Sample energy saving proposal


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A proposal for saving energy/carbon and ensuring that the client would be on the right side of enviro compliance

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Sample energy saving proposal

  1. 1. COMPLIANCECOSTCONSUMPTIONCARBONCONTROLPROPOSALA Big Financial OrganisationMr Prospective ClientThis proposal has been created by Phil Evans2008
  2. 2. The SituationProspect X of A Big Financial Organisation met with Mr Blue and Mr White of A CONSULTANCY in August 2008to discuss controlling the impact of environmental legislation and corporate commitments. To ensure that ACONSULTANCY could propose logical and practical solutions it was necessary to understand what motivated ABig Financial Organisation. The text that follows is based on discussions with Prospect X and from reviewingthe A Big Financial Organisation website.Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)Article 7 and 9 have been transposed in to UK law and Energy Performance Certificates (7) was enacted in April2008, with two additional tranches taking the full implementation of the Article up to October 2008. Article 9 –Air Conditioning Inspections will be a requirement from 1st January 2009Carbon Reduction CommitmentA Big Financial Organisational ready has impressive credentials and experience in dealing with therequirements of carbon trading and so this latest development should not present a problem for the company.Although it must be made clear that A Big Financial Organisation will have to take a full part in the scheme dueto the size of the building portfolio in the UKLegislative ComplianceThe text that follows has been taken from the A Big Financial Organisation CSR Environmental section of theirwebsiteManaging Our Own HouseA Big Financial Organisation operates more than 20 offices with over X,000 occupants. Because environmentalresponsibility begins at home, we are determining cost-efficient means of reducing even further the impact of anoperation that currently produces a comparatively low environmental impact. Energy Management and Greenhouse Gas Reduction: A variety of commitments Construction & Designing: A variety of commitments Waste: A variety of commitmentsCorporate Social Responsibility CommitmentsA Big Financial Organisation has produced detailed information about their environmental performance on acorporate level. This type of reporting must form the basis for any UK-based initiatives. The followingdemonstrates the level of detail required for annual reporting Energy Consumption Parameter 2004 2005 2006 Electricity x x x (GJ) Natural Gas x x x (therms) Steam x x x (Mlbs) Fuel x x x (Gallons) 2
  3. 3. CO2 Emissions 2004 2005 2006 # Employees # Facilities CO2 Emissions from Electricity (tons) CO2 Emissions from Gas, Steam, and Fuel Oil (tons) TOTAL CO2 (tons) Rate/Employee Rate Change Water Consumption 2004 2005 2006 # Employees # Facilities Water Consumption (cubic meters) Rate/Occupant Rate ChangeIn 2006, our energy efficiency initiatives were enhanced by higher occupant density, which more than offset theincremental electrical usage of our continuously growing computing requirements.Our 2007 energy consumption and emissions data will be available mid-2008. 3
  4. 4. The SolutionEPBDIt is clear that there is a need for a programme to be developed to ensure that the UK building portfolio of ABig Financial Organisation is compliant with the EPBD. There is an October 2008 deadline for this and so adecision will need to be made promptly so that resources can be allocated to produce the required Certificatesand Inspections.LEEDTo be compliant with the CSR requirements, there is a need to ensure that all UK building developments are tothe Gold (or higher) standard of LEED. Although the preferred Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)methodology in the UK is BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental AssessmentMethodology), there is no reason why LEED cannot be used. The principles are predominantly the same; in asmuch as any EIA has to consider all of the affects a building has on its surroundings. With this in mind, it ispossible to perform a “LEED-Lite” so that an indication of the likely impacts (including cost) can be made wellbefore major decisions have to be.We had originally discussed a “Decision Tree”, but from the A Big Financial Organisation website research thedecision is clear – if a new build project is going ahead, then it will have to be LEED GOLD.CRCAlthough A Big Financial Organisation already has experience in the carbon trading market, there may still be aneed for the correct data to be gathered on a site-by-site basis and fed into a central repository. ACONSULTANCY can perform this task on your behalf.Green SolutionAs the legislative and CSR commitments could be considered onerous, time-consuming and complicated, ACONSULTANCY will offer to deliver a range of services that will either ensure full compliance with a givencommitment, or will facilitate A Big Financial Organisation staff to reach full compliance.A CONSULTANCY solution will allow you to choose from a range of “products” to meet your requirements.There are so many commonly used terms in circulation today, energy, environment, carbon, sustainability,Green House Gas, climate change, global warming etc. that when we talk about energy some think it does notcover environment and vice versa. As we want to ensure you are confident that we have the skills andexperience to address all of these issues as and when required, we have chosen to package them as a Green XSolution.The Approach Part 1Produce Energy Performance CertificatesSince April 2008, the accepted methodology for confirming the energy performance of a commercial buildinghas been to produce an EPC. For A CONSULTANCY to ensure that the sale or rent of a building is compliant withlegislation we will need to see a disposal list with proposed dates, so that we can prioritise the generation ofEPCs. An EPC needs to be “readily available to any prospective, serious purchaser/tenant” so it is important forA Big Financial Organisation to ensure this is planned in advance and sufficient resource can be allocated.Below are details of an actual building to give you an indication of the costs for producing an EPC:A City of London building, almost 20 years old and over 10,000m2 with a light weight construction, ~90%glazing, conventional heating and air conditioning systems and good access to accurate building informationcost £xxxx plus VAT and expenses. The building achieved a ‘D’ rating, which considering its age and heat gainwas better than expected. 4
  5. 5. We prefer to quote on specific buildings as opposed to a standard pricing matrix. This ensures we can keep ourquotes accurate and competitive and avoids the hidden safety margins applied to matrices. The cost of an EPCis dependent on many factors, such as the size and complexity of the building, as well as the availability ofinformation. Our preference would be to calculate a specific quote on a list of buildings assuming thatsufficient information was available and provide a discount for larger volumes.In addition to the actual Certificate, there is a Recommendations Report generated from the same softwaretool. The standard report is based on generic energy saving ideas and so we look to enhance it by includingbuilding-specific recommendations. This enhanced report is a point of difference for us and also for you, as youcan demonstrate that there are meaningful opportunities for improvement of the building once purchased.Produce Display Energy CertificatesA CONSULTANCY would recommend that buildings with no plans for disposal had a DEC produced, as thiswould be valuable information to feed into the Carbon Reduction Commitment data repository. Strictlyspeaking, a DEC is only required in public buildings, but there is considerable discussion about making itcompulsory for all commercial buildings in the future. A DEC lends itself to data capture for the purposes of theCRC, so we believe it is well worth considering.The production of a DEC is predominantly a desk-based exercise and assuming that all utility bills were madereadily available, could be done in as little as two days. A DEC is required by law (public buildings) to be re-calculated every year, but once the initial system was set up the ongoing annual requirement would be oneday. Based on the A CONSULTANCY day rates at this time, the first year cost (per building) would be £xxxx plusVAT and expenses.Produce Air Conditioning InspectionsIt is now the duty of a “Relevant Persons” to ensure that systems described above are inspected by an energyassessor at regular intervals (max 5 years). Transitional implementation dates are: Existing systems first inspection: More than 250kW output - before 4th Jan 2009 More than 12kW output – before 4th Jan 2011 Systems installed on or after 1st Jan 2008 – first inspection due at (within) 5 yearsReportsA written report of the inspection must be given to the “Relevant Person”. The report must contain: An assessment of air conditioning efficiency Comment on size of unit in relation to buildings needs Suggestions for improvements or replacement or alternatives Identification data as previously discussed for energy certificatesThe Department for Communities and Local Government suggest that it will take two days for an inspection ofa larger system and therefore the projected cost will be £1,900 plus VAT and expenses. Smaller systems will becharged on an hourly rate.The Approach part 2LEED-LiteThe capabilities within A CONSULTANCY mean that we can offer an initial assessment of the likely impacts of abuilding design, with a view to comparing it with a LEED GOLD standard. In many cases, design teams arerelatively new to the concepts of low environmental impact design and are therefore prone to increasing theproject cost through poor decision-making. This service is intended for projects that are already underway. 5
  6. 6. We will offer you our LEED-Lite service, which will give you independent confirmation of whether your designteam is on target for delivering a LEED GOLD building, without entailing excessive costs.This is only a cursory review, (and does assume that all necessary information is available at the time of thereview) but we will ensure that after two days we are in a position to give you sufficient ammunition to “re-educate” your design team if the need arises. There will not be a formal written output for this service; we willfeedback to you via email and telephone. The reason for this is to minimise the cost to you whilst maximisingthe time we have for analysis and therefore our level of confidence in the information we provide you.The Approach Part 3LEED GOLDA CONSULTANCY has full LEED capabilities and we would be delighted to become involved in one of yourbrand new design projects from the start, so that we could guarantee compliance with your CSR requirements. LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations LEED for Existing Buildings LEED for Commercial Interiors (fit-outs by tenants) LEED for Shell and Core (total building minus tenant fit-outs)The cost of LEED is like the EPC, in as much as it is dependent on the size, complexity etc. of the project and/orbuilding. What must be kept in mind is that an EPC only considers energy-related issues. A LEED has to reviewall environmental impacts; i.e. travel, pollution, waste management etc. so the costs can be considerablyhigher.An indication of costs for a full environmental impact assessment such as this would be ~£xx,000 plus VAT andexpenses. A project-specific (and therefore more accurate) quote can be produced on request and on receiptof sufficient data/information.The Approach Part 4Green X ManagerIn addition to the need to coordinate and project manage the production of EPC and LEED assessments, as wellas data gathering for CRC, it is clear that environmentally-based legislation will continue to become more andmore complicated and objectives ever more stringent.With this in mind, A CONSULTANCY wishes to offer you our services in the form of a Call-Off Manager, who canbe used as technical advisor; or any other relevant task that you wish to outsource.The first function will be to ensure that accurate data is gathered for the CRC. This information can come fromDECs, LEED and also A Big Financial Organisation Accounts teams and technical staff. All of this information willbe collated and packaged in a manner suitable for CRC and any other A Big Financial Organisation reportingrequirements, such as the annual report.The role will also be to liaise with A Big Financial Organisation in independent Energy and EnvironmentalManager role. Advising on forthcoming legislation, utility price volatility, new technologies, training andawareness etc.We would want a commitment of three years, as this would enable us to build good and honest relationshipswith the relevant A Big Financial Organisation people, as they would know we were going to be around for areasonable amount of time.The cost would be based on the A CONSULTANCY day rate and a discount could be negotiated for three ormore years. The basic service would be to ensure that any data gathered was validated and passed onto the 6
  7. 7. correct people in a timely manner. In addition, newsworthy (Green) information would be disseminated. Oneday per month would be the minimum required and this could be increased in accordance with your needs,whether through planned actions or reactive/urgent issues.RatesUnless a specific project/timeframe can be agreed, the hourly rates for the A CONSULTANCY team are asfollows: £xxx/hour £xxx/dayThe Benefits CSR and Legislative compliance Accurate data for CRC Better Systems and Services Control Reduced Carbon Footprint Lower Pollution Indirect reduction in fossil fuel usage Improved Environmental Performance Enhanced PR OpportunitiesThe FutureThere are many more items within the A CONSULTANCY Green Solution, suitable additions for A Big FinancialOrganisation are shown below:  Green Maintenance  Enhanced Metering  BMS re-calibration  Continuous Commissioning  Portfolio Consolidation  Monitoring & Targeting  Bureau Service Provision  Training and Awareness  Project ManagementWe would be happy to discuss any of the above (with no obligation) at a convenient time to you. 7