valves.
    Phoenix Bodyworks, www.phoenixbodyworkspdx.com, 503-577-5512
  • 5. Lymph, Why are you so slow?
    Reason why Lymph may be slow
    Sitting all day and not breathing fully
    Sitting all day and not exercising enough
    Being sick and bed ridden
    Poor diet eg. Too much caffeine, sugar, fats, etc, you get the picture.
    Environmental contaminates overload the lymph system and produce more waste than the nodes can remove. Ie sunscreens, deodorants, cologne, food, cleaning products
    Phoenix Bodyworks, www.phoenixbodyworkspdx.com, 503-577-5512
  • 6. Lymph Functions
    B and T cells live in lymph nodes and help fight off infection.
    When you are injured, where the skin gets broken, your body blocks off the area of injury to stop further infections.
    If the lymph is clogged, T and B cells can not respond as quickly.
    Phoenix Bodyworks, www.phoenixbodyworkspdx.com, 503-577-5512
  • 7. Benefits of Lymphatic Cleanse
    Reduces edemas (swelling) and lymph edemas of various origins
    Detoxifies the body
    Absorbs fat
    Regenerates tissue, including burns, wounds and wrinkles
    Can help relieve numerous chronic and subacute inflammations, including sinusitis, and bronchitis
    Phoenix Bodyworks, www.phoenixbodyworkspdx.com, 503-577-5512
  • 8. Benefits of Lymphatic Cleanse (cont)
    May relieve chronic pain. Reduces the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
    Antispastic actions relieve conditions such as muscle hypertonicity and some forms of constipation
    Deep relaxation which aids insomnia, stress, loss of vitality and loss of memory
    Alleviates adipose and cellulite tissue
    Phoenix Bodyworks, www.phoenixbodyworkspdx.com, 503-577-5512
  • 9. Sensations you may experienceafter a session
    Excess sweating
    Limbs feel looser
    More urine/darker urine
    Thirsty, average water is half of body weight in ounces.
    Change in sleep patterns
    A lightness
    Others – everyone is different and experiences things differently, there is no one way to feel!
    Nothing – which does not mean that nothing is happening. Depends on how attuned you are to your body.
    More than one session may be needed, depends on client.
    Any Questions?
    Phoenix Bodyworks, www.phoenixbodyworkspdx.com, 503-577-5512